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The Top 10 Marvel Legends 6" Comic Book Based Figures I Want To See In 2020


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With 2020 almost upon us I wanted to put out my Top 10 wish list of 6" Marvel Legends comic book based figures I hope Hasbro will release in the coming year. Now in all honesty I could easily come up with more than 10 figures, but these are the 10 I want to see the most for various reasons. Feel free to share your own Top 10 list in the the COMMENTS SECTION below.

10) Iron Man Silver Centurion

This has always been one of my favorite Iron Man armors. This was one of the most different looking armors featured in the comics because Stark moved away from the traditional red and gold look, and went with silver and gold. This is also the armor worn during much of the time Iron Man was part of the West Coast Avengers, which was one of my favorite Marvel titles of the time. Toy Biz did a version of the armor back in the day which remains a strong figure, but I would love to see Hasbro take a stab at it with a more modern looking sculpt.

09) Modern Gold Arm Thor

Hasbro recently gave us an awesome classic Thor figure, and now I would love them to give us a modern version of the character for the Marvel Legends line. Who knows if Thor will still be sporting this look in the comics by the time Hasbro gets around to releasing one, but I like this look. Not just because it's modern, but I think a metallic gold arm would look good in figure form.

08) Steve Rogers Captain America

If you know me at all then you know I am a huge Captain America fan. While I wasn't a huge fan of the whole "Hail Hydra" storyline this costume helped kick off, I always liked the design of it. Hasbro did give us a 4" Marvel Universe version of this Cap, but I felt it was a missed opportunity we did not get a 6" version. Hopefully this year Hasbro can rectify that mistake.

07) X-Force Feral

Being this is the final character we need to round out Rob Liefeld's original X-Force team in 6" Marvel Legends form, I am sure this figure is a no-brainier for Hasbro. The question in my mind is more about when, than if they will release it. Hopefully the when will be sometime in 2020.

06) X-Factor Wolfsbane

Everything about what I said for Feral above can be applied to this figure as well, just switch out X-Force for X-Factor.

05) War Machine

Hasbro has given us plenty of movie based War Machine figures in recent years, but we really haven't gotten a good comic book based War Machine since Toy Biz did it back in the day. That figure was another solid figure and probably best known for having action figure designer David Vonner's face imposed on it. War Machine continues to be a predominate character in the comics including being featured in the upcoming Force Works 2020 series, so now seems like a perfect time for this character to get an updated figure from Hasbro.

04) Firestar

I don't really care if we get this character in her more classic look or a more modern version. Either way its far past time for this Amazin Spider-Man friend and New Warrior to get the 6" Marvel Legends treatment.

03) Mach-V

For the next original ThunderBolts member to get the 6" Marvel Legends treatment, I hope its the armored hero known as Mach-V. We already got the characters original Beetle costume in figure form, so hopefully this version won't be far behind.

02) Modern Falcon

Falcon is another character Hasbro has given us multiple movie versions of, but has failed to give us any kind of good comic book version. Toy Biz did a classic version of the character which some might prefer seeing released again under Hasbro, but for me I would rather see the character with a more modern look and removable wings. Hasbro don't forget the wings like you did with the Falcon Cap version you did a few years ago.

01) Modern USAgent

If there is any character out there in the Marvel Universe that I like better than Captain America, it would be USAgent. Hasbro did a somewhat scrawny version several years ago with his classic uniform. Now with the character appearing in both the upcoming Falcon and the Winter Soldier Disney+ series and being featured in the before mentioned Force Works 2020 series, I think its high time to get an updated figure of Johnny Walker on a bigger buck and preferably in his more modern looking uniform.











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Yes to all of these. My top 10

  1. Firestar - been my number one want............................since the Toybiz days. How is she not made yet!?
  2. Justice - Same as above but more for the fact that he was an Avengers when I got into comics.
  3. Jim Hammond Human Torch - I always found it weird that we have so many Johnny Storm but no one thought to make the original marvel hero?
  4. Comic War Machine - don't care which version, just give us a comic version
  5. Comic Falcon - I would prefer the Disassemble period version as it's classic yet modern
  6. Siryn - Thanks to Sunspot we need this girl for the second version of X-Force
  7. Banshee - needed for Giant Size X-men
  8. First Appearance Storm - how is this not made yet?! seriously?!
  9. Comic Mandarin - With him coming to the Shang-Chi movie we need a comic version before the movie one comes out.
  10. Wizard -another villain that is long overdue. Hopefully the Super-skrull wave will sell well so they can continue that line.
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These are all great choices. Feel like most if not all will get made this year. Hasbro has checked a lot of boxes this year and these seem likely. 

Agree that the previous Hasbro U.S.Agent was too scrawny to be John Walker. I use that one as Steve Rogers “the Captain”  version and the retro Cap with the oversized head as the John Walker version of Cap.. in my mind the proportions of those two figures make more sense swapped.

Seems like all 90s XForce characters are a priority so pretty sure we will see these sooner than later

The big holes are Warmachine and Firestar. Glaring omissions. The Silver Centurion would be a nice addition but for me the only Falcon costume is the classic 80s. 

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10) Iron Man Silver Centurion - Definitely not at the top of my list, but I get it. There hasn't been a good version of this costume since the original Toy Biz ML figure, and that one could certainly use an update.

09) Modern Gold Arm Thor - I think stuff like this is destined to get made, no matter how badly I personally don't want it. But I get it, it's current, it's relevant, it's an "A" lister. It'll happen eventually.

08) Steve Rogers Captain America - Similar response to Gold Arm Thor. I think it's gonna happen eventually. Kind of surprised it hasn't been made already.

07) X-Force Feral - Bring it on! Please. Attention to X-Force & X-Factor is long overdue. They seem to be tackling these teams now-a-days. So, hopefully sooner rather than later.

06) X-Factor Wolfsbane - See Ferral's response.

05) War Machine - Another one where I understand the desire for an update from the original Toy Biz figure., but it's not something high up on my list. 

04) Firestar - Long overdue. This is such a classic Iconic character always standing out in my mind from Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends. Kind of surprised that this hasn't been done already.

03) Mach-V - Sure, why not. It's not something that I'm clamoring for, but if they're gonna do characters like Puma, Rock Python, White Rabbit, and Spy Master, then why not this?

02) Modern Falcon - I'd prefer them to redo Classic Falcon. That figure desperately needs an update.

01) Modern USAgent - This is one where I feel like, IF you've got the original release then the Modern version doesn't bring enough unique to to the table. They just shouldn't have made the original one so rare.


Maybe I'll take the time to make my own Top 10 list sometime soon. I haven't done that in a while. Usually I put WAAAYYY too much time into them. And typically it's not terribly fair to everyone else, because usually modern characters/looks are nowhere on my list.

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+1 for Silver Centurion and War Machine.

As for Fresh Start Thor, a fun trivia tidbit: the portfolio of Eamon O'Donoghue, the artist who did the illustrations for the comic figures from the Endgame waves, includes an unused package illustration that seems to indicate a Fresh Star Thor figure was planned but scrapped at one point.

And as for your question whether Thor will still be sporting this look by the time Hasbro could make a figure out of it, he will be dropping it next month with the beginning of Donny Cates' run.

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2 hours ago, RyanJSaber said:

Also Comic/Cartoon Morph. Any X-Men '92 figures are always appreciated. But they've pretty much covered most of them at this point. 

that version of Morph never had a Comic version. or rather I should say his comic counterpart was completely different.


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I don't know that I can limit myself to just 10 Top Picks. After all these years I feel like Marvel Legends & Hasbro still have quite a lot left to do. So here are my "Lists."



1. Goblin Queen

2. High Evolutionary

3. Deathbird

4. White Queen

5. Phoenix - Rachel Summers (Red Outfit with Spikes)

6. Attuma

7. Cyber

8. Firestar

9. Baron Mordo (Comic)

10. Firelord

Honorable Mention

Executioner (Skurge)

Sebastion Shaw



Morph (Cartoon)


Gladiator (Melvin Potter)




Daimon Hellstrom




Black Tom














1. Toad

2.  Joe Fixit

3. Lady Deathstrike

4. Avalanche

5. Mandarin (Comic)

6. Falcon

7. Adam Warlock (Classic)

8. Doc Samson

9. Emma Frost (White Outfit...AGAIN!!!)

10. Black Queen

Honorable Mention

Cannonball (Already)

Banshee (both Green & Yellow AND Blue & Yellow)




1. Super Adaptoid

2. Shadow King (Astral Projection)

3. Eternity

4. Ultimo

5. Mephisto

6. Living Tribunal

7. Mimic

8. Dragon Man

9. Holocaust/Nemesis (Redo)

10. Nimrod

Honorable Mention

Sentinels (Always More Sentinels)

Uatu The Watcher




1. Mastermold

2. Spider Slayer

3. Blackbird

4. Quinjet

5. Danger Room

Honorable Mention

Avengers Tower


Baxter Building

Asteroid M

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All of these are pretty solid (especially Feral and Wolfsbane), but I would want these first:

1) Classic Doctor Strange

2) Classic Power-man

3) Classic Iron Fist

4) Classic Drax

5) Classic Thanos

6) Classic Ronan

7) Classic Red Skull

😎 First Appearance Banshee  

9) First Appearance Thunderbird

10) First Appearance Storm

11) Blob BAF

12) Toad

13) Pyro

14) Lady Deathstrike

15) Classic Shocker

16) Classic Falcon

17) Classic Valkyrie

18) Dum Dum Dugan

19) Classic Giant-Man BAF

20) Classic Mandarin

21) The Leader

22) Marrow

23) Magma

24) War Machine

25) Lady Mastermind

And how about an army builder set with a  Skrull, Shield Agent, Hydra Agent, Aim Soldier, Hand Foot Soldier, and Brood, and additional heads and accessories? They gave us Alpha Flight, so we know this can be done!!!!



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Updated list
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Don't hate on me guys, but I would love some more PS4 Spider-Man costumes, but primerly if they're newly sculpted. I would love a Negative Suit, MK I and II, Iron Spider, Anti-Ock, the normal suit, comic style and maybe a remake of the advanced suit. And maybe some villains.

But I loved some of the ones you said, like Silver Centurion and War Machine.

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My top 10 would be:

1) Firestar

2) Speedball 

3) Justice

4) Namorita

5) Stingray

6) Dragonman BAF

7) Kang

8 ) Captain Marvel (Mar-vell)

9) Drax (original costume)

10) Lockjaw (BAF)

If you haven't guessed, I want to complete the New Warriors

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Hasbro has done a great job giving us many of the figures I was hoping for this last year.  So keeping my fingers crossed.

1- 90’s Smart Hulk

2- 90’s Armored Daredevil

3- Netflix Season 3 Daredevil

4- X-Factor Wolfesbane

5- 90’s Dan Ketch Ghostrider w/bike

6- X-Force Siryn

7- Banshee (blue/yellow)

8- Brotherhood Havok

9- Generation-X Husk

10- Marrow (X-men)

and as honorable mentions I’d still like to see Kaine and Spidercide from the clone saga.

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I love this thread and all the posts! My list varies greatly from the original list posted, as I'd likely only buy Firestar, Feral and maybe Abe Jenkins - but that just goes to show how different everyone's tastes are. This was also a good reminder to me of just how good a job that Hasbro had done over the last year making several that were high on my list last time I did this exercise (Sunspot!!!). My current Top 10 is full of characters that I really want, but that I know probably wouldn't honestly sell from a mass market perspective:

1) Aunt May (iconic character! comic version please)

2) Moria MacTaggert (recent star of House of X / Powers of X)

3) Edwin Jarvis (Mattel recently made an awesome Alfred that I'm currently using as a stand-in!)

4) Siryn

5) Rockslide

6) Robbie Robertson (to go with JJJ!)

7) Pixie

😎 Husk

9) Magma

10) M (Monet St. Croix)

Honorable Mention: Sebastian Shaw, Rick Jones A-Bomb, Rictor, Armor, Anole

I realize that some of these are obscure, that's what makes me them that much more!


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