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Best of Marvel Legends 2022.


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Here's my pics for this current list

Best Newcomer : She-Hulk - IMO best new MCU figure of the year, they did Jen really well, actor likeness, accuracy to the shows outfit, def a really nice figure

Best Re-Paint : Winter Soldier (Flashback) - Massive improvement with this figure in terms of visual aesthetics, not even a new mold, but the definition of what some re-painting can do to make something all new again, plus the superb update to the actor likeness, this is just a good looking figure. 

Best New Costume : Nakia - IMO this costume is the best new costume for the MCU of the year, the colors are unique and look really good, the sculpted textures of the costume, the helmet with the clear visor showing her face through, plus it actually is pretty screen accurate, not a popular opinion but I really liked this figure, awesome new costume.

Best New Villain : Namor - Honestly the options to pick from in this catagory made it hard to decide because I wasn't really into any of the choices, Namor took the win only slightly over Gorr, both of them are fine for what they are, but it seems that Namor has more intricate sculpting on his jewelry and so forth, just some finer details that stand out over the bland white canvas of Gorr, both have good head sculpts though.

Best Female : She-Hulk - Jen is clearly one of the best MCU figures of the year for me, see first choice, Kate would have maybe been more of a contender had she actually looked more like the prototype and had a more accurate hailee steinfeld head sculpt, Jen was just overall a top notch figure (unless you got that 5 head qc issue)

Best Animated : Animated Cyclops (VHS) - This figure is most certainly the best VHS/Animated figure they put out yet, awesome update for Cyclops it had to win this category for me.


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  • Best Newcomer:  MCU Moon Knight, it's a great figure with great sculpt, and even though the show never met my expectations the figure is excellent and actually has brought me around on Marc's MCU re-design a bit.  
  • Best Repaint: MCU Winter Solider, I never got this one, it wasn't quite enough of an upgrade for me, but it really is superior in its head sculpts and that really sells this figure.  
  • Best New Costume: MCU Master Mordo, didn't pick this one up, but the colors and robes feel very much like a middle point between the usual MCU designs and the comic origins of the character.
  • Best Villain: MCU Namor, I still haven't checked out Wakanda Forever, but this figure is clearly excellent from everything I've seen of it.  I've never really thought of Namor as a villain, but he's clearly the best figure in terms of posing and sculpt in this grouping.  
  • Best Female: MCU She-Hulk, again, despite the show, this figure is so well done that you can't fault it.  Clearly the articulation and sculpt are the best on this one compared to any others in this group.
  • Best Animated/Gamerverse: Animated Spider-Man, To be fair, I hate the idea of cel-shaded figures, which is basically what this category is, minus Mr. Negative.  But Spider-Man TAS, on one of the best articulated bodies the ML team has ever put out? You can't do better than that.  I appreciate that the figure is a little small for a college age Spidey, but again, the articulation and 90s theming take the top spot for me.  
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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got what you wanted from Santa. I didn't get any figure, basically because my family doesn't usually buy me any unless I had them preordered already. I did get a nice Black Panther jacket from my nieces though. Anyway, last week I asked you to vote on the best MCU, Animated and Gamerverse figures of the year but unlike the Comic figures most of these were extremely one sided. As a reminder the winner will be going onto the finals, which will be up later today.

Best Newcomer

Moon Knight - 61% 

Winning the Best Newcomer, a character that had yet to have a figure until 2022, we have the Disney+ Moon Knight and as you can see, he won by a huge margin. The second place winner, Disney + She-Hulk, only managed to get 11% of the votes and third places,  a five-way tie with Toei Spider-man, Ironheart, Namor, Classic Loki and Kate Bishop, only got 6%. 

Best re-release/repaint

Disney + Winter Soldier - 56%

For the best re-release or repaint if you like, we have the Winter Soldier from the flashback scene of Falcon and Winter Soldier. Another clear winner but wasn't that big of a gap as the last one as the 2-pack Steve Rogers Cap managed to get 22% and Groot from L+T got 11. 

Best New Costume

Disney + Hawkeye - 28%

Winner of the best new costume, a figure that is based on a costume not yet released in ML, we have Hawkeye from his self-titled D+ show. For second place with have the L+T Ravager Thor and King Valkyrie with 28% and then Shuri Black Panther with 11%.

Best Villain

Namor - 67%

Another overwhelming victory, this time for Namor. Since there were only four candidates, they all got voted for. In order of second to last was Gorr, He Who Remains and then Master Mordo. 

Best Female

She-Hulk - 61%

Wow, you guys know what you like. Winning the best female figure with have Bruce Banner's cousin, She-Hulk. The second-place winners, Kate and Valkyrie only managed to get 11% and the third place, Shuri, Ironheart and America Chavez, only got 6%.

Best Animated / Gamerverse

XM-TAS Apocalypse - 28%

The only category that could have gone either with as there was only one vote between the winner, Apocalypse and Cyclops. Third place winner was the Gamerverse Mr. Negative.

And that is the winners of the Best MCU, Gamerverse and Animated Marvel Legends of 2022, as voted by you. As always let me know what you think in the comments below or on any of the social media sites.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are finally here. After 4 weeks of voting, we now have our finalists for the Best Marvel Legend figure of 2022. If you missed it for some reason, check out Results – Best of ML 2022 Part 1, Results – Best of ML 2022 Exclusives, Results – Best Comic figures of 2022 and Results – Best MCU/Gamerverse/Animated ML 2022 for winners of the previous survey.

A couple of notes before we get into the final poll. First, only the first poll is necessary the rest are optional. Next you MUST vote for five figures. No more. No less. This should make it easier for you to choose instead of having to choose just one. As for suggestions for new categories, I mentioned in it not to give me suggestions for "Worst of the year." I don't like these categories as I think they are unfair to people who may like the figure that would come out on top. Finally, when entering what figure, you are looking forward to next year, it can only be the figure that Hasbro has officially announced, so any leaked figures like the Spider-verse wave or the massive list from Rektangular, cannot be included.

click on this link - https://nearcompleteset.survey.fm/best-marvel-legends-2022-finals

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Hope you all had a fun New Year and hope this year will give you the plastic crack you want. But before we look forward to that, we need to look back and see what you people have voted for as the Best Marvel Legends for 2022. Over the past month, you have been voting for the best figure of various categories, with most of them being entered in last week's final. We have the results so let's look at them. I'll only be talking about the top five but here are all the entries in order of rank. Please note, the survey site I use doesn't give me the result to the decimal point so if several figures have the same percentage but are in a different rank, note that it was only one vote between them.

15th - Dazzler (Mojo World set) - 1%

14th - MCU Winter Soldier (Infinity Ultron wave)- 1%

13th - MCU Hawkeye (Infinity Ultron wave) - 2%

12th - MCU Namor (Attuma Wave), Knull (King in Black Box set), Venom (King in Black Box set) and Longshot (Mojo World set) - 2%

11th - MCU She-Hulk (Infinity Ultron wave) - 3%

10th - Gorr the God-Butcher (Amazon exclusive) - 4%

09th - MCU Khonshu (BAF) - 4%

08th - Baron Zemo (Walgreens Exclusive) - 6%

07th - Mojo (Box set and Deluxe) -  6%

06th - Toad (20th Anniversary) and Lizard (Retro Card) - 7%

That was the runners-up so lets jump into the top 5 Marvel Legends of 2022 as voted for by you. 

05th - Fan Channel X-men Retro Card Apocalypse - 7%

Barely etching into the top five with a single vote, we have the "X-men: The Animated Series" version of En Sabah Nur. This is an imposing figure. I haven't taken it out of the packaging as it's hanging on my wall, but this is just a good look figure and some awesome accessories. Hopefully, Hasbro will eventually release this in the Comic colors at some point.

04th - Spider-man: the 60th Anniversary Renew your Vows box set - Spider-man - 8%

Taking the fourth-place winner, we have what many consider THE Spider-man figure to have, the RVW box set Spider-man. This is an amazing Spider-man figure, with more articulation than I know what to do with. The fact that he also comes with an amazing Spinneret (that many people overlooked) is just icing on the cake.

3rd - Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary - Captain America - 10%

Another figure that barely lost to the second-place winner (again one vote), we have another classic version and now the definite version of Captain America. If you are a Cap fan at all, this is the figure you need in your collection. Tons of accessories, great effects, and pair of fantastic heads, if you don't have this figure for your Captain America collection, then you are deeply missing out.

2nd - Walmart Exclusive Dr. Strange - 10%

The runner up for this year we have Classic Dr. Strange. This is a figure we have been wanting for years and Hasbro has delivered. Not only does this have great accessories but you can also use them to make three versions of the Sorcerer Supreme. The only thing that's wrong with this figure is that the chest emblem is too blue. 

Winner - X-men Retro wave 2 Spiral - 11%

And the winner of the Best Marvel Legends figure of the year we have Mojo's assistant, the woman who held Psylocke become Asian, the six-armed sorcerer, Spiral. As one of the few that does have the older one (and it's variant), this is a massive improvement on a figure that was already a great figure. Every hand can hold a weapon which she has six. I know many don't have her yet (particularly in the US), but if you have her on pre-order, then the wait is worth it.

And that the winner of the best Marvel Legends of the year. But before we go, I had some other questions you have the option of answering. Of the 81% that answer whether you like these, 91% said yes. I'm glad that the majority of you enjoyed this and it makes me glad I keep doing every year.

As for new categories (in which some of you decided to complain about the site or what Hasbro was doing which I didn't ask), some produced some clever ideas for categories, but each would be hard to implement. The one that got the most suggestions were the Best Head Sculpt, but that would involve almost every figure of the year so that would be hard to implement. 

As for which figure people are looking forward to next year, it's a tie between Banshee and Chamber, both of which I'm looking forward to next year as well. Let me know what you guys think of these results below or on any of the social media sites.

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On 1/2/2023 at 9:52 PM, Benn said:

There was never any question for me that Spiral would come out on top. She may be the best Marvel Legends figure of all time.


It's quite surprising to me that she's not topping most Top 10 ML lists though I do get it. If you're not a fan of a character no amount of perfect figure will win you over.

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On 1/4/2023 at 8:34 PM, enzosaurusrex said:


It's quite surprising to me that she's not topping most Top 10 ML lists though I do get it. If you're not a fan of a character no amount of perfect figure will win you over.

I think it’s more because this wave she’s in has barely shown up at the end of 2022 and most people haven’t gotten their hands on her yet. I almost considered leaving her off myself. What I’m really trippin over is that Lizard didn’t even make the cut..😵💫 that’s criminal! 

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