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In Topic: Venom Wave

01 June 2018 - 08:42 PM

Ya, I was pretty sure the BAF was gonna be some version of the feral Venom & yes it is better than the Toybiz version. Way to rally back after that undersized Sasquatch debacle. I love Typhoid Mary. Hit me from left field but I'm happy to have it. The biggest disappointment about this wave is that it's only 6 figs deep. I feel like, since they were including figures like Mary anyway, they coulda worked in another easy character using an existing buck. Y'know, someone like maybe Tarantula or Vermin or even the Spot or Cardiac. Second looming disappointment is what's up with the Spider-Ham. There better be more to it than that small unarticulated legged piece of plastic. I'm sure it will come with the largest part of the BAF, but it better come with some web effects or Howard the Duck or something.

At the end of the day I guess we can all be happy the BAF wasn't Riot.

In Topic: Anyone gotten their Mysterio from Dorkside Toys yet?

20 May 2018 - 06:35 AM

They're usually pretty good about responding. They're also pretty much my go to for everything as well. In the case of Mysterio, and judging by the scarcity of the figure altogether, I'd bet they probably oversold the figure and they're waiting for a restock of their own. They're pretty good about keeping the customer in the know so it's odd they haven't contacted you back. Hope u get it soon.

In Topic: Rumour! Vintage wave 2

15 May 2018 - 11:44 AM

No, no, I do understand exactly what the vintage wave is about. I mean, aside from the obvious cheap money grab. What I think you might be misunderstanding is my use of the word update, which I did debate using for that very reason, but allow me to elaborate. When I use the word update I can mean newer or more modern versions of characters, though I'm usually careful to actually regard them as "modern" version, but in this particular case I only used the word in reference to the use of the newer molds or sculpts. Many of the characters I named were done (usually rather poorly) in the Toybiz or early Hasbro lines and could easily be "redone" in classic form using the superior current molds. Thor can be easily revisited using the Odinson buck, Tigra can be done using the Moonstone buck with some glued on auxiliary parts, similarly Hercules, Falcon & Yellow Jacket can all be done on existing bucks with little to no retooling

In Topic: Rumour! Vintage wave 2

15 May 2018 - 10:30 AM

Uuuuhhhmmm, just let me get the numbers straight for a second. That makes Black Panther number 4, Scarlet Spider number 5, Vision number 4, Hawkeye number 3, and Ant-Man number 5 (if you count MCU versions). I get that this will be the first Pym version of Ant-Man and probably an improvement on Wasp, who happens to have thousands of costume changes as part of her character bio, so I'm cool with those two, but just so we're really clear, we still haven't seen hide nor hair of an updated Quicksilver who is a long standing member of the Avengers (mutant or not), nor have we seen updated versions of Thor (meaning freaking ankle pivot), Tigra or Hercules or Falcon (with wings, for the love of god) or War Machine, Yellow Jacket (male or female, I don't give a damn), Hulk (again, ANKLE PIVOT) or Goliath. Better than the first wave? Perhaps, based on each person's character preferences, but still pretty freaking lame overall. Ant-Man is a definite purchase, but the set as a whole is a resounding "PASS".

In Topic: Legends Riders - Your Best Guess

07 May 2018 - 09:23 PM

Guys I really don't think hasbro (or any company for that matter) would put a guy in a wheelchair in a line call "ultimate riders". They have enough problems would sjw on their backs

Lol. So true.

Sad? Yes, but so true.

I think Hasbro kinda painted themselves in a corner with Prof X. They shoulda done him a long time ago when the waves were mixed franchises. At that time he coulda qualified as the "large" figure in any wave. Right now I think they're gonna have a really hard time figuring out where to fit him him. Obviously he will not be a Rider, as Tarot so eliquently put it, and I seriously don't think Hasbro would pull another "Finish-A-Figure" coup after that Vulture fiasco. I doubt the chair could be broken into more than 3 pieces even if they wanted to do it that way. At this point I think the safest bet would have to make him that 7th or 8th figure in a wave that has accessories (or one big accessory) rather than a BAF part. When that will actually happen, if ever, is anyone's guess. I mean, we still haven't gotten a Beast figure & judging by this year's X-Wave, which the creative team deemed the "Strongest Wave Yet" last year before the first character was even revealed, it may be some time before ole Xavier sees another plastic iteration. If that assortment is what passes for strongest I shudder to think what characters make it into a standard line up.

Here's to a depowered Blob making it into the next, soon to be deemed "Greatest X-Wave Evaaah" wave.

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