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  2. I agree, I'm in the States, not Canada, but around my area, especially with TRU gone, it really is a matter of get them when you see them, because you won't see most of them again. It's left me pre-ordering most of the waves with figures that I either really want, or I know will sell fast. I don't find myself as "gotta have it now", but I definitely know that with figures like Mysterio, or the upcoming Psylocke that if I don't snatch one early on, it won't happen. For instance, to this day, I have never seen a Colossus or Jim Lee Cyclops on the shelf around here, but the Warlock wave has not only gone through normal restocks but a second series of restocks not more than a month ago.
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  4. Man I gotta get my hands on this set. So excited for all these 10 year anniversary movie figs. Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway JayC. Keep up the great work brotha.
  5. This is cool, but I pre-ordered this Iron Man months ago. Am I going to be included in the add-on? I hope so.
  6. That is great news! So far in spider-Man homecoming we got The Vulture and at the end when Adrian Toomes (The Vulture) was in prison he ran into Mac Gargan who is The Scorpion. So that is 2 members of The Sinister Six. And now we are getting Mysterio and Chameleon. So now it is at 4 members of The Sinister Six. I hope that there are 2 more members of The sinister six in the film or at least ensure that they make a third film with all the actors reprising the roles for the third film. Great post JayC!
  7. I wonder if this will be an origin film or what. I remember in one of the Avengers films it shows her past so I wonder if they explore some of the scenes shown in previous films. I am interested in seeing this movie. Also I hope that they show her and Frank Castle (Punisher aka Jon Bernthal) cross paths during her time with Russia. That would be awesome!
  8. CobraSaboteur87

    ML Riders Deadpool

    @Monron Seeing as the biggest takeaway I got from your post was that you used the phrase “post haste” (which I commend you for), I’m along the lines of you might be over thinking it lol (j/k). Also, if you’re bored, you need more hobbies bro lol. Also, since you have some time on your hands, you want to come over and help me open the last 2 months of toy orders I’ve gotten? It started out as like 2 boxes but after my second child was born, i got lazy and now it’s up to like 50+ lol. My wife is threatening me to get it done...
  9. Loving this X-Men Wave. Now all I need a classic Storm to be announced at SDCC and I'll be a happy camper!
  10. The x men apocalypse wave is awesome. I love how Hasbro is releasing specific waves with x men characters especially when all of them are great quality with amazing character selection. I really want to win these, especially because I'm 14 and cant get them for myself. Also congratulations to the winners of the youtube code giveaways. Can't wait till more x men figures are announced at Sandiago comic con 2018. It's about time we get an updated Gambit, Mystique and angel, hopefully, in a sentinel build a figure wave.
  11. CobraSaboteur87

    Comic-con Correspondence

    @Rukkdeez Hey man! I am glad we agree on the themed waves as that's the only thing gnawing at me about the line at this point. I believe we should get one beefy comic based Avengers Wave EVERY year (because Avengers are so comprehensive and represent so many characters and also because the line is call Marvel Legends...lol) and then give us 1 wave for a mainstream hero and rotate said hero waves in and out annually as stated so we aren't getting a Cap wave every year or an Iron Man wave every year, etc but we are getting at least 1 of those every year, tom compliment the MUST HAVE ANNUAL AVENGERS Wave (post 2019). Furthermore, using 9 waves a year and 3 marvel movies a year as a template, this what I would like to see. Avengers Wave x1 Spidey Wave x2 (as we always get) X-Men Wave x2 (we do not need "Deadpool" Legends Waves. Retail does not need another SKU and it's just stupid all around. I personally think the Sasquatch & Sauron Waves are the best of the year but if you take away all the deadpool variants from the waves, most to if not all of the characters in the waves are "X" themed characters, ranging from New Mutants to X-Men to X-Force, etc. Hasbro wants to give us 13 different 6in Deadpool Legends in a year? Awesome, sign me up cause I'll buy them all but lets just put 1-2 Deadpools in waves/2-packs per year and make all the other Deadpools store exclusives cause that's what exclusives should be designed for, variants & repaints. I mean is there any reason Deadpool in his underwear couldn't have been a Gamestop Exclusive? Does Deadpool in his briefs really NEED to be in a BAF wave and contain a BAF part lol?) Marvel Knights Wave x1 Rotational A (we need to keep this sub-line going, would be a real great way to get out all of those Knights & MAX versions of characters as well as just more obscure stuff. Does not need to be a wave every year but at least every other year) Hero Wave x1 Rotational B (Cap Wave, Thor Wave, Iron Man Wave, etc) Movie Wave x3 to correlate to each movie (these waves need to be 8 figures deep so we can still get a couple cool comic versions in addition to the movie figs from the wave which will be dominantly placed) *Bonus Annual Vintage Wave (I love the vintage assortment and can't wait for Wave 2 to land. Since the Vintage figs are all just primarily repaints, it's probably a very low-cost production for them and for that reason, I can't see why we couldn't just continue to get at least 1 Vintage Wave a year) Regarding the other questions/concerns I posed, they shouldn't fetch too vague of answers as we all know it's not what you say but how you say it lol. In any case, thanks again Rukk as I appreciate your effort and look forward to hearing your reporting. EDIT: Lastly, please thank Dwight & Co for the F4 figures and also the Villains they've given us this year, if you can. I can cross of several villains from my never-ending Bring On The Bad Guys list (especially from the MCU) and for that I am eternally grateful
  12. Phoenix is one of the most powerful characters in Marvels Mythos and this is beautifully represented here. It would also be great to have a red suit variant to represent the dark phoenix episodes.
  13. I think Cate Shortland would be perfect to direct an amazing gritty, low budget, sexy suspense spy movie as made evident by her previous work, however, Disney Marvel will never allow that therefore, I'm unsure whether this will work out or whether Shortland might leave due to "creative differences." But I'm looking forward to the MCU's first female action movie.
  14. Let's divide the baby in half and say it's Chameleon in disguise as Kraven.
  15. CobraSaboteur87

    Comic-con Correspondence

    @Monron999 Glad to be welcomed back and glad to see you & Rukk kiss and make up lol. I missed the great war of MCU vs Comic Legends figures that you and Rukk started and for reasons outlined by admin, I am not going to throw my $0.02 in on the matter but...perhaps on a different forum or platform, I would like to weigh in on the subject as while there many things I agree with you, Rukk & others on, there quite a few things I disagree on too. A conversation for another time as it were. I am glad you got into MU 3.75 at the end of the day as that line was truly incredible. In fact, if it wasn't for MU 3.75, Hasbro would have not seen a DIME of my money from 2007-2013, as I bought EVERY MU product released but zero Legends because coming off of ToyBiz, it was too much garbage to put up with. I wanted nothing to do with Hasbro's "Legends" pre Infinite Series rebrand in 2014 (there was some good figures made in 2013 across a couple short waves but at that point I was still beyond the pale with Hasbro and they hadn't earned my money back just yet). Hasbro still needed to prove themselves to me that they could be trusted with the brand and treat it right and in 2014, they finally did that for me. It's a shame the line is dead errr "resting", especially when there is no logical explanation for it so that's why I hope they get grilled on it again because letting Hasbro know face to face at these cons that the line still has interest for collectors (and they know it does-the real reason it was canceled is because 6in has higher margins, plain & simple---long discussion for yet again another time) Regarding the 12in Legends, while I completely agree the price point was steep (why aren't they $40 lol?) and the launch of the line was poor (I don't believe Spidey or Cap were handled as well as they could have been but I guess IM was ok), and YES there are some big heads lol...I don't concur with you on that the line was too much too fast. We have received 12 figures in 2 years but only 9 characters as 3 were just repaints. As I stated, think the line started poorly and the initial $50 price tag was laughable to most, leading to clearance. However, the last few releases such as Thor (which was awesome), Hulk (which definitely didn't beat the ToyBiz Icon version, But I did appreciate the size and accessories) and Jim Lee Wolvie (which was just simply fantastic), I would be very disheartened to see the line not continue as I believe it's just now hitting it's stride and that $50 price point is starting to seem more palatable with the recent effort they've been giving it. There's one very simple way to light a fire underneath the line: Small but consistent releases and nothing but rockstars for the rosters. I believe 4 figs a year, 1 a quarter, would be a nice sweet spot and they can give the retailers an exclusive repaint once or twice a year. Let's start the next 4 figs like this: Comic Thanos, Comic Venom/Carnage, Jim Lee Sabretooth ( to go with the sweet Wolvie we have) & Jean Grey/Phoenix. Who's with me on that lol? Err, not matter how much I try, I still rant on like a crazy person lol. Talk to you later!
  16. YESSSS Been waiting for this on 4K and really happy to see it support Dolby Vision & Atmos. In my opinion, this is one of the most accurate comic book movies ever made. It had everything, in classic comic form. Gratuitous ultra-violence, cheesy dialogue, hacky acting, seedy NY backdrop, a grizzled Castle who is beaten & cranky, etc. It was literally a Punisher MAX comic book but in movie form. It was ike an 80s movie that was really embellishing the source material and having fun with it and was also, surprisingly, very competently directed (I would like to see her direct more action movies). This movie was not going for awards or accolades, it was going for ripping the character off the books (at least the MAX runs) and throwing him on screen. I enjoyed the Thomas Jane Punisher for what it was and it was probably a better "movie" than Warzone, but nowhere near as much fun or over-the-top. Bernthal is by far the most "realistic" Punisher and very competently portayed and I loved the series but still, when it comes down to a distilled 2-hour Punisher experience, it doesn't get more Punisher than Punisher War Zone.
  17. Have to agree with the above sentiments, as to his looking a lot like Kraven... Which, would be pretty phenomenal to see. But then again, so would Chameleon.
  18. If I’m completely honest, as it pertains to a Black Widow solo film, I simply ‘DO NOT WANT’... Unless, of course, it features some of the more prominent MCU character crossovers I’ve come to expect from the majority of such fare. But, even then, having to put up with ‘ScarJo’ for the entire length of the abysmal ‘Ghost in the Shell’ movie, was bad enough. I just do not care for her. And I’m actually somewhat grateful that, up until now, her screen time in the Marvel films has been relatively limited.
  19. Being a MCU collector the Cull Obsidian wave looks fantastic. I havent seen it in my area at all. Im mostly excited to get my hands on a Thor figure.
  20. Hot Toys had to come and just kick down the door wit booth feet. Damn. As of now, only SHF came any closer and they have to make two separate figures to achieve this.
  21. This looks like the marvel cartoons translated into comic books.
  22. It would be great if Hawkeye appeared ... I wonder who the villain will be? hydra?
  23. I really hoped that they have chosen an established director or someone already involved in the MCU movies. Let's see if this pans out. This thing of female leads must be directed by female directors is kinda of nonsense to me.
  24. it seems more kraven than the chameleon ... it would be great to see the hunter at the cinema
  25. Looks like Kraven
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