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    Ah, embarrassment of riches! So I had finally made it to Walmart, picked up a few things for my sister, and made my way back toward the toy department hoping, but not really expecting, that one of those three Caps Walmart.com claimed to be there, was still waiting for me. I passed the Barbies, the Legos, the Hot Wheels, made a left turn . . . and stepped straight into Christmas. Multiple 80th Caps, several MCU 2 packs, including Luiz and Ghost, at least 2 full sets of the Wendigo wave, and the Grayson/Batman series of DC Multiverse. I turned around, and they even had the WWE Ruby Riott figure I wanted. As a 47 year-old man, I don't wanna admit how close I came to doing some kind of giggling Spongebob-esque "Happy Dance." I coulda done so much damage there. Finally I just had to grab the Cap I came for, and backed slowly away. Self control is its own reward . . . but it still sucks.
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    classic green goblin with glider and effects >:D
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    "But who will think of the children?!?" -- People in the 21st Century for no good reason (when it comes to this particular subject). Get real folks. Setting aside the clarification we've already gotten from Disney/Marvel (It's not going to be a "T" it's probably going to be an "LG" and it's already been heavily rumored for The Eternals), even if Marvel WAS going to introduce a transsexual character it's not like they're going to show the person naked to confirm their biological gender or go into graphic detail on the medical procedures they had to make them into the gender they felt suited them. It'll be as matter-of-fact and casual as the Russo brother appearance in Endgame: A throwaway line or two that most children that are "too young to be exposed to such things" won't even pick up on, anyway. The existence of LGBT individuals in real-life or entertainment is no threat to the sanity of children, or even to their own sexual orientations, and acting like it is plays into some extremely negative stereotypes that have been used to justify abuse, oppression, and even the outright murder of LGBT individuals around the world.
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    You really think I'm gonna dignify you with a debate? I have better things to do than humor somebody that sounds like what you get when you put a flat-earther and a comicsgater in a blender. Did this months-old movie really hurt you that bad that you feel the need to hijack a thread to bash it? Did Brie Larson personally travel to your house to murder your family, torture your dog and turn your toilet roll upside down? Holy heck, when you think there's only one with such unwarranted hateboner for this movie in this forum another one pops up and one ups him.
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    This is a strange and unique time for me...I actually have all currently available Marvel Legends products, both comic and MCU. It's even weirder because it's at a time when there is SO much product being released; as a result, I'm sending all of my excess good vibes to you all - best of luck in the hunt, because there's a lot out there!
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    I will be attending Hasbro's panel tomorrow. I will post the reveals live and I will take some pics of the figures so you won't have to wait at all ')
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    "I am not just Jean Grey's clone I'm Madelyne Pryor, the one and only , Not so much resurrected from the dead... as reborn " Kicking off the spooky season with the femme fatale Madelyn Pryor - The goblin queen
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    Way to hold firm Sony, only the ex-wife gets half.
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    Here is my 2nd custom Marvel Legends Feral. I made something very similar back in 2017, only difference is that paint apps were improved. The packaging design shown is a concept illustration only. Does not come with the toy. 😊 If you'd like to purchase her, she's up on ebay for a few days only! ebay.com/itm/401853532535 Also check out my instagram @dfactionfigures for more customs 🙂
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    The Acolytes Fabian Cortez Amelia Voght Mellencamp Vindaloo Frenzy Senyaka
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    Some of you seem to be forgetting that, in every way that matters, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, etc., were B-list characters until the MCU gave them their household names. Prior to the MCU, Marvel had Spider-Man, and--to a lesser extent--the X-Men. Nothing else came close. They built the MCU on freaks and geeks because they didn't have the rights to their A-list characters, and it worked. Compelling stories and an inter-connected universe showed the mainstream public what comic readers had seen in these characters. And they've done this repeatedly since then. Ten years ago, who would have believed that Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy would be household names? Guardians is pretty much the definition of B- (or even C-) list, yet here we are... Spider-Man is one of the biggest names ever to appear in the MCU, and would have been the holy grail a decade ago, but they just don't need him anymore. The MCU makes its own A-list characters.
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    Never saw Series 2 of the Retro Figures in the wild, so there was no reason to think I'd find the X-Retros at one of the lesser Walmarts this afternoon. Still, after coming back from finding Nightcrawler in a tiny one-horse town this morning, I got back in time to snag a Storm at retail! Today, Mako got the bear.
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    Gotta say, i like it better when the packaging art on the back showed product images by guys like Jerry Wilson as opposed to comic art/movie stills. If I like the art on the box, I'll flatten the cardboard and save it. If the cardboard insert is one i don't already have, i'll flatten and save it as a potential diorama background (although i've nearly never made use of this option). I always recycle the plastic shells altho i saved a few of the prism plastic overlays to potentially use as sort of a forcefield imprisoning effect (especially to use with Invisible Woman). While i don't run into a ton of fig swapping in my area, i'm not a fan of the how the new packaging seems to make it that much easier for fig swappers. Although that perhaps is overstated; it i think fig swappers generally buy the fig and then take advantage of generous return policies rather than doing swaps in-store. I do like the vintage packaging and the 80th anniversary packaging. The vintage ones i try to preserve by cutting along the bottom to slide the inner plastic tray out while keeping the outer bubble mostly intact. The 80th ones i save the cardboard parts and flatten. i think the 80th hulk packaging was particularly nice.
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    I don't more sales would be a factor. To be honest the only way for ML to be knocked off is for everyone else to really up their game or for Hasbro to get really sloppy
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    I was so sure we'd never see ForgetMeNot get the Legends treatment. Too bad it was a Walmart exclusive, but it just goes to show that being obscure isn't disqualifying in-and-of-itself.
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    man that is so rad you actually made a capsicle , that is true dedication ! how fantastic
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    "Bro-Thor?" Is that what we're calling it now? Nah, It's the Big Thorbowski. I mean its painfully obvious what the hack writers had on their tiny, uninspired little minds when they pooped this steaming piece of rancid turkey.
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    I would imagine that Shang Chi will be getting at least 1 movie wave so Hasbro should make a classic comic Gi wearing Shang in that wave to go along with the shirtless version we're getting in the Spidey wave. Hopefully he also comes with forearm bracers to deflect shuriken's & bladed weapons.
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    Grabbed the Hulk set at my local Gamestop. He is awesome but the wolverine looks surprisingly good as well, brighter colors than the tiger stripe version make it pop a bit more. They also had some of the x-vintage wave (cyke, iceman, and silver samurai). All looked good, samurai is the only one on my must-buy list but passed for now since i didn't feel like paying the Gamestop markup, especially after shelling out for the Hulk set. gotta say, it almost feels like if i get the 80th Thor, Cap, Iron Man, as well as Nightcrawler, Storm and a Classic Colossus, i might be able to call it a day as far as collecting. But who am i kidding, not ready to call it quits yet although there aren't a lot of other A-listers/favorite characters that i can think of that are missing.
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    Hasbro has sent ShartimusPrime the new 2019 San Diego Comic Con exclusive 6" Marvel Legends Hulk figure which he was nice enough to send over in-hand images for that you can check out below. He also has posted a special un-boxing video of the figure for his supporters over on his Patron channel which you can check out HERE. Patron is a nice way to show support for creators you enjoy watching and feel have provide you valuable entertainment, basically think of it as a cyber tip jar. For those of you not a Patron supporter, worry not because he will be posting a full-on video review early next week for everyone to check out. The figure will cost $34.99 at the Hasbro booth #3329 during the San Diego Comic Con which kicks off next Wednesday July 17. Limited quantities will be made available after the convention on Hasbro's website. Check back to MarvelousNews next week for complete SDCC coverage
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    Most my choises have been picked already but ill write them down anyway, here are the figures in classic costumes that I think need to be made. - Storm: In her classic Giant Size X-Men black suit. - Angel: Classic Blue and White suit with feather wings (I like the blue and white version better than the red and white one). - Magik: in her classic New Mutants suit. - Captain Britain - White Queen Emma and Black Queen Selene: With Hasbro lately censoring their female figures or going with more modern less revealing costumes I doubt these will get made but a classic Emma and Selene with their Hellfire costumes would be awesome. - Vulture: We really really need a cassic old man comic vulture. - Elektro: The Space venom firgure isnt bad but Id rather have a classic suit (this would also need to be made in the Sunfire mold). - Shocker: Also needs a Classic Costume rather than the more modern Thunderbolts costume. - Jack O'Lantern: The classic green suit with the scalemail and include his round glider. - War Machine: We really need a new Comic style WM figure. - Moonknight: Original White or silver Costume - Dr. Strange: Hasbro needs to update that toybiz Classic Dr. Strange costume (we might get this in a future Dr. Strange 2 movie wave). - Ms. Marvel: Carol in her classic blue and red costume and include an alternate moonstone ms. marvel head (might also get this one in a Captain Marvel 2 movie wave). - Adam Warlock: I like the Black and Yellow suit he wore during the Infinity Gauntlet story arc better than the more classic red leotard one. - Dr. Doom: This figure needs an update really bad. - Green Suit Quicksilver: Now that we got the Quicksilver Figure in the 3 pack they could easily repaint that one for the original brotherhood green suit. - Classic Ditko Style Spiderman: With the smaller eye lenses, web wings and all. (Ive thought for a while now that this figure should be released in a 2 pack with a Gwen Stacy figure, just like the modern Spiderman and MJ 2 pack they did)
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    I think his character simultaneously invites excitement and laziness. Because of his penchant for constant upgrading, creative and enthusiastic folks involved in the design process get excited imagining what he could look like (hence, presumably, dog-face). At the same time and for the same reason, it's easy for other folks in that same position to grab some existing mechanical-looking body, slap a new head on it, and call it "Ultron" with a better claim to some kind of legitimacy that if you tried that with, say, Brainiac. (Hence, presumably, Iron Monger wave Ultron.) Just look at Ultron Unlimited. There were hundreds of humanoid, robotic, drone bodies with Ultron heads running around that were all technically Ultron. I've just said "Ultron" in my head too many times and now it sounds funny. Nevertheless: Ultron. Duh. Doctor Doom. It's downright criminal at this point (figuratively most places and literally in Latveria). Doctor Strange. Agree with Tarot's reasoning above. I still actually love my old Toybiz one, I just hate the Cloak of Levitation. It really restricts his poses. Captain Marvel. I want Monica Rambeau in her classic CM uniform. She was so awesome back then. Marvel Girl. Jean Grey in her green minidress and yellow boots. It's my favorite look for her and all of her various and sundry clones. Ms. Marvel. Carol in the ol' red & blue with that weird tummy-window. Man, she must've tanned funny back then. I'm sure Power Girl sympathizes. Mockingbird. I love Mockingbird. Zemo. Come on, guys. Mattell got to him and he wasn't even in Secret Wars Wendigo. Love the forthcoming BAF from what I've seen except for the head. I hope they do an interchangeable alternative down the line like with Onslaught and Shadow King. Odin. Needs moar Kirby!
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    Pre-ordered the Wendigo wave on Pulse last night. That Nightcrawler figure looks like a home run for Hasbro! I am so excited to add this one to the collection, my ToyBiz one has always had a weird loose leg at the hip.
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    I would think that 90's Jean redux makes a good "core character" for a future wave of X-Men Legends (maybe with a "true" Jim-Lee Colossus as the BAF). It's not like Hasbro is obligated to get EVERY 90's remake out this year. Basically, I'd be pretty surprised if we don't see her next year. Alternately, she might make an interesting SDCC Exclusive given the Dark Phoenix movie coming this year. Maybe some kind of "Evolutions" set with 90's Jean, Dark Phoenix (with Phoenix FX, possibly light-up), and "Marvel Girl" red/gold costume to go with the blue/white Cyclops (and the 90's version getting a re-release on single-card next year). With the rumored 90's Iceman and already-existing Beast and Archangel figures, that pretty much would give us an entire "Classic X-Factor" lineup. I mean...I'd be cool with a Stepford Cuckoos 3-pack, but still.... I will be gobsmacked if we don't get Iron Man 2020 by the end of next year, for obvious reasons.
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    No problem, and yeah I get like that sometimes too. Doesn't help that the X-Men waves are always in demand either. I know I put my order in at that same time, with Amazon instead of BBTS, but got bumped to July, but I ordered individual figures rather than a set. You're totally right, I miss the old days of hunting in the wild, it was fun and it was still realistic, if you waited long enough you'd find them all. The Walmarts, Target, etc. around me don't always get everything so it's taken a lot of the enjoyment out of the hunt.
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    After seeing the movie I definitely want a Rescue figure from wave 2 or an unannounced wave 3. Also Iron Man in his latest armor. I never thought I'd want that many MCU Iron Man themed characters, but after seeing Endgame, I've had a change of heart.
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    With the launch of the new trailer today and with Rektangular giving us a rumour that Hasbro is planning something for this in the form of a wave, it got me thinking on what would make the Ideal wave for Morbius. I think that Hasbro might just combine it with the Venom but for the sake of enjoyment I think I would make an ideal wave just for this movie. Since Hasbro seems to not be allowed make movie figure for Sony's Marvel movies (Spidey being an obvious Exception) I thought we could try and make a comic based wave. I think the theme should be HORROR but since Morbius is a Spidey character and this is part of Sony's attempt at Spider-man Universe, you can include some Spidey characters as well. 6 figure minimum and 8 max not including the BAF. Morbius - obvious inclusion since it's his wave, but I think they could try and make the Midnight sons version. Cyborg Spider-man - Morbius gain his height of fame during the hard times of the 80's and 90's which was famous for 2 things, headbands and metal arms. Plus since it was in the gamerverse, they can market it as that. Werewolf By Night - I'm actually surprised this hasn't been made yet but WBN is one of the few characters that is quite close with the Living Vampire, both serving on both incarnations of the Midnight Sons. Classic Moon Knight - with Moon Knight first appearance being that in a WBN comic, it seem appropiate to include it in this wave. Shatra - Needed a female character and this is a scary spidey villain so.......... Carrion - need to complete the Maximum carnage family and since Shriek is 90% guaranteed for Venom wave (since she is in the movie) use this wave to make Carrion. BAF: Frankenstein's monster- it was extremely hard to find a BAF for this but we need an update to the Toybiz one.
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    this seems like a good call for the rest of the wave , I'd be down with this we need an Weapon X Deadpool , I'd prefer though if the other Deadpool was a Merc for Money , like Solo or Foolkiller
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    I LOVED Cap with the darker blue. Matches the blue on the shield and the union on the flag. But of course traditionally, he's shown with a lighter blue. 1. Classic Cap, swapped Steve Rogers head with folded cowl (shiny chain mail on torso) 2. Falcon with hard light wings, Redwing 3. Classic Nomad 4. Diamondback 5. US Agent 6. Battlestar 7. Viper/Madame Hydra BAF: Dr Faustus (gotta find SOME way to re-use that Kingpin mold!)
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    I cant believe im saying this..but does anyone think it looks like it actually has too much texturing? its probably just the HD photos but to me it looks a bit "fuzzy" or something
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    Pre-orders for the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man waves are up this morning. I just ordered Doctor Doom, Shang-Chi, and Vulture from Hasbro Pulse.
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    That/those are terrific! Love everything from the backdrop displays go to the lighting effects. Great job!
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    official images are always nice but what I like most is the Stan Lee box. 10/10 Hasbro. give your graphic designer a raise.
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    Great work, man - great. Haven't seen a custom I liked this much in a long while, and the 'recipe' is one even I could follow... would not produce results this good though. Sigh. Nothing but praise for you, Frankenstein, and thank you for showing her off.👏👏👏 P.S. Hasbro - please do another Emma Frost, exactly as she is here.
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    I agree it sounds kinda cheesy but anyone who remembers these things knows it was actually quite durable. It was heavily laminated and almost impossible to rip or bend without intentional force. Much more sturdy than the say the displays included in the McFarlane Movie Maniacs figures back in the 90's. Admittedly, I can understand ones hesitation to invest in cardboard as a packaged item but for me I see it as paying for the artwork itself to be used to add some flavor for display purposes. If anyone has ever tried to buy comic book prints for decoration they'll understand how much that artwork can cost. In this case I'd say you'd be paying $20 for a figure and possibly $10 - $15 for the art. For those wanting fully interactive playsets, I can understand why a simple backdrop wouldn't interest you, but the concerns I hear a lot (and share) is the lack of space. For those of you that don't suffer this issue, I envy you.
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    I’m sure I’ve overlooked this, but what’s the street date for the 80th Iron Man/Thor figures? I checked back at a Target today and got some sass from the stockboy about street dates. He, however, didn’t know what said street date was, and refused to even check the DPCI unless there was a tag for them in the aisle. It was, uh, fun.
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    Possible first look at the new Jean figure from the upcoming 3 pack? https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/07/16/iconic-x-men-1-cover-recreated-with-action-figures-for-hasbro-comic-con-2019-exclusive-posters?sf105304810=1
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    MCUcollector24 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends 6" X-Force Nightcrawler figure from Hasbro. You can purchase this figure at Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
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    MCUcollector24 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends 6" Scorpion figure which is part of Hasbro's new Spider-Man: Far From Home Molten Man Build-A-Figure wave. You can purchase this figure now at Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images for these figures below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about them in the COMMENTS SECTION.
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    Touche. My point still stands though.
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    I hope you're right and this is some sort of last chance for them, because I never saw the Luke and Claire 2 pack on shelves and I saw that Thanos one time at the beginning of its run and that was it.
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    Having this AND two more X-Waves on the way is a damn good reason to live! Gwenpool was indeed doubled up but worse, was a huge disappointment as a figure. I bought one loose while the case was shipping and then immediately wondered why. Possibly a better head sculpt would have helped but it's just not a figure I like, and I'm not wholly sure why. All of the Lizard was pretty bad (Spider-Man BAFs are the most variable of them all). From the head -that just drops straight off - to the dumb tippy-toes, non-bend knees and the ludicrous tail (I think they were going for the effect that Toy Biz nailed with their very cool John Romita Jr. Blackheart...clearly the Toy Biz guys had grasped that less weight up top and better articulation would be needed for a character posed on toes). I'm a huge Joe Mad fan....his run on Uncanny X-Men wasn't long but his influence was massive and every artist on the X-books for the next 10-15 years was either emulating (e.g. Chris Bachalo) or reacting against (e.g. Leinel Francis Yu) his thick-line, slick Manga-plus style. Personally, I loved it & managed to get him to sign a TBiz Most Wanted Spat & Grovel card. Treasured! So, I can't disagree with you about Blink because you're quite right: JM's rendition of her was indeed pretty much perfect (just like Art Adams' Wolverine & Colossus, JR Jr.'s Cyclops and Jim Lee's Psylocke) with her little satchel and tunic, big eyes, slick modified bob & long-drop bangs and super-cool costume, but I can live with Exiles era Blink. If Hasbro ever gets round to a Joe Madureira Maggot or Marrow (as both were drawn before before Operation: Zero Tolerance) I will literally explode with delight. Again. I guess the re-name of Clarice makes sense (and I didn't know she'd been renamed either - good shout & good knowledge!) but I do NOT like it....Thank God they didn't feel the need to take the Cuckoos or Polaris in that direction.
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    Got my pre-order down for a set of the Kingpin wave and a MCU Klaue.
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    Anyone else pick up the Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet prop from Amazon's Cyber Monday sale for $47?
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