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Build-A-Wave Mega-thread


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(the original article - https://nearcompleteset.com/2022/01/09/ideal-wave-x-men-version-3/)

  • Cyborg Wolverine:
  • It seems every X-based must have a Wolverine figure but who said it must be James “Logan” Howlett or Laura Kinney? For this wave I decided to make the Wolverine for this wave Albert, the robotic copy of Wolverine. To make it easier to sell this figure to people I thought of calling it “Cyborg Wolverine” instead of Albert. This will use the standard Wolverine Buck with added and new parts.
  • X-Factor Jean Grey:
  • We have gotten quite a bit of team near completion but on team that seems to be only have two figures is the original X-Factor, Cyclops and Archangel. So, I thought it would be a great idea to include the only female member of the team and the most requested version of her, Jean Grey. This will use the new Shriek mold with only a new head.
  • Feral
  • With Siryn and Rictor we are close in getting the second team of X-Force. But what about the original team? Well, that is only missing the furry member of the group Feral. This of course will use the Tigra body mold with a new upper torso (the lower half can just be painted) and a new head. A longer tail but the one that came with Tigra will work simply fine.
  • Armor
  • I was fighting with myself about making this the BAF, but the sheer fact is, it would be impossible to implement. A figure with its own articulation inside a transparent figure with its own articulation? Can’t see how Hasbro could ever make that work. So instead, we can just get Armor on the teenage body mold with Sue Storm’s invisible shield effect in pink. Maybe include some snap on gauntlets?
  • Astonishing X-men Beast
  • To complement Armor, I thought it would be a clever idea to go back and remake the short and under-articulated Beast. I know people don’t really like Cat Beast, but the original figure really does need an update. It can use the Beast build with new lower torso and legs. The bracelets can just be separate pieces.
  • Exodus
  • Taking the next spot, we have the Magneto worshipping Exodus. Many people have been asking for this guy and I think it’s about time we got him. As for which build, I think the Odinson build would work for him. He is usually depicted as larger than most. The rest can just be separate pieces.
  • Corsair
  • Now that we have his three sons, I think it’s about time that we got the patriarch of the Summers family, Christopher Summer, aka Corsair. Now only that but people have been asking for Hasbro to start making the Starjammers and while the rest can be slotted into a Cosmic/GOTG wave (being aliens and all), Corsair must be in a X-men wave. This will use the Vulcan body mold (to complement his son) with added piece.
  • BAF: Genocide
  • For the BAF, I was fighting between Armor, which I realized couldn’t be done properly, Mammomax or Post but then I thought wouldn’t it be cool to get a remake of a character that is also an alternate version, in this case being the Prime Version of Holocaust/Nemesis. Introduced in Uncanny X-force, this is the son of Apocalyspe from the 616 universe. This would require a whole new sculpt.


build-a-wave-X-men Genocide wave.png

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On 2/16/2022 at 10:25 PM, Lord_Scareglow said:

Did another one a comic Black Panther wave, Man-Ape BAF

1. Black Panther (Chris Priest Era Costume)

2. Killmonger

3. Shuri

4. Achebe

5. White Wolf

6. Nakia (Malice)

BAF = Man-Ape


build-a-wave-Man Ape.png

I would love a Priest era Panther update

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Here is an Avengers wave I did on my own site.

Here is why I choose each of these:

  • Justice:
    • With the announcement of Speedball, we are now closer then ever to completing the New Warrior. However, for me, Justice holds a special place in my heart. Firestar and himself were members of the Avengers when I started reading the comics and fell in love with the two. As for which build, given that we have already had his possible future self, I think they should use the Reaper mold just like the Major Victory.
  • Namor, Defender of the Deep
    • If you see the BAF, then you know why I picked Namor for this wave. Alot of the time, the baf is related to one of the characters in the wave and I choose the BAF first, so I had to have Namor in it. As for which version, I think the Defenders of the Deep version from the recent Avengers comic will be perfect for this. It will use the same mold as the previous one with new legs and arms.
  • Red Wasp
    • I wanted to include a Wasp figure in this wave, but it didn't have to be Janet. Instead, I decided to pick Nadia Pym, Hank's daughter via his first wife. We need this to complete the second ANAD Avengers team as well as building the Champions. I may have put it in the Ant-man and the Wasp Version 1 but we still haven't gotten her so here she is. This would require a slightly resculpted teenage buck.
  • Madame Masque
    • Well, I'm sure a few saw this coming. With Viper getting a remake in the latest Avengers wave, people are asking for her original swapping figure to get one as well. It may be more an Iron man villain, but she has battled the Avengers tons of times. This would be on the Shriek mold with a new head.
  • Isiah Bradley Captain America
    • Taking the Captain America spot in the wave, we have the first black Captain America, Isiah Bradley. After his small but key role in the Falcon and Winter Soldier, we all want a chance at getting this character. This will use the Cap buck with new arms. He will also have the Triangular shield which they can later use for his grandson, Patriot or a First Appearance Captain America.
  • Brawn
    • Taking the position of the Hulk of the wave we have Adamus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk or as he is now known as Brawn. This will help us build the Champions as well as giving us another variant of the Hulk. While Hasbro doesn't have a build absolutely right for it, if you want to fudge it, he could just use the Colossus/Death's Head buck.
  • First Appearance Iron Man
    • It wouldn't be an Avengers wave without the old shell head. He has essentially taken the Wolverine spot for the Avengers. For this version I thought since they did his most recent version, then they should go back to the beginning and make his First Appearance. This would be a whole new sculpt that will later be repainted as a Fan Channel exclusive.
  • BAF: Orka
    • For the BAF, it was really hard to pick. However, I went to search for villain and members and saw Namor. This made me instantly think of Orka, a major villain for Namor as well as another member of the Defenders of the Deep (although we are looking at the classic blue version rather than the black version.) This would need a whole new (and smooth) sculpt that can be used for other characters later on.

build-a-wave-Avengers wave V1.png

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Golden Age Wave I:                                                           

First Appearance (FA) Captain America, first shield

FA Sub-Mariner OR Namora (large, robust buck; either the Ms. Marvel/Rogue or the latest Scarlet Witch)

Original Human Torch (first walgreens Torch is fine; just make sure he's all red. He is bigger than the Johnny Storm Torch)

Miss America (glasses would be a nice touch, metallic paint on her chest emblem)

Red Raven (articulated wings)

Original Vision (modify latest Magneto mold)

Baron Blood

Wave II:



Blazing Skull (articulated jaw)

Spitfire (simple re-do of Firestar)



Warrior Woman (modern She-Hulk buck, glossy black paint for the leather, whip accessory) 

BAF: Sleeper Robot

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Now as for why I made these picks:

  • Moon Knight – Of course Mr. Spectre would get his own figure in the line. Since Hasbro has done his classic all white and his modern armored version, I thought it would be nice if Hasbro went with another team builder by making his West Coast Avengers costume. This of course would use the Walgreen Moon Knight as a base with some new parts.
  • Mr. Knight – Probably the most requested version of Moon Knight, Mr. Knight is a great addition to most collections. This will use either the Happy Hogan build (which personally I prefer as MK is more built) or the standard suited body.
  • Bushmaster – Taking one of the villain spots we have who most people think is MK archenemy, Bushmaster. He is usually depicted as a larger character so maybe the Odinson build or if they want the Colossus build. He will come with 2 heads, one being a normal human head and another being his face peeled off.
  • Living Lightning – Moon Knight is known for being part of 2 different Avengers teams, one being the West Coast team. However, most if not all of the core members of the team have been done so I thought it would be great to include one of the more obscure members in the form of Living Lightning. This will use the standard male body (which I’m assuming will be the Vulcan mold) with an added overlay as well as the lighting effects that came with Electro.
  • Commander Rogers/Nick Fury Jr. – Moon Knight is an Avengers character so one of the big three must be in this line (plus it will sell the line better). For this I decided to have a remake of the Commander Rogers figure, especially since Moon Knight was part of the Secret Avengers Rogers led. The older figure was way too tall and used an old mold. This will use the Cap Wolf mold. Since I know people will complain about getting another Cap, it will also come with a Swappable head and hands that will allow the figure to become Nick Fury Jr. (See below).
  • Tarantula – It was hard to decided what female character I should include. Tigra was recently done and there really aren’t many superheroes/villains that could work for this. So, I thought I would just include a character that I want to complete another team, this being the Civil War Heroes for Hire. Because she is a more agile character, Tarantula will use the Shriek mold with new forearms for her stingers.
  • Midnight Man – I wasn’t going to include this. Hell, I was only going to have 6 figures in this wave. But after the untimely death of the actor who will be playing him in the series, I had to include a figure of this Moon Knight villains. This could easily be a straight repaint of the Blizzard figure with a cape.
  • BAF: Werewolf by Night – For the BAF, I knew I had to include Werewolf by Night in this wave. However, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to make the newest much bigger version? (Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten Mr. Russel. You see him tomorrow.) This would be a whole new sculpt and would give us a unique werewolf to display. It would also be a great idea since D+ are making a halloween special for the character so it would be better to get the 2 comic versions out of the way.










build-a-wave-Moon Knight wave (1).png


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  • Morbius - I don't usually do this but since Hasbro has done his 2 main forms, his classic and his Midnight Sons, I had no choice but to make the main character of this wave being his movie version........ even though we have no idea what his actual final form will look like. (And no, I will not include the 90's Animated "Plasma!!!" version. God that was stupid.) Since it is a movie character, he will get a whole new sculpt.
  • Werewolf by Night - I told you yesterday that I didn't forget about Jack Russel. Well, here he is. (I had this wave planned out last year way before I did the Moon Knight wave). The reason I included it in this wave and not the Moon Knight wave is because Morbius and WBN can really be considered best friends, serving on the Midnight Sons and the Legions of Monsters together. This would use the Jackal mold with new legs (which is something many of us find strange hasn't been done already).
  • Venom (Dylan Brock version) - Because Morbius is considered part of the (ill-conceived) Venomverse that Sony is trying to create, I had to include a Venom in it. But instead of using Eddy, I thought it would be great to have the latest version, that being his son Dylan. Since Dylan's Venom is usually depicted as a bigger version of Venom, he can use the Colossus mold. How they would do the chains, I have no idea.
  • Satana - Next up, I thought I would include a character that has been done before but was part of a SDCC box set, Satana (known as Judith Chambers in the box set.) But I didn't want to just redo that version but instead give us another more iconic version and out of all the costumes she has, this is the safest I could find. This will use the same mold as her earlier version with 2 heads, with and without horns. They can use the Judith Chambers name if they must.
  • Baron Blood - Yes this is more of a Captain America villain, but I wanted to include another Vampire in the wave. I also wanted to leave most of them for when I do the wave for the Blade movie. So, this costumed Vampire was the best choice for this wave. This will use the Spider-man 2099 body mold with cloth wings.
  • Spiders-man - Let's face it, Morbius is a Spider-man character and as such, the web head should be in this. However, to keep with the horror theme of the wave, how about a Spider-man that is made up of a colony of spiders that think they are Peter Parker (or Peter Parker who inhabits a colony of spiders, it wasn't ever made clear.) This would use the Retro body with added part and a new head to give the impression that this is not human.
  • Ghost Rider (Reyes) - I think I may have used Robbie before but taking up the final spot of the Regular figures we have Robbie Reyes' Ghost Rider. I think many people have been requesting this for a while now. He can use the Star lord/Aim Soldier build.
  • Frankencastle - Taking up the spot of the BAF we have Frankencastle, the Punisher reassembled as a Frankenstein monster. This actually works in this wave as Morbius was one of the people he worked with during this time and kept him under control. This would use a new sculpt.


build-a-wave-Morbius Wave.png

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