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Can We Get a Full Thor Wave


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Hasbro has discussed doing a possible full marvel legends Iron Man wave in the future, but is it possible to get a full Thor movie wave so that we can get new or better versions of characters from Thor? Which characters have not been done that you would like to see? I would want Heimdall in his armor, Odin, Frigga, and a Frost Giant.

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I think there's enough characters left (or that I'd like) to get maybe 2 waves:

Thor (Helmet with wings)
Heimdall in Armor
Jane Foster
Laufey BAF

Hogun (Ragnarok)
Fandral (Dark World)
Thor (Ragnarok)
Surtur BAF

Though I think it's more likely that we get mixed MCU/Comic waves and most of these (if any) in packs. Like "Warriors Three and the Lady Sif" pack or something. Probably con-exclusives... unless we were back in the glory days of ToyBiz with their beautiful multipacks ❤️

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They've certainly got the ammo if they've got the will.

  • Thor  In light of the 80th anniversary Thor figure just released, I think they should go a little sideways from that for their wave anchor.  I'd like to see the classic armored version from ca. 1986 with interchangeable masked and unmasked heads.  Give him an ML-scaled whirling hammer like what that Select version came with and baby, you got yer next must-have figure in the line!
  • Balder  He's Braver than you.
  • Thunderstrike  He will need an interchangeable head with do-rag and sunglasses.
  • Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man  Yo, Dr. Manhattan, I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Zarrko the Tomorrow Man has one of the best comic book names of all time!
  • The Wrecker  The Wrecking Crew is in serious need of a re-do.  Those older ones are both expensive and just not very good.  Start at the start with ol' Dirk.
  • Lorelei  For the love of Odin, please put her on the cuvier Ms. Marvel/Rogue buck!
  • Skurge, the Executioner  I've been jonesing for this guy forever.  How can you release an Enchantress and not do the Executioner!?  How!!?  Think of the children!!
  • Kurse  Speaking of the children, make legit-threat-turned-protector-of-Asgard's-crumb-snatchers the build-a-figure.

I know, I know...The Warrior Three.  I want them as much as anyone, but I'd hate to see Volstagg be too small or take up a build-a-figure slot.  Do a really cool 3-pack and watch fandom trip over themselves to pre-order it.








Edit: I just realized I misread the thread topic and that the call was for MCU Thor.  Oops.  Well, damnit, I want a comic wave anyway.

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2 minutes ago, MonsterChris said:

I know, I know...The Warrior Three.  I want them as much as anyone, but I'd hate to see Volstagg be too small or take up a build-a-figure slot.  Do a really cool 3-pack and watch fandom trip over themselves to pre-order it.

You just brought them up and I literally tripped. So you're probably right.

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I'll take either comic Thor characters or mcu Thor characters (especialy ones that are reasonable stand-ins for their comic equivalents, as i would characterize Hela and Skurge).  He's one of my favorite marvel characters, seems to be becoming more and more popular among mcu fans, and most of his supporting cast all wear pretty toyetic outfits. 

I'm very glad we're getting an heimdall figure (altho i would prefer golden armor) and another Valkyrie figure (altho the 2=pack version is pretty nice , imo).  In terms of movie characters I would say Odin is top priority since he appeared in all 3 Thor movies, followed by Frigga who has also had 3 mcu appearances.

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15 minutes ago, SpiderS said:

There’s def great potential for wave and likely we gonna get two waves with Thor Love and thunder movie, I personally do hope that Sif will get reissue.  

I think Sif does deserve a reissue, maybe with a ponytail like in Thor1 so we could cover both movies (or allow her head to move better).

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Oh by the Gods of Plastic, we need an all Thor wave! Nothing save for an all-Alpha Flight wave or all-Galactus Herald wave would make me happier!

Actually, we'd need two all Thor waves, because along with everyone's excellent choices thus far, I would add:

Leir...the Celtic God of Lightning, from that great story in Thor #386

Forgotten One in Space Armor, from the Celestial/ Eternal story arc in Thor #s 283-293, specifically issue #288! That was such a glorious hard hitting, heavyweight slug-fest that it should be immortalized in plastic!


Beta Ray Bill! A new classic version to be precise!

Karnilla, Queen of the Norns!

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Even if there isn’t a full Thor wave, there are a few crucial Thor related gaps that could be filled as part of other waves:

- Thor from “The Avengers” (a proper MCU version of this look, not just a new head on the original MCU Thor body)

-  Comic Skurge 

-  SDCC Hela rerelease 

-  “Endgame” Thor from the final battle

-  Modern Thor (as pictured above) with alternate head and left arm to do a proper “God of Thunder” costume from the Marvel NOW era

-  Comic Warriors 3 as an Amazon set 

-  Comic Balder 

-  Comic Heimdall 

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Definitely would be all in for a comic based wave.  There's a lot that needs to be done there.  But if they could somehow make a 2 wave set up, even one that's only comic and one that's only MCU, with a build a figure Surtur, and I'm talking big, Galactus/Sentinel/Fin Fang Foom size BAF, I'd buy all 12 or 14 figures to make it happen.

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I'd love to see a set with a Frost Giant BAF that included Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Thunderstrike and Kurse. The final figure would probably have to be a regular Thor to make it work, although I'd prefer it be someone they haven't already made.... maybe even sneak a cosmic character in there like Starfox!

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Truth be told, I would only get comic based figs based on Thor & BRB as while the rest of his friends/allies are cool such as Lady Sif, Balder, the warriors 3 & Heimdal, Thor is my main favorite Asgardian. Hasbro has to give us a classic BRB based on this statue! A Thunderstrike Thor aka Eric Masterson version & either include a classic Bearded head sculpt with another figure in the wave or make a classic Bearded Thor with alternate helmetless head sculpt & loose Thor helmet for him to hold. Classic comic based figures of Ulik, Malekith  & classic Loki have been made & only a comic based Kurse needs to be made as his other enemies are the Frost Giants & Surter the fire demon, but I highly doubt we'll get 16' versions of them. Now as far as earth based Thor villians are concerned, then we need  the entire Classic comic based Wrecking crew re-done on the new Herc/Thor bucks as Hasbro really phoned it in by using the outta scale & outdated 2010 Warpath buck for them & made em all Hulk sized!  Hulk sized T-ball= no Bueno!  A boxset with Bearded Thor & proper scale classic Wrecking crew would sell like hotcakes!  We need more classic Zemo led Masters of evil as well.

Beta Ray Bill classic version.jpg

Thor bearded.jpg

Thor beard classic.jpg


Wrecking crew masters of evil .jpg

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7 hours ago, tarot said:

Seeing that we are getting a fourth Thor movie we are definitely getting at least 2 mixed waves of Thor. If it's successful maybe they will do another all MCU wave. Hasbro seems to be following that pattern.

Yeah that seems likely

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