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Best of 2019 Voting!!


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Hey my fellow plastic addicts. It’s that time of the year again. The time when we look at the year gone by and choose what wave the Best of Marvel Legends for the year. For the past 2 years I have asked you to vote for the best of Marvel Legends via various categories. Last year I had many many vote from you so I hope that this year will be the same.

Like last year, I will be breaking down the votes into various categories that you can for each week. For this week, I will be asking you to vote for the best Accessories, Packaging Designs, Wave Assortment and BAF. I have explained why to vote for in each question so don’t worry about remembering them.

(Please note: If the new Riders sets, Demogoblin wave and Super-Skrull wave get released before next year, they will NOT be counted towards this voting as they are considered next years releases)


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For round one, gotta go with: 

-New Mutants for Accessories, no matter how much of pain it was to get them all, it's a really cool idea.

-Alpha Flight for packaging, it's been so long since we've gotten an oversized team box, plus the art is great.

-X-Force for the best wave, Nightcrawler alone makes this a no brainer, and with the exception of Cannonball the rest are good to great figures as well.

-Wendigo for the BAF, better articulation and paint apps than the other top contenders.  

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I made the poll but here are my choices:

  • New Mutants- This one is obvious. get three figures. Get 3 brand new characters
  • Alpha Flight - Gorgeous art.
  • Caliban wave - Great selection. Completes a number of teams, gives us the definitive version of some character as well as some obscure character and the start of some new teams. (More exiles please)
  • Kingpin - May be a bit large but it is a great figure of a classic character. 
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I voted as follows:

Best accessory - Mystique's alternate heads. One allows you to show off her powers, the other can be used to cobble together another character! I didn't vote for the new mutants heads because i find the alternate heads don't fit well on the peg. great idea but i feel like the execution was a bit subpar, i'll probably be in the minority on this though

Best boxing - i voted for 80th because i thought both the Hulk and Jugg box sets looked cool. i thought the solo packaging was cool too. I didn't pick up the 90s X-Men sets or i might have voted for them as the sets look pretty awesome, i'm guessing that will win.

Best wave - I voted M'Baku wave since its the only wave i completed and i liked all but the act 1 panther suit, whereas most of the other waves had 2 or more characters i didn't dig.  But tbh i think most of my favorite figures for the year are from other waves, just more spread out.  I'm really not sure which wave will win, i'll guess Caliban wave since if you are a 90s fan there really aren't many duds in there.  Really all the x-waves were quite good, i'll bet Cannonball prevents some people from voting for X-Factor wave though. 

Best BAF - I voted Kingpin even though i don't have him.  I just couldn't bring myself to buy that wave but very much admire this figure. Wendigo seems pretty awesome too.  I like M'Baku and Fat Thor but felt they easily could've been wave figures.  The rest were skippable imo... i would say it was a somewhat lackluster year for BAFs altho hulk & colossus sets kind of make up for it.

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My Voting

Accessory - New Mutants Parts, this was a stellar and evil move from Hasbro to give us essentially 3 unique characters with on;y one figure, and was done well (Wolfsbane subject to question), we all wanted to buy 3, nobody could find 3, and it was awesome, great figure such a fun idea to put 3 characters out in team form all at once.

Boxing - X-Men Vintage wave, I love how well executed this was, the nostalgic value alone was through the roof, they replicated the packages perfectly with a new age twist so well.

Best Wave - Wendigo wave, this was almost beaten out by Caliban wave, but sadly this was the first wave of the year where I only didn't want one figure (and I actually did want it, but it just didn't have legs), and it built a figure I wanted so much, a great wave with Stand Outs like Nightcrawler, Mr. Sinister, Boom Boom, Guardian and a really nice Wolverine it was a good buy all around wave

Best BAF - Wendigo. While he was essentially a re-paint, it was something I wanted for so long, and in terms of product it looked amazing and was done well, it was a lackluster year in terms of BAFs but this one to me was the BAF of the year for sure



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My vote

  • Accessories - Hydro-Man's water effects
  • Packaging - Alpha Flight box set
  • Wave - I had to go with Spider-Man: Far From Home because I bought three figures from the wave (Spider-Woman, Scorpion, and Hydro-Man and I might pickup Doppleganger if I ever see him cheap), and none of the other waves had that many characters I bought. 
  • Build-a-Figure - Kingpin
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I voted for:

Boom-Boom's power effect. It looks like she is throwing her time bomb. That's cool.

X-Men Vintage wave packaging. The graphics and pictures are appealing. I really appreciated the easy way to split open the cardboard to access the plastic clamshell. It's sealed well, but easy to open. Very clever package engineering.

Caliban BAF and wave. It offered a lot of good figures, new figures we needed, and good updates of previously released characters. Caliban looks like a great figure, too.

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Hey Gang. Last week, we began our annual “Best of the Year” voting. We started as always with the Best Accessories, Best Packaging Art, Best Wave and Best Build-A-Figure. While I didn’t get as many as last year, I got tons of votes so as always thanks for voting. I have to say, most of the voting were very one side with the exception of one, most winners won by a huge margin. But you don’t want to read any more of me rambling. Onto the results.

Best Accessories
3rd Place( 9.43% 😞 Dogpool, Squirrelpool and Bob’s head

2nd Place( 11.32% 😞 Blink Teleporting Effect

Winner- 26.42% – New Mutants head and Hands

Winning the best accessories we have a bit of a late comer with the Walgreens exclusive Dani Moonstar and her 2 extra heads. This is fantastic set and a fantastic idea for both fan and Hasbro making us buy 3 of the same figure. Not only do you get Dani Moonstar (promised for years) but you can also get Wolfbane and Karma. That’s 3 brand new characters! Just by swapping head and hands! Well played Hasbro. Well played.

Best Packaging Art
3rd Place ( 23% ) – 80th Anniversary set

2nd Place ( 26% ) – Vintage X-men wave

Winner (28%)- Alpha Flight

As you can see, this was the one category that was hotly contested with only one vote break the tie of first and second place. But the winner of the best Packaging art is the Alpha Flight box set. And I have to agree with this win. I mean just look at that art work. I mean I know that MOC collector absolutely love this and I can see why. The 6 character from the set as drawn beautifully.

Best wave assortment
3rd place ( 9% ) – Avengers: Endgame Fat Thor wave

2nd place ( 17% ) – X-men Vintage wave

Winner – 55% – X-men Caliban wave

Yeah. So if you have been reading these results for that last few years, you will know that the X-men wave has always won these. (It makes me think I should ban it next year). However, this year was a bit different as we had 3 different X-wave this year, including the Vintage and X-force wave. However as you can see with the results, the clear winner was the Caliban wave. And it’s a wave that deserves it’s. We get some much need characters, along with some fantastic updates to 3 of Toybiz’s figures (Beast, Gambit and Weapon X) and one of Hasbro’s (Forge) with a much requested costumes for a character (Jubilee) as well as 2 obscure but nice additions (Blink and Skullbuster). Add to the fact that this wave finishes some teams, starts new teams and with the Baf (Caliban), you have a perfect wave.

Best Build-A-Figure
3rd Place ( 8% ) – Professor Hulk

2nd Place (15%) – Caliban

Winner – 62% – Kingpin

Wow that’s a huge margin. IMO this year’s BAF haven’t been up there compared to last year’s. However, there was one BAF that was released at the start of the year that was absolutely stunning. That being the Kingpin. Say what you will about this figures (like it’s too big or that the wave to get it wasn’t worth it) but you can’t deny that this is a stunning figure. Plus if you don’t want Kingpin you can also use him as Shadow King.

Well that’s the results of the FIRST part of the Best of 2019. The second part of the voting will be up shortly but please let me know what you think. I do ask that you remember that this is a result of your voting so don’t @ me for the result if you don’t agree. (IMO I agree with all of these)

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We continue this year “Best of 2019” Voting, with a look at the all the exclusive that have been released over the past. I have broken this down to Singles, 2-packs, Multi-pack (3 or more) as well as a new category for this year, the Fan Channel Variant single packs. Before you vote I would just like to say, whatever your opinions on exclusive and/or the store that stock them, I am asking you to vote for the figures themselves. Not where or if you got them.

(Link in case it’s doesn’t show below – https://nearcompleteset.survey.fm/best-exclusives)

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Single: Worthy Cap-last one I'll have to get, they got the face right and the armored sculpt is beautiful.

Double: Corvus Glaive and Loki- Rounding out the Black Order and the best looking Loki... picked because of all the sets, this was the one I was most excited about... even if it isn't as accessory packed.

Multi: Alpha Flight-I personally wouldn't get it, it has no place in my collection, but the fact that they finally managed to put 6 figures in a single pack is something to commemorate. I just wish this starts a trend and isn't just a one off.

Fan Channel: BTSM, the only one I'd pick up if I had the chance.

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