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Marvel Legends For 2020 - What We Know, We Think We Know And Kinda Know


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1 hour ago, CAC said:

As a Marvel fan and reader I feel that your dismissals and assertions fail to land.

Well, that was my point. It's a matter of perspective. The Asgardian characters are important to you, but virtually don't exist to me. I want you to get your figures, but every character is a blip to someone and a big deal to someone else. I totally agree that the world could use fewer Iron Men, Captains America, Wolverines, and (especially) Deadpools, but the way you framed your complaint implied that your fandom is somehow more important than everyone else's.

3 hours ago, CAC said:

Caliban and the Cuckoos are literally background characters and I can speak to that because I know who they are, unlike you who does not seem to have a grasp of Marvel outside of your preferred titles (and probably only since the last 20 years).  Marvel existed long before the 90s cartoons, I promise you.

Excuse me, but the fact that I don't care about Thor or his supporting cast doesn't make my opinions or preferences any less valid. I know a great deal about the greater Marvel universe, despite mostly only being an X-Men fan. Thor just isn't on my radar. It's an insular and obscure corner of the mythos that never held any appeal for me. You can make all the assumptions you want about me and my history with comics, but 90s cartoons have little to do with it. People sure seem excited to track down three to five copies of that new Walgreens-exclusive "background character", so maybe you're not as tuned in as you think.

14 hours ago, CAC said:

Also, what does “Cult” following mean exactly?  Squirrel Girl, Kamala Khan, America Chavez- they all have these elusive “cult” followings.  Yet their titles are cancelled and rebooted over and over again. I’ll tell you what it means, it means their books and figures don’t sell but for other reasons we have to continue to include them. 

Cancelling and rebooting titles is just how Marvel operates now. I don't think Thor is immune to that either. I'm gonna go ahead and ignore the bait on your not-so-subtle diversity resentment, and say that denying Squirrel Girl's immense popularity, and lumping her in with characters created in the last decade, definitely makes you seem pretty ill-informed.

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11 hours ago, CAC said:

Ok Millennial!

With Marvel movies essentially printing their own money the comic’s sales are almost at an all time low.  Comic shops nationwide are closing at a staggering pace.  Why is that?  Could it be that when kids an older former readers walked in they had these characters and Marvel’s attempt at social engineering crammed down their throats?  Continuing to force things like the failed push of Carol Danvers, totally fresh and original (insert ethnic/female) with an established character’s exact powers or in many cases their exact costume and name, or mentally challenged fat mammal girl.....is that all just a coincidence?

Guarantee the chipmunk Vespa figure won’t sell more than Spy Master

Bro, seriously, I'm right there with you man, but don't start down this path. These guys come from a generation where they're taught NOTHING they say can be disputed. They don't stop, they don't have an understanding of logic, irony or sarcasm. It's literally a single sighted hive mind. They will never, and I mean eeeeeevah (to quote the great Chris Jericho) stop repeating the same old CNN talking points over and over and over until you literally die from repetition.

Take a stance, say your piece, leave it there, ignore their learned and taught emotionally based response and let them drown in their own self righteousness. Otherwise, when they have no sensible argument left, they just report you to the "One Above All" and you get a strongly worded email from the big guy in charge, who is 100 percent on the same level with them, and you get threatened with banishment. Believe me, from experience, the ones who cry the loudest get the most milk.

There was a time when real discussion was allowed in these forums but it was many moons ago and with a ruler who was much less petty and vengeful as the one we have now.

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14 hours ago, ADour said:

What is it with people in this forum and going on tangential "old man yells at a cloud" rants after having their misinformation debunked?

Also, please. They're squirrels, not chipmunks. The rodent-themed hero who hangs out with chipmunks is Chimpunk Hunk.

Some folks in my generation never managed to develop an adult's emotional maturity and accept that It's OK for different fans to like and hope for different things out of a massive franchise like Marvel.

That and they feel threatened and like they might not be "special" anymore because the stuff they like that got them looked down on in middle and high school is mainstream now.  "I was here first, I deserve to be catered to exclusively and all you younger people can wait your turn!"  They feel a sense of entitlement from and ownership of the franchise for their "loyalty."

And of course there is a bunch of political stuff underlying a bunch of it, as well. 

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Let's keep it just toys & comics. Speaking as someone who got their knuckles rapped in these here forums, I say, I say, these here forums once for debating non-toy issues, I've got to say that after the initial irritation of being told off wore off, I had to decide either that (a). I was so outraged, I was never going to visit this site again, or (b). That the rebuke was appropriate (you don't have to agree, but you do have to accept).

So, I accepted. No matter how smart we think are, and no matter how right we think we are (I think I'm very smart and always right, but what can you do?) sometimes people do need to be told when they're going off-script. It's not about agree/disagree, either.

This site and Rektangular's YouTube place are literally the only places worth visiting for Marvel Legends news and info. And sometimes, I may even want to register an opinion. About toys. Because there are some cool & knowledgeable people here.

I don't want to debate politics here at all: not to defend my views or attack anyone else's thoughts. That's what Twitter, and all the other millions of social media streams are for. This site, is for Marvel toys (so, obv. comics, movies, TV)...so that's what we talk about. It's not hard: I don't have a problem with that and don't know why anyone else would either.


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I don't look at it as "those of us that have been Marvel fans going back to the 70s-80s, etc, are demanding that characters from that era be made 1st, it's more of a common sense mindset that it would make sense for older, more established characters such as Hercules for example, to get a figure in their more iconic costumes & instead we get a modern manbun Herc that hardly anyone who's a legit Herc fan was asking for. And when a figure is made of a one panel or 1 comic app of a character that is just Spiderman related or or DP related, it's like a slap in our faces. I'm a huuuuuge Ironman fan & as far as comic based armors are concerned, can never have enough but only due to the fact that Hasbro has mostly just focused on MCU related IM armors these past 10yrs & hardly paid any mind to the comic based armors. Prior to last yr's 80th anniv classic IM fig, the only comic based IM fig I owned was the one that came in the Ironmonger BAF wave from like 2012! So now I'm hoping that with no MCU IM based movies , that Hasbro now starts making long over due comic based classic IM armors such as Silver Centurion IM, classic War Machine, Space & deep-sea Armors, etc.  We keep getting the bland & boring Ionic Wonderman when most of us Wonderman fans keep asking for his iconic 1st app costume. As far as DP is concerned, I got his 90s 1st app version & that's the only one I'll ever need. And yeah, let's keep politics out of it cuz way too many people easily get butthurt about it.

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So we’re gonna act like Thor wasn’t cancelled twice at issues 23 and 16 in a two year span. Everyone has their wants, like the X-fans want all the characters for the larger universe of X-Men. Yeah we get the Thor is your favorite and stuff, but don’t rag on other people’s characters. Like I need more Iron Man like: Extremis, 2020 (new character). An Astonishing Wolverine for my Avengers. Updated Deadpool modern. Yeah they’ve been lacking on Thor characters, but at least they get them out. Compared to a few years ago the F4 and X-Men weren’t getting any figures. 

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On 2/1/2020 at 6:36 AM, JayC said:

Marvel Legends Monster Venom BAF Repaint Figure Revealed

If you been following things on our message boards, then you had a pretty good idea that this figure was coming thanks to JTPrime, and now and image has surfaced on social media confirming that Hasbro will be releasing a repainted version of their Monster Venom Build-A-Figure in it's own packaging.

While not 100% confirmed this is likely being released as another "Fan-Channel" exclusive and likely will be going up for pre-order soon. Thanks to Tarot on the heads up for the image.


Oh, Look everybody....ANOTHER Venom figure! Imagine that!?🙄🙄🙄

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Heads up the Marvel avengers legends Exclusive "Mechanic" is now in Target's system. Also listed is a Avengers deluxe figure, Not sure if it's the movie White suit Widow or something new. I'll have to do some more digging. It looks like they have the new upcoming avengers gameverse wave in their system as well now.


Note the exclusive "mechanic" figure's MSRP is $29.99.


Credit to...


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2 hours ago, monron999 said:

Love or Hate this so called gimmick with the repaints, it's up to your own dollar to make the decision. Personally, this Venom is awesome. It may come in at a premium price but at least I don't have to buy an entire wave to get it.

And the prices you'd have to pay to get that wave now would make it crazy expensive, so it's a valid option for re-release.

Now Come On, Lizard BAF re-relase......

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On ‎2‎/‎1‎/‎2020 at 8:20 AM, Hulkwummy said:

A bigger Abomination figure from the comics would be nice. I want one that is as big as the Vintage Hulk from SDCC.

No doubt. They can use the Abomination figure mold they made in the (2016?) Cap wave for Ch'od of the Starjammers. And this time Abomination should have at least one fist.

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4 hours ago, monron999 said:

Love or Hate this so called gimmick with the repaints, it's up to your own dollar to make the decision. Personally, this Venom is awesome. It may come in at a premium price but at least I don't have to buy an entire wave to get it.

While I'm not keen on this figure it is better than paying over 150 quid for a  wave you don't want.

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On ‎2‎/‎2‎/‎2020 at 5:11 AM, tarot said:

Guys. This is a warning. keep this thread talking bout what the subject is. Stop trying to make it a thread about your view on comic, toys or politics. This is a forum about a toys. keep it to that.


Yes. Thank you!  There's no rational reason to have a discussion about whether you like or don't like the paint type used on Iron Man's mark zajillion armor, only to have someone begin a rant out of left field on how much they hate this or that film actress. Nothing to do with the topic at all. Its great we have this forum; ive been into comics/toys for a long time and I remember when no such outlet existed. The closest you could come was writing into a magazine or fanzine. Yeah. Write the letter, put in an envelope, get a stamp, send it out and maybe, MAYBE it'll get printed in the letters column months later   lol. So this forum is a true treat.

Its good to see so many like-minded people out there who love the action figure world. And this truly is a golden age for our hobby. When I was a kid, you couldn't even dream of seeing Sunfire or Dr Strange or Storm or the FF in action figure form! Now, we can talk about not just them, but all kinds of others and all kinds of variants we can get. Its incredible fun.


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10 hours ago, SpiderS said:

It looks even better than original BAF, really sexy looking venom. 

I just noticed, there seems to be a second chest piece in this package, wonder what thats about?



nevermind I think that's just the back piece, like the BAF you gotta snap into place

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