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  2. The Vintage wave is a better bet since he is taller. Honestly they haven’t made a Spider-Man that would match that look in my opinion, Animated series Spidey was super broad shouldered.
  3. I'll go you one better. If we DON't get a classic Doom in some form or fashion before the 80th Anniversary celebration is done, I will be sorely surprised.
  4. In all fairness, it's not just Hasbro. Something like 90% of the figures in DCUC were done on two or three bodies. It's just a fact of life, everything's gotta "cost out." If a tool can be repurposed for another figure (or two) that's another plus in that original tool's column. It got us a great Iron Man, and a pretty good Dr. Doom.
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  6. MCU Collector24 has the Endgame wave somehow https://youtu.be/JyQYRNUAyYQ
  7. Hi everyone I'm new on this forum and new to ML figures aswell. In the first place I apologize for my bad english. That being said, here's my question. I'm looking for a Spider-man figure and I want it to look the closest as possible to the 90's cartoons. Ideally I want the figures to be new so I have 2 options: The vintage wave pizza Spidey or the Ultimate Spidey-Vulture pack. Which one do you recommend me to choose? Is there another alternative that I'm missing? Thanks.
  8. Dont care too much for Deadpool. It seems the market has been over saturated with Deadpool these past few years. I did enjoy his Movies. First one more so than the sequel.
  9. After his recent appearances on Extermination and X-force, I reall y want an Ahab figure. Maybe a BaF. So for the wave I would like: Young Cable Rachel Summers (Hound costume with extra head) Ahab Conan Doc Samsom Moonstone BAF: Immortal Hulk
  10. My top 3 BOEM wants are classic versions of Blob, Pyro & Avalanche to go along with Mystique & that classic Mags we have coming. The next Blob has to be a BAF as Hasbro will be going all out to top that great ToyBiz Blob which I stupidly sold off yrs ago for a bargain.
  11. Not about the source material, it's about making a munchkin version that looks all compressed & has arms/legs that can barely bend 45 degrees. Just one of the worst BAFs ever. Hasbro woulda been better off doing a comic accurate Ronin BAF instead.
  12. I'm not familiar with the Kree Sentries at all, but to be fair, their character designs look to be a bit boring already. The BAF Hasbro made doesn't look good, but it looks like the source material at least.
  13. Can't say I am familiar with the Pyro attire. I would definitely prefer a re-vamp of the Toybiz version, but would welcome any new Pyro at this point. I completely forgot about Maverick. No Weapon Plus shelf is complete without him (or Lady Deathstrike for that matter).
  14. Interesting. the headsculpt is what immediately turned me of about it, but the odd torso articulation threw me a bit too.
  15. It probably varies and obviously I don't know for sure but my guess is the bigger actors have enough pull they can maintain their individual likeness rights when they negotiate their contracts. That Hasbro figure didnt really look much like Bridges so they probably could get away with it then but now with the scanning tech they use I doubt that would be the case. As for Hot Toys they often seem to be able to get actor likeness rights where others fail. The Jack Nickolson Joker is a perfect example of that.
  16. Yeah, Jeff is pretty easy going too. I wonder if he has even been approached for something like that. He doesn't strike me as a guy that would shut something like that down.
  17. Not sure of an app but the Marvel Legends entry on wikipedia has plenty of info. The database here also has plenty of info & pics but it's not up-to-date last I checked. In order to keep track of what I have I just made my own Google Sheet that I update. It definitely helps
  18. The 2008 line did include a version of Iron Monger with a Jeff Bridges head. It was meh in terms of quality but you can still tell it's supposed to be Jeff Bridges. I figure the contracts include terms about use of likeness that should allow Marvel Studios to use the actors' faces without much issue. I figure that's why we got stuff like the Hot Toys Whiplash with a Mickey Rourke likeness five years after Iron Man 2, with Rourke having left dissatisfied with the studio (or maybe he just greenlit the product for the extra cash that comes from using his likeness).
  19. These are all pretty good guesses and ones I would buy very quickly. I would just hope that Black Tom would be in the below attire. An updated US Agent would be amazing. I have the first one and the buck is tiny compared to the new legends that are out now. Honestly, I would buy just about any of the old ToyBiz X-Men or X-Force line re-done in this vintage fashion, so I can't think of any that I would want in particular. Except maybe a Warpath.
  20. I would assume the price to pay for some such rights would probably exceed the value of making the actual "normal" figures they would be required for. I mean a Tony Stark figure is one thing but I'm not too optimistic about how well an MCU Obediah Stane, Aldridge Killian, Alexander Pierce, Justin Hammer or Hank Pym would do outside the non collector fan base. I can't imagine some kid asking his parents for one of these figures, nor could I imagine many of those parents breaking down and schilling out $20+ for some Plain Jane dude in a suit. Personally I'd love a Sam Rockwell (guy's freakin' hilarious) Justin Hammer and I would love a Hank Pym to go with my Tony Stark, even though the time line between the 2 long time frienemies is so messed up in the MCU, but that's pretty much delving into collector only territory.
  21. They've done an Iron Monger figure before but an actual Jeff Bridges figure my guess would run into problems due to likeness rights. I think the same goes for figures based on other mega stars like Michael Douglas and Robert Redford and such.
  22. Yeah I think you’re right. His eyes do look a little uneven. That right eye seems bigger or like it isn’t pushed in all the way or something. However, it still looks pretty good. I think this Spideys proportions and overall aesthetic look better then the classic Mezco Spidey. And that wing accessory is so cool!
  23. I don't collect MCU, but I would love a Jeff Bridges as Obidiah Stane figure (for obvious reasons).
  24. If by "recent" you mean Bendis' other then-concurrent Iron Man issues. Because Slott's run is enjoyable. Infamous Iron Man was a fun read, but, honestly, the premise carried the book more than the execution.
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