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#SDCC2019 - Hasbro Marvel Panel Live Stream


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23 hours ago, Hulkwummy said:

Wrong costume for Wolfsbane, I wanted the 90s X-Factor look. And not the Morph I had in mind, I want the 90s X-Men Cartoon version.

I agree with wolfsbane though seeing that they are making all the figures from that era and lineup I think she'll probably end up being made in her 90's X-Factor sometime (probably 2021, we might get riktor and sunspot first), I think everyone wants a cartoon version Morph but he was never really in the comics so I think if they ever release him itll be under the Vintage Wave line (also Morph was a big favorite in the AOA comics so having him in the AOA wave is a pretty smart choise)

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Okay Santa, for me its Doom, Shang Chi, and X men 3 pack. I like the She Hulk too but I think that was just a rough draft they showed. But throw on another coat of paint and I'm in. Needless to say this is a most Magnificent event in fan boy history.

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I liked most reveals, not really a fan of Shang Chi so Ill be passing on him as well as that new She "Hulk".
I understand the Dani Moonstar interchangeable parts figure its a good way to get 3 figures in one single purchase, and for those not happy with wolfsbane Im sure we'll see her in her 90's costume somtime later (Im thinking we'll probably see feral in that Strong Guy Wave this year, and next year we'll see wolfsbane in her x-factor costume, hopefully we'll also see at least a couple other members of X-Factor as well in that Strong guy Wave, like Rictor, Sunspot or Warpath)

AOA is amazing I didnt think we'd get a full AOA wave (maybe multiple waves) ever I know there are fans but from what Ive heard in the reactions there are a bunch of people who dont really know of AOA, I for one am really hyped for this wave, I got into reading comics during AOA back in the day so that's right up my alley (and the character designs are really dope) I really hope X-Man comes with a interchangeable translucent yellow hand kind of like the one that came with the SDCC Netflix Ironfist, and Weapon X looks like the metal arm cuff has a removable top, hopefully he comes with a top wihout the claws and a burnt hairless head.

The rest, we pretty much knew were comming (albeit not all the details but we had an idea) and Im glad for the most part, just some minor tweaks I would have liked to see, like:
-Havok's wrists look a little too naked (should have added some wristbands to simulate the gloves, the bare wrists look a little off)
-Im see that hasbro wanted to give wolverine a unmasked head (even if its the ugly headsculpt), I like the torn mask look and giving him a normal masked head is also understandeable, still since we got the clawed hands I would have like him to also include a head of wolvie wearing the yellow bandana when he started tu turn feral, before he went all beast)


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4 hours ago, Cheeto said:

That AOA Wolverine resonates with me as a kid since I had an X-Men encyclopedia and saw that image constantly. Didn’t know why he had a missing hand at the time but always stuck out

In the AOA timeline, he & Cyke hate each other & during one of their encounters, Cyke blew off his hand with an optic blast. Yeah, I bought the AOA comics back then. Only thing I liked about the AOA was the Sentinels. 

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Super excited about the 3-Pack of Cyclops, Jean Grey and Wolverine. Jean Grey looks amazing and is a must have. Cyclop's extra heads look awesome, especially when you can use them on the Warlock BAF series one as well. As for Wolverine, but I honestly think we have too many Wolverine figures in such a short period of time -- this one is a re-issue of the Apocalypse BAF one with extra heads taken from the Wolverine from Retro wave (unmasked head + mask) and an addition of the bone claws and battle damaged head. I also think his costume is a tad more yellow in color than the Apocalypse BAF (which was more on the yellow-orange), making him a little more 90's cartoon-accurate. Love all these new figures they are releasing for the 80 Year celebration, but this is a tough year for collections with the amount of content Hasbro is dishing out and the limited funds that collectors have. Between Marvel stuff and MMPR Lightning Series, it's been rough, but at the same time, quite enjoyable to see all these new figures.

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I'm trying to think of a Hasbro Marvel Legends SDCC reveal/preview that was better than 2019 and honestly can't. Anyone else have a "best SDCC ever", and why?

Big thanks for the great coverage too guys - this is the reason that Marvelous news has always  been my 'go to' site for HMLegends.

Not much else to say other than that the remaining New Mutants can be done with the Dark Phoenix Cyclops body: swap heads and hands for Cannonball, Cypher and Sunspot and you're there (obviously, Warlock & Magik are done, and Magma was kinda peripheral anyway) Biggest no-brainer ever. I'd like to see a 'solar' Sunspot, but after legless Cannonball, I just want a decent figure.

Just two quick equations:

Marvel Legends Squirrel Girl + Tippy-toe = toy nirvana.

Forthcoming Marvel Legends + my finances = bankruptcy in eight months.

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On ‎7‎/‎19‎/‎2019 at 5:03 PM, bashpics99 said:

Definitely getting Classic Vulture, Classic Doom, Shang-Chi, and the New Mutants figure.  

Not much interest in the spidey suits from the video games but i'll reserve judgement.

Punisher looks good, so does Deathlok.. neither are must-have but possible sales pick-up (especially Deathlok since i dont' see him selling well).

Might get cosmic ghost rider but probably not gonna shell out $40 until i see how its selling.

Don't like the She-Hulk fig at 1st glance but maybe its better than how it looked in the initial pics.

Skipping most of the x-packs as 90s mutants aren't my thing.. they look great though

Agreed....the 90s weren't especially kind to comics and neither the New Mutants or X-Force ever did much for me....though I love seeing Polaris in that outfit. Gives me hope that one day, we might get her Shi'ar costume. CGR looks like he was ripped straight from the 90s ( I know he wasn't) but he's a hard pass for me.

Also never been a big She-Hulk fan, though this would've been a get for me, IF they toned down the rips in her jeans (they look like stripes!) and given her double jointed elbows.....they did it for Proxima Midnight, so why not here??

Dr. Doom, goes without saying Im getting him....did they say this would be a Walgreens exclusive? And want Vulture at last...though I sure hope he gets a non smiling head.

Shang-Chi, great to see him here. But gonna pass 'cause I want him in his classic outfit. Minus the orange skin though.

Biggest fail here is NO new Alpha Flight members. I didn't really think there would be, but a nice surprise like that would've been better than some video games Spider-Man figures? What? Surely they could've slid Shaman or Snowbird in for one of those video game Spideys. Oh well.

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We are experiencing a toy renaissance that 10 year old me would died to see. This is all pretty awesome though. Looking forward to more announcements in the future. You gotta be happy if you're an X-men fan. I hope they complete the Ultimates and have Blue Marvel and American Chavez at some point. It's great to be a fan right now. 

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10 hours ago, Atlantis said:

Biggest fail here is NO new Alpha Flight members. I didn't really think there would be, but a nice surprise like that would've been better than some video games Spider-Man figures? What? Surely they could've slid Shaman or Snowbird in for one of those video game Spideys. Oh well.

Alpha Flight seems limited to X-Men/Deadpool type waves.  The Spideys are a Spider-Man wave.


That said, I would be pretty surprised if we don't get a Northstar/Aurora pack sooner rather than later (by which I mean in the next year or two).


11 minutes ago, CajunPirate said:

Looking for more AoA figures. Maybe a Magneto / Rogue (with baby Charles) / Gambit box set? Keep them coming. 

Well, we've only seen Morph, Weapon X, and X-Man so far.  That leaves four figures and a BAF in the initial wave.  Safe assumption is that the BAF will be AoA Apocalypse (alternate possibilities: Sugar Man or Nemesis/Holocaust redux).  Magneto would be a no-brainer, Probably a Sunfire redo/re-release, Dark Beast, and AoA Sabretooth


My reasoning being that with the exception of Magneto and Weapon X, those are all characters that have crossover outside of the AoA (With the Exiles, or because they eventually came to the 616 in the flesh). 


But their comments prior to unveiling the AoA stuff hinted that there was a pretty good chance there will be more than one wave and/or other stuff to fill out that subline (Toy Biz did do their own AoA Subline, so maybe a "Vintage wave?").  I'd personally also be pleased if we got an X-Force Nightcrawler out of the deal.

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1 minute ago, Jmacq1 said:

Yeah, that's a good point.  I think Legion may be a lock for a figure next year not just because of the AoA connection but also the critically-acclaimed TV series wrapping up.  Might be a Walgreen's exclusive though.

Also given they are doing New Mutants characters, it would make sense

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37 minutes ago, bashpics99 said:

I'm only familiar with his 1st appearance look from that New Mutants story. I can't imagine they would base a figure on that bizarre look he has in Sienkiewicz' art.. hopefully he's gotten a more toyetic depiction since then.

They could give him a male new mutants costume

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