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Thor, Knight and Guardians

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#51 DSmith


    Unclassificationable :P

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Posted 15 February 2017 - 11:42 PM

Oh Heisenberg...


So here's what happens to me when I hear clamoring for a ton of Thor love in ML:


1. Eyes glaze over

2. Eyes roll out of their sockets

3. Eyes roll down the natural slope of my apartment floor into a dusty corner

4. Takes me 15 minutes to locate and reclaim my eyeballs.


And here's my reasons why:


Of "the Big 3" that have been the centerpiece of Marvel movie trilogies, the Iron Man and Captain America franchises have FAR outperformed the Thor movie franchise at the box office. Thor's movies have been spaced much farther apart. Thor was MIA from the Civil War movie, meaning he's been much less focal than basically any other Avenger now, since his last significant appearance was Age of Ultron. Lack of box office momentum for Thor means he won't be getting a dedicated three waves.


Design-wise, a lot of the characters you've listed, particularly the Asgardian warriors, are not central to anything in the Marvel Universe BUT Thor's world, and even in the movies, they were 3rd tier supporting characters who were less focal and developed than the human supporting characters. Doing waves with Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Heimdall, Balder, and Sif as centerpieces will look more like a Lord of the Rings toy line than Marvel Legends. They all will require a lot more dedicated sculpts, new tooling, and generally require more plastic for there larger size as Asgardians. They'll need new pouches, and belts, and swords, and sheaths, and chain mail, and helmets, and big boots, and loincloths, and axes, and I betcha that's a lot of plastic to sell at clearance prices when they all look interchangeable and start to rot on the pegs. There are too many movie characters that would eat up the budget needing dedicated sculpts, that will have less chance of a reuse, in order to get the wave to market in the first place. And I'll pay for the psychiatric care for anyone who thinks there's a snowball's chance in H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks that there would ever be both movie and comic versions released of all of the characters named in this paragraph.


Take note, none of my reasoning states that I don't like Thor or Asgard.


I think we can generously expect 2 waves. I think we'd see a lot of Thor variations, since he's the "money" character. Not considering movie figures, I'd say chances are strong for:

Classic Thor (remake)

Classic Loki

Modern Thor (unworthy?)

Jane Foster Thor

Eric Masterson Thor / Thunderstrike

Beta Ray Bill




Arkon (he looks Asgardian, that's about all I'd say for his chances, and I would have lumped Thundra into this category as well)

Grey Gargoyle

Skurge the Executioner

Ulik (BAF?)

Surtur (BAF?)

Destroyer (BAF?)

And Gilgamesh the Forgotten One (which I consider a stretch also)


But all of these are godly, imposing characters, or characters that read like Thor in a plastic bubble package, and still look like they come from comic books. I don't even see Black Knight fitting into this group and I love Black Knight and think he needs a remake. He'll probably come back around for an Avengers: Infinity War wave. You MIGHT get Sif, and I only think she stands a stronger chance because she's a female. Girl power, and all that.


No shade to Thor or Asgard, but I just don't see Hasbro investing all that much.

#52 tarot



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Posted 16 February 2017 - 07:02 AM

The third Thor wave might run into the next year considering that Thor is not out til November

#53 monron999


    Cobra Viper

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Posted 16 February 2017 - 07:44 AM

My sentiments exactly, Tarot. I love the character Thor. I love the portrayal of Thor in the movies. I just don't love his movies. Tho parts of the movie take place on Earth, the movies just don't do much to integrate our world with theirs. It's almost like your wondering why the hell he even bothers with the Avengers. It actually makes since he was absent from Civil War. As long as there's no infinity stone involvement why should he care what's going on with Earth, yknow other than his main squeeze. I always compared the movies to Midevil England or maybe even Feudal Japan but I think your LOTR comparison works much better.

I as well said from the start that I thought there was no way there would be 3 Thor waves for similar reasons. The movie lumps in too small a cast of characters that could make good figures. Other than a shining few, most of the character designs are bland yet very complicated. Finally, the movies don't do much of anything to incorporate other characters of the MCU, tho this movie looks to remedy that with Strange & Hulk. But really, do we need another Doctor Strange figuree & though I would love a comic Hulk update (with freaking ankle pivot) chances are high we'll getting another MCU Hulk. So, unless they go pretty comic heavy on the waves & maybe full-out comic on a third wave it just doesn't seem there's enough ammo to arm 3 full waves. Of course we could all be pleasantly surprised and get some of the characters that hit all the GOTG wish lists as well. Honestly you could make a wave or two that involves both of them. Inhumans, alien species, Heralds of Galactus, celestial beings, Gods & Demigods would all kinda fit between the two franchise. I could see characters like Beta Ray & Hercules fitting into a wave like that.

#54 tarot



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Posted 16 February 2017 - 08:54 AM

I also think that we won't get any figures revealed for Thor this weekend (well maybe a preview). I think the earliest we will see those figure is SDCC in July. 


we might see the Full wave of GOTG wave 2, maybe a hint for a third wave, Spidey and maybe (a big maybe) the full wave of Defender but we are not going to see too much Thor.

#55 mako


    Foot Soldier

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Posted 16 February 2017 - 10:56 AM

Hard to say either way, considering we don't even know for sure there will even be a Thor line.


As for what does show, I don't care. I just get off seeing the new toys. That's all that matters.

#56 MCUcollector24



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Posted 16 February 2017 - 12:03 PM

Hard to say either way, considering we don't even know for sure there will even be a Thor line.
As for what does show, I don't care. I just get off seeing the new toys. That's all that matters.

Haha, I feel the same way! I do hope for a Thor wave though

#57 DSmith


    Unclassificationable :P

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Posted 16 February 2017 - 03:45 PM

Thanks Monron!!!


I'm glad my point came across. I'm all for as many characters as we can get released, but... I don't see a lot of Asgardians in a Thor line, and because of his being somewhat of an island, as you pointed out, hard to fill out 3 waves with marketable characters.

#58 tarot



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Posted 16 February 2017 - 07:20 PM

well it's a logical move since they won't have a MCU line after the supposed third GOTG wave hit and until the Infinity Wars hit so they have to have something to keep the line running. Now you could say they could release another X-men wave (which they still could) but that is already running alongside the MCU line and the Spider-man line is basically a separate line. of course both of them have the whole licenses issue to deal with.


So the logical thing to do is release a wave or 2 of Thor figures until they bombard us with Avengers and more.


Also you could also think of it as part Hulk wave so character like, She-Hulk, Leader, Rick Jones, Lyra etc could also be included. but forget Strange as I don't think he will be in it that much.

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