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  2. Ya, I know the creative team uses whatever sneaky, sly, or even underhanded trick (I'm sure simple name recognition is one of them), to slide another character in under the radar and they've been pretty successful whenever possible, but do you really think they went about it by tricking the "bean counters" into thinking Pimp Cottonmouth (lol, thanks for that one) and SS Cottonmouth were somehow the same guy, or is it not more likely that they just said, "Hey here's another character from the Serpent Society which is a pretty significant, albeit a little silly, criminal organizaton in Captain America/Avengers history, plus he'll be super easy to make using existing design and will require ZERO accessories"? It just seems like a pretty thin and very long stretch to me, and that it's it's being discussed like it's fact that the Netflix character had any bearing on the release of the figure almost an entire year in advance seems really strange. Maybe it's just me. But hell, who knows what goes on in all those pitch meetings anyway? All we can pretty much be sure of is if it has anything to do with the MCU franchises it's almost definitely going to get the automatic green light, so maybe. I guess. But not really, cuz that would bring us right back around to the major question at hand. Even if they were somehow able to convince the suits at Hasbro that the two were the same character, and then they were somehow able to sell them on a comic based figure on a "B Lister" like Cottonmouth due to his totally dissimilar appearance on a Netflix series, why the hell haven't they been able to get them on board for a comic based Falcon or WinSol from directly related characters from the far more successful movie franchises?
  3. Sambeckett how close to toledo are you? Since my initial find of magik I have started to see her pop up in almost every Walgreens in the toledo area
  4. Okay, I don't know why this concept is so hard to fathom. A character being on TV makes it more desirable as a potential action figure. The bean counters DON'T CARE that Serpent Society Cottonmouth is different from "Pimp Stormtrooper" Cottonmouth.
  5. Has anyone seen Magik somewhere in Michigan? I am reading about collectors finding her all over and I think someone saw a dozen Magik's at one Walgreen's. I have been to several locations and in areas outside of the ones I typically check and nothing.
  6. For being smaller figures, Hasbro did a great job getting the details in there. The older series of 3.75” figures seemed to be hit or miss in terms of the sculpt and design.
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  8. I'd be in favor of phasing out the Hyperion body because I've never liked the proportions. I'm not one of those people who obsessively nitpicks things like height disparity, but the way the chest juts out is just awkward.
  9. I'm probably one of the few one that loves that Hasbro uses the same body for the same character. it give all figure of the same character a sense that they are the same person. my opinion is use it for character's that have been using it and with new character use different bodies.
  10. It has come to my mind that, despite the releases of both the Spider-Man 2099 body mold and the recent Omega Red Body Mold, Hasbro is still using the Bucky Cap and Hyperion body molds for their figures. The former have essentially the same articulation as the latter except with the added butterfly joints. While I don't have as much of a problem with the Bucky Cap mold than I do with the Hyperion mold, I still think those butterfly joints are a much-needed improvement. So do you think Hasbro should get rid of those molds entirely and replace them with the butterfly jointed molds? I would love to see a Sabretooth figure with that Omega Red Bodymold.
  11. Not to point out the obvious, but you guys do understand the Cottonmouth from Serpent Society and the one from the Power Man and Iron Fist corner of the Marvel Universe are two totally different people that have absolutely no correlation to each other after the names, don't you? The figure that came out on the Avengers wave is not in any way associated to the Luke Cage Netflix series. Do Hasbrouck take advantage of a very small possibility of name recognition with the character? Maybe, but I tend to think he was a very easy figure to make and another Serpent Society figure as always an easy filler.
  12. Talk about perplexing....this show should've been cancelled years ago. In fact the last episode seemed like the series finale. Why is it called AGENTS OF SHIELD.....when clearly the producers have just turned it into the Chloe Bennet hour. Highly overhyped and overrated actress. They would have done better to focus on May and Coulson and make it, you know, SHIELD...but I guess Disney just couldn't let a Marvel project go, even one that is so mediocre as this one.
  13. Yes, a Stan Lee figure is almost a sure thing, but there's absolutely no way it's gonna be a general release, unless they redo the BAF attempt. It just wouldn't fly as a standard release. I'm with you in hoping it's not a SDCC exclusive, but it will most certainly be an exclusive. Maybe with one of the e-tailers or, better yet, Hasbro Toy Shop. A four founding fathers set would also be cool, but once again, it'll only be in exclusive format.
  14. Super stoked for this movie. I hope there are more Spider-men/women in the movie, not just the ones on the poster.
  15. This only makes me want him even more. I have been avoiding these due to he broken aesthetics of the figure that is not my thing, but this one looks so damn good.
  16. I think evey company should make a Stan Lee. Mezco would be great at this for sure. Every marvel fan must have a Stan on his shelf and I bet that he would be very happy about that. The greatest tribute ver,
  17. Given he turned up also in LEGO Avegners, may also suggest that maybe someone at Marvel Licensing department likes him.
  18. I pre ordered that wave too and the x-men wave. But it seems kind of crazy we haven’t seen a single one here in PA. Trying to army build those Multiple Mans. And try to find the black haired Psylocke no one wanted at first but is.l now outrageously priced on eBay lol.
  19. That's 100% the case. Any doubters need only look at the Black Dwarf (you can't make me call him Cull Obsidian) BAF. He was designed, produced and released based on original design over a year old and when the movie came out he looked almost nothing like the character in the movie. Even the weapon was different. Hasbro knew so long before anyone else and had gotten so far into production, it was actually easier to redesign the character in the multimillion dollar movie than the toy production. Not that I'm complaining. That movie character has goofy looking skinny legs with Frankenstein feet while the BAF looks a lot more menacing and powerful. It's actually being speculated that Black Dwarf will actually appear in the Captain Marvel in a form more resembling the BAF as in Infinity War he seams to be wearing a belt incorporating Captain Marvel's scarf that he or the Order altogether has taken from her. If that's the case and the character in the movie ends up looking like the BAF then that even accentuates the point that Hasbro had a glimpse much farther into the future than anyone.
  20. I'd love nothing more than to get a Marvel Legends Stan Lee figure. I'd even settle for some kind of rerelease of that Stan Lee/Spidey SDCC exclusive from a few years back.
  21. I would love to see that Legends Stan Lee releases. Is that petition on change.org something we can sign? Or is that for important people?
  22. Remember how long it takes to film a TV series. Plus, being on the inside, there's a better than average chance the Has' knew about Cottonmouth being on Cage looong before we did.
  23. Of course it increases the chances, but chances are if they do a Disney+ wave, it will more than likely be MCU versions. While a standard Avengers mave will have a better chance of being a comic version. Also Cottonmouth came out a whole year before the Luke Cage series, so he doesn't count, the other do.
  24. They should make legends of Joe, Jack, and Steve individual figures with a BAF Stan.
  25. It was announced back at Comic-Con. It's coming next year in one of the Avengers waves. https://www.marvel.com/articles/culture-lifestyle/hasbro-s-black-panther-marvel-legends-wave-2-figures-coming-in-december
  26. Yeah, I've yet to see the Spiderman wave in the wild.
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