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  3. Neat. My cousin was really annoyed earlier this year because she couldn't find any Shuri dolls for my niece's birthday. Christmas ahoy!
  4. We're definitely gonna get something, but it may take a while. As the OP noted, it's very likely that the BAF got squelched at the last second because of the elder abuse stuff and the deal likely having been negotiated by the ****head who was exploiting Stan, so seeing how his estate shakes out is likely gonna determine whether or not Hasbro pulls the trigger on this.
  5. I fully expect a classic Falcon to be released in an Avengers heavy wave & therefore he will have his own head sculpt. I never bought Dark Hawkeye as I didn't like the metal arm so for me plus it was Bullseye in that custom, the classic version is a must have as that's the one I prefer.
  6. I definitely agree that the other founding fathers of Marvel should be made into figure form too. And I hope to God they’ll be retail figures and not Con exclusives
  7. I must admit, for a second I also thought the Darkhawk wings might work, but like Tarot says, they're just a bit off. Then again, if they wanna use em to pump out a classic version of Falcon right away and do a modern one sometime in the future, I'm all on board. The point I was making was that regardless of what body mold(s) or combination of parts they use, it still doesn't account for the head sculpt they would need for it. Aside from the wings issue I really can't think of an existing head sculpt that would work for his classic look. And honestly, if they're doing a classic comic Falcon for the first time, I sure don't want some recycled, reused, repainted head sculpt anyway. Now, if you wanna argue that the Sam Cap from the 3 pack will work for his modern look I'll concede, but as far as his classic look he would need a new sculpt which would disqualify him from being in the Vintage line, in particular. Also, nobody ever said we can only get classic versions of the characters in the Vintage line only. They make plenty of classic characters in the main line still and I'm sure it will continue, and should. But don't expect to see any character in the Vintage line unless the character or the parts that make up the character have been used before. More than a sub line, the Vintage line is a cheap way for Hasbro to capitalize on the perception of new figures without actually doing anything new except maybe in regards to plastic colors & paint application. I really do hate the premise but even I must admit I prefer all the figures in the latest Vintage wave to the previous releases. They are just better. Especially the Scarlet Spider and Black Panther. Hasbro got me again.
  8. They should do a Stan, Jack, Steve and Joe four pack. That would be an awesome addition to my and everybody's collection.
  9. Yeah an updated Stan Lee figure will eventually come, but if they make a Stan Lee figure they need to give us a Jack Kirby also! maybe even Steve Ditko and Joe Simon figures too?
  10. They had my money as soon as I saw Cap riding a pegasus I hope Hercules gets a spot here would be great to see him back in action
  11. I really believe that had Disney not bought Marvel, that this comic company woulda been outta business yrs ago. Unfortunately, The MCU is what today's generation is into, not reading comics. Marvel/DC/etc have oversaturated the market with a comic title for every flavor of the month character or any SJW character they wanna push on the crowd. I've noticed a ton of cancellations of said titles in Marvel these past 2 yrs or so. The new management seems to not understand that the avg comic book buying base is still predominantly straight white males & that the fanbase they are trying to cater to is too small to sustain a SJW title for more than 12-18 issues. Back in the 60s/70s/80s probably even 90s, Marvel knew how to properly create diverse characters w/o messing with any of the established characters. In the 2000s, they have turned straight characters such as Iceman , gay, they have turned the Hulk Asian, Cap Black, Thor into a female, Spiderman Hispanic, created a Muslim character, they have trimmed down the way female heroes are drawn to the point where they look like pre-pub 14yr old girls. Why? I used to read comics to see the Avengers throwing down with Ultron, the X-Men throwing down with Magneto or Sentinels, Spidey vs GG, Doc Ock or the Lizard, etc. I didn't buy comics to read about the writers personal political issues & gripes about the govt or this country. I read comics to escape the real world for a few hrs on a rainy Saturday. I read Ironman to see him fighting the Titanium man or Spymaster. The people now running Marvel are not even all American, they are writing anti American stories. They have made Cap a Nazi Hydra agent, really? You think Jim Shooter would ever had allowed such a story line to be run? I'll just stick to watching the MCU & buying classic ML figs.
  12. This show started dipping hard for me for a bit but that last season or two was pretty decent. I dont think the show is amazing in anyway but it can be enjoyable. I did like it when they had shared events with the movies and when they referenced events in the movies before and after the movies came out.
  13. Shes lookin fine like she always does. Gotta be hip like all the girls these days and have some coloring in their hair. so trendy, such hip.
  14. I feel like its a given that we ll get some form of Stan in figure form to honor his memory and put him around his creations. That and the fact that he was originally a planned BAF for the 2 pack line. They essentially already have the mold, hes got to be coming.
  15. Of course this would be a disney store exclusive. After all she is a disney princess. Lol
  16. MarvelousNews reader Austin sends us word of this Black Panther movie based Shuri special edition doll. We are pretty sure this is new and certainly seems nicely detailed for a doll. Take playtime to new levels of power and action with this special edition doll featuring Shuri, T'Challa's sister and princess of Wakanda. Inspired by Marvel's Black Panther, Shuri comes with Panther-shaped battle gauntlets. You can purchase it online at Shop.Disney and it should be available at their physical stores as well.
  17. Helloooo Nurse! Sure beats the snot out of the Street Thugette look she sported at the beginning of Season 4. God, I've missed this show.
  18. I realize that. What I'm saying is, being in a show or movie increases the chance of getting comic OR movie figures. Yes, we got a Netflix wave, but we've also gotten no less than four different versions of comic Daredevil, a Cottonmouth, a '90s Cable, an improved Thanos, etc. That's not coincidence. These comic figures happened because the characters were in mainstream productions.
  19. This week the POP Culture fandom was rocked with the news that legendary comic book creator Stan Lee passed away at age 95, which has left many hoping we might see companies like Hasbro release tribute figures based on the man who played a significant role in creating so many iconic characters such as Spider-Man. One figure in particular people want to see is the mystery Stan Lee Build-A-Figure Hasbro seemingly had planned to release earlier this year, but then was mysteriously pulled at the last minute. See a mock-up of that figure done with MCU 10th Anniversary packaging that was created by fan Andy Smith. Then there is this very cool Stan Lee statue created by overseas company Lustre Effects Studio. They had it on display at an overseas convention recently, but no word if they will be able to release it or not. Fan DanB has even created a petition on Change.org trying to convince Hasbro to release the Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure which currently has 869 of the 1000 signatures he is trying to get. Stan Lee of course has had multiple figures based on his likeness released over the years from the likes of Hot Toys, Funko, Hasbro and even a Masters Of The Universe Stan Lee Standor figure put out by Mattel. So it would seem like a no-brainier these later products would get done. Their certainly seems to be enough demand for it, but why might it not happen? The Hasbro Marvel Legends Stan Lee Build-A-Figure only came to light via retail computer inventory system listings and production sample leaks, and because of that Hasbro has never been willing to even acknowledge the figures existence, let alone give any kind of status update about it on or off the record. However when the fandom first became aware of the figure, their were some as-of-yet unconfirmed rumors the figure was pulled at the very last minute due to legal reasons. At the time their had been multiple reports that Mr. Lee was having problems with his former business people which included filing claims against his former Business Manager for elder abuse. It was likely these business people were the ones who initially negotiated with companies like Hasbro to have such figures made, and when those people's integrity became questionable, that would have nullified any previous agreements that might have been struck between the two camps. At the end of the day it was very likely that legal red tape was the number one cause for things like the Marvel Legends figure not being released, and it's unclear at this stage if that red tape can be cut. I have little doubt that if it can, companies like Hasbro won't hesitate to release such product in some way, but we will just have to wait and see.
  20. This is a new segment we are launching here on MarvelousNews where we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer Toyzlife and his photo showing off the recent Hasbro Marvel Legends Lady Deadpool. The photo is titled Lady Deadpool. Lady Deadpool By Toyzlife Be sure to Give Toyzlife a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think about the photo in the COMMENTS SECTION. This figure is currently available for purchase from our sponsor Megalopolis.Toys at a discounted price of $14.99
  21. they have been building this up since before Jane Foster was Thor. it's about time.
  22. This April, the war that has exploded across the Ten Realms finally blasts into the last realm standing…ours. WAR OF THE REALMS IS COMING! Starting in April, the award-winning creative team of Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, and Matthew Wilson will usher in an event of unparalleled scale! And like the mega-event Secret Wars, no corner of the Marvel Universe will be untouched! Spanning six issues over three months War of The Realms will feature ALL of Marvel’s biggest heroes, including Iron Man, Thor, The Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel, Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Black Panther, Venom, and many more! “I have been building towards WAR OF THE REALMS for the entire duration of my Thor run. So we're talking six years and 80-something issues and counting,” teased Jason Aaron. “This is a war that covers the entire globe and involves the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe, as you can see in this amazing promo piece by my MIGHTY THOR collaborators, Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson, who I'm so thrilled to be working with again on WAR OF THE REALMS.”
  23. Found Magik in bowling green ohio just 2 on the shelf left 1 for somebody else
  24. Hasbro continues to eek out 3.75" Marvel Universe figures which now under the Marvel Legends Gamerverse banner with video game based figure 2-Packs. This set is based on the Contest Of Champions phone app game featuring Civil Warrior and The Collector. The Collector is a re-issue of the one they did a couple years ago for one of their SDCC exclusive boxsets with some very minor paint variations. The Collector does not come with any accessories and has the rubber joint syndrome that many Hasbro 3.75" figures these days suffer from. Civil Warrior is a new figure and is based on an alternate universe version of Captain America who wears an armor. The figure comes with a Captain America shield with a hole in the middle so you can connect a translucent blue blast effect piece. I guess in the game he can shoot a beam of energy from his shield. This doesn't work to well on the figure though because the blast effect piece is heavy enough that when you attach it to the shield it weighs down the figures arms pretty bad. I would recommend just setting that piece aside, however that does leave a big glaring hole on the shield. I personally got this set because I am a big Cap fan and wanted this variation of the character, and for that reason alone I guess I would say the set is worth getting. If you don't already have the previous SDCC version of The Collector then its a good figure minus the rubber joints. The headsculpt on that one is really good and definitely will make the set worth picking up. Check out our GALLERY of images for this set now as well as ShartimusPrime's own video review and take on the set below and then let us know what you think of the set in the COMMENTS SECTION. If you decide to pick this set up, you can get him now at our sponsor Megalopolis.Toys.
  25. Ayy, she should meet the royal family. I still haven't seen Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D in a while. But I do want a ML MCU Quake.
  26. It doesn't help that most of the current stories are very samey
  27. I wish they would do a new version of his energy form Like I said above, the Netflix shows got a wave, so it is possible that a Disney+ wave could happen
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