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Marvel Legends Age Of Apocalypse Wave - Who Will The Build-A-Figure Be???


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Back in 1995 Marvel Comics launched a mega X-Men crossover event titled Age Of Apocalypse. The project featured many of the greats in the comic book industry including names like Scott Lobdell, Mark Waid, Fabian Nicieza, Jeph Loeb and Larry Hama. The event kicked off with a one-shot book titled X-Men: Alpha and then carried over into the regular X-Books of the time, all of which were actually renamed during the crossover. X-Calibre replaced Excalibur, Gambit and the X-Ternals replaced X-Force, Generation Next replaced Generation X, Astonishing X-Men replaced Uncanny X-Men, Amazing X-Men replaced X-Men, Weapon X replaced Wolverine, Factor X replaced X-Factor and X-Man replaced Cable.


The story was based on an alternate timeline where Legion (David Haller), a psychotic mutant travels back in time to kill Magneto but accidentally kills Professor Xavier instead. This in turn causes Apocalypse to accelerate his plans 10 years sooner than he did in the regular Marvel Universe. In doing so Apocalypse is able to take control of Earth and hence altering everything that happened from that point forward. In the story Apocalypse is opposed by several factions of mutant resistance fighters including the largest group led by Magneto. Eventually they send Bishop back in time to prevent Legion from murdering Professor X and putting everything back to the way it was.

The crossover event was so massive that Toy Biz even launched a line of 5" action figures based on it the same year the comics came out, and continued to make figures based on the characters from the story even into their 6" Marvel Legends line years later.

Now to celebrate next years 25th Anniversary of the event, Hasbro is dedicating an entire wave of their X-Men themed 6" Marvel Legends figures to the story line. This past weekend the entire wave of figures for that wave were revealed, except for the Build-A-Figure. The wave will include figures of Dark Beast, Weapon X, Jean Grey, Morph, Nathan Summers, Wild Child and Sunfire.



Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse Wave

So the question on everyone's mind after this weekends news, who will the Build-A-Figure for this wave be???

We've narrowed the list down to the 6 most likely candidates to warrant the Build-A-Figure treatment, and put them in the order we feel is least to most likely. Keep in mind this is simply our speculation, as Hasbro has not provided any info for this wave beyond the regular figures being released.



6. Mr. Sinister

Like with most of the characters in this storyline, Mr. Essex here sported a different look from his regular Marvel Universe one. The character sported a lot more red in his outfit and had a different hairstyle. While we do think it would make a cool figure, being the regular Mr. Sinister Hasbro recently released in the line was done so as a regular figure, we feel the chances of this version being a Build-A-Figure are slim-to-none.



5. Colossus

Colossus sported quit a different look in this Universe, but like with Sinister, Hasbro just recently released a Colossus figure which was done as a regular release and not a Build-A-Figure.



4. Holocaust

Holocaust was a very cool character who first appeared in the Age Of Apocalypse storyline. He was originally named Nemesis and was the son of Apocalypse in this timeline. After being badly injured in battle by Magneto, his body was placed in a near-indestructible crystalline exo-armor by Dark Beast and renamed Holocaust . In this exo-armor the character is quit large making him a perfect candidate for the Build-A-Figure treatment. He also had close ties to both Dark Beast and Sunfire, two of the regular figures in this wave. On top of all that, this character's story didn't end in Age of Apocalypse because he was able to escape into the regular Marvel Universe.



Hasbro's First Nemesis Build-A-Figure

The biggest reason against him being the Build-A-Figure for the wave is that Hasbro already did a Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure version of him back in their early days of getting the license from Toy Biz. It was one of the better early figures they did but we certainly wouldn't mind a modern update.



3. Sugar Man

A grotesque character who like with Dark Beast and Nemesis managed to make the crossover from the AoA Universe to the regular Marvel Universe. He is essentially a large head with 4 arms and 2 legs. He's not really super tall but being a big head with four arms does make him kinda wide and therefore would probably make a good fit for the Build-A-Figure treatment. Toy Biz did a 5" version of him back in the day so it would be interesting to see what a mordern 6" Marvel Legends version would look like.



2. Sabretooth

The only reason we have ol' Sabretooth here on a Build-A-Figure list, and more so ranked #2 is because we know we are getting Wild Child as a regular figure in this wave. In the Age of Apocalypse story line Sabretooth and Wild Child went hand-in-hand with one another. Wild Child was always seen riding on the shoulder of Creed and the two were practically inseparable. We don't really feel Sabretooth is deserving of the Build-A-Figure treatment simply because he's not that big of a character, but as we saw with the recent Demogoblin announcement, that's not always a criteria. Since we know all the regular figures in this wave and its hard to imagine Hasbro would give us Wild Child without Sabretooth, we felt we had little choice but to include him on this list. Of course Toy Biz did give us a Marvel Legends AoA Sabretooth without Wild Child back in the day so who knows, maybe Hasbro just figured we could use that one.



1. Apocalypse

While Hasbro did just recently give us a regular Apocalypse Build-A-Figure for the line, his look in the AoA storyline was quit different from his regular look, and we just can't see an entire wave being dedicated to this story line without featuring a figure of the man himself headlining it as the Build-A-Figure.

















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I'm betting Sabertooth, two reasons. 1. Wolverine and Sabertooth are a natural pair. 2. They've been doing a lot of team building with Sabertooth, Blink and Morph you get AoA and Exiles figures. So that's my bet and I figure we will either get a 2nd wave or a convention box set to cover Magneto, Rogue Cyclops, Ice Man and probably Apocalypse. But I'm looking forward to these guys so I'll be glad to buy them

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I recently tracked down and read all Age of Apocalypse issues. It took me a while to find them all. I loved it! This wave looks awesome. I think the BAF will be Holocaust, Apocalypse, or Sabretooth. If they can make a bigger Apocalypse BAF for this wave that would be awesome. I’m also hoping we get more than one wave of AoA. There’s a lot of great figures that can be made based on AoA so I’m definitely excited.

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I think this is a two wave outing. There's just too many characters left on the field that have to be done (Rogue, Cyclops, Magneto, etc.) so I believe Sabretooth will be in the next wave. Also, under that assumption I'm thinking Apocalypse will be the BAF for the 2nd wave cuz he will have to be the main draw since Wolverine (Weapon X) is in this wave. For this wave my heart says Sugar Man cuz we've never seen it done before, but my head says Hasbro's looking to wipe out the memory of the first Holocaust (call him Nemesis if it makes you feel better, I do) and do a bad ass BAF that will make the last one look like child's play (pun intended). I'm excited to see what it is.

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I can't believe this is actually happening! Like AOA or not, it was quite the event in comics, and it is quite the event for toys. We need to keep in mind the Hasbro folks have a lot of fun with this stuff too, so I imagine they love doing crazy stuff... so my guess is Sugar Man will be the BAF (or Holocaust/Nemesis), with Sabretooth rounding out the wave as the last remaining character. Wave 2 will be Rogue, Magneto, Cyclops, Iceman, Colossus, Storm, and Apocalypse as the BAF. This still leaves out a lot of players (Angel, Sinister, Nightcrawler), so I bet we will see two packs, three packs, and perhaps a boxed set (like Alpha Flight). CRAZY that we are getting so much product.

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Seems to be a 60-40 split between Sabretooth and Apocalypse.....Like what everybody said, Hasbro will just re-use the old mold of build a figure Apocalypse (big savings in $$$)....On the other hand, having a wild child begs to have Sabretooth so you can pose them together like the cover of X-men Alpha.....They can go with Apocalypse and release sabretooth on a different wave (big savings again $$$), makes collectors go for the next wave also....I started collecting action figures again and I tend to favor marvel select because it scales good in size and quality of paint...this build an action figure causes collectors to get characters that they don't like...so I'm not sure if I want to go with this wave.

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I'm hoping for something different than the options mentioned. If it had to be one of these, I'd prefer Sugar Man or Holocaust/Nemesis. Even though he's not a typical BAF size character, I'd actually prefer Legion (although would rather have a single carded version). We just got a BAF Apocalypse. The old Toy Biz AOA Sabretooth is just fine, although a little boring. We just got a Mr Sinister. We seem to have had a ton of Colossus lately. I'd rather see something new. I have the old 6" Toy Biz Sugar Man and the first Hasbro Holocaust / Nemesis but recognize that both of those could certainly be improved on.

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RENO there have only been two Colossus figures in well over 10 years! 😉  I know, we have had two recently, but seriously, he is a major player deserving of attention, and the AOA version is pretty bad ass! Love the Legion suggestion...that would be awesome. If the BAF is not Sugar Man, I'm gonna buy that old 6" Toy Biz version and make a custom.  The Toy Biz Sabretooth was good, but doesn't compare or compliment today's figures - we NEED an update!


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10 hours ago, Reno said:

We just got a Mr Sinister. We seem to have had a ton of Colossus lately. I'd rather see something new. I have the old 6" Toy Biz Sugar Man and the first Hasbro Holocaust / Nemesis but recognize that both of those could certainly be improved on.

Huh? What exactly is a "ton" of Colossus'? Maybe I'm missing something but as far as I know we've only gotten 2 since the entire ML Infinite line relaunch. In fact, beside Rogue I would say Colossus is one of the more popular yet most disrespected characters in X-Men ML.

I do, however agree with you tha he would not necessarily need to be done as BAF and the same for Sinister. Those guys and Sabretooth will find their way in a second wave along with Cyclops.  If anyone thinks Hasbro's gonna go off the reservation with this they're fooling themselves. It's almost guaranteed to be AOA Apocalypse (though I would prefer something else) or possibly Holocaust. All us Sugar Man fans will just keep dreaming. 

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I agree with most people here, Apocalypse seems like the logical choice, considering that that would save Hasbro some money. But as someone who just started collecting ML a couple years ago, I'd prefer the BAF to be Holocaust/Nemesis or even Sugar Man, the first having a really cool look, and the second being so unique in design.

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Ok so of the choices listed here, a number of them are counted as unlikely because they've recently had figures made already. So wouldn't Apocalypse fall into that same notion? I agree, it only makes sense that the wave named for him would likely include him. But if it turns out to be Holocaust I wont be surprised. A second AOA wave could have Apocalypse.

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I completely forgot about Colossus. I'd be good with that one. I'm still hoping for Sugarman. Another Holocaust/Nemesis would be fine too. 

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