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  2. erivera94 takes a look at the Avengers: Infinity War S.H.Figuarts Captain America figure from Tamashii Nations. You can purchase this figure now from our sponsor Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and let us know what you think about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
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  4. the blue Marvel also has a swappable head for Minerva. You can just make is out under the shine.
  5. OHHHHHHHH. This wave. This wave is amazing with all the move figures and the Amazing Comic Figure. This is such an amazing wave. The movie also look pretty nice. I am excited to see her and all of the other "Hidden" characters like to Skrulls. I hope they get more screen time after Endgame. Also I am hoping for a second wave because we could get the characters(like a young Ronin) in their starforce look.
  6. Thanks to MFCT which is a Facebook group out of Taiwan, we are getting our first look at two additional Captain Marvel movie 6" Marvel Legends figures coming from Marvel. These are NOT part of the Kree Sentry Build-A-Figure wave which we showed you official images for yesterday. Not much in the way of details are known at this time about these two, but likely here in the United States these will be offered as some kind of exclusive. Both figures are based on the Brie Larson Captain Marvel character from the movie. One features Marvel in here classic red and blue outfit with power up effects, hands and hair. The second figure features Marvel in here green Starforce outfit. Hopefully more details and better images will get released soon on these. Image
  7. Ohhh yeah the Thing is an awesome figure. That's my pick for favorite ML for 2018. Can't wait for a good Super Skrull figure. I hope they use a larger body with the butterfly joints similar to Omega Red's. Definetely with some interchangeable arms or parts. We also need a new Dr. Doom.
  8. Did Robert Downey Jr. just give A clue to Tony Stark's fate in Avengers 4 with this new Audi car commercial? Probably not, but it's still kind of a cool commercial if you like to see how a car is developed. Avengers: Endgame opens in theaters on April 26, 2019.
  9. The only thing making me want to get the entire wave is the Kingpin BAF. The other figures are just not good. Why do they keep using that awful female buck??? Silver Sable looks terrible, biggest head and out of proportion!!! I suggest if anyone is interested in any of these figures to wait for these to go in clearance or buy them loose in Ebay.
  10. I knew I had seen the sentry in one of the FF comics before. The FF are in my book the first family of super heroes. And they were kicking this can long before Carol Danvers was in flight school. Hope the MCU will be able to do their story justice if and when they make a decent movie of them. The Thing actually pulverized the bum.
  11. There are images of 2 captain marvel exclusives figure. One in her blue starforce costume with what look like minerva head as well. The other is her powered up form. No word on where or how they will be released
  12. I know many are looking foward to these figures, but I will pass on the entire wave. Nothing interesting except for the Gargoyle figure. Looking foward to the movie, but can't say the same for the figures. Curious about that cat with young Nick Fury...
  13. Apart from Hasbro again doing two of the same character in a wave, this looks like a very good wave.
  15. I like the look, but I already have plenty of spidey and thor figures. I tried not to look at the foot JayC but couldn't stop staring at it. Thor might want to get that looked at.
  16. I would like to have that gray gargoyle for sure. Also the skrull figure, and probably the movie version captain marvel with mask head. Later if the rest go on sale, I may try to get the rest of the BAF. I think I remember the Sentry from an old fantastic four comic where they battled him. Other than the super skrull I wonder if they will produce any more versions of the skrulls? Oh, besides the cat!
  17. Not overly exited about this particular line up but that Kingpin BAF is a must have for me. silver sable, six arm spidey, night thrasher and puma I remember from the comics, but this red goblin I'm not familiar with at all and not crazy about the eye pieces they put on black suit spidey. Any how like I said before, Wilson Fisk is a must have for my collection. Thanks for the nice pics,
  18. Szamszantos sends us in-hand images for the new Marvel Legends 6" Spider-Man Kingpin Build-A-Figure wave from Hasbro. He lets us know the wave has started to show up already in the Philippines. The wave is expected to start showing up here in the US by the end of this year or first thing in January. The wave includes figures of Puma, 6-Arm Spider-Man, Red Goblin, Black Cat, Modern Symbiote Spider-Man, Silver Sable and Night Thrasher. This wave is currently available for pre-order at Megalopolis.Toys.
  19. I had the previous version and preordered this new one mainly for the chromed wings, I wasnt expecting to like this figure much more than the first release (I thought the first one was good enough) and from pictures, the flat red/pink color didnt seem right but once I got this new one I really liked it, I still think the previous one is a good figure but in IMO this new one is just a little better, with the more vibrant colors he fits in better with the rest of my x-men, the feet and hands change also make this figure look more like archangel, and the interchangeable heads (even though they are all repaints) are a great bonus, I ended up putting the new one in my X-men display and using the old one as Death next to Apocalypse (within my x-men villians display), Im not sure if Ill try to repaint the Helmeted Death head or try on a different way (before this was anounced I had a Taskmaster head lying around, the silver one with the white hood that came with the more modern Task, I was thinking of modding to make a Death helmet head, I might end up going that way just so I dont mess up the hasbro one)
  20. Really loving this wave! And I noticed they didn’t provide a box images with Jude Laws Character. Interesting. I know a lot of people are saying he is Yon-Rogg(Funko), but I’m still holding out hope that he is Mar- Vell! Because you can’t have Captain Marvel without Mar-Vell and Jude seems like he’s be perfect to play him! I just think Yon-Rogg might be a misdirection or something. (Hopefully) Please Marvel let Jude Law be Mar-Vell!!!!! Lol
  21. So many figres to choose from, among my most liked figures not counting the BAF's or re-releases, are (in that order): Cable, Elektra, Bishop, Mysterio, Omega Red and Silver Surfer. But my top 3 have to be Tiger Stripe Wolverine, The Thing and 90's Deadpool
  22. Great review the figure looks nice, a little on the large side, I was hoping I could fudge it in my normal Marvel legends display but he looks a bit big, still a nice looking figure, oh well thats 100 bucks ill be saving (or rather spending on other figures jaja) The face flap thing they have is a cool feature but yeah this being a figure inspired on the classic Iron Man armor it would have been better to have a unmasked Tony Stark Head (If I remember correctly in this armor his helmet was a whole piece he took off entirely) plus the tony head under the helmet looks a little off, though I understand they probably went this way to cut costs knowing they were already packing in all the accesories and the light up feature, an extra head probably would have raised the production price a little bit.
  23. Hasbro has released official packaged and loose images for their upcoming Marvel Legends 6" Kree Sentry Build-A-Figure wave which includes the following figures: - Captain Marvel Movie Captain Marvel with unmasked and masked head sculpts - No BAF piece - Captain Marvel Movie Captain Marvel Bomber Jacket with Goose the Cat - BAF Left Arm - Captain Marvel Movie Young Nick Fury with a captured alien in disguise - BAF Right Arm - Captain Marvel Movie Talos which comes with no accessories other that the BAF Leg - Captain Marvel Movie Starforce Commander which updated images have not been released for. Will have a blaster and BAF Torso - Genis-Vell with blaster and BAF Leg - Grey Gargoyle with BAF head Check out all the images below. This wave should go up for pre-order at places like BigBadToyStore.com by January 15 and will likely start seeing release around the same time.
  24. Diamond Select Toys has released new packaged images for their upcoming Marvel Select 7" Avengers Infinity War Iron Spider and Thor figures. Yeah just ignore Thor's foot in the picture. Both figures along with their Infinity War Captain America are now slated with a January 2019 release.
  25. My favorite pick of the year has to be the ever lovin blue eyed Thing. Aunt Petunia's favorite nephew Benjamin J Grimm. Now my FF look like the real McCoy! Now if they will make a good Super Skrull for me to collect, I can pose the Thing like its clobberin time. Yes sir, this figure has to be the pride and joy of Yancy street!
  26. I was able to order mine online at Walmart, guess I could have waited a little while longer because its on sale now but didn't want to take any chances. Now they went and cancelled Luke Cage and who knows whats next. Kinda wanted the box set with unmasked Danny Rand and Colleen Wing but the price will probably be way up there by the time I'm ready. Anyway nice pics.
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  28. Nice review JayC, I think the figure is great, a lot of bells and whistles (attachments) but it might have been even better if they just added a Tony Stark head separately instead of the removable face plate. Anyway I would rate this figure an A minus. Thanks for the review.
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