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In Topic: X-men Wave revealed?

17 September 2017 - 08:46 AM

I think Hasbro knows that the fun of this product is collecting. Not having Scalpers show up and jack the prices so that some figures become impossible to find/purchase. I hope the Magneto they release is just the classic Magneto with something minor changed. And I can not wait for that Psylocke. I hope all the scalpers are pissed.

In Topic: A-force boxset / dark pheonix 2 pk

25 June 2017 - 10:57 AM

I just need the She-Hulk....

In Topic: RUMOURED! Spider-man Wave 3 (2017)

25 June 2017 - 10:54 AM


My Thoughts 

first nice wave with many sought after character and remakes

second hasbro is slowly replacing my villains shelf 

third 2 Hobbie Browns in one wave?!


as for the selection itself

  • Demogoblin - probably a resculpt of the HG/GG figure with new arms and head
  • Noir - Finally!! now all we need is Ham and India and we complete the first Web Warriors
  • Mysterio - bout time the last fan poll runner up got made
  • Spider-woman - either the ANAD version or HOPEFULLY a updated Julia Carpenter
  • Punk - I know a certain Shart that will be delighted with this as I am
  • Prowler - God make this be true. I don't care if it's the classic or Parker Industry version just make it so.
  • Gwenpool - well it was hard to put her into a Deadpool wave when she is techinically a alternate version of Gwen Stacy.


DEMOGOBLIN: Probably not a new head, it's probably the "Demon head" Hobgoblin in new colors. Remember, in the comics Demogoblin was the one with a long tongue.The possessed Hobgoblin just had crazy sharp teeth. The thing Demogoblin will have is probably the firey glider.
MYSTERIO: Been waiting for EVER for a Hasbro remake of this guy. I hope it's Ultimate Mysterio, but fishbowl head will do. He's just so iconic. I don't even like his story or powers in 616, but I appreciate his history and status as a legendary Spidey villain.

NOIR: I don't have much to say about NOIR.
SPIDERWOMAN: Hope it's her modern outfit. With the jacket and sunglasses?
SPIDERPUNK: Meh. I know others will be happy, but I feel like there could have been other or better characters thrown in here. Like where's Shriek? Or could we have gotten Doc Ock finally? Demogobz is just a repaint, Mysterio is going to be the bucky/cap body with thor cape and a fishbowl head; long story short they can afford to do a really insane non-baf character in this wave.
PROWLER: Because he's in the movie, he's in the wave. I get it. Whatever.
GWENPOOL: No shock here.

BUT here is where I get excited. What Maximum Carnage characters have come out: We've got Spidey, MJ, Black Cat, Venom, Cap, Carnage, Demogoblin, Morbius....We're missing a few on either side. Deathlok, Firestar, Cloak and Dagger on the hero side and Shriek on the villain side. I think the BAF of this wave should be...


We haven't seen him as a figure in over 20 years. They're CLEARLY trying to cover that era of comics with the likes of Demogoblin, Morbius, Blade, etc. Maximum Carnage is not only VERY popular already, but will be even moreso when Carnage finally comes to the movies in Venom. This guy is the type of character that would look great in future movies as well. He's a character that could make a great lackey villain and die in the end without ruining future films. But most importantly, he's be an amazing looking figure.

In Topic: Accessory Waves

12 March 2017 - 07:09 AM

My problem with vehicles is that most characters don't need them. So what would they make that would make sense? A SHIELD jeep? Cop car? Thor, Hulk, Hobgoblin, Scarlet Witch, Black Cat, Wolverine, Rogue, Electro, War Machine--just a few of my figures that I can see from this angle. None of them drive cars or planes or anything. And there is already a ghost rider bike, helicarrier, and blackbird out there. I guess they could re-release those, but Ghost Rider currently sells for around $60, I'd rather they re-release him than his bike.

As for the issue with money. I'd have to disagree with some of you. It's really just about preference. It seems like you, that responded, aren't all that much into ACBA or dynamic posing. And that's totally fine. But I am, and for those like me, I don't want to pay MORE money to get what we already should be getting. And let's be fair, BTW, not all Legends are WORTH $20 price mark. Eel? Diamondback? Scourge? Captain America #5835893? Scourge was actually a good figure haha, but my point is that, no, I would not want to justify raising the price to get stuff that should already come with the figure. The Deadpool figure shows that they COULD do it exactly as I described without issue.

Between every NORMAL wave include an "Accessory Wave" figure (as described above), which is just an "army building" figure with a ton of extra accessories. And as for the base sets. Well, they could just be Toys'r'Us exclusives. An "Asgard" or "Dr.Strange" set with a ton of magical and energy accessories for people like you @DSmith. You'd be one of the one who wouldn't care about the guns, so don't buy that one. The point of the bases is to include those extra accessories. So you don't need or want extra guns, but like energy effects? Buy an energy effect base. Want extra webbing and Venom goo? Wait for a Spider-Man base.

In Topic: Deadpool Wave Speculation

11 March 2017 - 08:58 PM

I see a lot of your plan as not happening.


1. I doubt we'll get movie versions of ANY X-characters while Fox is still in the mix with X-movies. Don't ask me why, but that's been the name of the game since X3.


2. You named a 7 figure wave with a BAF, and FOUR of those seven (not counting unidentified villain) are female. DOUBT THAT in the most fundamental way.


3. The BAF is ALSO female, making that FIVE out of EIGHT releases being female. Not in this 616 universe, if I've ever seen it.


I'd buy every single character on your list. But they'd never be released that way.

1. Since X3, have there been any figure releases alongside the movies? I'm not being sarcastic here, I'm really asking. I don't think First Class, DOFP or any of the other films had figures made in the 6 inch figure scale.
2. Like the all female Toys'r'us box set?
3. Never say never. Hasbro has shown that they're nothing if not surprising. And collectors have shown that the stupid misogynistic rules of yesteryear have nothing to do with what we will pay. I think of the top five most expensive second-market Hasbro Legends, at least 3 are female.

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