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Favorite X-Men

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#26 Jokerjester


    Cobra Soldier

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Posted 21 October 2008 - 02:06 AM


Cyclops for me...

I know a lot of you hate this character because he's not "flashy" and "powerful" enough and has a very boring attitude unlike wolvie but i got reasons why i like him...

As for his powers, he, on my opinion, is the only member of the team who has total control of his powers. He really knows the limit of using his power and rarely oversteps this line. Evidence? He rarely removes his visor when fighting opponents. He could easily overcome any opponents by giving out a full blast of his optic blasts but he doesn't do so due to his fear of endangering his teammates around him.

Next, he is a very good and capable field leader. He usually steps in the leader role when the need arises. Check out the House of M comics where he led a bunch of heroes against Magneto and the Scarlet Witch even if he is surrounded by more powerful heroes i.e. Dr. Strange, Luke Cage, etc... Even Wolverine looks up to him and listens to his tatctics and decisions.

#27 zmikey08z


    Battle Droid

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Posted 24 October 2008 - 04:43 AM

Can't pick......its a thresome tie....Emma,Wanda,Kitty

Emma: Not only did she try to make moves on married stick-in-the-mud Cyclops, she did it by infiltrating his mind and making herself look like the guy's wife, Jean Grey, who happened to catch them in the act.
Also, she always wears ridicously revealing clothes, but seems like the most frigid b!tch who ever b!tched a b!tch. Like, she'd get all crazy and smack you with her diamond fists if you just tried to touch a little cheek or even looked for too long. B!tch! (as you can tell, I like Emma as a b!tch)

Wanda: Iknow she's not an x-man, but she did fight them....When a slightly drunk Wasp mentioned the children the Scarlet Witch actually never had with her robot husband, the Vision, she went crazy nuts and killed half the team. She also destroyed their home base, which cost Tony Stark what would equal about ten bucks to us, but still. Then, in the ultimate, "f**k you, Dad" moment ever, she wiped out all the mutants in the world, basically. Tell me that's not worse than some lady cutting you off in traffic.

Kitty: I like my evil b!tches, but I got to have my innocent girl....Kitty Pryde is that girl. She can kill very easly, but dosn't, she uses her powers as defensive for her and others..aaannnd.....she's in a giant bullet going through millions of planets.

#28 Mystique


    Nameless Thug

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Posted 05 January 2009 - 01:05 PM

Hmm id have to say mystique for obviouse reason when she was working for Xaiver in her own spin off series she was the greatest and it still proves no one truly can know where she is all the time :)

and male wise it has to be cyclops, even though he puts on the hard man act he is a softy inside. and i'm soo glad he is with emma now jean was holdin him back :P

#29 thedevilsdue06


    Cobra Crimson Guardsman

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Posted 09 January 2009 - 03:42 PM

most definately storm. she kicked cyclops' arse with no powers.

#30 kitokat


    Nameless Thug

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Posted 27 February 2009 - 07:33 PM

My favorite is definitely Kitty/Shadowcat…she’s sweet, smart, pretty and even though her power is small she can use it in such a big way(help people,defeat people and protect herself), plus she knows what she wants and thinks most things through…all in all she rocks and has an amazing…I wish I had her power!!!

#31 Warspectre


    Captain Superstrong

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Posted 17 March 2011 - 01:40 AM

COLOSSUS! A superstrong virtually invincible powerhouse with the soul of a poet and artistic talent...and all around nice guy. It was always something I identified with and tried to emulate.
...btw...he changes his entire moecular structure to 'organic steel' which, apparently, the writer and artist of the new wolverine #4 wasnt aware of...




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Posted 19 March 2011 - 01:15 AM

QUOTE (WingsCustoms @ May 13 2008, 05:00 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Angel - his character has had the most scope, be it solo hero, team player, millionaire playboy, brooding horseman, businessman and teacher (loved the flying lessons during Grant Morrisons run, really grounded despite what was going on!)


well said, my friend... even 3 years later, rings absolutely true.

Angel FTW.

#33 QthaGreat


    Trap Jaw

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Posted 23 June 2011 - 04:21 PM

man how did I ever miss this thread!?

1. Bishop - cool ass name, cool ass power, loves guns, crazy as hell!
2. Gambit -
3. Storm
4. X-23
5. Psylocke
6. Fantomex
7. Rogue
8. Emma Frost
9. Deadpool
10. Wolverine
11. Warpath
12. Domino
13. Archangel
14. Sage
15. Beast
17. Nightcrawler
18. Longshot
19. Colossus
20. Sunspot

#34 jiggychoo


    Cobra Soldier

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Posted 09 July 2011 - 04:05 AM

My favorites are: Storm and the beast.
Spy kids 4: All the time in the world online Rise of the planet of the Apes movie

#35 everymoss09


    Cobra Viper

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Posted 26 July 2011 - 10:22 PM

when i was a kid i liked gambit , but i grew out of it

so im gonna say jean-phillippe

#36 Dinamite



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Posted 01 August 2011 - 10:03 AM

Ok, My favourite X-Men are...

1. ok Do I have to say it?...Boom Boom

2. Rogue

3. Frenzy

4. X23

5. Emma frost

6. Stepford Cuckoos

7. Vanisher

8. Namor

9. Gambit

10. Northstar

11. Domino

12. Iceman

13. Moonstar

#37 Warspectre


    Captain Superstrong

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Posted 26 August 2011 - 04:46 PM

Colossus! reasons stated above.

Juggernaut: huge unstoppable angry giant, who does have a heart.

Strong guy: huge superstrong comedic giant, who really needs to fart.

Beast: Furry strong animal man , who doesnt fit the part.

Frenzy: really strong female, who isnt all that smart! sorry...couldnt come up with anything else.
the xteams need more superstrong women! oh crap...forgot about rogue and M.
k...the xteams need more 'tank' only superstrong women! ;P

#38 RMustang


    Cobra Soldier

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Posted 22 October 2011 - 05:20 PM

My favorite would have to be:

1) Magneto...Master of magnetisim...Nuff said

2) Cable.....I hate that they depowered him but still the fact he has enough power to go up against Apocolypse and still keep the Tech-virus in check
3) Cyclops.... I will say ever since he became leader of the mutant race he has gained my respect as a character. What put him over the top for me was the fight in Schisim and his attitude about things at the end of Uncanny X-men 544....

#39 oldmanlogan



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Posted 25 October 2011 - 01:10 PM

for me its a 3 way tie between Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and Colossus. with Gambit, and iceman coming in close (:

#40 heroesrox


    Cobra Viper

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Posted 12 August 2012 - 12:08 AM

First off, how is this topic dead?!

My most favorite X-Men are: (in no specific order)

1. Jubilee

2. Psylocke

3. Danielle Moonstar

4. Gambit

5. Rogue (as a kid, she and Gmbit were my original faves, along with Storm)

6. Emma Frost

7. Dust

8. Northstar

I have a lot of X-Men characters that I like but the above 8 are my MOST faves. If all the others died except the ones above, I'd still buy and read the comics. :)

I was actually able to toleraet some Wolverine books as he traveled with Jubes and Betsy for some time. (After saving a brainwashed Betsy from being Lady Mandarin, she went along with Logan and Jubes. I loved it soooo much.)

Dust is amazing. Her power is fantastic and she's neat looking. I think it was wise of the creators to make her a Sunni Muslim and make her wear the traditional garb. It adds to her least for me. Also, I like that she's a Muslim. It is unique to her (in my knowlege of characters). Dust is my most favorite of the newer X-Men characters. She's the best of them to me.

Moonstar. How can you not love Dani freaking Moonstar?! She's a bow-using Cheyenne girl who'd whoop your a$$ with or without powers! I loved Dani's original fear-based powers. It was interesting. I also like how she was able to sens and fight off death. I've always like her character a lot.

Northstar was not my favorite Alpha Flight member back in the day. That title fell to Snowbird in the beginning. I am able to identify with his character and I think he has cool powers. I like his character overall. (He did rank high on my list of AF members, under Snowbird.)

Emma has always been a bada$$ in my eyes. Growing up, I remember her as the slutty White Queen and then the headmistress in Generation X. She has always been an interesting character to me. Remember when she possessed Iceman and made him turn his body into a river, unlocking his full potential as an Omega-Leveled mutant? That was awesome. (She also said Jubes had the untapped potential t explode at an atomic rate. Wish we could have seen that.)

Well, those are my most faves with some reasoning behind them. :3

#41 skydive


    Cobra Soldier

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Posted 01 September 2012 - 07:19 PM

mine isn't so much an X-man, as a villain. My favorite would have to be the Sentinel. Don't know why, he's just my favorite. Oh and I'm not tryin to be mean but doesn't anyone realize that cyclops is kinda blind and he can't control his power without his visor

#42 Ubsessed


    Cobra Soldier

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Posted 13 August 2014 - 08:52 PM

As a giant x- men fan , I have been asked this question b4 . My answer is the same as what my favorite beetles song. " witch ever is on the radio "
The best thing about x men is the group dienamic. With so many great Chr's that play off each other so well , it's so hard to decide .
If I had to pic one ..... I guess gambit , no psycloke , no cable , no iceman .... C what I mean

#43 thenerdieststore


    Cobra Soldier

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Posted 08 September 2014 - 01:42 PM

Mine are: 1) Wolverine, 2) Gambit, 3) Rogue, 4) Cyclops, 5) Colossus

#44 milos


    Nameless Thug

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Posted 25 August 2015 - 12:39 AM

it is my favorite hero "X man" . he is such an awesome man from my perspective and i read a lot of books and watched  movies . however he is so powerful as i know and he knows how to protect a person well. so that is why i like him very much. and i also like creating cartoons . so i make it pleasure when i make cartoons like x men.

#45 cable_and_hope


    Cobra Soldier

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Posted 27 May 2017 - 07:25 PM

1. Hope Summers 2. Cable 3. Storm 4. Cannonball 5. Magik 


Never liked Gambit at all and can't stand cyclops . When they made him nutty I was glad as then the rest of the world would hate him as much as I always had. His younger self in the All new X-men ain't bad since he has the hindsight 20/20 thing going on . 

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