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    Dan Who? Reviews takes a look at the new Marvel Legends 6" Iron Man Marvel 80th Anniversary figure from Hasbro. You can get Marvel Legends at Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
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    In this segment we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today we are spotlighting Photographer Rakanishu and his photo of the Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men figures titled "Welcome to die!!". "Welcome to die!!" By Rakanishu Be sure to give Rakanishu a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below. Marvel Legends are available at our sponsor Megalopolis.Toys.
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    This figure looks amazing, hope to get it soon, this is my Ironman
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    At last....the iconic Iron Man armor! We got to see a near perfect version with the Iron Monger BAF and the Maria Hill 2 pack, and now we get the definitive suit. The glimmering gold is perfect for the Golden Avenger....cant tell if that's a metallic red but it looks good. Of the two helmets, the original looks like the eye slits are too far apart to allow the wearer to see thru them, but the Anthony Stark head is perfect! AND we get matching fists and repulsor hands! AND we get new blast effects, so Iron Man has repulsors plus boot jets! Only thing to make those cooler would've been to make them translucent, but seriously....this IS Iron Man. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!
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    that looks great, im really glad they gave it the optional heads
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    That's a bit harsh, Waititi does have his own style of comedy, you don't have to like it, but it's not quite the fart joke . As for the best tone for a Thor movie... my best friend is on your boat, but Thor is quickly becoming my favorite Avenger starting from Ragnarok.
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    Really hoping that Jean comes with a second head with a ponytail. My wish of orange/blue didn't happen so I'm hoping I get one of two.
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    I heard a July 18th street date for the Colossus/Juggernaut 2-pack at TRU. Perhaps they all share the same street date?
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    YES TO ALL OF THOSE, specially the Cable figure. The guy has so many guns but only 1 gripping hand, while Bishop has 1 gun but has 2 gripping hands... WTH. YES TO THIS TOO!!! The new 80th Captain America's 2 heads are literally the same head!!! WTH lol
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    The MCU Cap head looks better on the body than it does in my photos. I think the Zola Cap head looks too old for a WWII Cap. I also think that head looks like Charles Napier and Mike Nelson had a heroic baby.
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    Yeah, the multiples of the same chararacter in a wave is really annoying, Sauron, M'Baku and Kree Sentry waves I'm looking at you
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    Oh yeah. I can see that. But I think it's just cuz Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures don't have all the articulation they need to pull off crazy classic poses so it just wasn't impossible to do.
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    Bobby Valla (who was heading up the 12in Legends line after they slashed his budget on the 3.75in line and butchered the line into oblivion...which was after they canned the 3.75in Joe line he was working on AND canceled his prototypes for a 6in Black Series style Joe line he was stating...) left Hasbro late last year and recently started a kickstarter for 6in G.I.Joe style figures called Action Force (the Kickstarter is still active for another 10 days or so). In an interview with Shartimus Prime, he said he had a 12in Jack Kirby style Thanos planned for the line, along with a comic Captain Marvel as well as a Venom (I think he said Venom, can’t remember) and those figures were very far along in development but Hasbro canceled them. I for one was very disappointed when the 12in line was canceled (as well as when the 3.75 line was canceled) and while the 12in line has a rocky start, the later releases such as Thor, Hulk and Wolverine were just fantastic. There is more than enough room for a complimentary 12in Legends line to run, it just needs to be the right characters and only 4-6 need to be released a year. I just don’t believe the $100+ Legends prop replica line sells better than a $50 focused, well done 12in line (which is what the line looked like it was turning into). But hey, what do i know. Hasbro doesn’t want me spending more money with them I guess because while my wallet hurts keeping up being a 6in Legends completist, I still have room in my budget for well executed 3.75in and 12in figures.
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    It appears they are doing somewhat of a staggered release, at least as far as online ordering goes, as I already have some of the items shipped and on the way to my front door, such as the Wolverine/Hulk set. For brick n mortar retail, we should start seeing them appear during the fall plaonogram resets for action figures, which technically starts August 1st for all retailers. Also, per what was reported at Toy Fair this year, the Peggy/Cap set will be an amazon exclusive. I don’t have confirmation on this but with Walmart, Fan Channel etailers and Amazon all getting exclusive legends from the “80th” assortment, my guess is that the Iron Man/Iron Spider set is going to be a Target exclusive. Not confirmed (that I know of anyway) but just a hunch.
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    Just picked up the Homecoming 2-pack from Target and from what BrickSeek shows, I can confirm they are out in wide release here in South FL. I also did not encounter a street date issue-I gave an employee the DPCI (087-16-2332), he pulled the case from the stockroom, I picked out the set with the mintiest box, stocked the other 3 sets on the shelf and then took my set and the shipper carton to self checkout and went about my day. I literally do the exact same thing every time a Target Exclusive comes out, I’m starting to get deja vu lol. I love Target, by far and away the best retailer for exclusives without question. BrickSeek + Target really makes things easy!
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    @cjranck They were sent to all stores as part of one of two different types of shipper display cartons. Depending the on the stores POG layout, they were sent either a 4-way floor stack PDQ shipper or an endcap shipper. Regardless of the shipper, there was 5 of each in each one from what I could tell. The store I found them in put out the endcap shipper and they put it on an endcap that was like half a dozen aisles from the toy section (it’s walmart, nothing to be surprised at) facing the back wall so it was untouched and I was able to snag the set with the cleanest condition package. What I would recommend is simply pulling up the SKU in BrickSeek search and then seeing if any stores near you show any stock. If you find a store that shows “In stock” (green), then there’s almost a guaranteed chance that store has them. If the stores near you show “limited stock” (yellow), than there’s a small chance they may have them as limited stock is less than half their delivered inventory of the item. If you know a store never put out the shipper(s) and that same store shows In-Stock on BrickSeek, than there’s almost a 100% chance that they never took the shipper out from the stockroom and it’s still there. The store closest to me still has yet to put out the shipper lol. In that scenario, grab a manager and see if they can locate it in the back and then rinse & repeat until a competent manager/employee actually does it for you. When it comes to exclusives, specifically Walmart exclusives, it pays to shop smart vs hard with BrickSeek and just hit the store the day they show inventory on hand if you can. Since it’s walmart, I wouldn’t count on replenishment but anything can happen. Hell, the last 3 Star Wars Vintage Collection 3.75 exclusives have been exclusive to their website so far and if I didn’t place my orders, I still would have not gotten them as no stores in a 75 mile radius of me ever got any physical stock at store level. In any case, wish you the best of luck on scoring it.
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    @Neal Mind sharing which state you’re in? I’m in south FL and was expecting to see this figure this week but no luck yet. Admittedly, I haven’t looked too hard so I’ll do a round this weekend.
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    My buddy who is a store manager for Gamestop just sent me this, it’s the ad coming out this Sunday. Looks like Gamestop is getting an exclusive Logan as part of the 80th line. It’s not even in his store system yet so more details will probably drop Monday as that is when I suspect the figure will be available for order.
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    @Benn Yes sir, I am sure. According to current Hasbro solicitation to my source, it’s 100% accurate as of now. Hasbro is still playing pretty close to the vest with the Avengers Endgame Waves however and while things can change, the X-Force wave is scheduled to land after those waves, at least the second Avengers Wave anyhow. Right now, we only know of 5 figures from the second Avengers Endgame wave and we don’t know any of the figures comprising wave 3 nor do we know the BAFs for waves 2-3. Once we have confirmation on the full breakdown for Avengers Endgame Waves 2-3 as well as the BAF confirmation for the X-Force Wave, we will know the rosters/BAFs for every wave comprising 2019. All that would be left to be revealed at that point is 2-Packs, Box sets and Exclusives, to which I suspect there’s still quite a bit that we don’t know about yet. I also think we will see some more 80th Anniversary product as well. We didn’t see all of the MCU 10th product revealed at once back in Toy Fair 2018 (they held back the SDCC Red Skull and Ultron), so I suspect we will get at least a couple additional reveals for the 80th line as well. That’s just me speculating however.
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    I have confirmation on the final figure for the X-Force Wave, it’s Wolverine. I don’t have confirmation on the costume but I’m assuming, black/silver X-Force suit. No confirmation on the BAF but since it’s a 6 figure wave and they have already revealed Wendigo, I’m assuming it’s Wendigo. Wolverine and Night Crawler are also 2 per case. While I don’t think Hasbro would do this, how cool would it be to just have one of the Night Crawlers in the case be the original suit suit as solicited and the other one in the case be the X-Force costume? That would be an extremely efficient and smart way to beef up the value/incentive for the wave, with very little effort involved, kind of like a “guaranteed variant” sort to speak. Just a thought.
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    @Podtera Nice score. Can you also kindly share the state you live in? If I had to guess, CA lol? Thank you!
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    Just shopped Targets backroom for the Spidey/Kraven set. Brickseek is lit up in South FL for anyone interested. DPCI: 087-16-0339
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    @Mangar lol nice. I have been thinking about making a thread dedicated to breaking down ALL releases by ALL categories, from 2014-current as we just celebrated the 5 year anniversary of the Legends Infinite Series relaunch recently. I have all the data on my own personal inventory but I wouldn’t just be able to copy/paste it 1 for 1 as it would need some revising to be clearer/more concise for the thread. It would take me a long time to do but I want to do it some day. Speaking of what you wrote in the other thread, that sounds about right but I am pretty sure, for example, that I spent way more than $2250 completing all the Legends for 2018 lol and when I was last talking to a buddy in December 2018 and recapping the years releases over some beers, I want to say that with BAFs Included, 2018 produced 137 figures. I would have to check my inventory again to be sure though. Based on this, I don’t see why 2019 can’t match or exceed that when it’s all said and done and there is definitely a decent amount of product coming out this year that we simply have no idea about yet, especially when it pertains to exclusives. One thing is for sure, Legends has NEVER been stronger or better than it is right now! As you said, “budget accordingly” That is an understatement at the least lol.
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    Just in case anyone might find this info useful, I’ve came into information regarding the pricing of the 80th assortment. The 3 single carded figures will again be priced at $25 each and the majority of the 2packs will be $50 so not much change from the MCU10th pricing. However, the Juggernaut/Colossus Set as well as the Wolverine/Hulk Set will be priced at $60 each. As of now, there’s only 2 exclusives out of the ten 80th sets with the Alex Ross single carded Cap going to Walmart and the Peggy Carter/Cap set going to Amazon but based on additional information I have (not confirmed), I think the Iron Man/Iron Spider set will be a Target exclusive. None of this News is exactly shocking or revelatory but in case anyone found it useful, I figured I’d post it.
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    As some others have mentioned, it’s all about when you preorder. I received my riders case from EE a long time ago at this point but I also preordered the case the split second it went up. Most times, when you see a preorder release date jump by a couple months, it’s not necessarily because the wave/case got pushed back, it’s because the initial allocation they received from Hasbro has “sold out” and they are currently taking orders for their next shipment/allocation. Same deal with the 5th X-Men Wave (Caliban) as I received my cases from EE at the very beginning of this month but their website shows a May release and I suspect that’s when they were told by hasbro to expect their second shipment. As far as brick n mortar goes, the only two stores that I’ve ever seen to stock Riders was TRU and Gamestop. To this day, I’ve never seen Riders at Target or WalFail.
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    There seems to be a lot of confusion in this thread, specifically with DC, despite the news breaking right before and at ToyFair this year lol. McFarlane has picked up the collector focused license for DC and it appears it will still be called Multiverse. He has the rights to make any DC figure from any property (comic, game, movie, cartoon, etc) within the range of between 6in and 12in. Spin Master will produce non-collector focused figures. Todd also said that he is going to try his hardest to have his DC figures on store shelves by 1/1/2020. While he will most likely make all kinds of stuff and in different scales, you can expect his line of basic 6/7in figures to have his new 22 POA system, that he is slowly but surely working into all of his lines. Regarding Hasbro for Marvel and Star Wars, while anything can happen, the current license contract extends to the entire year of 2020 for both and doesn’t officially expire until 1/1/2021. Hasbro has already announced their ESB 40th Vintage line for Star Wars for 2020 and Hasbro also probably already has most of their 2020 blueprint mapped out at this point, for Legends 2020. While it is not confirmed of course, I can say with 100% certainty that Legends will get renewed as that has been one of the very few divisions/sectors within Hasbros action figure portfolio, that has seen constant and sustained growth quarter over quarter. I can say with reasonably high certainty that Star Wars will also be renewed however unlike Marvel, the Star Wars franchise has seen marginal to sharp declines in sales since 2016/2017. Their B&M distribution is awful and that’s partly to blame but there are other factors too such as the demise of TRU, poor quality control prior to 2018 and other components such as the last “major” SW film was TLJ and Solo did not perform well (even though the Solo product line as a whole has been fantastic) Conversely, I have no doubt that things will pick up when the Ep9 onslaught arrives. Its also worth noting that while Star Wars in one of their most lucrative brands (not the most however), Hasbro pays an exorbitant amount of royalties and licensing fees to Disney and all of those previous fees that were being paid out LucasFilm prior the Disney acquisition, have all gone up since then. Not including the broad licensing agreement contract itself plus the annual premium payouts based on product sell-through, Hasbro on top of that, also pays a flat 20% royalty to Disney per unit. For every Black Series Figure sold at $20 MSRP, Disney gets $4 minimum a figure. For every TVC Sail Barge that was purchased, Hasbro gave Disney eoughly $100 per unit. Etc. Lastly, it would be highly unusual that any company can afford to buy the SW master license due to the above reasons as the licensing fees and royalty payouts are through the roof expensive. Neca and McFarlane are immediately disqualified due to their respective sizes and on-hand capital/worth and as far as the other major players go, that only leaves Mattel and one look at their bottom line should be enough for Disney to turn them down. Jurassic Park has been one of the very few Mattel brands to actually see strong growth but beyond that, they have been missing quarterly projections left and right, have subpar operating net income and have recently let go a decent number of employees. Forget all that for the moment...can anyone name a collector-focused Mattel line (minus Hot Wheels) that hasn’t been met with mixed results at best or one that did not just fall to the wayside over time? What was the last one? DCUC? If Mattel picked up Star Wars then barring a miracle in execution, I would most likely stop collecting SW cold turkey and that would stink since I’ve been at it since 1995 without missing a beat. Guess we will just have to wait and see!
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    @Dodge76 Nice, so you won’t be back in the Walgreens hunt until around November or so when Dani Moonstar hits right? I’m just thrilled that we are finally getting 4 figs a year at Walgreens. Having said that, I wonder if the walgreens program will change to a different theme in 2020. If so, I’m hoping it goes Spidey and more specifically, Spidey villains!
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    @decon Oh wow, gone already? With the $13.99 sale I guess I can’t say I’m too surprised by how quick she went. I’d be surprised if anyone ordered less than 2 or 3 each. Well with Walgreens being the reigning exclusive champion (for now), Mystique is the 13th Walgreens EX Legend Figure and i must say, they really got their stuff together. Between online availability and store distribution, I have been able to find all 13 extremely easily at this point. Some being easier to find than others of course but in general, Walgreens has been the best exclusive retail partner for Legends imo. Target is a very close second.
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    Yeah, Mystique shares the same WIC number as Mr. Fantastic as that is what rang up my receipt. I believe that’s also the same number for Majik & Surfer but I can’t remember. I believe Thing had his own WIC number but again I can’t recall 100%. I found more Mystiques earlier (South FL), two different stores had gotten their trucks and had 4 each. I also picked up most of the M’Baku wave for my oldest son at the Walgreens I hit earlier as well since they were $13.99 and he got a Green on his daily report card for every day for the month of Feb so why the heck not lol. Just need need the Dora Milaje Figure and he will be able to build the “good guy with an angry face” from the movie as he calls it LOL.
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