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Build a Better Box Set

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So the Amazon exclusive Wolverine box set was revealed and met with... let's say some mixed feelings from folks here. In general, it seems like people were pretty excited with two, maybe three of the figures, but unenthusiastic about paying more money for unwanted figures that were mostly repaints. I'm frankly fascinated at how it seems like each of the five figures (Wolverine, Callisto, Wyngarde, Cyber, and Omega Red) was somebody's favorite, but nobody liked all five. It also seems pretty obvious that Hasbro did this as a cost-saving measure, and given how the past year played havoc with a lot of businesses and revenue streams, I can't say I blame them for doing it.

That got me thinking, if we could do basically the same thing with nearly the same restrictions, how could we improve on it? Thus, this thought exercise: Build a (Barely) Better Box Set than the Wolverine set announced last week.

Here are the terms:

  • Five figures
  • There must be a common theme linking them; however, they CANNOT all be teammates. For example, they can all be mutants or X-Men adjacent characters, but not all Generation X members. This isn't your chance to build an Inhumans box set, or the Starjammers, or the Masters of Evil, or 30th century Guardians of the Galaxy, or whatever. You could, however do a new Captain America and four Cap-related villains. 
  • At least one hero
  • At least one villain
  • At least one female
  • Only ONE figure can be 100% brand new sculpt
  • One figure must be 100% redeco of an existing figure
  • The three remaining figures should be partially composed of reused parts

Okay, what would your slightly better box set be?

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I’m gonna get greedy, and just knock out most of my top wants here.

  • Destiny: Three-pack Scarlet Witch body
  • Magik: Dani Moonstar with an armoured arm (probably exists, but would have to do some research) and new head; even the sword can come from the Walgreens Magik
  • Psylocke (Outback): maybe also Scarlet Witch torso, with shoulder pads built into the cloak; her arms and legs could probably be reused from somewhere else too, but I’d have to do some thinking
  • Spiral: all-new sculpt
  • Storm: Jim Lee remake in silver this time

I thought about ditching Psylocke in favour of Tempo, for a loose time/prophecy theme, but couldn’t figure out what to do with Storm’s spot, since Tempus, Blindfold, etc., would all require some new sculpting. Maybe Velocidad or a new version of Legion wouldn’t, but I kinda liked keeping it all women. Also, who am I kidding? Outback Psylocke was gonna make the cut for me.

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I'm going to make a box set I wish existed, Moon Knight box set.

- Mr. Knight  - uses the suit buck of course you can imagine how easy this is

- Werewolf By Night - uses Jackal buck, virtually same sculpt

- Bushman - essentially a tweaked skull buster

- Black Spectre - hyperion buck with modded omega red shoulder pads and new head that uses a modded ares helmet.

- Stained Glass Scarlet - the most new tooling, moonstone buck but with flexible gown, and new face sculpt.

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2 hours ago, Lord_Scareglow said:

I'm going to make a box set I wish existed, Moon Knight box set.

- Mr. Knight  - uses the suit buck of course you can imagine how easy this is

- Werewolf By Night - uses Jackal buck, virtually same sculpt

- Bushman - essentially a tweaked skull buster

- Black Spectre - hyperion buck with modded omega red shoulder pads and new head that uses a modded ares helmet.

- Stained Glass Scarlet - the most new tooling, moonstone buck but with flexible gown, and new face sculpt.

I approve this message. 🙂

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One set based on Avengers #160.

  • Scarlet Witch -- straight repaint of the Family Values 3-pack version; ditch the metallic gloss for standard red and pink; new magical SFX accessories
  • Vision -- repaint of the vintage wave figure; replace the metallic green with normal; clean up the paint on his face, black eyes, fix the sunstone in his head; two pair interchangeable hands; interchangeable "crying" head
  • Grim Reaper -- repaint the Ultron BAF version, actually paint him black; all new improved scythe and cape
  • Wonder Man -- new figure, reuse a big guy buck like Crossbones or someone comparable; new head sculpt, new belt
  • Beast -- brand new buck; blue fur, blue trunks, scaled down so he's comparable size to other guys in this set; interchangeable heads neutral and smiling/laughing

Total = one completely brand new buck, four brand new heads, like four brand new accessories, and the rest is just repaints


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Next idea is a NOT MCU boxset.

Blade, a simple retool/headsculpt

Nic cage ghost rider, maybe a bonus nic cage head

Deadpool, movie version, maybe a strategic bullet hole right up main street to be different.

Jessica Alba invisible woman

Geez a villain is kinda tough here.  For the sake of ease im gonna go with Michael Clark Duncan as kingpin


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Ok mates I'm going to need help here. You guys know way more about bucks and pieces than me. So help me build my Starling infinity gauntlet box set.  Here is who I need following:

Drax the destroyer.  Can we use a hulk buck?
Starfox.  With alternate no mouth head. 
Dr strange. Classic redeco.  Comes with  cyclops head in force cube. 
Finally the female will be (I really want to cheat here and have 6 in the set because) I’m completely torn between Nebula alternate infinity gauntlet hand and Terraxia the terrible which comes with decapitated Ironman head. 

help me out here what parts can we use for these figs. Thanks 









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If you're going for the huge reborn Draw that Ron Lim drew in Silver Surfer and Infinity Gauntlet, yeah, you probably want a Hulk buck for his torso and arms. Not sure about the 80th anniversary Hulk; maybe the Gamerverse Outback Hulk or one of the MCU versions. Otherwise, for the Drax that Jim Starlin originally drew in the '70s Adam Warlock stories, probably want the Thor/Hercules buck, or maybe the new movie Venom.

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Not sure this meets the slightly better criteria but:

Unleash the Civies:

Happy Hogan, repaint.  Maybe a new head a la spiderman

Hank Pym, maybe retool the Stan Lee a bit?

Christine Palmer, not sure how much this one would take to do.

Justin Hammer, hey it's a pretty simple villain to do actually. 

Thunderbolt Ross... Fatigues, military dress or secretary of state

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Hulk set

Immortal Hulk (80th Anniversary body)


Amadeus Cho (Professor Hulk body)


Red Harpy (She-Hulk body)


Hulkling (Omega Red body)


Bi-Beast (80th Anniversary Hulk body)



Bring on the Bad Guys

Namor (Defenders of the Deep; Grim Reaper body)


Mr. Negative (Suited body)


Scorpion (Redeco of Molten Man wave Scorpion with exposed mouth)


Wizard (Mr. Fantastic body)


Mephisto (New sculpt)


Captain America family

Captain America (Classic redeco of 80th anniversary body)


Patriot (New sculpt)


Baron Strucker (Grim Reaper body)


Miss America (Jubilee body with Homecoming MJ's jacket)


Falcon (Classic; Redeco of Joe Fixit wave Falcon with a new head, boots and hands)

Falcon. classic version.jpg

Captains Marvel

Monica Rambeau (Classic; Tigra body)


Carol Danvers (Classic; Silk body with alternate Moonstone head)


Mar-Vell (AVX; redeco of Abomination wave Mar-Vell)


Phyla-Vell (Tigra body)


Marvel Boy (Sunfire body) 


90s heroes

Armored Spider-Man (New sculpt)


Eric Masterson Thor (80th Anniversary Thor body)


Sersi (Silk body with 90s Black Widow jacket overlay) 


Gambit (Muir Island; Redeco of Retro Gambit) 


Meteorite (Moonstone body)



Loki (Agent of Asgard; new sculpt)


Moondragon (Silk body)


Wiccan (Sunfire body) 


Rictor (Retro Spider-Man body) 


Destiny (Kate Bishop body)


FF Allies

Bombastic Bag Man (Retro Spider-Man body) 


Fraklin Richards (Miles Morales body)


Wolverine (Redeco of Wolverine body) 


Valeria Richards (Jubilee body) 


Dragon Man (80th anniversary Hulk body)


Women of Marvel

Wasp (1st appearance; Medusa body)


She-Hulk (Fantastic 4; She-Hulk body) 


Storm (HOX/POX; Tigra body)


Valkyrie (New sculpt) 


Madame Hydra (Kate Bishop body)


Street Justice

Daredevil (Retro Spider-Man body) 


Echo (Tigra body)


Moon Knight (Mr. Knight; suited body)


Luke Cage (New Avengers; Hercules body) 


Lady Bullseye (Kate Bishop body) 


Martial arts set

Shang-Chi (Modern; Sunfire body) 


Iron Fist (modern; Pizza Spidey body)


The Mandarin (Acts of Vengeance; new sculpt)


Colleen Wing (SDCC Colleen Wing body)


White Tiger (Retro Spider-Man body)


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