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In Topic: Marvel Legends Sightings and Hauls thread

16 June 2018 - 06:21 PM

God bless kokomo toys on ebay I ordered the entire SP//DR wave and will have it in my hands Monday. Can't wait. Bet they get the X-men wave soon too. For whatever reason they have the hook up as they seem to get these waves 1-4 weeks before most in America get it . 

In Topic: Marvel Legends Sightings and Hauls thread

25 March 2018 - 10:14 PM

on the Thanos Walmart exclusive hunt....... had to rant a little after today....

today about noon, 6 stores in my area (north austin) update on brickseek showing 6 Thanos in stock in all but one store that showed 4.  I go to store 1 right after work - brickseek says 6 - none on shelf.  I show an employee my phone and the brickseek info, she goes to another employee who says 'you'll have to check later...'  i kindly explain that the brick seek info changed earlier today from '0' to '6' so maaaaaybe theseare sitting on a pallet???  No - he did not lift a finger to go check ..... 'you should check around 12....'  *sigh*  on to the next store......


Brick seek says '4'... none on shelf.  i ask employee again showing brickseek info and kindly asking if he could please just look - i just want one puny Thanos before the scalpers come in and buy up the entire case!!!!  he says he will look.  Disappears to the back.  over 30 min later he is nowhere to be found.  another employee asks if she can help me.  I hand her the freakin shelf tag , she scans it and says 'nope we didnt get any'  i look at her phone (scanner) and it reads '4 ON HAND'.  i say - so what does '4 on hand ' mean??'  'um well... we're supposed to have them in the store but.......'  followed by silence.  she is not about to walk to the back and look i realize and turn and walk away.  


It is 11:30 and im about to go to bed.  I check brickseek and ANOTHER store has updated from '0' to '6 on hand'... ok - these stores MUST have these - this makes no sense.  the last 2 weeks have shown '0' at every store in my area and today almost all show 4-6 on hand????  hmmmm  either brickseek is waaaay off or INCREDIBLY LACKLUSTER EMPLOYEES.......  hmmmm


I decided to go back to the store showing 4 on hand since it is open 24hrs.   Theres a pallet of stock sitting in the aisle where i had sat waiting, waiting waiting just 5 hours earlier.  on the top is an open Hasbro case of Thanos with ............. can you guess how many??   yep - 4 spanking new Thanos exclusives inside.  I took one and the box and put the remaining 3 on the shelf so some poor bastard like me might have a chance of finding him tonight or in the morning.


What have i learned?   Well - brickseek does appear to be correct and employees just dont care and in the future i will not trust ANY employee.  If brickseek shows in stock - chances are very good that the item is there.  I'm exhausted - been driving around looking for this guy for a few weeks.  Now i am vindicated!!

Annnnnd this is why I never ever buy figures from stores. Just wait til I can get them for a decent price. I am completely happy with my thanos I got from ebay for 29.99 including shipping 3 weeks ago. 

In Topic: Since TRU is now closing everything

25 March 2018 - 10:11 PM

The question of "what happens to the product designated "TRU exclusives" has been answered. Entertainment Earth will be taking over the reins (in some cases with another entity) and has the Vision/Scarlet Witch 2 pack up for order. I received word from my rep that EE will be getting most of the (formerly) TRU exclusives. Some will be in unison with another entity.

Good to know. I prefer this then them going to place like walmart and target as I buy all my figures online anyway. I think the last figure I got out of a store was the agent venom figure a few years back. The stores here in Jacksonville just are way to slow getting anything . 

In Topic: Since TRU is now closing everything

18 March 2018 - 01:28 PM

I can't imagine any scenario where they aren't released. Just didn't know if there was a plan in place. Also someone said not every store in the US is closing but that isn't true . Every single store in the USA IS closing. 

In Topic: Since TRU is now closing everything

15 March 2018 - 02:13 PM

As long as they still are released I am good . Haven't stepped foot in a TRU more then once a year in the last 10 years. 

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