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Your top 100 wanted Legends... Go!

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  1. Psylocke (armoured Outback era)
  2. Magik (New Mutants from the same era as the Dani Moonstar figure)
  3. Destiny
  4. Spiral
  5. Chamber (classic all-black early Generation X)
  6. Senyaka (Acolytes)
  7. Dust
  8. Wolverine (Dawn of X)
  9. Bishop (Uncanny X-Force)
  10. Karma (cybernetic leg)
  11. Lady Deathstrike
  12. Legion
  13. Magneto (Bendis-era renegade X-Men)
  14. Amelia Voght
  15. Havok (classic)
  16. Exodus
  17. Rachel Grey (red and yellow coat look)
  18. Longshot (classic)
  19. Armor
  20. Xavier (Dawn of X)
  21. Callisto
  22. Magik (original New Mutants)
  23. Sebastian Shaw
  24. Hellion (detached hands somehow?)
  25. Frenzy (Age of X/X-Men Legacy costume)
  26. Holocaust
  27. Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men costume)
  28. Pixie
  29. Xavier (return from space Shi'ar gear)
  30. Storm (Outback era)
  31. Beast (steampunky end of pre-Bendis era)
  32. Sage
  33. Gauntlet
  34. Mojo
  35. Tempus
  36. Vanisher (X-Force)
  37. Decimus Furius
  38. N'astirh
  39. Zero (MLF)
  40. Psylocke (recently returned to her British body costume)
  41. Blob
  42. Lady Mastermind
  43. Phantazia
  44. Cypher (New Mutants to match Dani Moonstar)
  45. Emma Frost (Astonishing X-Men costume)
  46. Pyro
  47. Archangel (X-Force)
  48. Revanche
  49. Toad
  50. Mr. Sinister (long-haired, Victorian-suit)
  51. Ice-Wizard
  52. Masque
  53. Magma (powered up, but with a depowered head to put on the Dani body)
  54. Wolfsbane (90s X-Factor)
  55. Sunfire (90s)
  56. Tempo
  57. Tusk
  58. Warpath (X-Force)
  59. Avalanche
  60. Vertigo
  61. Rogue (Outback era)
  62. Sunspot (New Mutants to match Dani Moonstar, both powered and depowered ideally)
  63. Colossus (red and white 80s costume)
  64. Proteus
  65. Colossus (Acolytes)
  66. Danger
  67. Cannonball (New Mutants to match Dani Moonstar)
  68. Brood drone
  69. White Queen
  70. Psylocke (Marvel NOW costume)
  71. Nightcrawler (Uncanny X-Force)
  72. Colossus (Outback era)
  73. Bastion
  74. Beast (Astonishing X-Men)
  75. Deadbolt
  76. Hellfire Club goon
  77. Cyclops (Dawn of X)
  78. Goblin Queen
  79. Scalphunter
  80. Angel (amnesiac from post-Dark Angel Saga)
  81. Dragoness
  82. Elixir (X-Force)
  83. Anne-Marie Cortez
  84. Colossus (90s Jim Lee)
  85. Forearm
  86. Domino (90s)
  87. Purifier (alternate heads to troop-build)
  88. Sunspot (original New Mutants, fully powered-on, with no visible costume)
  89. Deathbird
  90. Banshee (training uniform)
  91. Mellencamp
  92. Selene
  93. Cyclops (Astonishing X-Men costume)
  94. Wolverine (Laura in X-Force-esque Wolverine costume)
  95. Wolfsbane (X-Force)
  96. Fabian Cortez
  97. Ahab
  98. Bonebreaker
  99. Cyber
  100. Rogue (Uncanny Avengers)

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haha. Are you kidding? I can barely pick out ten. Twenty max. No way I can pick out 100 lol

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8 minutes ago, tarot said:

haha. Are you kidding? I can barely pick out ten. lol

Only half-kidding. 🙂 I didn't put a ton of thought into this, just did sort of stream of consciousness as I thought of characters I like. I probably forgot some. I'm not expecting a ton of people to go for it, but could be fun for some.

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I don't know from Lady Mastermind, I just wanted regular old 60's ugly Mastermind. I'll have to look Lady Mastermind up on google or something. thanks

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24 minutes ago, silverback said:

I don't know from Lady Mastermind, I just wanted regular old 60's ugly Mastermind. I'll have to look Lady Mastermind up on google or something. thanks

She definitely didn't get any physical characteristics from her dad.

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32 minutes ago, Benn said:

She definitely didn't get any physical characteristics from her dad.

Well, I mean, how could you really know?  She might look like Eleanor Roosevelt.

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Heh. I did think about that, but as far as I know there's never been any indication she uses her powers to make herself look drastically different.

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30 minutes ago, Emnems80 said:

Top 100? Should have asked for Top 1,000!!!! Go big or go home! Lol

Don't tempt me! My consumerism knows no bounds.

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Here's 20, and yes, I know a couple of these are probably coming soon.

1. Enigma (US Avengers)

2. Punisher (Bradstreet)

3. Squirrel Girl (US Avengers)

4. Scourge of the Underworld (Classic)

5. Madrox (X-Factor Investigations)

6. Scourge of the Underworld (Modern)

7. MCU Agent Carter (blue dress and red hat from tv show)

8. Rogue (Utopia)

9. Hepzibah (Modern)

10. Howard the Duck

11. Morlun

12. Mr. Negative

13. Shriek (modern)

14. MCU/Netflix Kingpin

15. Ozymandias

16. Psylocke (Uncanny X-Force)

17. Spider-Man (McFarlane)

18. Sebastian Shaw

19. Maverick Rulk (US Avengers)

20. MCU Miek

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Here ya go.. just off the head quick, and from an older list I made, no specific order

1. Shiklah (I hope we are getting her in this new DP wave)
2. Eternal Brain
3. Termantrix
4. Orb
5. Meggan
6. Cerise
7. Grendel Dragon
8. Doghead
9. Death Ninja
10. Mung The Inconcievable
11. Skinless Man
12. Gorr The God Butcher
13. Chthon
14. Black Spectre
15. Crater
16. Warwolf
17. Manhibian
18. Vantage
19. Jenna Cole
20. N'Astrih
21. Deathcry
22. Bengal
23. Black Swan
24. Densen Macbre
25. Deathbird
26. Gothic Lolita
27. Caiera
28. Catseye
29. Varnae
30. Xenmu
31. Nekra
32. Lady Hellbender
33. Andromeda
34. Karnilla
35. Bloodscream
36. Werewolf By Night
37. Satana
38. Husk
39. M
40. Penance
41. Emplate
42. Orphan Maker
43. Black Mamba
44. Diamondback
45. Black Racer
46. Death Adder
47. Viper
48. Fer-De-Lance
49. Slither
50. The Asp
51. Coachwhip
52. Sin
53. Howard The Duck
54. Dragonman
55. Nightwatch
56. Venom 2099
57. Dinah Soar
58. Styx
59. Bloodhawk
60. Riot
61. Agony
62. Phage
63. Brood
64. Annihilus
65. Swarm
66. Blackheart
67. Mephisto
68. Crystal
69. Vengeance
70. Wraith (Yuri)
71. Clea
72. Marrina
73. Lady Deathstrike
74. Darkstar
75. Morgan Le Fay
76. Phantom Rider
77. Stingray
78. Stegron
79. Carrion
80. Ursa Major
81. Shriek
82. Omaka
83. Zzzxx
84. Senyaka
85. Demon Bear
86. Mania
87. Iron Maiden
88. Crimson Cowl
89. Shuma Gorath
90. Synapse
91. Vera Gemini
92. Panda Mania
93. Tigra
94. Firestar
95. Revanche
96. Knull
97. Sleeper
98. Vermin
99. Proto Goblin
100. Big Mother


and surprisingly I could probably go on further, there are plenty I missed

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I’ll list til I can’t no more:

1. Ms America Chavez

2. Blue Marvel

3. Emperor Dorekk VIII (Hulkling)

4. Wiccan (Modern)

5. Giant Stinger

6. Giant Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

7. Giant Giant Man (Raz Malhotra)

8. Giant Atlas

9. Giant Goliath (Tom Foster)

10. 616 Iron Man 2020

11. Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)

12. Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch)

13. Masked Raider 

14. Thor (All-Father Herald of Thunder)

15. All-Black Silver Surfer

16. Voyager

17. Star (Ripley Ryan)

18. Valkyrie (Jane Foster)

19. Aero

20. Wave

21. Sword Master

22. Moondragon (TRN-707)

23. Phyla-Vell (TRN-707)

24. Quasar (Annihilation)

25. Tanalth the Pursuer

26. Exodus

27. Gorilla Man

28. Uranian

29. Justice

30. Firestar

31. Speedball

32. Human Robot

33. Namora

34. Venus

35. Thena

36. Ikaris

37. Sersi

38. Slapstick 

39. Starfox

40-42. Warriors Three

43. Smasher (Izzy Kane)

44. Jimmy Woo

45. Namorita

46. Water Snake

47. Hummingbird

48. Brawn

49. Iron Patriot (Toni Ho)

50. POD/Enigma

51. Pixie

52. Armor

53. Captain Glory

54. 3-D Man

55. Luna Snow

56. White Fox

57. Crescent

58. DoX Wolverine

59. DoX Cyclops

60. Penance/M

61. DoX Stepford Cuckoos

62. Cabal Gamora

63. Cabal Star-Lord

64. Cabal Groot

65. Cabal Drax

66. Cabal Rocket Raccoon

67. Cabal Hercules

68. Honey Badger

69. Echo

70. Astonishing Wolverine 

71. DoX White Queen Emma Frost

72. DoX Red Queen Captain Kate Pryde

73. DoX Captain Britain

74. Meggan

75. Executioner

76. Thunderstrike (Kevin Masterson)

77. King of Jotunheim Loki

78. Clea

79. Death’s Head

80. Diamondback

81. Black Mamba

82. Asp

83. Rachel Summers

84. Power Man (Victor Alvarez)

85. Vengeance

86. Modern Blade w/ Boy-Thing

87. Starbrand

88. Nightmask

89. Abyss

90. Anti-Man

91. Night Nurse (Linda Carter)

92. Sage

93. Cannonball (Avengers)

94. Sunspot (Avengers)

95. Charlie-27

96. Geena Drake

97. Starhawk (Aleta)

98. Starhawk (Stakar)

99. Martinex

100. Nikki

101. Yondu

102. Bug

103. 616 Moondragon

104. Talonar (Robbie Rider)

105. Captain Universe (Tamara DeVoux)

106. Hickman Hyperion

107. Broo

108. Doctor Nemesis

109. Fat Cobra

110. Ursa Major

111. Wasp (Nadia VanDyne)

112. Kid Omega

113. Crimson Dynamo (Dmitri)

114. Cosmo

115-116. Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur

117-120. Ka-Zar, Shanna, Zabu, Matt Plunder

121. Iron Heart MK III

122. Locust

123. Cloud 9

124. Bombshell

125-129. The Five

130-135. Comic Black Order

136. Daimon Hellstrom

137. Satana Hellstrom

138. Sera

139-140. Viv Vision & Sparky

141. Snowguard

142. Dust

143. Locust

144. Dragon Man

145. Crystal

146. Gorgon

147. Black Bolt

148. Medusa

149. Triton

150. Maximus the Mad

151. Noh-Varr

152. Quake

153. Victoria Hand

154. Terror Inc.

155. Masacre

156. Negasonic Teenage Warhead

157. Stingray

158. Solo

159. Foolkiller

160. Outlaw

161. Titania 

162. Rikki Barnes

163. Dryad (Peggy Carter)

164. White Tiger (Hector Ayala)

165. White Tiger (Angels Del Toro)

166. Omega Sentinel

167-170. Power Pack

171. Sky

172. Human Torch (Jim Hammond)

173. Toro

174. Mantis

175. Weapon H

176. Gargoyle

177. Hildegarde

178. Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)

179. Talisman

180. Box

181. Madrox (X-Factor Investigations)

182-183. Valeria & Franklin Richards

184. Darwin

185. Vulcan

186. Champion

187. Challenger

188. Doc Samson

189. Inferno

190. Lockjaw

191. Rockslide

192. Iso

193. Iron Cross II

194. Synapse

195. Free Spirit

196. Jack Flag

197. Abigail brand

198-199. Xorn Brothers

200. Sleepwalker

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1.       1st Appearance Iron Man

2.       Albert

3.       Armada

4.       Atom Mask Havok

5.       Avalanche

6.       Awesome Android

7.       Banshee

8.       Baron Blood

9.       Baron Helmut Zemo (Classic Outfit)

10.   Bastion

11.   Ben Reilly Red and Black concept Spider-Man

12.   Bethany Cabe

13.   Black Knight (Garrett)

14.   Blue Marvel

15.   Bombastic Bagman

16.   Changeling

17.   Constrictor

18.   Count Neferia

19.   Crimson Dynamo (Buckiran)

20.   Crystal

21.   Cyber

22.   Death’s head

23.   Destroyer

24.   Diamondback (Rachel)

25.   Dragon man

26.   Dreadknight with Horse

27.   Dusk

28.   Engima

29.   Eric the Red

30.   Exodus

31.   Firebrand

32.   Firebrand (Gilbert)

33.   Force

34.   Ghost (Classic)

35.   Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) with Motorcycle

36.   Gibbon

37.   Grizzly

38.   Hellfire Club Solider

39.   Heroes Reborn Armour

40.   Hornet

41.   Hypnotia

42.   Iron Spider

43.   Iron Spider MJ

44.   IronMonger (Ezekial Stane)

45.   Jonah Spider-Slayer

46.   Kang

47.   Kangaroo

48.   Looter

49.   Machine Man 2020

50.   Madame Masque (Update)

51.   Maggott

52.   Mandarin

53.   Mastermind

54.   MCU Travel Suit

55.   Melter

56.   Modular Armour

57.   Morph (XTAS)

58.   Nanny

59.   Neo Classic Armour Update

60.   Neo Classic/Alan Davis Scarlet Witch

61.   Night Phantom

62.   Orphan Maker

63.   Overdrive

64.   Phoenix (Update)

65.   Prime Sentinel

66.   Prodigy

67.   Pyro

68.   Quasar

69.   Rachel Grey

70.   Ricochet

71.   Sebastian Shaw

72.   Sersi

73.   Silver Centurion Armour

74.   Siryn

75.   Spider Armour MK1

76.   Spiderling

77.   Spinneret

78.   Spot

79.   Stealth Armour

80.   Stingray

81.   Super Adaptoid

82.   Swordsman

83.   The Crusher

84.   The Fury

85.   The Locust

86.   The Maker

87.   Titanium Man

88.   Titiania

89.   Toni Ho

90.   Ultron

91.   Unicorn

92.   US Agent

93.   Vault Guardsman

94.   Viper (Update)

95.   Voyager

96.   Wada Wanda

97.   Warstar

98.   Wasp (Nadia)

99.   Whiplash

100.                       Yellowjacket (Hank)

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Here's my list, all MCU, as far as I can go in no particular order


2Happy Hogan

3Iron Fist with face bandana

4Misty Knight




8Heimdall in Armor


10Justin Hammer



13Fandral (Dark World)



16Destroyer Armor






22Alexander Pierce


24Chitauri Gorilla

25 Aldrich Killian

26Dark Elf


28Korath (GotG)

29Howard the Duck


31Ultron Drone



34Hank Pym

35Janet Van Dyne

36Baron Zemo (Falcon an the Winter Soldier)

37Thunderbolt Ross


39Ancient One

40Ayesha Throne room 

41US Agent









50Stan Lee Astronaut

51Shocker with alt heads



54Captain Marvel Endgame

55Aunt May

56Typhoid Mary



59Nakia River Ceremony


61Sonny Burch


63Outrider 6 arms

64Sakaaran soldier


66 Mar-Vell


68Yon-Rogg alt Head

69Goose (flerkin tentacles)

70Skrull Science Officer

71Talo's Wife

72Rocket Endgame

73Thor Endgame Armor

74Hand Ninja

75Elektra Defenders

76Water Elemental

77Earth Elemental

78Wind Elemental

79Aragorn Pegasus


81Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider





86Lance Hunter

87Bobbi Morse

88Trish Walker Hellcat


90Grant Ward

91Falcon (Falcon and the Winter Soldier)

92Bucky (Falcon and the Winter Soldier)

93Sharon Carter

94Old Lace

95Chase Stein

96Nico Minoru

97Alex Wilder

98Karolina Dean

99Gert Yorkes

100Molly Hernández

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17 hours ago, Benn said:

Heh. I did think about that, but as far as I know there's never been any indication she uses her powers to make herself look drastically different.

Hey, perception is reality as far as that goes.  I'm a 21st century boy.

Okay, I'll play.  But only because I really, really should be working right now.  My list would have looked a little different a week ago.  Armored DD would probably have been in the top 10 for one thing.

Some of my figures will have quirky names like "Fall of the Mutants Magneto" or calling Kitty "Ariel".  That's just because I have a rare disease where two action figures in my imaginary line are not allowed to have the same name.  I usually fall back on prefixes like "1st appearance", or "classic" (admittedly a largely arbitrary distinction), or "The Spectacular" first.  Once those run out, I get a little creative - usually along the lines of using major storylines or team affiliations to differentiate.  The names don't really have any significance beyond that.

There were certainly some tough cuts.  Mole Man was one.  Secret Wars Wasp (in her green & purple uniform) was another.  And Wong!  I'm so sorry, Wong.  You were #101, I swear!

The top ten are in order of preference.  After that, they're still my top 100 wants, but in no particular order.

Top Ten:

  1. Bucky  Golden Age; James Buchanan Barnes; blue & red Bucky uniform.

  2. Secret Wars Doom Victor Von Doom; Secret Wars armor.  Alternate masked and unmasked heads.

  3. Ultron-11

  4. She-Hulk  Purple & white Avengers uniform.  Comes with two sets of interchangeable fists: a pair wearing her grey, fingerless gloves, and a pair without.  She also comes with a set of white bracers that can be slipped on and off when changing out her hands.  Finally, she has interchangeable lower legs and feet: a pair where she’s wearing her white boots, and a pair where she’s in her bare feet.

  5. The White Queen  Emma Frost; Hellfire Club uniform.

  6. Classic Banshee  Sean Cassidy; green & yellow uniform.  Comes with three heads: screaming, not screaming, and wearing his Factor Three helmet.

  7. Baron Zemo Baron Helmut Zemo; purple & yellow Masters of Evil uniform, circa "Under Siege".

  8. Doctor Strange  Blue tunic, orange sash & gloves, removable Cloak of Levitation.  We need to spread the Dr. Strange-y relics and items out over his villains and supporting cast (Wong, Clea, Mordo, etc.), but start with him.  He should include at least one of the following: Book of the Vishanti, Wand of Watoomb, Orb of Agamotto, The Book of Cagliostro, The Darkhold, or The Cauldron of the Cosmos.

  9. The Mandarin  Green & gold robes.

  10. Toad  Grey & orange Brotherhood of Evil Mutants uniform.  *And the rest in no particular order:

  11. Meggan  Green & black Excalibur uniform.

  12. Egghead  Labcoat & tie.  Comes with his pet anteater.

  13. Sentinel  Mark IV (Project: Wideawake models) with elements of X-Men: The Animated Series permitted; giant-size.  This should not be a build-a-figure since I’m going to need at least three.  I’m thinking about 18” tall.

  14. General Thunderbolt Ross

  15. Spider-Armor Spider-Man  Silver & black Spider-Armor (Web of Spider-Man Vol. 1, #100).

  16. Banshee  Blue & yellow X-Men uniform.

  17. Sebastian Shaw  Inner Circle uniform.

  18. The Black Queen  Phoenix; black Hellfire Club uniform.

  19. Hellfire Guard  Blue & red Hellfire Club uniform; army-builder.

  20. Mister Fish  Orange uniform.

  21. The Melter  Bruno Horgan; green & blue Masters of Evil uniform.

  22. Fin Fang Foom  Giant-size.  Build-a-figure format is okay for this one.  Or standalone.  Either works.  Actually, just reissue the old one.

  23. Tigra  Blue bikini.

  24. Ronan, the Accuser

  25. X-Factor Marvel Girl  Jean Grey; red & yellow X-Factor uniform.

  26. The Goblin Queen  Madelyne Pryor.

  27. Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man  Green & yellow uniform.

  28. Razorfist  William Young; blue/black singlet, boots, & mask.

  29. Classic Mockingbird  Blue & white West Coast Avengers uniform, bare legs.

  30. Classic Beast  Blue & red X-Men uniform, pink skin.

  31. The Wizard  Pink & purple Frightful Four battlesuit.

  32. Mandrill

  33. Ka-Zar

  34. Shanna, the She-Devil  Zabu’s gotta be in there somewhere.  Maybe he comes with Shanna instead of a build-a-figure piece?  Maybe he is a build-a-figure?

  35. Avalanche  Silver & blue Brotherhood of Mutants armor with the “A” motif.

  36. Modular Armor Iron Man

  37. Titanium Man The Gremlin; Mark II: Soviet Super Soldiers armor.  Gremlin can be a pack-in mini-figure.

  38. Death Adder

  39. Century

  40. The Puppet Master  Comes with some puppets of the F.F., natch.

  41. The Wrecker  Ugh.  These four are in dire need of a rework and re-release.

  42. Bulldozer

  43. Thunderball

  44. Piledriver

  45. Hand Ninja  Army-builder.

  46. Fall of the Mutants Magneto  Purple & white X-Men uniform.

  47. Fall of the Mutants Psylocke  Two-tone pink X-Men uniform.  Comes with snap-on telepathy butterfly effects (x2: one for her and one for the person she is controlling or communicating with.)

  48. Ariel  Kitty Pryde; black & yellow X-Men uniform.  Alternate masked and unmasked heads.

  49. Classic Cannonball  Black & yellow New Mutants uniform.  Make him a deluxe figure with a large, articulated blasting base that he can snap in to.

  50. Classic Mirage  Black & yellow New Mutants uniform.  Dani should be in the riders series (whatever it’s officially called) and comes with her Brightwind steed.  She also needs a bow & arrows and her Spirit Lance.

  51. Classic Wolfsbane  Black & yellow New Mutants uniform, human form.  Comes with a full-on wolf form accessory figure.

  52. Classic Magik  Black & yellow New Mutants uniform.  Comes with an interchangeable arm clad in Darkchylde armor and two different soulswords: the more traditional one that looked like a metal blade, and the lightsaber-looking version from its earliest appearances.  She also has a stepping disc base.

  53. Classic Sunspot  Powered-up.

  54. The Mad Thinker

  55. The Awesome Android  Giant-size.  Comes with briefcase, chalkboard, and removable hat and tie.

  56. Titania

  57. Adolf Hitler  Golden Age.  Interchangeable stern-faced head, ranting-like-a-lunatic head, and a getting-punched-in-the-face-by-Captain-America head (Captain America Comics Vol. 1, #1, cover).

  58. Baron Mordo  Green & black robes.

  59. Dormammu  Purple & red uniform.  Normal-sized figure.

  60. 1st Appearance Cyclops  1st appearance

  61. 1st Appearance Marvel Girl  1st appearance; Jean Grey.  Alternate head with her later horned mask.  (I know, I know.  She wore a red belt with that mask, not the yellow one.  But this is my United States of whatever!)

  62. 1st Appearance Angel  1st appearance; Warren Worthington III.

  63. 1st Appearance Beast  1st appearance

  64. 1st Appearance Iceman  1st appearance

  65. Psycho-Man

  66. Firestar  Yellow & red Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends uniform.  Why yes, she does come with Ms. Lion.  How did you know?

  67. Silver Age Black Knight  Professor Nathan Garrett; Masters of Evil armor.  Another rider figure, includes his Elendil steed.

  68. Mesmero  Green & purple costume.

  69. The Crimson Dynamo  Dimitri Bukharin; Mark IV armor.

  70. Controller

  71. Mephisto

  72. Count Dracula

  73. Inferno Storm  Black & yellow X-Men uniform with lightning bolt motif.  Comes with long-hair and short-hair heads.

  74. Inferno Psylocke  Purple & pink armored X-Men uniform.

  75. Inferno Rogue  Black bodysuit, green one-piece and thigh-high boots X-Men uniform.  Alternate head with the wild, pointy hairstyle that kind of crept in on her around that time.  Removable bomber jacket.

  76. Skurge, the Executioner  Comes with his axe, as well as dual assault rifles.

  77. The Red Ghost  This one’s tricky and kind of a cheat because, in my head, the three super-apes are a given when releasing this figure.  No idea how I would go about that just yet.

  78. Blastaar  Blue armor and boots, bare legs.

  79. Annihilus

  80. Golden Age Sub-Mariner  Golden Age; bronze trunks, interchangeable pointy and not-so-pointy heads.

  81. Stilt-Man  Wilbur Day.  Maybe an alternate Turk head?

  82. The Owl

  83. Classic Marvel Girl  Jean Grey; green minidress and yellow go-go boots X-Men uniform.

  84. Princess Python  Comes with a giant python.  No, not like that.  Like, an actual snake.

  85. Molecule Man

  86. Volcana

  87. Doctor Druid

  88. The Living Laser  Green & orange uniform, flesh & blood body.

  89. The Trapster  Purple & gold Frightful Four uniform.

  90. Silver Centurion Iron Man

  91. Blacklash  Mark Scarlotti.

  92. Classic Falcon  Comes with Redwing.

  93. Mister Hyde  Comes with Cap’s original shield all mangled and bent so that you know just how big of a dick he is.

  94. The Hate Monger  Comes with “Secret Identity Revealing Action!” (or alternate masked and unmasked heads.)  His unmasked head needs to be unconscious so that Nick Fury and the rest of the F.F.  can stand over his prone form while Reed way-too-casually explains away this nonsense.

  95. Spiral

  96. Arcade

  97. 1st Appearance Blade  Green & brown uniform.

  98. The Winsome Wasp  Janet Van Dyne; asymmetrical white & blue Wasp uniform (The Avengers Vol. 1, #194).  Comes with shrunken Wasp mini-figure in that uniform and a flight base for the same.

  99. Classic Wasp  Janet Van Dyne; red & blue Wasp uniform with belt & bracelets (The Avengers Vol. 1, # 32).  Comes with shrunken Wasp mini-figure in that uniform and a flight base for the same.

  100. Stealth Iron Man  Stealth Armor.

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3 hours ago, memocromatico said:

Here's my list, all MCU, as far as I can go in no particular order

I'm impressed there are still 100 figures left to do for the MCU (or at least 99; not sure who 54 is supposed to be), and even more impressed you were able to come up with the list. Kudos!

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8 minutes ago, Benn said:

I'm impressed there are still 100 figures left to do for the MCU (or at least 99; not sure who 54 is supposed to be), and even more impressed you were able to come up with the list. Kudos!

Accidentally skipped it! Placed Endgame Captain Marvel, and there's more than 100... I just picked the ones I really would buy

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Not really in any specific order (and I could probably name a ton more)

1. Quasar (Wendell Vaughn)
2. Doctor Strange (Classic)
3. Falcon (Classic)
4. Wasp (Red and Black design from the 60's, with that bullet head helmet thing)
5. Firestar
6. Justice
8. Speedball
9. Husk (With alternate arms)
10. Chamber
11. Namorita
12. Chinook
13. Stingray
14. Skurge (Comics)
15. Nova (Classic and with an unhelmeted head and energy effects)
16. Mole Man
17. Mandarin
18. Wizard
19. Diablo
20. Daken
21. Swordsman (Classic)
22. Two-Gun Kid
23. Iceman (Vintage wave, but blueish)
24. Goldballs
25. Proteus
26. Vulcan
27. Moira X
28. Armor (I don't know how they could pull it off)
29. Surge
30. Dust
31. Nebula (Classic)
32. Uatu, the Watcher
33. Firelord
34. Drax (Classic or reissue from boxset)
35. Star-Lord (Reissue from boxset)
36. Groot (Reissue from boxset)
37. Gamora (Reissue or Classic)
39. Rocket Raccoon (Reissue from boxset)
40. Mantis (Classic)
41. Moondragon (Classic)
42. Jack of Hearts
43. Captain Britain (Classic with new body mold and maybe an unmasked bearded head)
44. Rictor (X-Force)
45. Marrina Smallwood (Classic)
46. Box (BAF)
47. Titanium Man
48. Banshee (Green and Yellow)
49. Siryn (Green and Yellow)
50. Pyro (Classic)
51. Destiny (Classic)
52. Avalanche (Classic)
53. Mephisto
54. Ymir (BAF)
55. Black Widow (Classic-ish; a retool of the Riders Widow with a sculpted belt and a better head)
56. Marrow
57. Ultron
58. Blackheart
59. Giant-Man (Hank Pym; and make him at least 9-10 inches tall)
60. Valkyrie (Scaled properly and with a cape, spear, and Dragonfang)
61. Volstagg
62. Hogun
63. Fandral
64. Talisman
65. Starbolt
66. Neutron (Most of this could be a Colossus reuse)
67. Atlas (Thunderbolts, BAF)
68. Fixer (Thunderbolts)
69. Meggan
70. Pixie
71. Daytripper
72. Cypher (New Mutants)
73. Corsair
74. Blade (With his trenchcoat and hands that can actually hold his sword)
75. Sage 
76. WarStar (BAF)
77. Red Guardian (Mostly a retool of the old one but with his modern kite shield and the bits of black on his costume)
78. Azazel
79. Ursa Major (BAF)
80. Howard the Duck (BAF could be the mech suit he uses in Contest of Champions)
81. Crystal (With alternate short hair head)
82. Triton
83. Devil Dinosaur (Maybe even do a deluxe release with BOTH Moon-Girl and Moon-Boy)
84. Karnak
85. Darkstar
86. Gorgon
87. Lockjaw
88. Sersi
89. Nocturne
90. Gilgamesh
91. Pete Wisdom
92. Ikaris
93. Makkari
94. Wiccan
95. Hulking
96. Speed
97. Iron Lad
98. Kang
99. Ronan
100. Reissue all characters that have been exclusive to a boxset (Ghost, Satanna, Luke Cage, Jewel, Hela, etc.)

I'm cheating because this last one has a -1000% chance of ever happening

101. JLA/Avengers Superman (With Mjolnir and Captain America's shield)

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All classic/iconic versions of the following:

  1. Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau)
  2. The Falcon
  3. Doctor Strange
  4. She-Hulk
  5. Luke Cage
  6. Iron Fist
  7. Hercules
  8. Ant-Man (Hank Pym)
  9. The Wasp (red and yellow)
  10. Goliath
  11. Yellowjacket
  12. Black Goliath
  13. Adam Warlock
  14. Gamora
  15. Pip the Troll
  16. Valkyrie
  17. Quasar
  18. Moondragon
  19. Mantis
  20. Drax the Destroyer
  21. Star-Lord
  22. Charlie-27
  23. Martinex
  24. Yondu
  25. Nikki
  26. Starhawk
  27. Speedball
  28. Namorita
  29. Nova
  30. Marvel Boy/Justice
  31. Firestar
  32. Kitty Pryde
  33. Banshee
  34. Cyclops
  35. Rogue
  36. Magik
  37. Beast
  38. Wonder Man
  39. Tigra
  40. Mockingbird
  41. Iron Man (Silver Centurion)
  42. Odin
  43. Fandrall
  44. Hogun
  45. Volstagg
  46. Balder
  47. Heimdall
  48. Sif
  49. Hildegard
  50. White Tiger
  51. Black Bolt
  52. Medusa
  53. Crystal
  54. Gorgon
  55. Karnak
  56. Triton
  57. Lockjaw
  58. Spider-Man 2099
  59. Spider-Man (Miles Morales from Into the Spider-Verse)
  60. Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)
  61. Galactus
  62. Mole Man
  63. Mad Thinker
  64. Awesome Android
  65. Puppet Master
  66. Dragon Man
  67. Red Skull
  68. Baron Zemo
  69. Arnim Zola
  70. Flag Smasher
  71. Baron Blood
  72. M.O.D.O.K.
  73. Madame Masque
  74. Titanium Man
  75. The Mandarin
  76. The Executioner
  77. Ulik the Troll
  78. Dormammu
  79. Baron Mordo
  80. Nightmare
  81. Silver Dagger
  82. Crossfire
  83. Plant Man
  84. The Owl
  85. Gladiator
  86. Leap-Frog
  87. Jester
  88. Mister Fear
  89. Steel Serpent
  90. Deathbird
  91. Toad
  92. Mastermind
  93. Destiny
  94. Pyro
  95. Avalanche
  96. Blob
  97. Constrictor
  98. Ronan the Accuser
  99. Firelord
  100. Terrax

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