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    classic green goblin with glider and effects >:D
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    "But who will think of the children?!?" -- People in the 21st Century for no good reason (when it comes to this particular subject). Get real folks. Setting aside the clarification we've already gotten from Disney/Marvel (It's not going to be a "T" it's probably going to be an "LG" and it's already been heavily rumored for The Eternals), even if Marvel WAS going to introduce a transsexual character it's not like they're going to show the person naked to confirm their biological gender or go into graphic detail on the medical procedures they had to make them into the gender they felt suited them. It'll be as matter-of-fact and casual as the Russo brother appearance in Endgame: A throwaway line or two that most children that are "too young to be exposed to such things" won't even pick up on, anyway. The existence of LGBT individuals in real-life or entertainment is no threat to the sanity of children, or even to their own sexual orientations, and acting like it is plays into some extremely negative stereotypes that have been used to justify abuse, oppression, and even the outright murder of LGBT individuals around the world.
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    You really think I'm gonna dignify you with a debate? I have better things to do than humor somebody that sounds like what you get when you put a flat-earther and a comicsgater in a blender. Did this months-old movie really hurt you that bad that you feel the need to hijack a thread to bash it? Did Brie Larson personally travel to your house to murder your family, torture your dog and turn your toilet roll upside down? Holy heck, when you think there's only one with such unwarranted hateboner for this movie in this forum another one pops up and one ups him.
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    A Marvel style Godzilla would be insane! Red Ronin even more so!! Yes, all you fellow fans of a younger vintage; Marvel Godzilla was a thing, and it was awesome! Well, we can dream, but you never know!
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    In this segment called Marvelous Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today we are spotlighting Photographer Aliska and her series of photos of the Marvel Legends Ghost Ride and Venomr figures titled "Ghost Rider Vs Venom". You can purchase Marvel Legends from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. "Ghost Rider Vs Venom" By Aliska Check out more images below and be sure to give Aliska a follow on Instagram and let her know what you think of their work in the comments below.
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    No. Finger articulation is a bad idea. It made the hand fatter then should to accommodate the fingers and the finger would get bend, wrapped and alot of the time break off. Toe articulation, while great for figures like spidey, also have this problem but would also make the figure hard to stand. Beside, except for the elbows on female figure, we are getting plenty of articulation on figure. Don't ruin it with articulation we don't need especially with all the hands and stuff we get
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    It's the MarvelousFebruaryMarvelous Message Boards contest for a chance to win a $100 store credit to BigBadToyStore.com. The winner of the last contest was Forum member Bluecomet. Here is what you have to do in order to be entered for a chance to win this round. 1. You have to be a registered member of the MarvelousNews Forums. 2. Any contributing post made ANYWHERE on THE FORUMS between today (01/28) and March 1 will get you entered into our drawing for the store credit. Every contributing post you make will get you an entry in the drawing, so the more you post the better your chances of winning are. Posts must be contributing to the topic or discussion. ONE WORD posts or posts deemed as SPAM will not be counted towards the drawing. A good rule of thumb is to post how you would normally post if there was no contest. As an ADDED BONUS, if you help us spread the word about this contest on your favorite social media platform or group and you comment in this thread that you did so, you will automatically receive 3 additional entries into the drawing which will help your chances to win. Helping spread the word about the contest helps grow this community which is in large part something that we feel will benefit all. Now since we have no real way of knowing if you actually help spread the word for this, we are going to have to go on the honor system with this part and take your word for it if you indicate you've done so. However please feel free to tag @MarvelousNews when you spread the word on such platforms as Twitter or Instagram. The drawing will be held on Monday, March 2 and the winner will be contacted by JayC via PM on the message boards that day. Once the winner has claimed their price we will also announce the winner on the forums as well. Our goal is to create the ultimate online Marvel collecting community and this contest is our way of saying thank you for checking us out and being part of that community. Good luck to everyone.
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    With the launch of the new trailer today and with Rektangular giving us a rumour that Hasbro is planning something for this in the form of a wave, it got me thinking on what would make the Ideal wave for Morbius. I think that Hasbro might just combine it with the Venom but for the sake of enjoyment I think I would make an ideal wave just for this movie. Since Hasbro seems to not be allowed make movie figure for Sony's Marvel movies (Spidey being an obvious Exception) I thought we could try and make a comic based wave. I think the theme should be HORROR but since Morbius is a Spidey character and this is part of Sony's attempt at Spider-man Universe, you can include some Spidey characters as well. 6 figure minimum and 8 max not including the BAF. Morbius - obvious inclusion since it's his wave, but I think they could try and make the Midnight sons version. Cyborg Spider-man - Morbius gain his height of fame during the hard times of the 80's and 90's which was famous for 2 things, headbands and metal arms. Plus since it was in the gamerverse, they can market it as that. Werewolf By Night - I'm actually surprised this hasn't been made yet but WBN is one of the few characters that is quite close with the Living Vampire, both serving on both incarnations of the Midnight Sons. Classic Moon Knight - with Moon Knight first appearance being that in a WBN comic, it seem appropiate to include it in this wave. Shatra - Needed a female character and this is a scary spidey villain so.......... Carrion - need to complete the Maximum carnage family and since Shriek is 90% guaranteed for Venom wave (since she is in the movie) use this wave to make Carrion. BAF: Frankenstein's monster- it was extremely hard to find a BAF for this but we need an update to the Toybiz one.
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    Personally I would love a Iron Man 2020 and Machine Man 2020 two pack.
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    After seeing the story lines for MODOK I agree 100%....Pure trash! these are NOT comedy characters (maybe Howard with some mature themed humor) but these characters should be taken seriously all the way. Not some silly crap aimed at kids but some good SUPERHERO shows that wow both adult and kid alike!! I want some good shows I can watch with my teenaged son as well as my grandkids!!
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    Seems like a strong lineup for a mish mash wave of comics and video game Avengers. I will say, I will never understand retailers' stupidity, ne ignorance?, regarding asking for more heroes than villains in assortments. I have observed as a fan and collector of multiple lines, that the retail folks are quite wrong about that stance: Starscream and Megatron shelf warm far less than Bumblebee and Hot Rod, Flint and Lady Jaye far more than Zartan and Baroness, Man at Arms and Stratos far more than Beastman and Triklops, and so too it is with Marvel...that Leader figure should have been packed by 2, and the obscure (to most lay fans) Gamerverse Cap limited to 1x per case.
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    Oh Jeez, Finn Jones must have some nasty pics of the director or Producers of Ironfist to have landed the role. Guy should have had the muscle tone/physique of Bruce Lee, not Bruce Flea! I'll go with what you're saying bout US Agent & wait till I see some actual footage of the guy in & outta costume. As far as the next Wolverine to come out in the MCU, I won't hold my breath that they will cast an actor under 5'10-5'9 for the role, though they should. Will be hard to ever have Sabretooth call a 6'3 Wolverine "shrimp".
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    Neat. Hopefully the Walmart one isn't impossible to find online.
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    In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer Nerdyeggroll and his photo titled "A Battle Of Masters". Marvel figures are available for purchase from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. "A Battle Of Masters" By Nerdyeggroll Be sure to give Nerdyeggroll a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
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    So glad I quit collecting Marvel yrs ago. What's wrong with bringing back Jack Russell? Hmmm, I think we all know the answer to that.
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    I don't want to hijack this thread too much, but totally agreed. The first and only Iron Man wave in the entirety of Marvel Legends' history happened seven years ago, and because of his movie. Kinda ridiculous.
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    Armor. Cannonball... with legs, and a reasonably-sized blast effect that either replaces or fits over them. Magneto in a magnetic forcefield effect with stand, preferably his white and black costume to round out the renegade X-Men team, and since we already have a great classic Magneto that could still be used with the effect after purchase. Nightcrawler with a stand and bamf effects. Same story, maybe Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler, either in 616 X-Force gear or his standard look. Storm, probably in her first appearance look, with a flight stand and serious weather effects. There's too many great options. Of note, though, that new Black Widow retails for $30, which likely means she'll be $35 at Game Stop and many other places. While I think $30 is a fair price, it's not exactly just "a few bucks" more. It's an increase of almost 50%.
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    Same. I have no interest in the movie, but I'm seriously considering picking this up.
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    Spider-Man Mk1 armor or PS4 version Green Goblin , classic Electro , classic Blade, 90s Shocker , classic Tarantula Shriek Stegron or Grizzly baf
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    Pretty sure that Taskmaster is going to be revealed to be someone major. Best of my knowledge, they haven't said who is playing him be it the stuntman or actor. Hope it's a good reveal.
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    The main difference though in my opinion is faith. With GOTG Marvel a built a record of making good movies, so people were going to give GOTG the benefit of the doubt. Sony in my opinion haven't made a good Live-Action Spidey movie since Spider-man 2, so I can't give Moribus the benefit of the doubt sinc ethe track record has been bad. Same with DC movies
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    TMan978 takes a look at the new One:12 Collective Magneto figure from Mezco Toyz. You can purchase this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
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    In this segment called Marvelous Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today we are spotlighting Photographer Aliska and her photo of the Marvel Legends X-Men and X-Factor figure sets titled "Date Night". You can purchase Marvel Legends from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. "Date Night" By Aliska Check out more images below and be sure to give Aliska a follow on Instagram and let her know what you think of their work in the comments below.
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    Lets all be real here. If there is a new or better armor out there for Iron Man, it's always better to include it in Tony's Hall of Armor. No matter how ghastly it is to us, Subjectively.
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    I have my doubts this will go anywhere as Marvel is certainly saving most of their stuff for Disney plus. That said, feels like the superhero tv shows tend to work best with "skilled fighter" type characters, since they aren't as budget-busting as shows with a lot of super-powers that require special effects (which then are only used sparingly). I'd suggest White Tiger, with former FBI agent Angela Del Toro and emphasize the legacy aspect, having an older Hector Ayala around as her mentor (plus some FBI allies to help feed her intel), with a lot of flashbacks to Hector's time as White Tiger in the 70s. Have Lady Bullseye be her arch-foe, preferably as part of some larger shadowy organization that the White Tigers have been battling for generations, and that has moles within the FBI and other govt organizations. I feel like the character's (relative) obscurity would work in her favor, there are a lot of types of stories they could do, and having the protagonists be puerto rican would give it a somewhat different flavor, especially since there really haven't been many hispanic/latina characters in the mcu.
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    Oh man. He's the best. Check him out via Satam's suggestions above. He's done so much great stuff and already played The Leader in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. His creepy voice is a national treasure.
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    Michelangelo. How far are we allowed to take comments here? I have a good one in regards to the picture but afraid of catching flak for it.
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    Wish they could pick up Daredevil or Luke Cage where they left off Netflix. Has it been 2 years yet?
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    True, but you can't really do a Bruce Lee riff without the yellow and black color-scheme from his infamous Game of Death jump-suit."
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    Look at us, all agreeing on not having finger articulation. And they say people can't come together in this polarized political climate!
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    Hey, thanks JP! And backatcha. @jp_superpaperhero is honest and dependable, and he even threw in some free swag with my delivery!
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    Fully expect his next figure to be with the classic gi and may even include alternate "yelling" head. Great time to be alive and getting these kinds of figures!!
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    I know I get to vote with my wallet...and if there is in fact a transexual character in the MCU, count my money out.
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    In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today we are spotlighting Photographer Darcreign and his photo of the Marvel Legends Sabretooth figure titled "See Ya Around Runt". You can purchase Marvel Legends figures from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. "See Ya Around Runt" By Darcreign Check out more images for this figure below and be sure to give Darcreign a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
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    These are good choices. Honestly Hulk is # 1 for me but i know x-men fans tend to dominate ML polls and Beast and Nightcrawler are both great figures so no complaints here. The three x-waves were imo better than this year's spider-waves or mcu waves, providing for the most part quality versions of a lot of characters people had been awaiting a long time. For me, though, the best thing this year was the 80th line and i hope that format continues in some way in 2020, despite how it didn't seem very successful at retail aside from perhaps the Hulk and Juggs 2-packs.
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    I agree, and I repeat myself: The day people aren't harassed and murdered for being themselves is the day that race, gender and sexuality in any media will stop drawing attention. It shouldn't be news, but there's a reason it is. Just because you and I are able to have this conversation doesn't mean that everyone everywhere can, and they should.
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    No one would care if an indie film or "R-rated" films got this treatment. The reason I can't get on board with this, is because these movies are geared towards children. And I very often see children far younger than the suggested age group recommendation of (13). People say Agenda, because it affects a storyline that it shouldn't. They are literally placing it here for no other reason other than they want to push their agenda. They could make a character LGBT and not draw any attention to it. For all we know Loki could be LGBT. His acting is just that ambiguous. On screen romance is not necessary for comic book movies.
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    In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer ToyTallica and his photo titled "Do(o)mination". Marvel figures are available for purchase from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. "Do(o)mination" By ToyTallica Be sure to give ToyTallica a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
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    The Monster Venom BAF hands fit on this figure too, looks great with the SK head
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    correct, altho i guess i was sorta getting at synergy / cross-promotion? like, hey we're trying to promote this new gwenpool series so let's make a gwenpool figure... and double pack it!! altho generally its probably best to assume i have no idea what i'm talking about, anyhow
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    I went with Nightcrawler, Dani Moonstar, and Mr. Sinister, but Beast, Caliban, Emma Frost, Gambit, Havok, Jubilee, and Mystique were all pretty high up there for me too. It was a quality year.
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    i agree...Logan is one of the best and Deadpool took it to another level
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    yet again, the kindness of this lovely board grants us another chance to win some fun
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    Finger articulation is bad because sometimes, well most of the time you just want a fist and finger articulation makes bad fists and it also make holding accessories problematic. Toes would be fine.
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    Right? I'm glad I have the 4" CD figure. But damn the thing was released back in 2010, I believe? Oh and let me correct myself: that was in the Marvel Universe size at the time, but was actually from the Iron Man 2 Action Series.
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    It hasn't, and do you really want those shows on ABC?
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