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Hasbro Fan Fest Marvel Legends Panel


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18 minutes ago, ADour said:

With all the leaks I was expecting Hasbro tease more of the stuff we already know is coming.

As for the Iron Man wave, the first Iron Man wave since 2013, it's underwhelming. Darkstar and Ultron are not Iron Man-related, and not even the BaF being Iron Man-themed is particularly flagrant. I approve Spider-Man waves getting away with slapping Shang-Chi or Night Thrasher, but Spider-Man gets two waves every year at the least. This wave deserved to be fully Iron Man-themed, or at the least 90% of it.

The Hologram Iron Man should have been revealed in April 1st because it's a joke. The Stealth Iron Man doesn't come with the appropriate retooling. The Stealth Iron Man is supposed to have curved cuffs, shoulder pads, a backpack and a different helmet shape. It's not just the classic armor painted dark blue. Speaking of, the Stealth Armor should be mostly black with blue highlights. The suit is not blue in the comics.

The Modular Iron Man should have come with modular snap-on accessories that even ToyBiz managed to pull off when they did the figure, and the Ironheart figure should be using her current armor and not the outdated MK 2 design. The only figure that is good for what it is is Guardsman. And that says something about this wave.

I'm really disappointed that this wave managed to check every box in my list of "Fears I have about this wave." From the Stealth Iron Man being a lazy repaint to the Modular Iron Man not reaching its full potential with accessories.

Looking at this wave and the Black Widow wave from last year, I feel like Ursa Major and Darkstar should have switched places with Crimson Dynamo and Spymaster. That would have made this an appropriately Iron Man-themed wave.

So do you like the wave or not?

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31 minutes ago, Inspection12e said:

So do you like the wave or not?

The wave as a whole? I don't.

The specific figures? I like three of them (Modular, Ironheart, Guardsman), I don't like two of them (Stealth Iron Man and Hologram), I don't care for three of them (Ultron, Darkstar, Ursa Major). But two of the figures I like I wish they'd made different (Modular and Ironheart), and one of the figures I don't like (Stealth Iron Man) I'll get because sometimes you gotta make do.

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1 hour ago, Fyrefly21 said:

I'm disappointed in Iron Heart, it should have been the actually distinct third armor instead. The Hologram armor looks like a miss too. The rest of that wave looks killer though.

Funny enough that lack of distinctiveness is probably why they chose that design:  She looks more like Iron Man so the less comic-savvy folks will associate her with Iron Man.

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I'll probably ditch the HOlogram and maybe Stealth Iron Man, the rest are keepers, though I wish the Guardsman had been the figure without a BAF piece because it's kind of a troop builder.   Bit of a Catch-22 but I also think Stealth Iron Man or Hologram Iron Man would have been better choices to skip the BAF piece with Though putting a BAF piece in holo-Tony may be the only reason anyone buys him).


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The marvel team didn’t give us nearly enough reveals.  We get an Iron Man wave that has essentially no new sculpting except for the one character that will be at Ross and Ollie’s this time next year. 
That Thor is awesome but way too late.  
I don’t get why they keep recycling that 80th Ann Iron Man and Hulk sculpts but we can’t get a different comic version of Thor on his 80th Ann body?

Maybe they should have spent a little less time on a cosplay necklace and revealed a few more figures?

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Liking what I'm seeing. Not a too mad at the Iron Man wave. It's been a long time coming. Are there some disappointments, sure. Not a fan of the Stealth armor, but I knew it was coming sooner or later. The Hologram Tony isn't something that couldn't have been done as a simple pack in head sculpt in another figure. Not sure what the point of an entire hologram armor is but I'm sure it was in some storyline I'm not familiar with or don't remember. Ursa Major was much wanted, yet still unexpected and hit me outta the blue. So glad they didn't reuse the Sasquatch sculpt.

Anyone taking bets that the Sabretooth final product will have nowhere near as good paint aps?

Not a huge fan of a Galactus "just a bit bigger" than The Sentinel. To me it's a waste of opportunity. There will never be a Galactus that is suitably large enough to look right to me. I think it woulda been better to do Giant Man or Goliath, or better yet, both. I really don't have a problem passing that one up.

Still no sign of Excalibur that I can see, sooooo.......

A bit of a lackluster showing after all the build up, but yeah. It was just okay I guess.

At least ZD Toys has been churning out some good stuff. Maybe they'll be doing a Warrior Thor of their own. And it probably won't cost $30 and it'll probably come with more accessories.

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Happy to be gettin Ultron and Guardsman, and pleasantly surprised at how much I like Stealth and Modular Iron Man. As for the others... I was looking forward to Ironheart because I thought it would be the newer armor with the pink color scheme. I think Riri's head sculpt looks awesome, but I could wait for a repaint version. I'm not interested in the hologram thing at all, and Darkstar... meh, I have no feeling toward one way or another. So, basically half of this wave was exciting me. If I really wanted the BAF or if Riri or Darkstar were better, I would've gotten them all; alas, I don't need Ursa Major enough to buy three $23 figures I don't want. So... just Ultron, Guardsman, Modular and Stealth Iron Man for me.

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11 minutes ago, tarot said:

About Ironheart, given that they made a unique sculpt for her, I predict that her more unique version will be coming down the line as a mostly repaint with a new head. Maybe they could do a Champions box set?

The two suits are too different on a fundamental level. They have completely different aesthetics and not even the unibeam is in the same place in each suit. I give Hasbro flak for repaints, but there's no way they'd do Ironheart MK 3 as a mostly-repaint of the MK 2.

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37 minutes ago, monron999 said:

The Hologram Tony isn't something that couldn't have been done as a simple pack in head sculpt in another figure. Not sure what the point of an entire hologram armor is but I'm sure it was in some storyline I'm not familiar with or don't remember.

The Hologram Iron Man is 100% pulled out of Hasbro's butt. The most use I can see this figure getting is as a prop in a diorama of Tony Stark's laboratory. I do plan on making a display like that, but my goal is to make it comic-only and, unfortunately, the mold they're using for Hologram Iron Man corresponds to the MK 46 from the MCU.

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Out of everything revealed today I only need one figure (Ultron.) There are some other cool pieces but nothing I need. I can't be alone but this was a really meh reveal. We pretty much knew everything that was coming out already. The Iron Man wave should have been fully Iron Man themed and the hologram IM will be a peg warmer for the ages. Ursa Major looks like a lazy reuse of parts but that's nothing new. Fat Thor was stupid in the film and just as stupid in figure form so major pass. Another Haslab campaign so quick off the heels of the sentinel feels a little desperate. I dunno. I probably expect too much from the "top selling action figure line in the world."

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