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"21" Marvel legends wants for 2021


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1 hour ago, Dabboi said:


1. Justice
2. Jack of Hearts
3. Firelord
4. Marrina Smallwood
5. Feral
6. Yondu (Comic version)
7. Golden Age characters (Destroyer, Angel, Human Torch, Toro, Blazing Skull etc.)
8. Titanium Man
9. Quasar
10. The Hood
11. Corsair
12. Crystal
13. Nova (Frankie Raye)
14. Atlas
15. Blue Marvel
16. Anti-Man
17. Warwolf
18. Noh-Varr (Marvel Boy)
19. Hepzibah
20. Mephisto
21. Swordsman

Redos/New Costumes

1. Classic Doctor Strange (Be cool if it were a Deluxe release and the Cape was cloth and had a posing wire in it)
2. Classic Black Widow (The vintage wave one was just before Hasbro started to get really good at faces)
3. Classic Mandarin
4. Classic Banshee
5. Red bullet helmet Wasp
6. Hyperion (Modern black/gold outfit)
7. Classic Hawkeye (The vintage wave one is fine, but I think Hawkeye needs butterfly joints and a better bow)
8. Jim Lee Cyclops (New, and slimmer, body mold. Plus an optic blast effect)
9. Classic Captain Britain (He has such a big head on the last release; that's really all that needs tweaked. Bonus points for an alternate bearded head.
10. Sharon Carter (From that era of every female character having the same head)
11. Classic Iron Fist (open shirt)
12. Doc Samson (I'm pretty sure he has a Legends figure)
13. Mojo
14. Blade (Make sure he can actually hold his sword)
15. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers; her current design really. The last figure has a very "plastic" face and could do with the current skills of Hasbro's face painting)
16. Classic Shocker
17. Red Skull
18. Daken
19. Baron Zemo

These might not count
20. Re-release certain BAFs that are insanely expensive
21. Re-release every character that was a boxset exclusive (GotG, A-Force, comic Defenders, Thunderbolts)

Re-Releasing BAFS and Figures does count

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On 11/7/2020 at 3:59 PM, RyanDaly said:

21 New

  1. Tigra - classic  --  check
  2. Speedball - classic  --  rumored for 2022


21 Updated

  1. Doctor Strange - classic  --  Walmart exclusive in 2022
  2. Falcon - classic  --  not the classic I wanted, but close enough for now
  3. Hercules - classic  --  check 
  4. Spider-Man 2099 - new body mold  --  not on new body, but good enough
  5. Nova (Richard Rider) - classic, New Warriors  --  check 
  6. Ultron - classic  --  check 
  7. Red Skull - classic  --  check 
  8. Baron Zemo - classic --  Walgreens exclusive in 2022
  9. The Lizard - classic, new body mold  --  rumored for 2022
  10. The Rhino - classic, new body mold  --  rumored for 2022


Quite a few of the upgraded figures I hoped for we either got, or they're in the pipeline. Sadly, not nearly enough of the new figures I wanted.

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On 11/8/2020 at 8:43 AM, leokearon said:

21 New Characters

  1. Stingray
  2. Blue Marvel
  3. Looter
  4. Death's head
  5. Maggott
  6. Firelord
  7. Wasp )Nadia)
  8. Crystal
  9. Armada
  10. Changeling
  11. Quasar
  12. Swordsman
  13. Diamondback (Rachel)
  14. Legion
  15. Mastermind
  16. Guardsman
  17. Hypnotia
  18. Kangaroo
  19. Spot
  20. Unicorn
  21. Super Adaptoid

21 Looks/Updates

  1. Neo Classic Scarlet Witch
  2. Bombastic Bagman
  3. Spider Armour MK1
  4. Iron Spider/Scarlet Spider
  5. Modular Armour Iron Man
  6. MCU Travel Suit Iron Man
  7. XTAS Morph
  8. Banshee
  9. Rachel Grey/Summers
  10. Spinneret
  11. Wada Wanda
  12. Yellowjacket (Hank)
  13. Classic Ultron
  14. Phoenix (Update)
  15. Machine Man 2020
  16. Dreadknight with HellHorse
  17. Constrictor
  18.  Ben Reilly Red and Black concept Spider-Man
  19. Baron Helmut Zemo (Classic Outfit)
  20.  Atom Mask Havok
  21. Wasp (Purple Outfit)


Only 5 figures out of 42 (Mastermind doesn't count since it's wrong) though next year might be better

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I made a silly list of a bunch of demons I wished to see, looks like 1 actually got the make, D'Spayre , my list checks one box!

But I also added that I wanted to see Excalibur which we are, Tigra (check!), Lady Deathstrike (check) and Dr. Strange (check!)


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On 11/7/2020 at 7:59 PM, McHogan said:

21 New ( no order of importance)

1. Stingray

2. Dr. Druid

3. Swordsman

4. Moondragon

5. Mantis

6. Whizzer

7. Two Gun Kid

8. Starfox

9. Firebird

10. Gilgamesh 

11. Quasar

12. Jim Hammond Human Torch

13. Sersi

14. Living Lightning

15. Crystal

16. Dr. Pym ( WCA red jumpsuit)

17. Triathlon

18. Jack of Hearts

19. Lionheart

20. Demolition Man

21. Stature


Updated Costumes

1. Wonderman ( Safari Jacket)

2. Quicksilver ( Green)

3. Thor ( Hell scarred, bearded, helmet)

4. She Hulk ( FF)

5. Mockingbird ( WCA suit)

6. Iron Man ( Heroes Reborn)

7. Yellowjacket 

8. Hercules ( 70s or 80s )

9. Vision ( Anti-Vision)

10. Black Knight ( grey chai mail)

11. Hellcat ( blue suit)

12. Falcon (classic)

13. Moon Knight ( gold highlights WCA era)

14. Captain Britain ( Excalibur 1 version)

15. Mr Fantastic ( Byrne Negative zone )

16. Invisible Woman ^

17. Thing ^

18 Human Torch ( non flame ^ ..hmm maybe classic red flame version)

19. Spider-Man ( Iron suit)

20. Sentry ( Void version)

21. Wasp ( Secret Wars era)

So didn’t do too hot on my New category, only got Quasar. And that remains to be seen if I get him in 2021. 

But my updated list I got hits with Hercules, Captain Britain and the Retro FF. And Iron Spidey on the way next year. 

8 winning picks. Call me Nostrodomus 

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On 11/11/2020 at 3:15 PM, Atlantis said:

"...So of my 21 New Figures, while I dearly would love to have all, realistically I think only a few will ever actually be seen. Namorita, El Aguila, Blue Marvel and possibly Nightshade, ranked in order. I have no illusions about the Mystery Men (16-19); although I truly would love to see them, I doubt many fans have even heard of them or read the comic..."


For my 21 new figures: Bupkis. Nada. Zero. Ziltch. Not one of my wants were made, because the Hasbro Legends team is morally weak, ignorant, and blind. They also have dreadful taste in clothing and foul table manners.  For my updates, I got my Invisible Woman (on the way) & Human Torch. They've announced Iron Spider but dont think he'll arrive  before next year. Did get Tigra and Ultron. 

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On 11/7/2020 at 12:07 PM, enzosaurusrex said:

21 Brand New figures 

  • Callisto
  • Mastermind or Wyngarde (or give me an alternate head)
  • Legion
  • Meggan
  • Watcher

21 Costumes/Updates you would like to see

  • Shadowcat ruffles
  • Marvel Girl
  • Lady Deathstrike
  • AOA Rogue

My list ^^^ though I'm not counting that Watcher. Four and Four.

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