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Hasbro Marvel Legends February 19, 2021 Live-Stream Coverage - Bring On The Bad Guys, Quasar And More

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11 minutes ago, MonsterChris said:

Excalibur, baby!


Hopefully not another Brian Braddok figure though. Bring on Betsy.

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I want the mini arcade machine more than I want Arcade

I really want a retro fantastic four wave breakdown outta this

Hasbro today is holding a new live-stream with the Hasbro Marvel Legends brand team (Ryan, Dan, & Dwight) which you can check out below. We expect among other things to be revealed today, will see

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16 minutes ago, tarot said:

Could also be for lionheart as well.

I might go for Brian in his original outfit, would go with the Arcade figure from Marvel Team-up with Spider-Man

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Thoughts on the figures revealed 

  • Nova: Looks really good and since I never saw the original, this will be a must get.
  • Quasar: One on the want list and looks really good. Must Get
  • Civil Warrior: Looks really good and I love the design. Must Get
  • Ai Iron Man: Lazy and nothing to remotely entice me. Easy Pass
  • White Doom: Obvious white repaint again nothing to entice me. Easy Pass
  • Scientist Supreme: Looks really good. Wish I had more Aim Scientists for him to boss around, still looks like a Must Get
  • Dormammu: Wanting a Dormammu for ages and it looks more like my old Top Trumps card. Must Get
  • Arcade: Hate the character but the figure does look good. Will see.
  • Hood: Another figure with a screaming head and no neutral head. Looks stupid, maybe an easy pass
  • Lady Deathstrike: Meh, have the Toy Biz version and don't really need another. Easy Pass
  • Red Skull: Looks nice, not sure about needing another Skull. Will see.
  • Xemnu BAF: Looks nice, but not sure about getting one. Will See.

Also the sword is The Sword of Might, so fingers crossed for Caledonia, which is highly unlikely

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14 minutes ago, JayC said:


Just purely speculation on my part as I have no intel on it. But could see them maybe doing it as a 2-pack re-releasing the recent Retro Spider-Man so many have had a hard time finding. The packaging insert could be done like Murder World. Maybe a 2-pack exclusive or Fan Channel.

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My two favorite reveals of the day are Dormammu which came out looking really good and classic Quasar.



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Definitely getting Arcade, Red Skull, Dormammu and Deathstrike. I’ll probably also pick up Nova and Quasar. I think Civil Warrior is supposed to be in the Shang-Chi wave. I’m actually wondering about Iron Man, because this could very well end up being the rumored “hologram armor”, but we’re also supposed to get him in the SC wave along with Civil Warrior so I’m not sure where that figure will end up being.

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Thinking hard about Red Skull. If I get him, I'll probably be swapping the Red Skull head from Onslaught or one of the earlier comic heads from Iron Skull or the trenchcoat version. The headsculpts the figure comes with need a wash like there's no tomorrow. Maaaaaybe, I'll try a wash, myself. Maybe.

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Wow, this was a really impressive reveal, me thinks!

  • The retro line: Yeah, I'm in the minority on this board, but I love these little figures and I'm getting all four of the new ones!
  • Walgreen's Cosmic wave: I'm skipping the Fallen Silver Surfer, but I think Nova looks fantastic and I'm excited to get him. Also very, very happy to see classic Quasar, another must get! 
  • No interest in the Civil Warrior guy, but I must say, perhaps my biggest, most pleasant surprise is the A.I. Tony Stark. I don't need the holographic head, but him with the classic helmet in the bright red and yellow colors? Hell yes! I love that! Will probably replace my Alex Ross version (hopefully his limbs are assembled correctly). 
  • Bring On the Bad Guys: Y'know, last night I was thinking I might skip this whole wave except for Dormammu unless it was really special. Well, my tune changed! Red Skull looks terrific; I'm so happy they went with that classic design. Dormammu looks so good compared to the rendered version. So does the Jesse Eisenberg Lex Luthor I mean, uh, Arcade. A.I.M. Scientist and Lady Deathstrike both look incredible despite my lack of real interest in the characters. Only the Hood and Secret Wars Doctor Doom are kind of meh for me, but considering Doom doesn't appear to have a BAF piece, I think I'll get the other six just to have freaking XEMNU!!!

All told, this was a very cool slate of revelations. Now I want to see more of that Iron Man wave. 

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Official images for the Bring On The Bad Guys wave which goes up for pre-order in just under an hour at 1pm ET.






























































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38 minutes ago, JayC said:

My two favorite reveals of the day are Dormammu which came out looking really good and classic Quasar.



Very good. When the first pic of Dormammu was shown there was a brighter yellow to his head, it seemed more translucent, but maybe this is just how the lighting is. He's definitely on my list. Quasar, especially with the Marvel Boy Quantum bands, is too. of course they once again cheaped out on the pointed boots. GAHH!! Though I'm concerned again with his availability with Walgreens.

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Kind of underwhelmed with the reveals, I was hoping for some info or confirmation for the Iron Man retro wave. I was excited about the Bring on the Bad Guys wave but a few of these leave a lot to be desired. The Red Skull is cool but the headsculpts look cartoony. Also would have preferred a Red Skull in full Nazi officer uniform I know why they won't go for it but I would love one nonetheless. I have wanted a The Hood figure for years but this one feels phoned in. Lady Deathstrike looks nice but I'm happy with my Toybiz may want to see more of this one before decide to replace it. I don't care about Secret Wars Doom as I found the story overrated but now that it's gotten made we can scratch it off the list and move on to something else. The Dormammu is a good addition and so is Arcade. Nova looks cool but I prefer the Annihilation look so I can live without this one. Quasar looks really good might be my favorite reveal from today, too bad it's Walgreens exclusive as I have lousy luck with those. 

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Not all a disappointment for me. Deathstrike, Dormamu and Red Skull are all legit, but Doom, Arcade and AIM Whatever Guy can all pound salt. And how is it that the prototype for the Hood way back from the Dark Days of ML actually looked better than this thing? What's he got, a hard hat under that hood and rubber bands on his upper thigh? Topher Grace as Venom thinks you look ridiculous, fella! Too bad I want that Zemnu so much. If that's the Sasquatch buck it looks like they made his legs longer.

Both Nova and Quasar were strong showings after that Silver Surfer boner killer, so it's good to see the Walgreens route back on track. Crossing my fingers for a Frankie Ray Nova. My luck we'll end up with another freaking Captain Marvel.

Bummed to not see any further news on the Iron Man front, but there's still a lot of Mondays & Fridays left in this year, and as I said before, I expect a slow trickle for the rest of the year with all the cons and fair cancellations. Here's to hoping the rest of this years reveals looks like the last quarter of last year. And here's to hoping that someone comes to their senses and liquidates the entire Eternals wave and use the resources to make something good.

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Lady Deathstrike is an absolute beauty, I'm saying right now, she's gonna be my top figure for this year already. Kinda disappointed that Red skull and Dormammu are on the same body, wish he would be at least movie Hella height but it's okay as long as sculpt and paint is good but he clearly doesn't have yellows in eyes and mouth so I guess I have to get my paint brush ready. 


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27 minutes ago, SpiderS said:

Lady Deathstrike is an absolute beauty, I'm saying right now, she's gonna be my top figure for this year already. Kinda disappointed that Red skull and Dormammu are on the same body, wish he would be at least movie Hella height but it's okay as long as sculpt and paint is good but he clearly doesn't have yellows in eyes and mouth so I guess I have to get my paint brush ready. 


Dormammu has changed his size over the years. Most of the older comics in this costume depict him as normal human size. So it works.

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So now that I'm not working I've taken a better look at everything and have a few thoughts that no one asked for. I'm excited for them but I don't like the gapping on Skull and Dormammu's elbows. Those joints look really bad.  Speaking of Dormammu, I love the figure but the face is weird. I know his classic look his face just barely showed so maybe they were going for that? Supreme Scientist looks fantastic. That Iron Man repaint has me really thinking. I love the 80th IM but those comic colors are doing it for me. Quasar looks incredible and I really, really hope he isn't ridiculously hard to find (he will be.) I absolutely love the storage on MODOK. I love when accessories are easily stored and that's a great feature.

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I'm really salty the reused the sasquath buck like come on hasbro. And I wish they would stop using the bucky cap mold already they need to stooooop. I love skull and Dormumu, and scietist Supreme. Lady deathstrike looks amazing. Now, hood looks like wow so disappointed like really that civilian design why? And I wish hasbro showed us more.

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