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  1. Hey, my Fellow Plastic Addicts. Thursday will see the launch of Marvel Studio’s latest Disney + project, She-Hulk. She-Hulk has always been a personal favorite of mine. Her comics have always been fun to read. Even if they aren’t breaking the fourth wall (which she had been doing long before a certain Merc with a Mouth), her comics can be so Meta. Hell, the storyline that they are pulling from is the time she was hired by Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway Law firm, which used in world Marvel Comic as their legal arguments. Because of this, when making this Ideal wave, I pulled heavily from that arc. As for why I picked each one: She-Hulk: For the She-Hulk of the wave, I thought it would be great for them to remake the first She-Hulk figure Hasbro made. It was also the suit that she is most known for, especially in the GLKH arc, where she would have many iconic covers. This would use the Grey She-Hulk body that is heavily retooled. Titania: For the next character, we had to get She-Hulk archenemy, Titania. The wife of Absorbing Man, people have been asking for this character for years and with her being one of the villains in the upcoming show, we need to get her in a comic figure. This would use the Same body as above. Southpaw: Now for a more obscure character, one of the reasons that She-Hulk was hired at the firm was to represent the boss’ grandchild in a criminal case, Southpaw. She would become She-Hulk ward. It would also work with another figure in this wave. Well, his head at least. This would use the teenage mold with new arms. That gauntlet can later be used for Gauntlet. Thunderbolt Ross: Now for one character I already asked for in the Hulk Ideal wave, Thunderbolt Ross. Ross’ character is supposed to be in the TV Series and with his actor, Willaim Hurt, passing away, this will be Ross’ last role in the MCU so this would be a wonderful way to honor the Actor. This will use the Hammerhead build with new arms and jacket. Mad Thinker: Now for some villains, starting with the Mad Thinker. As you can see with the BAF, I had to include this character. Can’t have one without the other. This would use either the Red Skull/Dormammu build OR the Doc Ock build. Vector: For the next villains, I think they should start one of the more requested teams, the U-Foes, starting with their leader, Vector. This would use the Vulcan body mold. Smart Hulk: For the last figure and the one that doesn’t have a BAF piece, Smart Hulk. No need to go into details about this as most Hulk fans know what it is. This will use the MCU Smart Hulk with new legs. Yes, it must come in Bunny slippers and have a big blaster. BAF: Amazing Android: Or as he is known in the She-Hulk comic, Awesome Andy. This character went through quite a character development in the arc, which is something for a character that can’t speak. This could use the Rhino build to give him texture. He also had to come with the chalkboard.
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  2. Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. This week sees the launch of the Animated series "I am Groot" and you know that whenever Marvel launches anything on in cinema and on streaming, I must do an Ideal Wave for it. Yes, Yes, I know. This series is aimed at kids and will probably have nothing to do with the much larger MCU But God damn it, I want to an Ideal wave for the GOTG and don't want to wait until next year to do it. For this wave I tried to pull from multiple sources, like movies and games, to select the character from the comics that I want to be made and because it's such a weird wave, I went as silly as I could. As always I have included some rules: 6-8 figures per wave. No more. No less. Some version of the Title hero must be in it. In this case, Groot 1 to 3 Female per wave. 1 or 2 Villains per wave, but these could be female as well. 1 or 2 brand new characters that have never been done before 1 or 2 remakes. The Remakes can also be new costumes as Like Classic Spider-man or Iron Spider. Each wave most have a Theme i.e. Spider-man can include Street Level heroes or Iron Man can include Tech Heroes and villains. However, there are no strict rules if you want to include characters outside the theme The Theme for this wave: Guardians of the Galaxy You can see larger images below: As for why I picked each one: Rocket Raccoon - Of course if you are going to have a Groot wave, you must have his partner in crime, Rocket. We have gotten a comic book version of Rocket before but for this I want a complete remake with articulated legs! Of course, he will come with the potted Groot as always. Mantis- Next up we have the one MCU Guardian that hasn't been made into a comic version, Mantis. However, rather than the classic version (whether the green or pink skin version) I think I would prefer that she would go with her original GOTG costume to go with the rest of the comic GOTG we got. Because of this, it would require a new sculpt. Nikki - Next we have a character from the Square-Enix GOTG game (which you really should play), Nikki. One of the first recruits for the Original Guardians, she would use the Shriek body mold with a new head. The hair can be translucent or solid. Yondu - Next we have probably the one original GOTG that everyone have been asking for, Yondu. Michael Rooker's role in the GOTG Vol. 2 is probably the best in that film and we need his comic counterpart for it. I know there is a 616 version now but we all know this is the version we need. This would use the Vulcan body mold. Cosmo The Space-Dog - Now we have the good boy. I have been wanting Cosmo for years and I'm not the only one. Not only is he getting a bigger role in the next GOTG but he also played a major role in the game. This of course would require a whole new sculpt, if they could get the four limbs to move from the torso, that would be enough for me. He should also come with a helmet and non-helmeted head Taserface - Hey, stop that snickering. When he appeared in the comic, he was a real treat. He was part of a race that evolved from Stark's tech and would go onto fight the original GOTG for many years. This would use the Mr. Sinister build as a base but would require alot of new parts. Groot- And we get to the BAF, which as you can guess is Groot. We have had Groot a few times in MCU and once in Comic form but the one I think many people would like to have is the original GOTG build to match the rest of the team. Except for the head, which can just be the comic GOTG set, this would require mostly a whole new sculpts. Well, what do you think? Would you buy this set or leave it on the pegs? Let me know below and tell me what you would want for this kind of wave.
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  3. (the original article - https://nearcompleteset.com/2022/01/09/ideal-wave-x-men-version-3/) Cyborg Wolverine: It seems every X-based must have a Wolverine figure but who said it must be James “Logan” Howlett or Laura Kinney? For this wave I decided to make the Wolverine for this wave Albert, the robotic copy of Wolverine. To make it easier to sell this figure to people I thought of calling it “Cyborg Wolverine” instead of Albert. This will use the standard Wolverine Buck with added and new parts. X-Factor Jean Grey: We have gotten quite a bit of team near completion but on team that seems to be only have two figures is the original X-Factor, Cyclops and Archangel. So, I thought it would be a great idea to include the only female member of the team and the most requested version of her, Jean Grey. This will use the new Shriek mold with only a new head. Feral With Siryn and Rictor we are close in getting the second team of X-Force. But what about the original team? Well, that is only missing the furry member of the group Feral. This of course will use the Tigra body mold with a new upper torso (the lower half can just be painted) and a new head. A longer tail but the one that came with Tigra will work simply fine. Armor I was fighting with myself about making this the BAF, but the sheer fact is, it would be impossible to implement. A figure with its own articulation inside a transparent figure with its own articulation? Can’t see how Hasbro could ever make that work. So instead, we can just get Armor on the teenage body mold with Sue Storm’s invisible shield effect in pink. Maybe include some snap on gauntlets? Astonishing X-men Beast To complement Armor, I thought it would be a clever idea to go back and remake the short and under-articulated Beast. I know people don’t really like Cat Beast, but the original figure really does need an update. It can use the Beast build with new lower torso and legs. The bracelets can just be separate pieces. Exodus Taking the next spot, we have the Magneto worshipping Exodus. Many people have been asking for this guy and I think it’s about time we got him. As for which build, I think the Odinson build would work for him. He is usually depicted as larger than most. The rest can just be separate pieces. Corsair Now that we have his three sons, I think it’s about time that we got the patriarch of the Summers family, Christopher Summer, aka Corsair. Now only that but people have been asking for Hasbro to start making the Starjammers and while the rest can be slotted into a Cosmic/GOTG wave (being aliens and all), Corsair must be in a X-men wave. This will use the Vulcan body mold (to complement his son) with added piece. BAF: Genocide For the BAF, I was fighting between Armor, which I realized couldn’t be done properly, Mammomax or Post but then I thought wouldn’t it be cool to get a remake of a character that is also an alternate version, in this case being the Prime Version of Holocaust/Nemesis. Introduced in Uncanny X-force, this is the son of Apocalyspe from the 616 universe. This would require a whole new sculpt.
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