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    Following on from a discussion about the Blue Marvel, there came a debate on which costume should be done first. So in the first of (What hopefully) will be a series; Whcih Costume should they do first. The contenders are: First Appearance Mighty Avengers Ultimates
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    Well trump can kiss my.........well can't say any more. Might be sued. Lol
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    In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today we are spotlighting photographer Darcreign and his photo titled "Taking AIM". You can purchase Marvel Legends figures from our sponsor Megalopolis.Toys. "Taking AIM" By Darcreign Be sure to give Darcreign a follow on Instagram, and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
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    That's great that they made such a obscure D rate character, I'll be getting him. Now where's classic Tarantula the hell at!
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    Classic/Retro version of Doctor Strange, Ronan, Drax, Red Skull, Hercules, Blob, Toad, Banshee, Human Torch, Iron Fist, and Powerman, please! And AOA Sabretooth, Kree, Brood, Dum Dum Dugan, and Marvel Monsters!
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    If I had to guess what they are revealing I would say the BAF for the HOX, a couple more from the BOTBG wave, MODOK since they teased it and finding out where Firestar is coming. if they want to surprise us, then maybe that Excalibur or Defenders hint that Dan Yun posted a few weeks back would be great.
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    Regardless of the BAF, I'm hyped for a possible Lady Deathstrike.
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    Trick arrows are Hawkeye's defining attribute, but for some reason Hasbro never includes them with their Marvel Legends figures 🤷‍♂️ So I designed and 3D printed a few different ones of my own to outfit my figures. 🏹
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    Good to know that the Falcon's on the way. This is a good figure, though I'm thinking he should be bigger than Bucky (Falcon and Cap had always been more or less the same height and weight) and his expression is a bit off, but I can live with it. Wonder why they didn't just go with the previous head sculpt used on Falcon Cap. Overall a good figure, and its nice that we get extra hands. Also I'm glad they didn't do any kind of wash on the white, and gave him gloves. In the animated series he didn't always have them and I just prefer them on. This is a good figure, and I was hoping we'd eventually see the "hard light" wingsuit with the ribbed panels (they can drop the goatee) but I'm thinking this is so close to that version, we probably won't get it. What we should get, though, is the classic outfit and hopefully, they'll give us Redwing too. Cant wait to get this in hand!!
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    Hell YES! I couldn't agree more, word for word. I bought the figure because it's Guardian and I'm Canadian and always loved Guardian but he's easily my least favourite figure of my entire collection. I really really hate the Grumpy face. Had they just gone neutral, I'd have forgiven them for backstabbing us on the paint. Or, as you said, had they given us what they showed....sigh. Hopefully, hopefully a redo is close on the horizon. It could work for a Fan-Channel 2 pack with Marina, or with Aurora in her yellow. Actually, here's the idea....(paying attention Hasbro?) Two Fan-Channel Exclusive 2 packs. (In Bold for Hasbro-getting attention) Aurora and Guardian (the former in her yellow jumpsuit, and the latter in spiffy metallic red with '3' heads: Delphine Courtney head, a maskless James Hudson Head, and a new helmeted head with a neutral expression. Marina and the Master! (Nuff said!)
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    It's just nice to see some good writers who just write good stories and don't try to write stories around their own personal crusades. A damn near 120 year old Chris Claremont and Fabian Nicieza are better than Vita Ayala or Daniel "The New Warriors were too cool for me" Kibblesmith every day of the week. And twice on Sunday.
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    Very cool. That XMen comic inclusion is a great display enhancer. If any era of XMen tempted me to buy Legends it’s this one. Can’t afford them now, but it’s always tempting... The awesome thing about what the MCU has done is embrace the source material. They find ways to include original comic design aspects and turn them into realistic looking suits. Batroc in The Winter Soldier is a perfect example. They homaged the goofy color scheme but updated the attire into what a savate fighter would probably wear. Too bad the early fox X films seemed to want to distance themselves from comics.. but can’t wait to see what the MCU does with them
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    It never stops amazing me exactly how some customs come out. This is excellent work and a prime example of showing Hasbro they already have the available resources to make this thing. Of course, a new head sculpt would be totally necessary, but if all it would cost Hasbro is the price of the new head sculpt and a little paint deco, what's the hold up?
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    I know this is a bit off the track (since we are talking peter parker), but I desperatly want Spidey 2099 on the Retro Spidey buck... please Hasbro!
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    It's definitely the same head. New hair, but we can even see the slight smirk on the left side (edit: her right, our left) of her mouth due to the horrendously misapplicated lipstick paint attempt. Think of it as the juggernaut wave Rogue head after being blasted in the face with Homer Simpson's makeup application shotgun lol. This is probably a factory reject as it doesn't even come close to being in the same ballpark of quality compared to the in hand Rogue Rektangular leaked. The Gambit in that same guys review looked like he had all kinds of paint issues around the sides of his mask. Can see all kinds of excess plastic flashing, esp on the left side of her face giving her an earlobe attached to her jaw and all the excess paint beneath her lips. Ignoring all that extra paint, , I can make out the original's mouth distinctly.
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    Man, the rose-coloured glasses in this thread are thick. There are loads of great modern costumes and loads of great modern stories, along with plenty of underwhelming modern efforts. But, the same has been true throughout all of Marvel's history. I think my love of 70s and (especially) 80s X-Men is pretty well-documented at this point, but 60s X-Men is completely unreadable. Stan Lee was a brilliant guy, whose character contributions cannot be over-stated, but man was that early writing rough. Likewise, there are lots of incredible early costumes, lots of terrible ones, lots of significant modern improvements on classic costumes, lots of failed updates, and lots of brand new modern costumes, with varying degrees of success. There are eras I like better than others on average, but there has never been an era that's all trash or all treasure, and to assert otherwise just comes across as closed-minded.
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    Guardians of the Galaxy (original team) box set!
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    That's the problem with these guys. They can't have any rhyme or reason to even the stuff they come up with, let alone the works of the ones who went before them. There's a 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th etc Summers brother despite the fact that the idea really makes no sense. As long as these hacks think it will sell comics, they don't care.
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    In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today we are spotlighting Photographer Nerdyeggroll and his photo titled "Feeding Time". Marvel figures are available for purchase from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. "Feeding Time" By Nerdyeggroll Be sure to give Nerdyeggroll a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
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    This addition to the collectible Gallery series depicts New Warrior, Avenger, and Spider-Man's amazing friend Firestar soaring into the sky with firey hands. Measuring 10 inches tall, this dynamic figure is made of high quality PVC and features detailed sculpting and paint applications; the flames are cast in translucent material to catch the light. Designed by Uriel Caton and sculpted by Alejandro Pereira, Firestar comes pacakged in a full color window box. You can pre-order this at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com.
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    Well, I was hoping for Machine Man and Iron Man 2020, but alas we got one of them so far. My picks: Classic Adam Warlock vs Magus Thor vs Kurse
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    CALLISTO needs to come with interchangeable tentacle arms!
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    News Flash! Marvel Legends gets scooped again by the inferior and inconsistent Marvel Select. If Titanium Man isn't the BAF for the Bad Guys wave they better have a damn good ace up their sleeve.
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    Nice...but I'll wait on the ML BAF version which should come with alternate hands & weapons accessories.
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    Flagg ok yeah I see it now. Keep these coming, you’ve got a great talent for pics.. wish more people enjoyed their collection as much as you do!
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    MCU Justin Hammer would need extra articulation in the legs to accommodate Sam Rockwell's dance moves.
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    Hmmm....Frog Man, definitely. Hand Ninja's....most definitely! The rest? I really enjoyed the film, but not enough to have figures of them. I would like stilt man though. We'll see. Looking forward to more reveals tomorrow!
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    Definitely want Frogman and probably a hand ninja for DD and Elektra to fight. Not sure about the Spider-verse characters - i'm inclined to pass on them but will have to think about it more. the sad sack Parker figure is particularly tempting, would like to get a closer look at them i suppose. I don't really care about Stilt-man.
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    21 new: Cypher Magma Rictor Armor Chamber Feral Siryn Husk Meggan Pete Wisdom Copycat Cassandra Nova Deathbird Exodus Mastermind Lady Mastermind Callisto Dstiny Mimic Unus The Untouchable William Stryker Updated/new costumes: Kitty Pryde (shadowcat blue costume) Captain Kate Pryde Toad Blob Avalanche Mojo Lady Deathstrike Spiral Nightcrawler (Aoa X-force) Angel (another deluxe in his Blue costume) Shadow King (Deluxe) Onslaught (Deluxe) Sauron (Deluxe) Warlock (two pack with Cypher) Hope Summers Xorn New Mutants (male body with heads for Cannonball, Cypher, and Sunspot) Magik (new mutants) Sasquatch (two park with wendigo, or with Marrian Smallwood) Banshee Longshot Before someone says something, I would like Deluxe versions of most of the BAF because I'm an in box collector and would love to see these figures alongside the rest of what I have!
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    The target exclusive Red Hulk is back up for order on Target's website, if anyone's still looking for him.
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    ShartimusPrime takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro 6" Cyborg Spider-Man figure from Hasbro. This figure will be offered as a Target exclusive later this year here in the United States. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
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    My Avengers display (MCU and comic versions) and my Jim Lee X-Men #1 display (still need to make an ice slide, an effect piece for Jean, and a better effect piece for Magneto).
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    Beautiful! Would kill for a 2 pack of this and Capt. Britain(Alan Davis natch)!
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    21 New ( no order of importance) 1. Stingray 2. Dr. Druid 3. Swordsman 4. Moondragon 5. Mantis 6. Whizzer 7. Two Gun Kid 8. Starfox 9. Firebird 10. Gilgamesh 11. Quasar 12. Jim Hammond Human Torch 13. Sersi 14. Living Lightning 15. Crystal 16. Dr. Pym ( WCA red jumpsuit) 17. Triathlon 18. Jack of Hearts 19. Lionheart 20. Demolition Man 21. Stature Updated Costumes 1. Wonderman ( Safari Jacket) 2. Quicksilver ( Green) 3. Thor ( Hell scarred, bearded, helmet) 4. She Hulk ( FF) 5. Mockingbird ( WCA suit) 6. Iron Man ( Heroes Reborn) 7. Yellowjacket 8. Hercules ( 70s or 80s ) 9. Vision ( Anti-Vision) 10. Black Knight ( grey chai mail) 11. Hellcat ( blue suit) 12. Falcon (classic) 13. Moon Knight ( gold highlights WCA era) 14. Captain Britain ( Excalibur 1 version) 15. Mr Fantastic ( Byrne Negative zone ) 16. Invisible Woman ^ 17. Thing ^ 18 Human Torch ( non flame ^ ..hmm maybe classic red flame version) 19. Spider-Man ( Iron suit) 20. Sentry ( Void version) 21. Wasp ( Secret Wars era)
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    While I would have no interest in the Disney+ Avengers wave, I'd be very interested in that Shang Chi move wave!
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    I want this for Lockjaw. Blackbolt doesn't look bad, but I am more than happy enough with my ML one.
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    Too many artists these days are making that same mistake with the likes of the Thing, Luke Cage, etc. These guys already have established heights, and you don't need to be 7-8ft tall to be super strong. I've seen some panels where Cage is coming in at 7ft tall and Thing is even bigger. Spidey can press 10 tons and he's never been taller than 5'10".
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    Exactly. Thunderbird was superhumanly strong and had a tough hide, but he wasn't any taller than Cyclops, certainly not as tall as Colossus, nor his younger brother. Also, he died very shortly after the team first formed, so anyone's theories about "growth spurts" or "artistic license" won't fly. The Hasbro figure is on the right mold.
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    I wonder if the Weapon X body (at least the torso, arms might be too short) would work.
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    In this segment called Marvelous Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today we are spotlighting Photographer Aliska and her series of photos titled "Halloween Night In The Marvel Universe". You can purchase Marvel Legends from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. "Halloween Night In The Marvel Universe" By Aliska Check out more images below. Be sure to give Aliska a follow on Instagram and let her know what you think of their work in the comments below.
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    Time has no meaning anymore this deep in the pandemic. Did Shang-Chi come out in 2020? If so, he's the best Marvel Legend of the year.
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    Yea was thinking of that as well, along with Namor from the Black Panther wave (who is easier to acquire).
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