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Marvel Knights/Netflix wave at GameStop & ThinkGeek RIGHT NOW

13 July 2017 - 07:16 PM

GO! Drop everything and go right now!


I saw a tip on another message board and went to two Gamestops. Didn't see any on pegs. At the second store, Steinway Street in Queens, NY, the cashier looked up Marvel Knights in the computer and said they had 16 units in stock... he had no idea they had them.


I got to pick from two cases of this wave and they are BEAUTIFUL. $22.99 each at Gamestop, so I spent $150 but the wave is MINE and I was home in less than 2 hours from when I left.


AMAZING! GO NOW and get these figures!

I heard a rumor...

03 May 2017 - 02:19 PM

To be taken with the proverbial grain of salt, but anyone with a fair social media presence might have seen this also.


It was a list of the Marvel Knight's/Netflix wave, Spider-Man wave, and... a Deadpool wave. It included apparent case breakdowns, and BAFs that (up until now) I hadn't heard anything definitive about...


The list appears to be a screen grab off of a spreadsheet, and reads as:


Marvel Legends Netflix series

Netflix Daredevil x2

Netflix Punisher x2

Netflix Elektra

Netflix Jessica Jones



BAF Man Thing


Marvel Legends Spiderman series

Spider Punk

Spiderman Noir






BAF Lizard


Marvel Legends Deadpool Series

90s Deadpool x2



X-Force Deadpool





And the list is "cut off" before a BAF mention for the Deadpool wave.


It may not be legitimate, one suspect thing is that the first and last waves mentioned have a case breakdown "x2" listed, making the waves even at 8 units per case, but the Spiderman wave lacks that, leaving the 8th slot undetermined in the case. It also might have been a tactic to make the Deadpool rumor gain steam by linking it in a list with other confirmed/semi-confirmed figures, but... I thought this was enough info to be worthy of discussion.


Do you guys think it could be legit?

Anyone seen the new Thunderbolt variant/running change Shocker?

17 March 2017 - 11:35 AM

Have you heard?


The Sandman wave Shocker is popping up in stores with a running change/variant (not clear yet which), where he features a "Thunderbolts" logo belt buckle in gold on his costume in the midsection. Anyone who has the Boomerang figure, the emblem is in the same place on Boomerang, but on him the emblem is gray.


I heard about this recently, and started googling pics, but only came up with one image.


I went hunting today in NY. I went to Forbidden Planet (comic book store near union square), Walgreens (union square), Toys R Us Express (34th street), and Midtown Comics (40th street). Across those four stores, I saw 11 Shocker figures, and only ONE of them had the Thunderbolts emblem on the costume (at Midtown Comics, one figure out of the five Shockers they had).


Anyone else heard about this, or interested in picking up this version, even if you picked up the blank original?

Build-A-Figure Concept Extrapolations...

10 February 2017 - 03:55 PM

I was reading a convo in another thread (I think it was between Rukkdeez and Monron), talking about the virtues (or not) of the BAF Vulture Wings concept.


It got me thinking... How would you take the BAF concept in a different direction, or further?


I remembered an idea I had for a BAF concept where there was a BAF Stepford Cuckoos. Each figure in the wave included the same part (like a left arm), but had five left arms, all with a different "highlight color" on each to differentiate between all five of the sisters. The torso could be a standard paintjob (no highlight color), and packed with an individual character that is meant to army-build on its own (Multiple Man?) which would make sense to own five of, in order to acquire five torso pieces.


The smallest figure in the wave would be packed with all the Cuckoos heads with different facial expressions. It would only take 6 figure purchases to acquire a total of 11 characters, unless they wanted to distribute all the BAF parts in a different way across 8 figure purchases. Or if they kept it to 6 characters in the wave (plus 5 Stepford Cuckoos), they could triple pack Multiple Man in the case assortment, allowing more ease to locate a natural army builder. And importantly, no spare parts leftover.





Taking this idea one step further, what about BUILD-A-TEAM?!


For example, New Mutants, who, at different times, have worn uniforms that are nearly identical, with minor differences.


Each main character could include multiple limbs, but each would be a different body type (lean male, muscular male, lean female, curvy female), but all painted in same uniform type.


This technically is 8 character purchases, which would gain us 12 full characters. Let's say that the Build-A-Team characters are Karma (lean), Cypher (lean), Sunspot (muscular), and Moonstar (curvy).


Within the character purchases, we receive Cannonball (with blast effect lower body, and the lean lower body pieces included elsewhere in the wave, are interchangeable to make a non-blasting Cannonball), and Magma (who, powered-up, is not visibly in a uniform, and thus a unique addition to the team.


If we want to consider Wolfsbane, we could included a transformed Wolfsbane as the main character purchase, with an alternate, standard Rahne Sinclair head to swap onto the Karma lean body, for a depowered option. Could also include a powered-down Magma head that works on the curvy body, if desired. Let's add Sunspot powered-down head to that list as well.


Potential for a 7-member team, and powered-down versions of 3 single-packed characters as alternate swappable part options. The 7-member team still doesn't account for 5 other characters that would be single-packed to distribute all these limbs and torsos.


Character 1 - 4 left arms, plus powered-down Magma head

Character 2 - 4 right arms, plus powered-down Sunspot head

Character 3 - 4 left legs, plus wolf pack-in

Character 4 - 4 right legs, plus powered-down Rahne head

Character 5 - includes lean male torso (Cypher), with head

Wolfsbane - includes muscular male torso (Sunspot), with (powered-up) head

Magma - includes lean female torso (Karma), with head

Cannonball - includes curvy female torso (Moonstar), with head


This wave, if you buy all 8, can give you 12 unique characters, as well as powered-up and powered-down versions of 4 of the characters (Cannonball, Magma, Wolfsbane, Sunspot), providing 16 display options from this wave. 17, if you count the full-wolf Wolfsbane pack-in. AND IT GIVES YOU A WHOLE TEAM AT ONCE!!!!




What are your BAF concept extrapolations for something new?!

Can you predict the pegwarmer?

15 January 2017 - 03:54 PM

I was talking with Monron in another thread. And there's plenty of ways to speculate about what will pegwarm. So I figured we can make a game of it.


Starting with 2017's releases, let's try to predict the sold-outs and the pegwarmers for each established wave! And is the BAF one that you think will drive sales of the wave? Or no?


Let's imagine there will be 1-2 pegwarmers and the rest will be hard to find. Which is which for each wave?


I'll include the Sandman wave, as it came out so close to 2017.



Green Goblin


Ms. Marvel (Kamala Kahn)


Spider-Man 2099 (All New All Different)

Spider-Man (Symbiote)



GOTG 2017 WAVE 1



Drax (movie)

Nova (Sam Alexander)

Vance Astro

Star-Lord (movie)

Yondu (movie)


X-MEN 2017 WAVE 1


Cyclops (Jim Lee)

Dazzler (disco)




Wolverine (Old Man Logan)



Adam Warlock

Death's Head

Gamora (movie)

Nebula (movie)

Rocket Raccoon (movie)

Star-Lord (comic)




Dead Meat?

Moon Knight

Spider-Man (cosmic)

Spider-Man (movie)


Vulture (movie)


Who will warm the pegs?

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