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Captain America movie

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#1 CommanderRogers


    Emperor's Royal Guard

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Posted 22 July 2011 - 02:34 AM

They did a good job telling his story. Of course, as fans we will have things we wish they had done or at least done differently. But overall they did a bang up job with this one. The movie is all about character and that's how it should be. As long as they continue to do him justice in the movie next year I'll be plunking down LOTS more money on Marvel.

Thanks Marvel!!! of course, Make Mine Marvel!!!

(and yes this thread is in the 3.75" figure forums too. I posted there before thinking it should be here instead. sorry for the double post)

#2 Toysniper



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Posted 23 July 2011 - 11:10 AM

I loved they ended the movie in the present and I was sad for Bucky but we all know he'll be back. The one second he held the shield was a cool sight also.

I loved Captain America and it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy! haha I loved Tommy Lee Jones and The tie in ending to the Avengers was awesome! Cap's always been one of my favorites and to see the Avengers on screen together gave me chills! I was like Justice League who?! I loved all he shield action in the movie 'PTAAANG!!!" Tony Stark's dad was cool in the movie and funny like Tony is in his movies. The Red Skull looked great and was an excellent villian! I liked how he would just obliterate people at will,.....hilarious!!!

#3 Prem1x


    Storm Shadow

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Posted 23 July 2011 - 11:38 AM

A++. My new favorite super-hero movie. Will see at least a couple more times. Love all the classic geek movie references and this movie ties up the entry to the Avengers perfectly.

#4 CommanderRogers


    Emperor's Royal Guard

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Posted 23 July 2011 - 09:45 PM

Tommy Lee Jones was perfect for Colonel Philips. The whole movie was just awesome! I wish we didn't have to wait almost a year to see Cap again in the Avengers; but that post credit scene gave me chills every time I saw it (twice online and twice in the theater now!lol).

I don't know how much Cap's gonna pull in for the weekend box office, but my family did it's part with over $100 spent at the theaters so far!!!

I sure hope they get Cap 2 slated for 2013 since Avengers is 2012. I think seeing Cap every year would be cool. One year his movie, next year another Avengers movie.
Sound like a good plan Marvel?

#5 uberlad



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Posted 23 July 2011 - 10:18 PM

The Winter Soldier storyline would make for such a great movie for the sequel. All the pieces are in place.

#6 MoviezAdda


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Posted 25 July 2011 - 11:55 PM

Captain America movie was simply awesome to watch...This film delivers a lot of action, an intriguing plot, a tantalizing and beautiful love interest, many humorous moments, powerful messages about internal fortitude and courage, a classic villain, superb acting and many of the basic essentials of any good action movie.
i liked it a lot.......

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#7 belmont13


    Battle Droid

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Posted 27 July 2011 - 09:50 AM

The movie was all sorts of awesome loved it from start to finish everything was handled so well. Loved the portrayal of Bucky and the Commandos and the Red Skull was one the movie's highlights of the movie seen it twice now.

@uberlad:The director said that one of the characters he loved reading the comics was the Winter Soldier and he would love to give him his own movie.

#8 CommanderRogers


    Emperor's Royal Guard

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Posted 28 July 2011 - 10:56 PM

anybody else see the irony of featuring the original Human Torch in the "World's Fair" scene? Here's Chris Evans aka, Johnny Storm, now playing Cap and walking by the original Human And it works cuz John Hammond, the original Torch, was in WWII with Cap in the comics. nice nod to continuity and a slight tongue-in-cheek about movie continuity at the same time.

#9 tyroner


    Nameless Thug

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Posted 29 July 2011 - 06:05 AM

Just aw it last night.. just one word.. AWSOME !!! :)

#10 MichelPonting


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Posted 03 December 2011 - 04:28 AM

The movie looks wonderful.This movie got big money with successful super hero movies & good response by people.The story and characters are simple and fantastic.

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#11 QthaGreat


    Trap Jaw

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Posted 04 December 2011 - 10:02 AM

this movie was well written and it focused on Steve Rogers and who he really is as a character without having too much action to overshadow the human element. that way in the end, people rerally felt sorry that he didn't get the girl in the end like he should have. great writing.

#12 Devilbat


    Cobra Soldier

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Posted 31 March 2012 - 12:57 PM

I got this movie on Blu-ray not long ago, and I absolutely loved it. I can't praise it enough. It's probably the reason I'm such a Captain America/Avengers nut now. (lol)

I had my reservations about Chris Evans playing the part though for several reasons:

1. He had already played the Human Torch.

2. He looks waaay too young.

3. As Captain America, he's not big and bulky enough.

Once I got past all that however, I feel as if he played the role perfectly and fit the part well. Why? Well, the Human Torch thing shouldn't matter. I guess he's such a good actor that he made me forget about Johnny Storm and carried himself entirely different in this movie. In other words, he pulled it off in a believeable way. Secondly, the more I thought about his youthful dawned on me that it was mostly our young men signing up to fight. Why should Steve Rogers be any different? He didn't come along at an older age, although his leadership presence seems well beyond his years in the books. As for his bulk and physicality, I guess you don't have to be a body-builder on too many steroids to fit the part. And I think his uniform kind of masks his physique too.

I guess it was just refreshing for me to appreciate this all-American, strong, wholesome, decent, moral, iconic hero for a change instead of the dark, brooding anti-hero that's been so popular in cinema in recent years. That, paired with a great WWII story (I'm fascinated with anything WWII-related), along with a fantastic villain by the ever-awesome Hugo Weaving (Did he not play the perfect Red Skull?!) and excellent effects and stunts, just made for an awesome and very enjoyable movie for me.

I was satisfied with The Avengers coming out, but now I've learned that a Captain America 2 is in the works. I can't wait...

#13 jamesji


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Posted 04 April 2012 - 02:13 AM

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#14 welsonrose


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Posted 15 August 2012 - 04:15 AM

This film is really amazing, i watch it two time in cinema and download to my local computer. :D

#15 Jesusfollower


    Battle Droid

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Posted 16 August 2012 - 02:27 AM

Can't wait for the second one to come out. I hope we get to see either of the two zemos. Also see what happend with the red skull and bucky. Oh and if arnim zola will actually look like the comics somehow.

I downloaded the film to my pc along with all the other marvel films. Except electra and punisher war zone.

#16 Jesusfollower


    Battle Droid

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Posted 16 August 2012 - 02:53 AM

Now on to the first film. I thought it was a great film but, they should of focused on the parts where he was fighting hydra a little more. Also more red skull, hopefully will get more skull in the sequel. I liked the fact that they didn't leave anybody out. Peggy, bucky, skull, fury, and the howling commandos were all in the film. Movies always tend to leave out characters, because of certain circumstances. Overall I really liked it, espacially since it was based on the first few issues of tales of suspence comics that focus on cap. The first few issues mostly focus on the era of world war II and him fighting the skull. very few films exclusively stick to the original source and if they do they change the parts around to much.

#17 BigBearJahlon


    Cobra Crimson Guardsman

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 12:54 PM

I thought Captain America was great. Outside of the X-Men: First Class, it was the best action/ hero movie of 2011. Yes, I wanted a little more of him beating down Hydra, and the loss of bucky was good, but not iconic. (Hard to top falling from a rocket-plane and watching your partner blow up). I did like the connection to the Red SKull.

Can't wait to see how they do the Winter Soldier and Falcon in part 2.

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