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    Glad to know you're safe and haven't resented the effects of the pandemic. You could try empathy for a change, the fact that you haven't been affected by this doesn't mean nobody has. I'm lucky I can still work and do everything from home, but a lot of friends have either lost their jobs or can't work at all since this broke out, and that means they are limited to what they can and can't afford by their savings. The fact that you and I may be able to pay for something 500usd + doesn't mean that everyone will be, and on the empathic side of things, those 500usd+ could be used for something a bit more helpful to yourself and society. I'm not talking about donating, or even loaning, but you could probably boost those 500 into something more like investing in some business for when the dust settles.
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    Your personal thoughts on the virus itself are immaterial here. The impact it is having on society and the economy is real and showing pics whether it be online or at a convention would be pointless if people aren't in a position to pay for it right now.
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    Looks fine to me. Perfect, actually & 100% comic accurate. Maybe you're not a student of X-Men comics before 1991, but look at the cover of Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975). Or Art Adams' magnificent (and still definitive) covers, annual & guest artist work for Classic X-Men & UXM (1985 onwards). Or Paul Smith's work on UXM in the early 1980's. Or John Romita Jr's work on UXM (first run). So, I'm seeing Jay C's reveals, and I'm thinking 'Holy sh!t! This is just amazing. Another 30 figures I need! ' It's great! But, Reading the comments...not for all: the big takeaway from at least three regular posters is: inadequate curves on female figures. Ohhh, boy. Here we go again. Blathering about 'Disney PC', and 'body shaming' and 'hurting feelings' and clearly feeling they are being discriminated against if they don't get female action figures with 38DDD upper torso sculpts and 16" waists. And, here was me thinking we didn't do politics + toys anymore here, because it's toxic. And causes people to post insults in response. And rinse and repeat. Here's the thing. I remember the Marvel Swimsuit Specials too (1992 & 1995. Even as a kid I thought these were dumb). But these weren't anomalies - in the early 1990's, Jim Lee and Joe Madureira and Rob Liefield and J. Scott Campbell and Todd MacFarlane and Whilce Portacio and 83 million other pencillers - Marvel, DC & Image - really went all out nuts doing ludicrously exaggerated and anatomically impossible versions of women's bodies (oh, yeah, and men's too. Cyclops was never a weight-lifting body guy, he's a skinny, gawky kid with tone and definition. Like how Chris Bachalo does him now). Every one giggles about Liefield lines and superfluous pockets. There was other stuff too which tends towards bad cliche. Like Scott Campbell's infamous rendition of Medusa. Like, ouch, Scoob. Still, that way of depicting our favourite heroes didn't offend me then, and doesn't now. I'd expect a 1990's Jean Grey action figure to look like 1990's comic (or, to a lesser extent, cartoon) Jean Grey. And sure enough, she does. [Boy, I still love that UXM 'Love Triangle' 3-pack. Just exceptional. Best Legends 3-pack ever. Ever]. Anyway, by 1999, that way of pencilling pretty much stopped. And it's not coming back. It's ONE VERSION of these characters. What came before, and what came after - about 60 years of comics - is far more valid and representative and will - SHOULD - be used as the basis of a sculpt. Storm looks great. And this is still an advanced protype. Please, please, please stop doing that knee-jerk reactionary stuff: personally, I don't want to insult you because of your politics (and Politics - there is a difference, but neither sits comfortably on a collecting website). I'd actually much rather listen to you, as you all have very good/interesting things to say and share without reaching for the 'I hate modern toys. I hate Disney. I hate PC. I hate....I hate...' or 'Hasbro is making me buy toys I don't want to, ' BS. (I'll admit though, that latter sentiment did make me laugh though - I started visualising Hasbro stormtroopers frog-marching fan boys down to Walgreens, and threatening to shoot them if they don't buy Squirrel Girl). You just don't need to push that button. Doesn't matter how right you are, or how right you think you are, it's better to be nice than to be right. Or, alternatively, just stop collecting/posting if it offends too much. And, I hope you'll allow me a digression too after a long ol' post. It's serious. I am 100% psyched for what's coming Legends wise, but as I live in the UK, I'm concerned about whether or not I'll be able to get it in light of the (soon to be declared) SoE here. I've already tested positive for COVID-19 and have been in self-isolation (this is day 6 for me, maybe only 2 more days, maybe 8). I'm more or less fine (ish: I have chronic asthma), but miserable & anxious. I'm worried about my parents (78 and 76, one with COPD) and my partner is even more terrified for hers (both 74, diabetic, one seriously immuno-compromised following stomach surgery last autumn). A lot of stuff is going to be shutting down here (football, sports, public events, festivals, cinemas etc. etc. already have, but schools are still open at this point). Infrastructure will be hit soon. And this situation MIGHT add cost, delay and availability issues to every thing, not least these new waves and figures (and my pre-orders! Black Widow wave & Grey Black Widow; Iron Man 2020; AOA wave and a bunch more). No-one knows. But this is real, this is serious and people you know may well die over the next 12 months. If you're lucky enough NOT to be affected by this yet, good: I hope you can all avoid it. Be sensible, take care and every possible precaution you can and stay healthy and aware of people who desperately need help. And if you hear anyone saying, yeah, they've got a cough, a fever/higher temperature and/or feel a little bit fluey, but, it ain't too bad, so they're going to keep right on working as normal, please hit them hard and forcibly frogmarch them home, making sure they follow whatever guidance has been issued by public health officials. Because this is why people are dying, and why this virus is escalating at an unprecedented and unparalleled way and with a statistically improbable mortality rate. It's kill rate is making bubonic plague or SARS seem like a walk in the park. And we have - leaked by Public Health England this morning - a year of this to go. ONE YEAR. 80% of the UK's population impacted. 7.9million hospitalised (source: the guardian.com/world/2020). Heavy, eh? So, for me, these reveals are a little bit of positivity and goodness in a very bleak time (and believe me, compared to some people, I'm not suffering at all).
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    Yeah, calling Prague a hole in the wall and "hell and away from decent medical care" is particularly strange. I'm guessing a lot of outsiders would describe Arkansas that way.
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    This new world has it's drawbacks but also I have a growing awareness. I like toys but they are a like and want. They are not a need, Hasbro has given me a lot to play with in recent years and a little break to step back and reflect is really nice. The world needs to be fixed before I worry about the next wave.
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    As for HasLab: It could very easily be seen as in poor taste to offer a high-priced marquee item during a time of massive unemployment and people worrying about family members' health and livelihoods. And have a far lower chance of succeeding/meeting it's goals if a lot of the buying audience is dealing with economic difficulties brought on by the Virus.
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    In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer Nerdyeggroll and his photo titled "Let's see what you got Silent Bob". Marvel figures are available for purchase from our sponsor Megalopolis.Toys. "Let's see what you got Silent Bob" By Nerdyeggroll Be sure to give Nerdyeggroll a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
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    I agree with most of you. Canning the Haslab project until we get through this crisis is a wise move. Closing down SDCC IS an even wiser move. Keeping it up and running would be a disaster in my opinion. I will say...all of y'all my "virtual family" have helped the hours go by. Thank you for that. I pray you all stay safe and Healthy as well as your families.
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    Regarding SDCC, I hate to say it, but calling it off for the year is the only play that makes since. Even if, by some miracle, we managed to get a handle on this thing in the next three-and-a-half months, going directly from world-wide pandemic to stuffing a few thousand people into a stuffy convention center seems . . . counter-intuitive.
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    I would be happy if they scrapped HasLab completely. Since that probably isn't going to happen; they should postpone it until next year. No-one is going to be able to drop roughly $500 on a toy for the next couple of months
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    Agree! Titanium Man just demands a BAF. With the right shade of metallic green, and the correct head sculpt, it would be incredible. I'd love to see them do the face plate much like what they did for the MCU Yellowjacket...clear plastic over the face, making it look like he's got a face shield. For TM, I'd have the yellow eyes really glow, and have tinted clear shield over the face.
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    Sharing custom Black Order
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    I’m just trying to be helpful; I believe the headline should say Company’s Future. I’m glad to see that Hasbro won’t be too badly affected by current events! Edit: the comment section doesn’t seem to display the apostrophe so it would be Company apostrophe S
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    In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer Nerdyeggroll and his photo titled "Kneel Before Apocalypse". Marvel figures are available for purchase from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. "Kneel Before Apocalypse" By Nerdyeggroll Be sure to give Nerdyeggroll a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
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    Microaggression is there, you just can't seem them because they're the one with shrinking powers.
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    Made from a SDCC PSYLOCKE cast head and Ashley Barton body with styrene piece as the skirt and plastic for the bra pieces. Painted with acrylics. Feedback is always welcomed!!
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    at this point in time, I am just tired of Exclusives period, nobody seems to be able to handle them correctly, no stores that get exclusives do it right, it should be called Elusives , since they really make them annoying to obtain, thankfully EB around my parts seem to really be doing a great job with what they get usually especially with their Wal-greens stuff, but in general.. can we just stop exclusives all together it's a lame practice , just let all stores get em
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    I'm finding it strange that the Target "exclusive" is hard to find in Target and easy to get elsewhere
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    Still don't understand why they didn't. Even the early posters showed him with his helmet. Movie does look like alot of fun, especially the chemistry between the Widows and of course Taskmaster
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    I started with an icons grey hulk. I used a nuke head and Andre the Giant figure for the other heads. Cut the jaws off nuke and hulk. Used just the ye and arms from Andre. I used a price of a random wwe figure for half the chest/neck. The rest is sculpted with Aves Apoxie Clay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I am back and forth about the Deadpool wave. Money being the big deal here. Mostly just want to finish off my X-Factor and X-Force teams from the 90s. Eternals is a big pass for me because I no longer do movie figures. Plus I don't know who they are. Venom is a wait and see, I mostly just want Life Foundation members and like Tarot said I doubt we get all 3. So I will just grab the one if we get that. I been seeing leaks on other boards and some look promising and others not so much. I got my eye on the rumored next X-Men wave coming this year. I very much like to cross off Banshee, Longshot, Rachel, Pyro, Avalanche, or Syrin off my want list.
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    Give me an X Factor No fur Beast and a Jean Grey.
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    Welcome. Always nice to have another poster. What kind of customs do you do these days? You should post some of them up when you have a second. I'm just getting started on my first. Still in pre-production, but I got some sketches done today and am gathering my materials. It's exciting!
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    I am super happy that I was lucky enough to get this at the beginning of March, because I really wanted this , and it sucks for you guys in the US that you gotta wait with the delay, but I was just waiting to hear about these delays, I'm sure we will see more in the pipeline, everybody going nuts, and more nuts and the essential buying gets worse, there is no place to prioritize toys these days on the shelf the one thing thats keeping me going is the prospect of getting new toys to keep me sane, I'm sure you guys are all feeling that way as well, if this keeps going the way it does in terms of shipments to stores only being essentials because the crazies are buying it in droves day 1, we probably won't even see any new toys in a few months, just close 2020 down...
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    In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer ShootingtheGalaxy and his photo titled "Inter-Dimensional Love". "Inter-Dimensional Love" By ShootingtheGalaxy Be sure to give Shooting The Galaxy a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below. Marvel figures are available at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com.
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    Very very nice....yes. As befitting the Sorcerer Supreme. It'd be great if they could work the Eye with an actual articulated "lid" feature too. And to be clear, I'm talking about the original Eye, not the movie variant. Your idea is perfect and I'd snap that up in heartbeat. Not even the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak could hold me back!
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    While I agree that the armor they went with is one of the least recognizable looks for the mantle, I honestly think that it's the most visually appealing. I've never been a fan of the older Crimson Dynamo designs, with the Star Wars-esque helmet and no color variation. I think it's a testament to the quality of the design used by the BAF that it was the basis for the look of Crimson Dynamo in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, and to some extent the Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 video games and Marvel's Avengers Assemble. And in none of these media Crimson Dynamo is Gennady Gavrilov (the one that uses this design in the comics). Plus, the design Hasbro went with is probably the most apt for a BAF-sized figure. Classic Crimson Dynamo could work as a single-carded release, since he'd be roughly the bulk of a Colossus figure.
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    I would like to see these big guys re-released in the deluxe format, but different paint/heads/attachments/whatever. Yes I know Kingpin is rumored, but still. And I love the idea of getting another Reed showing off his elasticity. Preferably costumed like the Walgreen's exclusive but.. or start the classic blue/white 🤷‍♂️
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    what changing concepts? The first promotional images of the Red Guardian had him with a helmet, most promo material showed him with a helmet. I seriously doubt Hasbro didn't have access to promotional material way before it was released
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    Oddly enough, that IS part of it. The brighter deco, the buffer frame; it just screams "Comic Book." Not that I have a problem with 80 Cap, I just like the vibe off Retro more. Not even sure why I sold my first one.
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    this is what I thought, and looking at these new characters names aside, and some plump chick with a magic backpack, Screentime..... umm yeah.. nah , kid morbius I can deal with...but I draw the line there, and I give pretty much everything a chance
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    Now be fair, you can't blame it ALL on Disney. Marvel has been making bone-head decisions since long before Disney bought them out. It's just that under the Mouse-House, brain-farts like this are now the rule instead of the exception.
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    *glances at calendar* Well, it's not April 1 yet...
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    OMG! Where the hell is Cupcake and Microaggression? This isht has jumped the friggin' shark Disney. Let It Go! DROP THE TACO!! Add another to the list of my classic faves that Disney destroyed with its modern day PC garbage BS.
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    I'm kind of bummed that Storm is just part of a two-pack, since I was hoping there'd be a bigger "Giant Sized X-Men" set with a new (much-needed) Banshee. Still, if they were going to put her in a 2-pack with somebody, Thunderbird is definitely the best choice, as he is MUCH needed. With all due respect, it isn't "off-topic" to criticize body part choices. Would it be off-topic to criticize the two weirdly-skinny, giraffe-necked comic Ant-Man figures we got as Walgreen's exclusive and "Retro" figures? This Storm just looks odd- the torso looks like it is from a completely different figure than the head and limbs. This torso looks like it belongs to a small, possibly young (teenager?) person. Heck, the top half of this torso doesn't even look much like it goes with the bottom half. As at least one person pointed out, it almost looks like she doesn't have a ribcage. Nothing to do with chest, etc.- it's just weird-looking. She needs a ribcage, and shoulders. It's just a weird upper torso that should never have been approved.
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    I doubt I can really add much to this discussion that wasn't already articulated incredibly well by LandoTucker, but these sorts of comments are really getting out of control, and read like you don't even understand the viewpoint of the people you're decrying. Nobody in the world is offended by female curviness. That argument couldn't be more disingenuous. Disney, Marvel, and Hasbro's response to the very real criticism that every woman in the 90s was depicted as extremely (and sometimes impossibly) curvy has been to actually illustrate and sculpt a wide variety of body-shapes. There is no crusade to do away with curves, but there's certainly an effort finally being made to represent less curvy bodies too. Just off the top of my head, Mystique, Lady Deadpool, 90s Storm, 90s Polaris, every version of Jean Grey, etc., are all very curvy, ample-chested figures made in the last year or two. Have there been weird choices about which figures get which body-types? Sure, a few, maybe, but the vast majority have been spot-on for their usual depiction. Hell, even some of the examples that seem to have the most people up in arms are pretty overblown. Walgreens Emma, for instance, has relatively little hip curvature, but was commonly depicted that way by Bachalo, so there's a totally applicable reference point. People love to cite her as an example of a de-emphasized chest too, but that's largely an optical illusion. With the figure in-hand, she's working with a lot more than is apparent in 2D pictures. A lot of people seem to think of Storm as extremely curvy too, but her actual depiction in comics hasn't been that consistent. In the 80s, for instance, she frequently appeared much less curvy. True, the figure in question represents her look in the 70s, when she was definitely on the curvier side, but all we've seen are more-or-less head-on shots of the figure, so it may be the same issue as Emma. And if it's not, all evidence would suggest it's simply a(n arguably) bad choice on the part of one sculptor, not a global conspiracy to de-curve all female action figures. Having this discussion over and over is doing this community no favours. This is a super unnecessary low blow, dude. I often don't agree with monron's take on social dynamics, and I think you're spot-on regarding his comments, but it doesn't do any good to make things personal, especially when you're resorting to such low-hanging fruit.
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    Here's the response to your 'concerns': the first 'n' in your handle is superfluous.
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    My first custom, paint needs some touching up, not sure about the cape yet, but I'm pretty proud of it. I'm open to any tips and critiques anyone might have!
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    Healthcare is 48th overall in the world, according to the World Health Organization. Not too shabby, Prague. Take that, Malaysia! Still...what a dump!
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    Please tell me how one of the highest ranking cities to live in is a hole in the wall.
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    Glad this figure looks pretty good. One of the four AoA I have pre-ordered!
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    I would like a Cyclops repainted to look like the Dark Phoenix 2-pack figure. Or, basically I want that figure without Phoenix and with the new optic blast effects from the X-Factor version.
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    I wouldn’t mind having that version of him in a team pack with the rest of the X-men in their blue and gold or maybe in a two pack with Siryn. For now green and gold is a must, especially if they make it in an individual pack.
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    Classic Guardsman is what I want next for Army building purposes. Give it a metallic paintjob & I'll get half a dozen or more of these very over due Ironman baddies.
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