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Marvel Legends Age Of Apocalypse Wave 2 - Who Do We Want To See In It?


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We've previously told you how the next X-Men themed wave of Marvel Legends figures coming later this year from Hasbro should include another round of characters from the classic Marvel Comics storyline called Age Of Apocalypse. As you may recall the first wave Hasbro did for this which saw release last year included figures of Wild Child, Dark Beast, Jean Grey, Morph, Nate Grey (XMan), Sunfire and Weapon X. The Build-A-Figure for the wave was Sugar Man.





Hasbro also released a stand-alone Deluxe Apocalypse figure as well.








So who from the Age Of Apocalypse is going to be in the second wave? All we really know at this point is the wave will include 7 figures and 1 Build-A-Figure. They wave should be out late summer or early fall.

F1005 – Assortment UPC: 5010993840021

• F1006 – 5010993839636

• F1007 – 5010993839605

• F1008 – 5010993839599

• F1009 – 5010993839582

• F1010 - 5010993839629

• F1011 - 5010993839612

• F1091 – 5010993839643

Since we don't yet know any of the specific figures in this wave, we thought it would be fun to speculate on possible candidates we would like to see included. NOTE these are purely guesses based on figures we would like to see and should not be considered anything more than that. We do however welcome you to share your own thoughts in the COMMENTS SECTION below letting us know which figures you want included in the wave.


Ok so lets start off with the most obvious choice for this wave which is Sabretooth. We got his partner Wild Child in the first wave, so I would be amazed if Hasbro doesn't do this one for the second wave.





Next up as being a logical choice is Magneto. In the Age of Apocalypse storyline, Magneto essentially assumed to role left vacant by Professor X who was killed in this reality. It would also be an easy figure for Hasbro to do making slight adjustments to the last red costume Magneto they gave us.







Where Magneto goes Rogue should follow. Since we only got one female figure in the first wave I am thinking we might see the same for the second wave.







Of course after Rogue, I can't help think of Gambit. Back in the day Toy Biz gave us non-Marvel Legends figures of both Rogue and Gambit from Age Of Apocalypse in a 2-Pack.








One I personally would really like to see is Iceman with all the jagged ice sculpting he sported during Age of Apocalypse.








While I don't know how likely it is that they would do him, I think one that would go over well with many fans is Nightcrawler.








Honestly to keep it realistic for this last one I feel I should come up with some version of Wolverine they could do. Maybe a bald version of the one we got in the first wave. Instead I am going to go with another one I would like to see which is Quicksilver.







So that's it for my guesses of the regular figures in the wave, but what about the Build-A-Figure? The two most obvious choices to me would be either Colossus or Nemesis. We got a Nemesis Build-A-Figure years ago from Hasbro, but he seemed like a popular choice when people were trying to guess what the BAF in the first wave was going to be. Still for me personally I think I would rather see Colossus.






Nemesis Build-A-Figure







Colossus Build-A-Figure

So that's it. Like I said before, these are all just GUESSES, but it will be interesting to see how many I get right when Hasbro gets around to officially revealing these. Let us know in the comments which characters from Age of Apocalypse you want to see in figure form?
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Yeah, I feel like Cyclops, Magneto, Rogue, and Sabretooth are the remaining mandatory figures. Unless there's a wave 3, or some retailer exclusive tie-ins, I expect all four to be in this wave. Beyond them, I want Colossus, Havok, and Shadowcat to round out the wave, with Holocaust as BAF. I'd love to see Forge, Iceman, the Madri, Nightcrawler, Sinister, and Storm, as well as more Factor X or Generation Next picks (especially any of the Guthries), but I realize there are only so many slots. I truly believe they might give us an X wave without Wolverine here for once. That could mean we get Dead Man Wade instead, but hopefully they save him for a Deadpool wave.

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My list would be

  1. Sabretooth - We have Wild Child we need someone to keep him in check
  2. Magento - How can you do an AOA wave with the leader of the X-men
  3. Rogue -  Another no brainer really
  4. Cyclops - If there is no Wolverine (or even if there is one) in a wave there is usually a Cyclops
  5. Exodus - he hasn't gotten a figure in any form yet
  6. Shadowcat - Interesting look and she did turn up in Secret Wars 2015
  7. Infinite - Why not have a AOA Army builder
  8. BAF - Holocaust/Nemesis 
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I don't want Sabretooth but it makes sense having him be in Wave 2

My dream picks would be

1. Gambit

2. Rogue

3. Abyss

4. Shadowcat

5. Cyclops

6. Havoc

7. Sinister
BAF: Colossus 

$30 figure - Nemesis. That way if people already have the old one and don't wanna replace him, there's no obligation to complete the wave. Also Abyss isn't really a BAF, he's not that big, he was around Mr Sinister's size. 

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I would like to see Nemesis get made for my 616 Horsemen of Apocalypse display. I think Hasbro should save Iceman and Quicksilver for a later wave and add in 2 villains. My picks would be Cyclops and Mr. Sinister. Sabretooth would be the obvious pick.  I would also like to see an Exodus figure. He would make a great addition to the display. If Hasbro is smoking some weed and decided that we need another Logan figure. I will flip it. We do not need more Wolverine figures. That Wolverine mold has been used by Hasbro as a simple cash grab way too many times.

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15 minutes ago, mightiest_mortal said:

I'm going to guess Magneto, Sabretooth, Rogue and Sinister, as they'd all be really easy to retool.

Would love Abyss but god knows how they'd do him -


Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 17.47.41.png

Abyss can affect his size and shame and does have a more regular sized form, but I'm sure fans would prefer a more monstrous larger form

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Colossus is the both one of the most different and coolest alternative designs from AOA. Magneto and Rogue are must as much as I despise their rp being a thing, Sabertooth is must for obvious reasons, Iceman can be cool but you literally can make him down the line as both 616/AOA with reusing existing  icey parts from Juggernaut figure, and maybe even more original parts, as well as both heads, heck maybe they can do Deluxe and give us ice slide thing as a base. 

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Sabertooth, Magneto, Cyclops, Quicksilver, Rogue, Gambit - I'd put money on all of these. Easy repaints, few new heads and straps - job done. Which is okay-ish, I guess. Maybe big okay with a stable, more bulging and rounded 2021 Holocaust - sorry, Nemesis BAF. Killer BAF but I'm on my 3rd lower torso piece (fault lines around joints: brittle plastic) and 6th head/carapace (canopy clips break over and over again....over time, they do NOT get cheaper.

Although I look at that picture of AOA Wolverine from the cover of AOA X-Men Unlimited #2 and it makes me nervous....Hasbro might go with that....thing. I just can't see the BAF being Abyss. I'd love it to be, but...nah. I bleed AOA and I don't even know what he looks like in profile.

Personally, I'd stick with Magneto, Cyclops and Sabertooth. My dream assortment (never going to happen) would also have Shadowcat, Colossus, Husk, Blink, Exodus and Mondo as BAF. Because...why the hell not?

If they wanted, a third wave wouldn't be hard: Angel, Banshee, Iceman, Bishop, Havok, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Storm (actually, even Skin could be done from the first Walmart ML Mr Fantastic) are all as recognisable and easy to do as wave one (repaints & new heads for all but one) but they should probably show some love to other corners of the x-universe and more general MU first.


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I honestly don't really care about a second wave, I love AOA, but I don't really care for having a lot of these figures, Shadowcat, Abyss and Nemesis are stand out's I'd like, but Rogues cool too.

I just want to mention that the Legends team did say some information at one point in regards to AOA, from what they said when they addressed it was that yes we'd see more AOA stuff, but not a full wave , but infact multipacks etc.

I don't know though sure they could have been just been throwing us of the scent and maybe there is a second full wave, but it seemed like that wasn't the case.

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Alright, I know what I want (at least Colossus and Sabretooth, which I think are locks), and I doubt we will ever see a Wave Three, so I am guessing they are going to produce some heavy hitters in Wave Two, so here are my predictions:

1) Sabretooth

2) Storm

3) Cyclops

4) Rogue

5) Magneto

6) Iceman

7) Shadowcat

BAF) Colossus



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