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Hasbro Marvel Legends Live-Stream For August 10 Coverage


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I don't get why Ultimate spiderman is packed with a bunch of 616 villains?  But anyhow seems like this is a theme with amazon now, i guess we can start making predictions for next year as to what A-lister will be paired with a bunch of repainted villains. Cap? Iron Man? Deadpool?   But for now the set is an easy pass for me, if it was heavily discounted i might buy for the new characters... but none of them are really very essential for my collection, so if i miss out no biggie.  

As for why comic character X hasn't gotten a figure  yet while many What if characters have, read the writing on the wall.  Retailers like toys that tie in to cartoons, tv shows, movies... not comics from 40 years ago, much as we might like otherwise.  Similarly Disney is interested in pushing these shows much more than the floppies, which seem to continue to be published  just so the studios can hoover up ideas from them.  I expect the WM and Target toy aisles to be dominated by MLs tied in to movies and tv shows, with comics figures increasingly relegated to being exclusives, deluxe priced (see the black series) or part of multi-figure sets, especially "classic" comics characters.   iow prepare to either pay more or hunt harder when it comes to comic characters missing from your collection, probably both. Sorry but as a fellow collector mostly focused on comics characters 60s-80s, that is how i see it. 

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This wave annoys the flarken out of me. I want that BaF and the live action figures are ok at worst. But I do not like the way the What if figures look. I understand that's accurate to the show, but even Black Series knows to turn it's animated characters into realistic versions of them to fit the rest of the line. 

I'm incredibly annoyed at the Howard the Duck and Anthead set. That piece is a statue.

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Hasbro's 4th wave of Disney+ themed 6" Marvel Legends figures are NOW AVAILABLE up for pre-order at our sponsors BigBadToyStore.com and Entertainment Earth.

This wave will include the following figures:

- Classic Loki (Loki Series)
- He Who Remains (Loki Series)
- Howard The Duck With Ant-Man Head (What If...?)
- Zombie Iron Man (What If...?)
- Zombie Scarlet Witch (What If...?)
- Red Skull (What If...?)
- Agent Woo (Vision And The Scarlet Witch)

And the Build-A-Figure for this wave will be Khonshu from the Moon Knight series.
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I think this wave is pretty solid. I would've liked some other things more, but overall it's not bad and this will probably please the majority of collectors, which is great. Don't know why we needed a Red Skull from What If? but of course there had to be an easy reuse for the wave. Anyway, there's definitely figures I wanna get and Khonsu looks amazing, but I doubt I'll get all of them so there goes that..


PS. I can't help but think Khonsu would've been a more fitting BAF for the 3rd D+ wave and Ultron for this one, considering this is more What If? heavy, but he probably wasnt ready for that one. 


On 8/10/2022 at 11:13 PM, ADour said:

I realized there was something smart the Legends team could have done for Zombie Iron Man.

Since the original MK 50 helmet was very badly designed, they could not have left Zombie Iron Man's neck exposed in the new upper torso, and they could also have designed new helmeted MK 50 head. That way, collectors could have used this figure's helmeted head to upgrade their previous MK 50.

I think a release of a new Mark 50 from scratch or even with just some new parts would be the best thing here for everyone interested. 

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The Marvel Legends 6" Spider-Man Vs. Villains 5-Pack from Hasbro is available for pre-order now on the Amazon website. This set will include a Ultimates version of Symbiote Spider-Man along with Silvermane, Marvel's Human Fly, Molten Man and Marvel's Razorback. Cost is $127.99 and listed with a early January 2023 release date.

















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On 8/16/2022 at 12:12 PM, tarot said:

they are not allowing international shipping or it's sold out already

I'm in the States, but was just able to order with no problems using the link that Jay provided, so doesn't seem to be sold out. Hopefully just a temporary glitch for you.

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On 8/16/2022 at 12:12 PM, tarot said:

they are not allowing international shipping or it's sold out already


It must be the international shipping. It's been up ever since @JayC posted. It actually was not as hard as I thought it would be to not his that "Buy Now" button. Taking another close look at the half-ayassed effort really makes it easy. If it goes on sale maybe I'll bite, but as of now I guess Razorback and Fly will remain just out of my reach.

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On 8/16/2022 at 3:01 PM, tarot said:

it actually a proper price. 25 per figure is the price nowadays. 

Yeah, I don't expect to ever see any 6" Legends figure under the $24.99 price point ever again when first released, and I think that they'll continue to test higher prices, especially on exclusives and anniversary figures.

On a somewhat similar note, I visited my local Walmart last night and found that they had a huge clearance section of toys with lots of Legends and DC Multiverse figures. The Legends were from the Thor and Doctor Strange movie waves and the retro Spider-Man Hammerhead and Shocker. The DC multiverse figures were from the Endless Winter wave. What I laughed out loud about was that the clearance prices were all $22.99, a whole $3 (12%) off the original price. That's not really clearance to me..... I passed on all. I also feel like that is actually the original retail price on the Hammerhead and Shocker figures to begin with, so for those they just slapped a yellow clearance sticker on and didn't even change the price.

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On 8/16/2022 at 4:49 PM, MODADDYDODOK said:

Just gonna stick to the plan of waiting this out until a price drop comes through before pulling the trigger. This is the way.

This is the way. Price drop for sure. No way does this pack justify my dollar. 

A better choice would've been to swap out that joke of a figure, Silvermane, for a new Tarantula and Molten Man for Man-Wolf. Could even dump that Spidey for an ACCURATE Shriek this time around, or do Swarm.  

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I keep thinking these are essentially just a bunch of Bag-Mans that should divide into 22.99 each, like he is. So about 115 for the set. But anywayzzz…
I can’t really knock the farty little Spider-Man because I know my boy will love to have that one.
Molten Man does irritate me most because of the Sunfire/Torch usage but this is kinda motivating me to finally do something with a spare Sub-Mariner body I have; to switch out forearms and try painting it up for him 






As for Silvermane, I never cared for the custom/kitbash figures out there so to see that nearly being the official ML look just stinks, man. I always hoped he would get the baf treatment somewhere down the line since he would’ve needed a unique sculpt. I mean hell, they did it for Sp//dr and Warlock and whoever else so why not.



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Everyone having a time with the price point of this Spider-Man box set in the US, well looky it costs about 200 for this set here in Canada, and that's with the new price point of figures being about 35 + tax which is about 40 a figure, which has been pretty much status quo for new figures since 2022, do I like it heck no, but it is what it is, and I'm already majorly in Legends collecting, so I get netted by it all, I personally don't have a problem with buying this set, I really want a Razorback and Fly, and Silvermane despite being a basic kit bash (and those feet are so inaccurate) I want him, Molten Man is the biggest boo in this set, wrong buck , I literally would have been fine if they just re-purposed Ex Nihilo with a new head for molten man, but yet again I'm not a stickler, the Spidey is the least interesting thing in this set, either way, it is what it is, anyone thinking because they are re-using parts and that should be a discount.... uh no. Legends colllecting isn't a poor man's sport anymore we just have to get that. Hasbro you win again, I'm not waiting for a potential or iffy price drop, I know how Exclusives go in Canada it may be one shot or pay even more then ever on the aftermarket.


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Much like many others I will also be waiting for these to go on sale.

I wish we could all approach it like this and show these guys that 2 kinda new characters and a buncha inaccurate kitbash repaints are not gonna do it for us anymore, especially at $25 each, even more for some of friends outside the US. I'm not opposed to mold re-use and it's ridiculous to expect every figure to have a unique sculpt, but this is just so lazy and such an obvious cash grab its actually embarrassing. At this point I'm over it. Two years ago the insistence to inundate every wave with every minor and bit part and boring character in any MCU project into the ML waves broke me out of my completionist compulsion and now it looks like these lazy, inaccurate, unmotivated, slapped together, mailed in efforts are gonna break me of my compulsion to collect all comic characters. Last year they caught me with the Wolverine pack cuz I really wanted Cyber and AoA Sabretooth, but at least they were on somewhat accurate bucks and Callisto actually fit really well with the 80's Storm mold, but with this set the lack of attention to detail is just too glaring. The sheer fact they used that infernal Sunfire buck on a long awaited character like Molten Man and the fact that Silvermane is nothing more than what many of us have already done on our own is unforgivable. Spidey on the Ultimate buck is not an issue. Despite his many, many costumes you can only do so much for him.

I agree with @leokearon that this shoulda been a wave and with a bit more R&D the MM shoulda been on the Reaper buck at the very least, they actually could have done Tarantula on the Sunfire buck they love so much, they probably coulda gotten away with doing Penny Parker on the Cuckoo/Nico mold and done Silvermane as the BAF. I woulda pre-ordered that post haste. I know in this MCU/Disney+/Gamerverse we're currently in the attitude is to take whatever traditional comic product they give us and I think that's the kind of corner they've backed us into. A coupla low effort multi-packs, a few decent yet heavily priced Deluxe packs, a buncha overpriced so-called retro editions and exclusives spattered here and there all throughout the year, and they think that'll keep us content. Naww, not for me, not anymore. If that's gonna be the case I'm in it only part-time too, just like them. From now on it's only what really appeals to me and what's an accurate representation, or possibly what's one sale. Based on what i used to purchase, which was basically 100 percent versus what I purchased last year and it looks like i will be purchasing this year I estimate a reduction of about 70 percent, which will most likely just go to other product from other companies cuz beyond G.I. Joe, which I was already doing, nothing else Hasbro is doing interests me. I sure do like the direction Mattel's Masterverse has been going lately. Maybe I'll have to check it out. My luck they'll just cancel it prematurely again just as it starts to get exciting.

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We can imagine how great it would be if they had actual Marvel fans working there at the production level. Guys who read the comics, understand the characters, know what they look like, how their powers work, etc. Then we wouldn't be seeing Molten Man or Firelord, guys that are 6'3"-6'-4" in the comics, on the Sunfire buck (5' 10"). Especially when they already have bucks that are more fitting. We wouldn't be getting a sonic scream powered Siryn, with no screaming head. Or trotting out figures like the Terrax BAF and now this Silvermane, selling them as "new".

But at the end of the day, if we in the collector community continue to make excuses for, and pay ever higher prices for, as @monron999 aptly put it, "lazy, inaccurate, unmotivated, slapped together, mailed in" products, then that's what we're going to get. We praise them when they do right (Psycho-Man, modular Iron Man, Rogue, and YES, Rock Python) and we don't buy when the figures aren't up to standard. I can wait for a clearance or, just pass altogether. 

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