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What If - Hasbro Did Actual Spider-Man: The Animated Series Marvel Legends Figures?


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As you are probably aware of by now, Hasbro will release a Marvel Legends sub-line this year featuring Spider-Man-based figures on retro cardbacks that pay tribute to the old Toy Biz 5” Spider-Man: The Animated Series figures.


For those not familiar with the Spider-Man: The Animated series, it was a show that aired on the Fox network from November 19, 1994, to January 31, 1998 and took place in the same continuity as the X-Men: Animated series that also aired on the Fox Network around the same time. While Spider-Man only had a brief cameo on the X-Men series, the X-Men appeared prominently a few different times on Spider-Man.

If you have access to Disney+, the entire series is available to watch, and I do highly recommend you check it out if you have never seen it.

Besides the X-Men, the show featured a ton of familiar Marvel Universe characters and pretty much every single character from Spidey’s Rogue Gallery to that point. While some of these characters seemed to transition almost exactly from the comic book pages, others received modern overhauls, giving them uniquely different looks from the comics.

While the packaging for Hasbro’s new sub-line pays tribute to the old Animated Series, the figures themselves do not seem to be based on the show itself. But WHAT IF Hasbro started doing actual figures from the Animated Series itself as Marvel Legends?


Probably the character with the biggest overhaul in the Animated series was villain fan-favorite Doctor Octopus. Up to that point, Doc Ock was portrayed as an overweight, somewhat nerdy-looking scientist type guy wearing green and yellow spandex with some mechanical arms. In the cartoon, Octavius went from looking like an out of shape dork to a fit and trim badass wearing more of an armor-type outfit and sporting more of a military haircut and sunglasses. Of course, he still had the signature mechanical arms. Toy Biz did a figure for this version of Ock for their 5" line.


If I was to make a Top-10 list of Animated Series unique characters to get the Marvel Legends treatment, I think ol’ Doc here would be at the top of the list. How about you? What animated series character would you like to see Hasbro make for the Marvel Legends line?




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I was disappointed when the retro Spidey wave had nothing to do with the animated series, despite copying its packaging. I agree, Doc Ock would be #1 on my list, which would be:

1.) Dr. Octopus

2.) Morbius

3.) The Red Skull

4.)  Smythe

5.)  Blade

6.)  J. Jonah Jameson

7.) The Chameleon

8.)  The Vulture

9.)  The Green Goblin

10.)  Aunt May


I would also love a Madame Web figure, but she NEEDS her chair, so she would maybe be a BAF (Which the retro series SHOULD have), or exclusive, etc.. Same with the mutated Morbius. 

There were so many characters that were basically in their classic looks, but with slightly different shades of color. All of these characters would be great choices, especially with new head sculpts inspired by the series. I hated the head on the recent-ish Green Goblin, which is why he made my top 10, despite being based on his classic look. Hobgoblin, The Shocker, Carnage, Venom... so many great choices. 

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If they did this line I would hope that they only took into mind the design and general look of the character itself and still do it in the ML fashion. I would hope they wouldn't go full on stylized animation like McFarlane did with the 7" DC line. To me that seems cheezy and a cheap way to capitalize and double up on characters while also skimping out on detail. Then again I'm a huge non-fan of McFarlane's work, and I make no bones about it, but as anyone can see in the toy aisles that those animated figures are rotting on the pegs about 9 deep. To this point Hasbro has not succumbed to the idea of cartoon stylized figures cuz I think in their hearts they would most likely not be well received but I have a feeling a well done and successful cartoon series on Disney+ might sway them in that direction. Images of those cartoon style Avengers from the 5" line still send shivers down my spine.

As far as characters I'd like to see:

1. Spider-Man (of course) - just put a fresh coat of paint on the new Spider-Man buck that's coming out and we're off to a good start.

2. Scorpion - this has to be done if only to improve on the well done, yet far too puny one done in the Molten Man wave. Make him with his classic mask and on a buck at least as big as the Reaper buck. I'm not sure how they screwed that part up.

3. Lizard - let's just get a lizard that looks like the comic version and not like he just walked off the set of Jurassic World and with poseable knees.

4. Sandman (though he never appeared on the show) - this guy has to be redone at a proper scale the BAF. Maybe use the Hercules mold and maybe give us an interchangeable sand base, but for the love of God, don't pull another Cannonball on us.

5. Blade - yes, the last one was decent but you couldn't stand him without hunching him over. Reuse the same buck with the retooled buttocks and give him a spiffy new paint job and include his lightsab........errrr.....I mean light katana and be done with it. Alternate idea: throw his badass on his motorcycle and add it to the Riders series.

6. Silvermane - we need a new android mold that isn't they Ult. Beetle/Ultron buck and even reuse the head sculpt included with Speed Demon for all I care. (bonus: this new mold could also be used for Pretty Boy in a future X-Men wave. Throw on a vest and some gloved hands and a new head sculpt and call it good)

7. Firestar - we all know she didn't make the cut on this show but there's nothing that says she cant be put in as a nod to the older Amazing Friends days. We've asked for her for years. They've skirted the issue for years using the Mutant property rights issue. There's nothing holding it back now and this would be perfect for one of those little surprises Dwight and the crew likes to hit is with every once in a while

BAF (assuming there is one) - Man-Spider with proper 6 armed placement and articulation. For some reason they couldn't do it right on a standard sized figure so maybe they could do it on a "larger" sized figure.

Typical fan-boy wet dream wish list number 14,074 down and ready for the next!


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I certainly want these three shown here, not too crazy about the head on Peter Parker but if the glasses come off fine. I especially like the Gwen Stacy with the MJ head. I would get the Spiderman just for the articulation. I would like a new Rhino too.

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On 4/21/2020 at 5:06 AM, tarot said:

Honestly, I won't want it. some of the designs of the villains were way too cheesy for me.

Agree. It wasn't a bad series as cartoons go, but it didn't do much to keep my attention. It wasn't so much that the animators basically had everyone in the same build (and yes I realize most cartoons do this) but worse, I didn't care for the voice acting. And really hated that opening logo & theme song (I'm too old school I guess!).

Now if Hasbro were to go retro, my pick would be the Golden Age Timely characters...talkin WAY back...Sub-Mariner, original Human Torch, Cap with triangular shield, Bucky, Toro, Red Raven, Original Vision...yes!




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I wouldn't mind.

However, I wouldn't want to see simple repaints or retools of existing figures. If Hasbro were to make toys based on the series, they'd have to use new sculpts that properly translate the look of the show.

That being said, while I said I wouldn't mind to see figures based on this show... I'd rather see Hasbro pour their resources on comic and MCU figures.

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Seems like an even split on those that fondly remember this cartoon and ones that it left no impression on at all.

personally, the designs are too cartoony and would likely pass. The comic and frankly MCU versions are much better. Seems like a niche or fantasy wave than a big seller IMO.

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I for one, would not buy this animated line of ML. I prefer the comic book or thenMCU based figs. It was a goodncartoon for its time. Marvel keeps coming out w/these kinda wacky cartoons based on SM but I think they need to make a cartoon series more committed to the comic book SM world,n just like the The SM &Xmen Animated series was back in the day. It had a more serious tone to it and I thought it was a little more realistic to the comic book world....juss sayin'🤔

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17 hours ago, americamgl said:

1. Doc Ock for sure.

2. Lizard

3. Shocker

4. Green Goblin

5. Elektro

What I really want is for them to re-release Elektro, Hobgoblin, Sandman, and Rhino!!!

Well electro and green goblin are rumored to be part of the wave, along with an armored daredevil, I do agree with you I would like to see a more classic shocker as well. Hopefully we'll see another wave later down the line with Shocker and Hobgoblin. Lizard, Sandman and Rhino I doubt theyll be part of a wave since they are BAF's but they could be a re release as a deluxe fan channel figure like the upcoming AOA Apocalypse, Monster Venom and the rumored Kingpin Rerelease.
Id personaly like to get a cartoon design Chameleon figure, maybe Alystar Smythe.

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I feel that there's a space for people who liked some of the look of those classic toybiz figure and want less-MCU-like figures. Definitely alot of ACBA potential there.  eitherway you can get creative and use figures across lines and/or kitbash.  All that said, very much looking forward to that spider-man figure, I'd definitely be up for seeing that version of Doc OCk you posted, and like above, a Rhino.. the Daredevil would be great too (decided to make my own since I didn't really like what's out) or that two tone Venom!  What about a Madam Web w, the fancy chair!!!

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9 hours ago, Robpozeart said:

I feel that there's a space for people who liked some of the look of those classic toybiz figure and want less-MCU-like figures. Definitely alot of ACBA potential there.  eitherway you can get creative and use figures across lines and/or kitbash.  All that said, very much looking forward to that spider-man figure, I'd definitely be up for seeing that version of Doc OCk you posted, and like above, a Rhino.. the Daredevil would be great too (decided to make my own since I didn't really like what's out) or that two tone Venom!  What about a Madam Web w, the fancy chair!!!

I could see madame Web being don as an ultimate rider like Prof X

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Why not.  If anything, it gives people more chances to get some other characters/villians.  Of course, some characters had some designs different from the comics(Like Doc Ock, Chameleon, and Mysterio to a degree I think is different from the comics), so they would require new or modified sculpts.  For the record, the upcoming Mysterio in this line is still more comic based, because of the suit is dark green and has those lines on it.  If it was truly based on the 1990's cartoon look, it would of been a light shade of green with no lines(Or maybe just 1 line around the abs area), and he would have a belt. 


But others use the same designs from the comics(Classic or 1990's at the time) as well(Examples include the Goblins, Venom, Carnage, Electro, Rhino, Shocker, Scorpion, Vulture when he had the youth talons sucking capabilities, Kingpin, to name a few).   The only difference(If any) might be the shade of colours used on them.


For example, that Scorpion figure from last year's Homecoming Wave was in Dark Metallic Green including his mouth.  A 1990's cartoon repaint in a lime green suit with dark green gloves, boots, part of mask, and undies, along with a flesh tone mouth area and the tip of the tail silver, would make it different from the pervious release in terms of paint and close to the 1990's cartoon look, which would still work for a comics look as well(Regardless if he did appear in the comics like this or not).


Either way, it would be a good way for people who missed out in past releases(Regardless if they weren't collecting at the time, or didn't have any luck to due to poor release or scalpers) another shot at a character.  This also would help comic fans for the designs that are more or less the same as the comics.  While for Hasbro, it would help them make use of some past molds(Especially when they are character specific parts), and if required, gives them some new tooling if needed, which would give them more options in their belts for new releases down the road.


In the Grand Scheme, Hasbro shouldn't just be limited to comics, and current other media, as past other media is fine with me.

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