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Hasbro Marvel Legends Fanstream February 20th


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So here's my theory. IF, we do get an Avengers wave with baf announcement this Tuesday, I predict the baf will be Ultimo. Not a bad choice in my opinion. A classic Iron Man villian, which of course means he has come into conflict with the Avengers many times over the years. His height won't be the towering height he has in the comics, but still, it would be awesome to have another villian to add to our shelves. A 12"ish Goliath is probably a more safe bet, but from what I have been able to peice together, I think it's Ultimo.

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On 2/19/2024 at 11:31 AM, leokearon said:

So maybe more info on Red Widow and Classic Wasp. I would love to see a modern Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver given it's their 60th anniversary

Don't forget about the Avengers Wave Displaying Model Behavior listed in his big announcement late last year. All the Wolverine box sets he said were coming have come to pass already. The wave consisted of Count Nefaria, Herald of Thunder Thor, Heroes Reborn Iron Man, Ka-Zar, Ikarus and Iron Man 300 (which I think is actually going to be Ultimo the baf). Of course that's probably not enough figures to make him, so maybe that Wasp and Red Widow are also in the wave. Then again, these could all be totally wrong or a wave that will be released later in the year, so we'll see tomorrow.

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I really wish Zemo was just in that wave. I have 3 of that freaking Zola already. It's just a new piece of paper in the chest window and a paint refresh. Bummer. But Zemo is super high on my "Must haves", so...gonna have to suck it up.

I like the wave a lot. Need Zabu. The only one I'm not pumped for is Cable, but he looks kinda cool with the eyes. Ikarus shoulda come with those. Wasn't pumped for the Thor...till I saw him! He's awesome. Wish Ka-Zar came with his Herald of Galactus knife, but he's still perfect. Hope we get more denizens of the Savage land. Really like the Superior IM as well. Glad it wasn't the exhaust pipes one that was rumored. And finally Wolfsbane!! Red Widow is cool enough. Not really enthralled with her yet as a character but she'll go nicely with the other members of the team.

Shield 3 pack looks great, especially the improved Sharon. That last one was an embarrassment.

Don't care about these VHs packs at all or an FF team that lasted about 3 issues.

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The 90s Cable is unexpected and fantastic - can't quite tell size; this iteration should be beefy/stacked/huge. 

Ikaris came out well - was hoping for the more contemporary Gaiman series / A.E.X. costume but colors are strong.

Superior Iron Man is only going to work if they up their deco game - the entire armor is based on blue light detailing. It's basically a Tron Legacy/iPod/iPhone armor. If those details are sculpted but not painted this is going to be an arctic armor peg warmer...

No clue who Black Winter is but hopefully this gives them the tooling for an updated pinless Olivier Coipel costume from the Return of Marvel Legends. 

All said this brand team really needs a refresh. The passion, especially compared to a team like Lenny/Emily on G.I. Joe, has been flagging for some time now. The difference between Lenny detailing every inch of a new Classified fig vs. Ryan basically introducing Red Widow with "here's a figure we made that we had no place to dump her, so umm...here" is getting old (and how is Ryan still coming across nervous and awkward after this many years?)

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Honestly, I'm relatively disappointed with these reveals. Lots of remakes of characters I already have in my collection and not much new.

Red Widow is the figure from all of these that I'm most excited about and we already knew about her. Comic Ikaris, Superior Iron Man and Black Winter are probably my favorites of the rest.

Morbius/Strange is a skip for me although I might have considered Morbius on his own. Prowler and Carnage on the retro card are nice but I'll have to examine if they're really enough better than prior versions to bother with. F4 Wolvie/Spidey is a skip for me, no interest. I want that new Heinrich Zemo to replace my Toy Biz one but really don't need a THIRD Zola. The SHIELD 3-pack is nice but again already have versions of all of these characters - will still buy, but also want to see the classic Nick Fury head that was rumored to come with this. Wolfsbane, Cable, Ka-Zar and Zabu will likely all replace my existing versions, but I never ever get excited about buying a figure of a character that I already have a version of in my collection, regardless of how much an improvement/upgrade it is. To me, it just means that I spent multiple costs of a figure to have one character. It's not my fault that Hasbro can't do their best version the first time around.

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The Zemo 2pk, Wolfsbane, 90s Cable so I can retire my Toy Biz one, and the two Caps I will get. The SHIELD 3pk is tempting and I like the Ka-Zar and Zabu but not sure its worth getting  four figures I don't care about to complete Zabu, and without Zabu I care less about Ka-Zar. So I am on the fence with those.

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First before I forget that hydro man on the table looked better than any of the pics online did him, the white highlights are awesome looking. Baron Zemo is such a a stand out soooo glad we are getting this version, they even said hood which gives me hope for cobra commander. It wasn't treated like a big deal neither should it , it is just a version of a character we all want. The VHS pack was weak to me, Prowler is cool and so is carnage. Shield three pack is awesome, they obviously didn't show the alt heads it comes with. So the BAF wave is pretty cool in my opinion,thought we were not going to get yaba at first. Kinda like hasbro to make this a BAF in a wave instead of a two pack.And then we get wolfsbane and I love her, I'm sure they will use parts from her for Ferrell. Ohh and they said year of the dragon I knew it was going to be fing fang foom for the haslab it's the only one of the old big toy biz left to do. Can't wait to see that thing!

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Here's my take on these reveals

Dr. Strange & Morbius 2 pack - Although Both look great, especially strange with the brighter chest insignia, don't need em, they are animated style, so pass

Prowler - looks cool, but no need since I have the previous one

Carnage - No easy pass, have enough Carnage at this point, and it's not a ton different then the Venompool figure

F4 Wolvie & Spidey - No easy pass, not any interest in these 2 in these suits

Zemo & Zola - Really into that Zemo, but I already have a Zola, however the Zola I have is the Purple one, probably going to go for this pack, since technically the Zemo is a different person then the Zemo I have

Sheild 3 pack - Yes into this mainly because I want a Fury & Dum Dum, Sharon being done better is nice to see, but I feel pretty cool with the kitbash I have, however I'm really wanting Dum & Fury

Zabu BAF wave - Yes to all!, I really want a comic Ikaris, Ka-Zar, Red Widow, and obviously if you have Ka-Zar you need his homie, I actually really like the rest of the figures as well, don't really need IM, Thor, Wolfsbane or Cable, but I want them cause they look awesome, and I'm going to build that BAF, that IM suit is actually one of the few suits I've been asking for so I'm stoked on it, surprised how cool that Thor is as well, and a sweet real Wolfsbane and that great costume for Cable, cool wave, weird wave.

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That's a lot of stuff, and I really hope it pleases a lot of people. I'm probably only going to get Wolfsbane. I just hope the face looks better in real life.

Lot's of cool variety and options. They are really trying to capitalize on the animated series stuff.

They did the wrong Fantastic Four! I would probably get the 90's group.

Cable looks weird with his X's so high on his suspenders. Otherwise, he looks very accurate to that era. The headsculpt reminds me of Ian Churchill's art on that title back in the day.


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I'm in for Superior Iron Man, The Wolverine/Spidey set and Carnage. Let's talk about that latter one for a second.

I haven't watched the livestream but based on what was reported, they were marketing this as classic?? The cardback sure has classic Carnage on it. But classic this figure is not. The head is all wrong, the teeth are white, the eyes are the wrong shape and the inside of the mouth is too dark. The body is also completely wrong, the black symbiote lines are way different and the texture of the body is way different. Don't get my started on the tendrils either.

Don't get me wrong, this body mold is fantastic and I love the figure from the Venom wave but to market this as classic Carnage, put him on a classic card and then rerelease a modern Carnage is just a slap in the face. This should have been on the RYV mold with the black lines painted on and a different head. As is I'm getting him to add to the Carnage army but I'd have much preferred a classic version.

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