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Best of 2019 Voting!!

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  • 80 Years Captain America- This figure is just perfect and easily is not only the best Cap figure yet, but it's a top 10 of the year candidate for sure, from sculpt, to proportions, and paint, it's top to bottom excellent.
  • X-Factor- Awecome 2 pack, and definitely the best of the options.
  • Family Matters- Even though the Love Triangle 3 pack is excellent, there just isn't enough new in that pack for me.  We needed a good Magneto and a better Quicksilver, and this pack delivered for the most part on those.  But Scarlet Witch is a homerun of a figure, that even the Jean re-do can't out match.
  • Big Time Spidey- The coolest, and most needed repaint from that line, always down for a new Spidey variant.

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Single: 80th Captain America, though Mystique was a close second place

2-Pack: Kraven’s Last Hunt

Multi-Pack: Family Matters

Fan Channel: I don’t care about any of these, but I voted for Big Time Spider-Man

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Hey Plastic Addict. The results are in for the best exclusives of 2019. According to some people, myself included this was way harder to pick then the last one. However, there were some very clear winners. So instead of me rambling let get onto the results.

Best Exclusive – Single
3rd Place (9%): 3-way Tie of Grey Hulk, Emma Frost and Mystique

2nd Place (14%): Tie Worthy Cap and 80th Cap

Winner (34%) – Dani Moonstar

A second time winner this year we have Dani Moonstar. Like what I said before this is a brilliant idea from Hasbro. Giving us 3 brand new character in one and making us hunt it down 3 times to be able to have all three. Not to mention that if you wanted you could pay a few more and make Magik and Magma with existing parts. Money well spent I say.

Best Exclusive – 2-pack
3rd Place (6%): Tie of Peggy/Cap and Kraven’s Last Hunt

2nd Place (9%): Tie of Corvus Glaive/Loki and Elders of the Universe

Winner (66%) – X-Factor

Yikes. That’s a huge gap. But this one deserves it. People bemoaned Hasbro for not making these version when they released the previous version. They wanted these versions. Hasbro, as always, listens to fan and decided not only to give us these version but nearly the entire team coming out soon. I don’t even have this set (stupid Hasbro UK) but I love these and they are absolutely need for any X-collections.

Best Exclusive – Multi-pack
3rd Place (23%) – Alpha Flight

2nd Place (31%) – Family Matter

Winner (46%) – Love Triangle

This is actually the first year we have enough Multi-pack to have this category. However, since there was only 3 choices this was alot harder to most. This set is a great set. First we have Wolverine but instead of just being a straight repaint we have a new damaged head as well as the requested bone claws. Next we have Cyclops with 2 new head as well as the request bomber jacket that he wore in the animated series. Finally we have what made the set for most people and that is the update Jim Lee’s Jean Grey. The last one wasn’t that bad but compared to this one it was a POS. Well worth getting this set just for this Jean.

Best Fan Channel – Singles
3rd Place (17%) – X-Force Deathlok

2nd Place (23%) – War Machine Punisher

Winner (29%) – Big Time Spider-man

This was a really, really close one. As I was watching it during the week, it look like anyone could win, with WM Punisher nearly winning until BT Spidey took it with only 2 votes. I known these figures aren’t for everybody but Hasbro are giving us some version that they missed the first time. I haven’t gotten this figure yet but it is my favourite of the bunch. I think it might be because I am a huge Spidey collector or the fact that it is ShartimusPrime’s signature figure but it is a great addition to any Spidey wardrobe.

Well that’s it for this week. The next part will go up later and it’s everybody’s favourite part. The Comic Book Figure categories. Check Back Later.

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Hey Plastic Addicts. It’s time for everybody’s favorite part of the “Best of” the comic categories. There as been a tons of comic figure this year. So many in fact that like always I had to break it down into various categories. And even that wasn’t enough to get them all in.

Just a few things:

BAF will not be included in any of these categories. These are only for regular figures.
Citizen V is NOT a new character. He is Baron Zemo.
For each Catagories, just vote for what you want but also look at the usual things like Sculpt, paint and accessories.
This is for comic figures only (except for one). MCU figures will be next week.
Link – https://nearcompleteset.survey.fm/best-comic-figure

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My Votes (Damn this was tough):

  • New - Silver Samurai
  • Remake - Nightcrawler
  • 80th Anniversary remake - Hulk
  • Re-release - Puck
  • Best Villain - Magneto
  • Best Female - Scarlet Witch
  • New Costume - Hercules
  • Best Spider- Iron Spider
  • Best Wolverine - Weapon X
  • Besr X-men - Nightcrawler

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New - Blink

Remake - Professor X

80th Anniversary - Hulk

Re-release - Juggernaut

Villain - Magneto

Female - Scarlet Witch

New Costume - Emma Frost (Renegade X-Men)

Spider - Big Time Spidey

Best Wolverine - Love Triangle

Best X-Men - Beast


That was a hard time. I couldn't count the number of times I hesitated and changed my mind before selecting an option.

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this was really hard! I actually didn't expect it to be so hard, so many awesome figures this year, if I was asked to do this maybe a day ago or tomorrow it may have been differet

    New - Silver Samurai - A really great new figure, nice new parts and sculpting, and a much needed villain for wolverine's   rogue gallery and for X-Men, we don't have quite enough X-Men villains so this was a much needed addition

    Remake - Jean Grey - Jean is such a vast improvement over the earlier version, better face, paint, body everything it's no question this is the best remake, although so many also could have won this title, but some of them made it into other areas of my votes

80th Anniversary remake - Hulk - clearly the best Hulk we have ever gotten (IMO) in legend form, a perfect hulk, a hugely necessary remake and really such a necessary thing, a good Hulk comic figure at last

Re-release - Juggernaut - despite not being very much different from the BAF, this figure is amazing, and IMO is better then the BAF, with excellent accessories and cleaner paint app and color choices, its a wonderful figure

Best Villain - Mr Sinister - I really like this figure, while there were some nice villains this year Sinister stands out well executed figure

Best Female - Mystique - finally a good mystique, I would say she is still one of my favorite figures of the year, I'm a huge fan of Mystique's look, and this figure was done perfect, and such a huge improvement from the gangley ugly body bucks from the past, and hideous faces, she really is awesome

New Costume - Emma Frost - despite so many people wanting her hellfire club white costume, I love this one, it's a newer look and it's great, this figure is one of my favorites of the year, can't say anything's wrong with it, except for... um maybe bigger you know...

Best Spider- Spider-woman - I have been highly anticipating a Julia SW, and this hit the mark, she was also much needed as appose to many of the "spider people"

Best Wolverine - Love Triangle - as much as I wanted to say the X-Force wolverine, I couldn't this just wins the wolverine pageant, it's the best wolverine to date, best colors, best face sculpts, two different claws (bone is my fav) it's the wolverine above all wolverines

Best X-men - Nightcrawler - so many good X-Men this year, but Nightcrawler is the winner, an amazing figure, amazing head sculpts etc, we all know this figure is great, Beast comes behind him, but loses out because well.. he only has a yelling aggro face.. if he didn't well maybe not

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I went with:

  • New: Dani Moonstar
  • Remake: Nightcrawler
  • 80th Remake: Colossus
  • Rerelease: Juggernaut
  • Villain: Mystique
  • Lady: Dani Moonstar
  • New Costume: Emma Frost
  • Spider: Doppelganger
  • Wolverine: X-Force
  • X-Man: Nightcrawler

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This was tough!!! I went with

  • New: Silver Samurai
  • Remake: Beast - love his crazy articulation. if only they had thrown in an "intellectual beast" head with spectacles
  • 80th Remake: Hulk - #1 figure for the year imo
  • Rerelease: Juggernaut - never got the BAF and love the accessories
  • Villain: Mister Sinister, although a lot of good options
  • Lady: Storm, although it is a sentimental pick as the figure is not without its flaws
  • New Costume: Hercules - not necessarily a huge fan of the new costume, but love the figure and its classic "enough" for me
  • Spider: Iron Spider - would've gone with the homecoming 2-pack version but that wasn't an option (perhaps because re-release)
  • Wolverine: Weapon X - surprised by how much i liked this guy
  • X-Man: Nightcrawler - with the accessories, hasbro knocked it out of the park with this guy

Other comic favorites would be Colossus, 80th Thor, Iron Man, Cap.   What a great year!

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I wouldn't call this a harder round as all of my answers came pretty easily. I did include runners-up, however, to show that that there were lots of characters in nearly every category that deserved tons of praise and could've been favorites if not for the obvious winner.

  • Newcomer: Night Thrasher
    • Runners-up: Grey Gargoyle, Silver Samurai
  • Remake: Nightcrawler
    • Runners-up: Spider-Woman, Mystique, Scorpion, Union Jack
  • 80th Remake: Hulk
    • Runners-up: Colossus, Iron Man, Magneto, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Thor
  • Rerelease: Spider-Man (black suit)
    • Runners-up: Juggernaut, Kraven (Last Hunt)
  • Villain: Magneto
    • Runners-up: Juggernaut, Kraven, Mystique
  • Lady: Scarlet Witch
    • Runners-up: Mystique, Spider-Woman
  • New Costume: Genis-Vell
    • Runners-up: Hydro-Man, Loki
  • Spider: Spider-Man (Kraven's Last Hunt)
    • Runner-up: Spider-Woman
  • Wolverine: First Appearance (80th Anniversary)
  • X-Man: Nightcrawler
    • Runner-up: Colossus

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New - Night Thrasher

Remake - Nightcrawler

80th Anniversary - Colossus

Re-release - Juggernaut

Villain - Hydro Man

Female - Scarlet Witch

New Costume - Havok

Spider - Big Time

Best Wolverine - X-Force

Best X-Men - Nightcrawler

Toughest vote yet.  Especially that best X-Men character one.

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Hey gang. The Best Comic Figures results are in and we have some surprising results. It was an extreme tight race with some figure only winning by a single vote. Which is no surprise as this year comic figures have been the best we have had for a while with some very nice new addition to the over all Marvel Universe collections, team members and Wardrobe collections. But enough with the rambling. Onto the winners.

Best Newcomer
3rd Place (13%): Dani Moonstar/Karma/Wolfsbane

2nd place (18%): Night Thrasher

Winner (45%): Silver Samurai

Even with over 21 new characters, there was one clear winner this year. The Japanese sometimes villain, sometimes hero and long time rival to Wolverine, Silver Samurai has been a figure that we have been asked for for a while. Hasbro teased us very early on in their run when he was one of the choices for the first Fan Poll but it wasn’t until now that we finally got him. This figure is a thing of beauty and well worth the wait.

Best Remake
3rd Place (10%): 3-way Tie – Prof X, Jean Grey and Gambit

2nd Place (23%): Nightcrawler

Winner (28%): Beast

They said it couldn’t be done. They said there was no way they could beat Toybiz. (Some still do). But this figure proves that Hasbro is trouncing Toybiz with it’s remakes. This figure has more articulation then any figure from Hasbro since they began making Marvel Legends and the sculpt is fantastic. The only thing that can bring this figure down is the fact that it didn’t come with a relaxed head.

Best 80th Anniversary Remake
3rd Place (13%): Tie – Colossus and Scarlet Witch

2nd Place (15%): Thor

Winner (38%): Hulk

Another clear winner. This is the Hulk we have been asking for since the Toybiz days. It’s big. It’s bulky. It comes with a ripped shirt. It is the Hulk that is needed for any collection.

Best Re-Release
3rd Place (13%): SDCC Hulk

2nd Place (15%): Cyclops (Love Triangle)

Winner (25%): Juggernaut

This was the category that almost everybody had a chance of winning but the 2-Pack Juggernaut wins. Not only does it help with those that missed the chance to get the BAF a few years back but it also has better, more classic paint apps as well as coming with a great Colossus figure.

Best Villain
3rd Place (13%): Silver Samurai

2nd Place (18%): Magneto

Winner (25%): Mr. Sinister

Winning the best villain we have what is also a great remake in the form of Mr. Sinister. This is bulkier and taller then the previous version. Plus their the fact that his grin truly make him look evil.

Best Female
3rd Place (10%): Jubilee

2nd Place (15%): Storm

Winner (40%): Scarlet Witch

When the Family Matter 3-pack was announced, no one was interested in Scarlet Witch. All they saw were classic Magneto and Quicksilver. But once they got the figure in hand they found that this figure is absolutely gorgeous. That headsculpt is a work of art and make this figure the best of the 3-pack.

Best New Costume
3rd place (15%): Renegade Emma Frost

2nd Place (18%): X-Factor Havok

Winner (23%): Modern Hercules

There were alot of characters that got new suits but only one that was an entirely new sculpt and that was Hercules. I know some people were miffed that it wasn’t the Classic version but this figure looks great and is a nice figure to have in your collection.

Best Spider-Person
3rd Place (15%) : Doppelganger

2nd Place (23%): Julia Carpenter’s Spider-woman

Winner (25%): Big-Time Spider-man

Another surprising win (Spider-woman was winning up until the last day). While this might not be for everybody, this is a great addition and remake to any Spidey collection.

Best Wolverine
3rd place (18%): First Appearance Wolverine

2nd place (28%): X-Force Wolverine

Winner (30%): Love Triangle Wolverine

Does new bone claws and a battle damage head make a great Wolverine? Apparently so as the winner of the first Wolverine of the year goes to the Love Triangle 3-pack Wolverine.

Best X-men
3rd place (10%): Gambit

2nd place (25%): Beast

Winner (33%): Nightcrawler

He may have not won the best remake but winner of the Best X-men figure is the blue elf Nightcrawler. There were more X-men this year then any other year so I know it was tough to pick just one but I think this is a figure that deserves it.

Well that all the winners of the comic categories. Do you agree with all of them? Disagree? Let me know.

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Hey gang. This week we have the last of the “semi-finals” with the Best MCU figures of 2019. This year we have had the some of the best MCU films of all time (some people opinions of the movies not withstanding) so of course we have had some great figures. Now you can vote which is the best of the year.

NOTE: BAF not included


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First question, to me Korg. The only thing that would have made the 2 pack better would have been replace the Collector with Miek.

Next 2 were just pick a random choice.

Best Villain - Ebony Maw

Best female - Shuri

New Costume - Ronin


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Best Newcomer: Ebony Maw, easily the best of the Black Order in terms of sculpt, paint, and articulation, plus it felt like we waited forever for him and Corvus Glaive, but at least Maw can be posed more dynamically.

Best Remake: Iron Spider, looking back on the first one, it was pathetic, and it's left me wondering why I ever bought the first one.  This new one is a complete step up in every way, and by every way I mean the four large spider legs, unmasked head and accurate gauntlets.

Best Re-Release: Vibranium Black Panther, don't have it, but it looks good and is a huge step up from the previous one in terms of paint.

Best Villain: Mysterio, could have been the best newcomer too, but I didn't want to give him two spots on here.  From the sculpt, to articulation, to the metallic green pattern on the cape, the only thing missing is an unmasked head.

Best Female: Black Widow/Nebula time heist, for the Black Widow head sculpt alone, this is the best looking female figure of the MCU crowd, put it on last year's Infinity War Black Widow, minus the vest and you have the best MCU figure of her yet.

Best New Costume: Mark 6 War Machine, it's the War Machine we deserve, at least in aesthetic terms.  Bonus points that it fits fine in a comic display.  Now if Hasbro could just work on improving articulation for Rhodey and Tony.


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Best Newcomer: Korg... a very sentimental pick, i just have a soft spot for big rock guys. not the best articulation but a very fun figure with nice detail imo.  Bonus points as he's sturdy & big  enough to hold other figures aloft.

Best Remake:  Iron Spider - i don't own any of the remakes listed but including the waldoes was a much needed improvement for Spidey

Best Re-Release:  Grandmaster, i guess although i'm unclear about which version this is. either way fun character and great Goldblum likeness. Vibranium panther was a close 2nd imo but i kind of hold it against Hasbro that they didn't nail the likeness in the 1st BP wave.

Best Villain: Ebony Maw - great figure and really nice to finish off the Black Order.

Best Female:  Ayo/Dora Milaje - this choice probably won't win but honestly was very psyched for this army builder and like all 3 head sculpts but Ayo is especially good. If i had bought MJ or the new Hela maybe i would've chosen one of those

Best New Costume:  Killmonger tactical suit - love the ceremonial mask and since i didn't get the Ross 2-pack i was psyched for an awesome Michael B Jordan head. I like the rest of the figure too.  I'm guessing Worthy Cap will win but honestly i'm content with 10th anniv Cap.


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my choices:

Newcomer: Corvus Glaive

Best Remake: Hela - This is a huge improvement over the previous version not only in paint but also in head sculpt.

Best Re-release: Phasing Vision - I always had a soft spot for the TB Phasing Vision as my mom would always call him the Jelly Bean Man so this remains me of that.

Best Villain - Executioner

Best Female - Rescue - it's ironic that the best female figure is one who you can't see properly but the sculpting on this is great.

Best New Costume - Worthy Cap - Don't have (or want) him but it is a great figure


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here is my votes

Best Newcomer - Mysterio : what an excellent figure, great sculpt, paint apps and overall apperance IMO

Remake - Hela : an amazing figure to begin with, but the remake really showed they could do it even better

Re-Release - Vibranium BP : none of the recent MCU re-releases really were the spectuaclar but this figure already looked good, add some really cool paint apps and it's much better

Best Villain - Mysterio : Mr. Beck wins again

Best Female - Rescue : any amazing figure, pretty much what we all want from ML with great sculpting, articulation, paint apps and movie likeless, to bad she can't actually be called "the prettiest" since we sadly didn't even get a pepper alt. head

New costume - Iron Patriot : looks awesome, I mean it's a ultra colorful update of already one of the best MCU figs IMO, and even more accessories and bulk then the earlier version


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Best Newcomer: Executioner- great new sculpt awesome accessories. Great pack as well

Remake: Hela- Great accurate update + more accessories than the original, only way it could be better is if it included swords.

Re-release: Vibranium Black Panther- it's amazing how much this figure pops up from the display just with a little paint added to an already awesome sculpt. Only category with no contest IMO. 

Best Villain: Hela- again, compared to the rest of the releases she get's the most out of her packaging.

Best Female: Ghost- She's not on the list but she's my favourite female MCU figure of the year. Mostly out of love for the portrayal and how soon we got her figure compared to Yellowjacket. (Voted Valkyrie since she was my runner-up)

New Costume: Iron Patriot- I thought I'd buy it just for completion of an eventual Iron Armor display and Thor's head. I thought it wouldn't replace the MK006 War Machine in my action display. Boy, was I blown away when I got it last night. Strong contender for my personal ToY award.

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Hey gang. We enter the last semi-final result this week with a look at The Best MCU Figures of 2019. We have had some very nice figure this year, many of them being the MCU. So let see which you think are some of the best.

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)

Best Newcomer
3rd Place (13%): Korg

2nd Place (16%): Corvus Glaive

Winner (23%): Mysterio

Taking the best newcomer we have the “Pretending to be a hero” villain Mysterio. Even though many people knew that Mysterio was a villain in the movie, the way they revealed the twist was great and Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance was fantastic. So a fantastic character needs a fantastic figure. This design screams a classic version made into a MCU figure with loads of detail. The only thing that could have made this better is if they had included a unmasked head.

Best Remake
3rd place (3%): Infinity War 2-pack Iron Man

2nd Place (6%): 80th anniversary Giant-Man

Winner (45%): Tie- Hela and Iron Spider

We now have our first ever tied winner with Hela and Iron Spider. Starting with Hela, the first figure wasn’t that bad but it was based on preliminary concept art so there was many things that wasn’t like the movie. This one is a huge improvement on that that not only comes with a much better paint but also a much more accurate and beautiful head sculpt. As for Iron Spider, while most of this figure is just the same version as the last one with a new paint job, the added Waldoes really makes this figure worth getting.

Best Re-release
3rd Place (23%): Phasing Vision

2nd Place (32%): Grandmaster

Winner (42%): Vibranium Black Panther

Thankfully, there wasn’t many Re-releases this year. However, at the start of the year and with Hasbro rushing to get this wave out, they included releasing their 2 previous Black Panthers. There is not much different about this figure from the previous version but the pink/purple colors really pop on this figure.

Best Villain
3rd Place (10%) : Tie – Tactical Suit Killmonger and Executioner

2nd Place (23%): Ebony Maw

Winner (48%): Mysterio

Winning a second time today we have Mysterio. I already said what I wanted in the previous entry so check that out.

Best Female
3rd Place (10%): Tie- Shuri and Peggy Carter

2nd Place (19%): Rescue

Winner (32%): Valkyrie

People have been asking for this version since the Ragnarok movie and while she is a bit smaller then her previous figure (which IMO work better), this is a great figure with loads of detail and great paint app.

Best New Costume
3rd Place (13%): Rescue Armor Pepper Potts

2nd Place (23%): Worthy Cap

Winner (26%): Iron Patriot War Machine

This was an extremely close one with there only been one vote between the winner and 2nd place. But the outright winner is Iron Patriot. This is actually a figure we all saw coming and it was a welcome addition. The previous figure was a great figure in it’s own right but this was so much better with loads of guns and cannons.

Well, That’s it for the Best MCU figures of 2019. What do you guys think? Agree or disagree? Let me know.

Now that we have all our winners, the finals will start later today.

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Hey gang. Over the past couple of week, I have asked you to vote for the best ML of various categories. You guys have voted and we now have our winners. Those who have been reading this site for the past 3 years know that the winners of each category go onto the finals (with the exceptions of Accessories, Wave assortment and Package Images).

However, this year I have decided to so something different and fun. Since we have so many winning figures, I decided to make the finals into a tournament, with each winner facing off against another. The drawing for this was completely random (thanks to https://www.randomresult.com/tournament.php) so there won’t be any unfair pairings. This will be going until Friday the 27th of December (since from Thursday I will be working full days.)

Please note: The F4 wave and the Demogoblin are not included in this poll so I don’t want people asking why Doom isn’t in it (next year).


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This just keeps getting harder and harder, but always fun.

  1. Mr. Sinister
  2. MCU Mysterio
  3. Scarlet Witch (comic)
  4. Moonstar/Karma/Wolfsbane
  5. Havok
  6. Big Time Spider-Man
  7. MCU Iron Spider
  8. Nightcrawler (now that was almost too difficult)
  9. Jean Grey
  10. Juggernaut
  11. Beast

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