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My Top Five Favorite Marvel Legends For 2020


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Keeping in mind that I have not personally gotten my hands on every single Marvel Legends figure Hasbro released in 2020 (and Hasbro released a lot), I still wanted to compile a list of my top 5 favorites figures. This of course is based on the ones I actually own, meaning there could be cooler figures out there, I just haven't gotten them yet. For instance the Age Of Apocalypse Sugar Man build-a-figure looks really nice, but because I wasn't personally interested in the regular figures in that wave I don't have that one to be able to say for sure.

Another thing that factors into my list is character preference. There could be a really well made figure out there, but if its not of a character I am personally interested in, I probably didn't get it.

Ok so now that we have gotten that clarification out of the way, here is my list of Top 5 favorite Marvel Legends for 2020.
5. Armored Daredevil

While not a bad figure in anyway, this one makes the list because I have always loved the Armored Daredevil costume, and was very happy to see Hasbro make a figure of it this year. If I wasn't such a fan of the costume itself, this one probably would not have made my Top 5. Check out my original review for the figure here.

4. Movie Deadpool

This is the only X-Men/Deadpool movie figure I ended up getting this year. I think
Hasbro did a nice job with Deadpool, but it was annoying having to buy it in a 2-pack with Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Not only was Warhead a character I wasn't terribly interested in getting a figure of, I also didn't think it was a well made figure. Still like many, I had been hoping for a movie Deadpool figure for some time and glad to finally add it to my collection. Check out this original review of the set by ShartimusPrime.

3. Strong Guy

Possibly my favorite Build-A-Figure for the year, this one put us one step closer to completing the 90's X-Factor team. I loved the headsculpt on this one and the size works nicely with the other X-Factor team members. The Peter David written X-Factor comics from the 90's are some of my favorite reads and was very happy to add this one to my collection. Check out this original review of the figure by erivera94.

2. Dr. Doom

The wave with this figure technically started hitting shelves in late 2019, but officially I think it's considered a 2020 wave. I know I personally didn't get my hands on it until 2020. Dr. Doom
is one of my favorite villains and I think Hasbro did a great job giving us an updated figure of him with this one. I love things like the added jets on the back, though it would have been nice if they had included jet blast effect pieces. Of course you can use ones from other figures like the Walmart Black Widow if you have it.

Hasbro did a second Doom this year for their Retro Fantastic Four line, but I didn't get that one, mainly cause I was pretty satisfied with this first figure. Check out this original review of the figure by ShartimusPrime.

1. Deluxe War Machine

My favorite Marvel Legends figure of the year I would say is the new Deluxe War Machine. An updated comic book based War Machine was long overdue, but I think Hasbro really delivered on this one. With all the added weapon and weapon effect accessory pieces along with a very nicely sculpted alternate unmasked head of Jim Rhodes, I have had a lot of fun displaying and posing this one. Check out my original review of this figure here.

So there you have it, my Top 5 favorite Marvel Legends for 2020. Let me know what your favorites where in the COMMENTS SECTION below.
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For now. Subject to change.

5. X-Man: The only character from the Age of Apocalypse wave that I actually wanted for the shelf

4. Super Skrull: The only BAF figure released this year I built and it is a great design by Hasbro.

3. Movie Magneto: Great sculpt all-around. Very articulated and smooth pin-less joints and amazing Sir Ian McKellan headsculpt

2. Monster Venom: I wanted to get the BAF but none of its figures. I'm glad Hasbro re-released him as a single-carded figure with better paont apps

1. Movie Venom figure. The best poseable Venom figure ever.

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5 hours ago, JayC said:

Keeping in mind that I have not personally gotten my hands on every single Marvel Legends figure Hasbro released in 2020 (and Hasbro released a lot), I still wanted to compile a list of my top 5 favorites figures. This of course is based on the ones I actually own, meaning there could be cooler figures out there, I just haven't gotten them yet.
Ok so now that we have gotten that clarification out of the way, here is my list of Top 5 favorite Marvel Legends for 2020.

These are great picks. While I'm not a fan of X-Factor, I can see where most of these 5 could land on anyone's Top 5. Honestly, Hasbro Legends have been doing such a great job this year, its hard to narrow it down to top 5. 

5. Hulk (She-Hulk): Never been a fan of this character. I didn't hate her, but never got the hype, and didn't care for the updated look for the new figure. But I wanted that Super Skrull BAF, and this was one of the very rare times for me that I got the wave for the BAF. Once I got her in hand....I was blown away. The body build, the face sculpt...when you can get me to like a figure when I don't care for the character, you deserve a medal.

4. Storm/ Superior Octopus tie: Storm could not not go on my Top 5. We've waited decades for her, and sadly they missed some crucial points, but gave us 2 head sculpts, 2 capes, and the new pinless tech. I wish Dave Cockrum had lived to see her.

The concept of Doc Ock taking over Spider-Man's body wasn't a good storyline for me, but this new outfit and new mold is just too damn well done, I had to get it.

3. Sunfire/Dr Doom tie: Hope this isn't cheating, but there's no way for me to leave Doom off the list and AOA Sunfire could easily have been my #1. Beautiful, honey lemon translucent glory!! Doom exudes all the menace and old school master villain that he should. They knocked it out of the park.

2. Moon Knight/War Machine tie: If War Machine isn't on anybody's Top 5 (or at least Top 10) they need to seek professional help. He is just off -the- page perfection. Moon Knight is executed so well, he's another that could have been my #1. The perfect body mold for him, the weapons, the use of white and pearlescent ivory...

1. Falcon: I want his 70s classic look. I figured this one would be a nice "place holder", but I can't put him down. His figure is just perfect for flying poses! They improved the wings from the Vulture and the butterfly joints were a must for this guy. It surprised me, but he is my Top figure for 2020.

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1) Strong Guy. Been waiting years for a proper Marvel Legends figure of him and they delivered completely.

2) Kang. Such a fan of this character that I bought two. One to go with the rest of my Marvel Legends and another to go in my main display of favorites.

3) Kingpin (retro package). I've become a bit obsessed collecting the retro figures on card, but I bought a second Kingpin for display because he was so well done

4) Thunderstrike. Again, another figure I loved for the comics that finally got a proper action figure. 

5) J. Jonah Jameson (retro package). Similar to the Kingpin, I have two of these. It was great to get classic Daily Bugle editor JJJ instead of the suit and tie one I've had since the Chameleon. 

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I havent bought a crap ton of legends this year but I did get some seriously good ones. 

Honorable mention: Nimrod - not a perfect figure but another character Ive wanted in action figure form for years! 

5. Red Hulk  - sought after this guy for forever and finally got him. He looks so good next to banner. 

4. Movie Venom - I dont typically like alot of movie figures and the movie was ok to me,but this figure is just so good. Im curious if they reuse his sculpt for anyone. 

3. War Machine - I have been waiting for YEARS for toybiz/hasbro to make THIS version of Rhodey and they didnt disappoint. 

2. Doctor Doom - Another Ive been wanting badly, and they did a phenomenal job with so much detail. 

1. Venompool - a surprise BAF I never knew I wanted. He looks so good and that cloth texturing is a brilliant touch in his detail. 

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13 hours ago, EvilHayato said:

4. Movie Venom - I dont typically like alot of movie figures and the movie was ok to me,but this figure is just so good. Im curious if they reuse his sculpt for anyone. 

My exact feelings on this figure as well. Not a character I necessarily needed in my collection, but after seeing the reviews I had to get it. I personally think a variation on that body mold woulda made an awesome Warpath rather than the Omega Red buck they used.

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My top 5

5. Gwen Stacy -  A surpise even for me; she looks beautiful, nice possibility and a really nice addition to the Spidey line. Shame I don't have a body for the MJ head

4. Rulk - What a deluxe should be; not a regular figure suffering from Siege Shockwave Syndrome; Really big, great sculpt, no fire effects though

3. Iron Man 2020 -  A character I wanted for ages and didn't disappoint. Awesome look, nice accessories and a great reuse of the 80th Iron Man. Shame there wasn't a Machine Man 2020 to go with him

2. Dr. Doom - I have the Toy Biz version, but this (naturally) blow that away. Fantastic sculpt with loads of detail and possible, if only it had a unmasked head/removable face plate

1. Nimrod - This was a toss between Doom and Nimrod; but I wanted this guy more. Looks great, while not the possible figure; he wasn't known for being super agile, though i would have prefered a single relase rather than the pointless multi-pack

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The other day I posted my own personal list of favorite Marvel Legends figures released in 2020 from Hasbro. Well now I've gathered for you The Top 10 lists for various Youtubers we have worked with here on MarvelousNews this past year. Some of the reviewers we work with have yet to post their Top 10 lists, if they end up doing so we will update this story accordingly. For now we have Top 10 lists from ShartimuusPrime, Dan Who? Reviews, Unparalleled Universe and J Hernandez.




What were your favorite releases for 2020? Let us know in the COMMENTS SECTION.


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My Top Five with some honorable Mentions. 

Mention 1: Black Widow deadly Origins (Head) while figure isn't bad per se, it has some issues when it come to neck are as if neck insertion didn't work as well, but on other hand figure has good ab crunch, but realistically I used her for Head sculpt, which is simply one of the best female head sculpts Hasbro has done.  

Mention 2: Gwen Stacy, good figure that gives us one of the most important superhero/comic female characters in history, her costume is iconic , not only that but it also has all new body, MJ additional head sculpt and accessories and all this on prettiest Spider-Man retro card. Her only problem is not having pin less tech on the legs, due to her legs having skin tone pegs stick out  little too much and thanks, Yes I get that it makes us spoiled but why have good when we can have better? 

5. Kang

He's really well sculpted figure with all original body and unique articulation to accommodate needs of his design, however, it seems that figure could be done even better if Hasbro gave it same paint treatment as their repaint of old old ToyBiz figure that had metallics and dark washes, if this Kang had Metallics, which I do believe is accurate to comic books, he would look so much more striking due to contrast, additionally including alternate  head that has different shape, something similar to Toybiz version would have made this figure easy #1. 

4. Jocasta (Hulk Joe fixit)

While I realize I'm in minority here, I'm glad to see Jocasta getting her own figure, not only is she using some parts of one of the better proportioned ML female bodies, but she also has all new parts to make figure unique, all this with great headsculpt and paint make her easy pick for top 5, she easily stands out in big collection due to her paint job and head sculpt. 

3. Carnage (VenomPool)

Previous 6 inch Carnages were pretty bad imo, only decent one detail wise was ToyBiz classic series one but his body proportions were pretty weak and dated, finally Hasbro gave us Carnage that has fully sculpted detail and 2 heads. Only thing that could improve it would be slightly more paint shading maybe? 

2. Hulk (Jennifer Walters) (Super Skrull)

Despite figure being gray which isn't super attractive or striking color, Hasbro really put their sculpting skills into that figure, face expression, details on shirt, jeans, hair, body and muscle shape almost everything looks amazing on that figure, I could say maybe pin less would be good but you almost don't notice it here.

1. Doctor Doom (Super Skrull)

This figure is perfection and so far the best one in the ML line, it's great example of what Marvel legends can be and should be, it seems Hasbro made this figure based not on some comic book but rather on hyper detailed Sideshow statue. Hasbro really put effort into it, be it articulation that is good and hidden perfectly, armor that looks metallic,  texture on "cloth""  that makes it seems like high end collectible and not 20 dollar figure. Even pegs aren't big deal since they blend in well with design of the figure. 


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These are all great picks. Honestly, you could ask me on another day and my top 5/10 could easily change and I'd be happy with it. While I've had some serious criticisms (grrrr, exclusives) for Hasbro, overall they're doing a great job bringing these figures to life, using excellent craftmanship and quality. That's something they can be proud of.

Not to show my age but I remember back when action figures consisted of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man... and that was it. Maybe you'd get some Hulk-themed thing in there. And even when you got these figures, the articulation was virtually non-existent, but you were lucky to get even that.

Just great that things have come so far! Now we're in an age where picking the Top 5 or 10 is almost impossible. Quite an achievement!

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top 5 is really hard , so off the top of my head

Dr. Doom (FF Wave)

Movie Deadpool

Moon Knight (Walgreens)

She Hulk (FF Wave)

Gray Widow

Bonus : Comic War Machine

, I could do like a top 20, there are also some figs I'm still waiting on my pre-orders for so I feel like I don't even have the right to add them to the list, but I'd say I want to, also my list may change tomorrow.


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I haven't gotten in on this discussion yet so thought I'd drop mine in:

1:Falcon. I've waited so long for a new Falc. Really hoping we get a classic of him on this buck.

2:Crossbones. One of my favorite villains. So glad to have him on my shelf finally. 

3: Winter Soldier. By the time I started collecting I couldn't afford the original release but this one is so good I don't mind.

4: Kang. One of my favorite Avengers villains and Hasbro killed it!

5: War Machine. Wow. What a beautiful piece. And those accessories and effects are crazy!

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So many Marvel Legends figures to buy and yet so little money to spend. I may not have all my 2020 faves but the reviews fill the spots that have left holes in my collection. But definitely, Doctor Doom, Deadpool 2pack,  Kang,  War Machine and Punisher are up there in my top figures!  (Heck,  the last three I still need to hint this 2021. 😂)

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