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    I love a happy ending. I'm glad you hung in there for the second run!
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    Hopefully we'll get some of these if they continue the "First Ten Years" line, it's kindof a laundry list so bear with me: Happy Hogan (Iron Man) Odin (Thor) Warrior Three Boxed Set (Thor) Whiplash (Iron Man 2) Justin Hammer (Iron Man 2) Arnim Zola (Captain America) Howling Commandos Boxed Set (Captain America) Chitauri (re-release, Avengers) Killian (Iron Man 3) Malekith (Thor: Dark World) Batroc the Leaper (Captain America: Winter Soldier) Kraglin (GotG) Howard the Duck (GotG) Quicksilver (Age of Ultron) Wong (Doctor Strange) Kaecilius (Doctor Strange) The Ancient One (Doctor Strange) Taser Face (GotG Vol.2) Aunt May (Spider-Man: Homecoming) Miek (Thor: Ragnarock) Hank Pym (Ant Man & Wasp) Janet Van Dyne (Ant Man & Wasp) and of course STAN LEE I know most of these would only appeal to hardcore MCU nutjobs like myself, but it seems like with MJ and Luis both getting Legends treatments, anything is possible. What say you, are there any I missed?
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    you know what I was thinking would be really cool, if the winners actually showed us or told us about what they got with there 100 dollar credit, I think that would be fun
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    Glad you got a reward for a long day and a long wait!
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    The likeness is very good! However, I feel they needed to include a screaming type head for when he's wearing the gauntlet, otherwise he looks kinda funny IMO.
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    Those TMNT figures are works of art, some of my absolute favorite figures of all time, and definitely the best Turtles figures on my shelf. Can't wait for the next wave of them in 2020.
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    So after a very long, very stressful day, I decide to stop at Target on my way home, last minute. And there she was, hanging on a peg, waiting for me. My GRAIL figure FINALLY!!!!!
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    Howard and Beverly is an awesome idea!
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    I posted this quiet some time ago: Invaders-Cap with triangular shield, Sub-Mariner w/ squinty eyes, Human Torch (no face, translucent), Toro, Bucky, Baron Blood, Spitfire. 2nd box set, Golden Age: original Vision, Miss America, Red Raven, Blazing Skull, Namora, U-Man, Whizzer...if 6 or 7 is the cut off, then no reason not to have 3 golden age box sets (Golden Age II: Destroyer, Warrior Woman, Blue Diamond, Golden Girl, the Fin, Thunderer).
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    Maybe. I felt like the X-Factor that Random appeared in was basically a different team by that point. Wasn't he only really actively part of the Forge, Mystique, Polaris, Sabretooth, Shard, Wild Child line-up? I know he appeared in the Peter David era, but not really as part of the team, right? I guess they hired him, which isn't that dissimilar from the rest of the team's situation. Sure, I'll put him on the list.
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    Hahahaha, honestly that would be the only reason for me to get this figure, if it came with a unhelmeted head, so we would have Dan Larson (Mr. Fantastic) and Shartimus (Iron man). But then I would need a movie Obadiah Stane headsculpt 😂
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    Wait until you own a mezco. I bet you'll think differently
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    Man this looks way better than the Legends one, but not $65 more better for me anyway. I mean, the ML is good enough for my collection anyway.
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    i would love a Galactis but it would be way to small in BAF form. A Super Skrull would be cool tho
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    they scare me off a bit too due to the delicate joints
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    I suggest you sell your BAF Giant-Man and then find this one after. Or if you have both a Civil War and an Endgame display then maybe it's best to have 2 of 'em. The new one can be for Civil War since it's more accurate to the movie and the older one can be for Endgame since the helmet is a bit more darker and just looks dirtier to fit the setting of that final battle.
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    Yeah, the quality control can be a bit questionable sometimes with Mafex. But my Mark Bagely Amazing Spider-Man figure was fine. Just gotta get used to handling the hips and the shoulders
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    Yes to any or all. Let's get that outback team! Outback and 90s Colossus would be great too!
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    these came to mind Moon Knight (Classic) & Werewolf By Night Spinneret & Spiderling Dr. Strange (Classic) & Clea Viper, Diamondback & Black Mamba Riot, Phage & Agony Arachknight, Ghost Panther & Weapon Hex Howard The Duck & Beverly Switzer
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    Movie versions of Deadpool, cable, and Domino
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    Army Builders: S.H.I.E.L.D Agents, Hand Ninjas, Skrulls, Kree Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker Roughhouse and Bloodscream
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    Best Friends: Kitty Pryde / Magik Brotherhood: Avalanche / Pyro Hellfire Club: Black King (Sebastian Shaw) / White Queen (Emma Frost) Like Father, Like Daughter: Banshee / Siryn Mojoverse: Longshot / Spiral X-Force Love Triangle: Archangel / Fantomex / Psylocke I could go on and on, but the above each get at a need while having a theme.
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    all of those would be great choices, I really hope we get a Gwen like that soon in addition i would pick.. Skrull 2 pack( one regular skrull one super skrull) Endgame final battle Trinity ( Thor, Cap and battle damaged Iron man with nano gauntlet) maybe a hand ninja set?
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    Wong and the Ancient One are figures we need. I definitely want a Wong figure because I need that Asian representation on my shelf. And speaking of which, Hogun and the rest of the Warriors Three would be nice. Zombie Iron Stark in Far From Home would be pretty cool. I wouldn't say we need the following figures, but I would like foe fodder for my figures to beat down. So some Chitauri, Outriders, non-Prime Ultron figs, generic soldiers and street thugs.
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    Oh also Obadiah Stane. Got to have representation from the first MCU baddie
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