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    Just a repaint. I do a new painting for diamond form and the outfit, for looks like lethear
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    It's definitely there. But think of Moon Knight, Hercules, and Beta Ray Bill's most recent figures. It's not that people don't want the classics, they do, some very vocally want them, but all three of these sold out of shelves just about everywhere. I think other than Hercules I never saw more than one of the other two on the shelves. I guess in general, nostalgia blindness is there, but people need to remember how to have an open and cordial discussion about what they like and don't like. The dialogue is the fun part, and people need to relax and just enjoy what they can.
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    I think for the most part we are in a current state of Nostalgia Blindness and this really is seen through out many markets (Video Games, Toys, Shoes, virtually anything collectible), most of the people who are purchasing these products are extremely drawn to buying things soley because they have nostalgic value and literally at times nothing else, I don't blame these people, for instance people collecting a Jordan 1 shoes because its from the 80's over buying a nice new pair of Asics is all the rage, and it's only because one is old and one is new (the new shoe may be way better looking or more comfortable and cheaper, but it's not whats in right now, or what is going to necessarily bring that burst of euphoric joy from seeing something from your innocent child hood), movies as well right now why make a new IP when you can just do a re-make of something from the past, everyone already loves, its a bonfied money maker, so it's not just in the Action Figure toy Market. I'm sure we will reach a point where the consumers are tired of this wave of nostalgic product , but it's moving now since since as it turns out the kids from 80's - 90's now have disposable income and have been bombarded with Nostalgia driven products, hey and I'm cool with that. I get the action figure thing were say people want to have a look of a character that they relate with and is familiar, but yes yelling about not being recipient of your "personally relatable look" is a problem, Hasbro has been reaching out to everyone and providing us with so many looks that it's going to hopefully please every one. I personally still read new comics and I have no attachment to any period of designs for characters (sure some I am more familiar with and like more) but I like what looks good and actually don't care what year the look came from, so I personally don't really understand the griping with Hasbro releasing a good look for the character regardless of age, infact at this current point I'd actually really love to see Hasbro give us some more recent looks for characters, who cares if they are flash in the pan, it's about getting a figure that looks great
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    You're right that this can be a problem, but I think it's mostly seen with characters like Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Iron Man, who are staple "core characters" and thus seen in a lot of assortments. So from that perspective it's not so bad, as they have plenty of new designs (however temporary) to fill out that retailer-demanded core character slot with, and if you have a particular version you like they'll probably get around to it eventually if they haven't already. After all, it's not like they could or should just redo basic/classic Spider-Man in every wave, or that they've never given us multiple versions of his classic costume (or costumes if you include the OG symbiote/black costume). Every few years it seems like they revisit the classic costumes too, to keep them in rotation. We might have a recent example with a "flash in the pan" Magneto costume, but at the same time I really dug that black/red getup for him (vastly preferred it to the white sleeveless look, even if that one seems to have "stuck around" more...and to be clear I'd be fine with getting that one too). And we got a great new updated classic version shortly after. I think Hasbro does a fairly good job of serving their audience, both those who prefer more classic stuff and those that want more modern fare.
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    By the Stars....what a gorgeous figure!! What an amazing sculpt! I'm normally more into Classic looks, but even so I'm glad that I pre-ordered her! I'm really happy that they have a new body mold for her now and I really hope we're getting a classic She-Hulk soon too, either in her torn white blouse or her other 80s outfits (FF or the Purple suit with the leg-warmers etc.) Here's hoping we get Titania soon on this new bod (Oh...and a remake of Thundra on this bod too while we're at it!)
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    People are going to like what they like, and I have no interest in telling them what that should be, but I definitely think a lot of people operate from a position of blind nostalgia. People's active interest in comics comes and goes, and people are naturally going to be drawn to the familiar. Personally, I grew up with late 80s and early 90s comics, and I still view those comics nostalgiacally, but I've always caught back up and filled in the gaps after taking a break from comics, and for some reason nostalgia just isn't as powerful for me as aesthetics when it comes to my favourite costumes. Personally, I think the Apocalypse-wave Magneto is the best version we have as a toy so far, and same with Jubilee-wave Cyclops. I was really excited to get those looks in toy form. As nostalgiac as they may be for me, I think a lot of early (and even classic) costumes look a little silly, or at least dated. Wolverine's a great example. His classic tiger stripe and brown costumes are certainly the most iconic and nostalgiac, and I look back fondly at the comics during which he wore them, but I think the boots that mimic his cowl and the underwear-over-spandex thing that used to be so common are both really, really silly, and I much prefer the Astonishing and Dawn of X costumes that update those classic looks, keeping what worked and improving on the rest. By contrast, Mystique has never had a look that grabbed me other than her classic look, Phoenix is my favourite look for Jean, Outback Psylocke is my go-to, etc. I think a lot of classic looks are the best. I just don't think they're the best categorically. That's just me. I like that Hasbro keeps giving us a healthy mix of classic and modern costumes, to appeal to the broadest range of fans. People just need to accept that not every figure was made specifically to cater to them, and try to be okay with that.
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    I'm sure some of us (myself included) have Nostalgia Blindness, but i don't really see it as a problem unless you're constantly driven to post negative tirades online to the point where its bringing down the overall tone of the thread, etc. "Classic" fans can register displeasure with a certain costume without suggesting that people who like the modern looks are idiots or doing the whole "NOBODY asked for this!!!!" bit. But this being the internet, people who post tend to come from one extreme or the other - either hating a look or super gung-ho about it. People who think a look is "okay" or adequate are less likely to compose a post about it, in my experience. But i actually think most marvelous news posters are pretty reasonable about addressing the pros and cons of different figures. tbh its mainly a problem when people really want a BAF but aren't enthusiastic about the wave offerings, or when there's a perception that when a figure is made in a modern look that it could be a long wait before a classic version gets made (e.g. hercules) and people naturally get impatient about that. otherwise, with the huge number of figures hasbro is making, its easy enough to just skip the ones you don't like and there are still plenty that you will want, regardless of what parameters you self-impose on collecting. Worth adding to the discussion is that often the classic looks went on for quite a long stretch in comic terms. Remember what a big deal it was when Spidey changed costumes in Secret Wars? And how long did the FF have pretty much their classic costumes before byrne made the negative zone versions? Now it seems like every new creative team gets to revamp the costume, and often by the time the figure comes out, the costume they're wearing has been replaced by something newer in the costumes or has reverted to a classic look (e.g., Spider-Woman). It'll be interesting to see how people react to the increasing number of video-game driven costume choices. Seems like the Spidey PS 4 figure sold well enough, i wonder how the two from the upcoming demogoblin wave will do.
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    I personally love the articulation, with the exception that range in the neck gets. Which is understandable, due to his locks. I hope we get a Classic Beta Ray Bill on the same buck.
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    I think it's the eyes, they look huge (especially compared the the previous face)
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    At the very least they could have given him a sledge hammer long arm or maybe this time some stretched legs....whats he gonna do with those hands, rake leaves??
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    the facial expression and effects make it leap out of the comic book pages
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