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    Don't think its animosity towards MCU fans, but when someone asks "who the hell is (blank) or who asked for (blank)", it behooves us to try to answer their question....and Educate them. If youre an MCU fan, that's great, but understand that everything great about the MCU came from the comics. Without Marvel Comics, there simply is no MCU. Sadly, some people seem to think if they never heard of a thing, then that thing isn't relevant. But if youre watching Endgame and theres the scene in Dr. Pym's lab where there's a big silvery helmet with antennae on his desk? That's the original Ant-Man helmet. Captain America movie, look at the World's Fair scene. The guy in the red jumpsuit in the large tube? That's the Original Human Torch. Comic book fans know not only did he fight in WW2 alongside Cap and Sub-Mariner, his android body would be the basis for another android decades later- the Vision. Iron Man 2, there's a map of Africa in the background and a pinpoint to Wakanda. There was a HUGE cheer in the theatre then,, because fans knew what that meant. Not to mention all the little after-credit scenes in the movies with Thanos...comic guys knew instantly who that was, and some big crap was about to break off. But if you only know the MCU, that purple dude has no meaning. There's plenty of room for both comic and MCU fans. MCU only fans definitely have the right to express opinions. The great thing is, you can always get some back issues of the comics to see where the inspiration for the movies come from. Its a fantastic time for superheroes! Figures, TV, Movies and Comics!
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    It is pretty offensive stereotype that makes Native Americans look like savages after America has labeled them as such since their land was stolen and history whitewashed
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    I ordered some more Galactic trading post space walls that were on sale so decided to make a space themed battle in a Skrull battle cruiser that the Avengers have boarded.
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    Ready for something really unique? Here's a Transformers/Marvel Legends Crossover Bludgeon! He was created using the Silver Samurai body and heavily modded helmet, Ghost Rider head, War Machine armor/forearms, TF Hoist shoulder for the backpack, Overwatch Reaper legs, KO TF Scrapper top for the shield, and some fodder parts. Bludgeon was primered with Bulldog Adhesion Promoter, sculpted sections using Aves Fixit Sculpt, hand painted, airbrushed metallic armor effects, and sealed with Mr Hobby premium Matte. His eyes are glass reflective and he has a 5mm port in his left arm. For more pics head to his page here: Pretender Bludgeon, Marvel Legends/Transformers crossover
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    They already do baf less waves. Its called the vintage waves they do every year. And they charge the same price so I'd rather get an extra figure.
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    Glad to know you're safe and haven't resented the effects of the pandemic. You could try empathy for a change, the fact that you haven't been affected by this doesn't mean nobody has. I'm lucky I can still work and do everything from home, but a lot of friends have either lost their jobs or can't work at all since this broke out, and that means they are limited to what they can and can't afford by their savings. The fact that you and I may be able to pay for something 500usd + doesn't mean that everyone will be, and on the empathic side of things, those 500usd+ could be used for something a bit more helpful to yourself and society. I'm not talking about donating, or even loaning, but you could probably boost those 500 into something more like investing in some business for when the dust settles.
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    Your personal thoughts on the virus itself are immaterial here. The impact it is having on society and the economy is real and showing pics whether it be online or at a convention would be pointless if people aren't in a position to pay for it right now.
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    C'mon man, I think you're taking the complaints way too seriously. I mean the entire basis of this site and forums is for the opinions of the figures that are being done and how they're being done and ideas on what coulda been done and what should be done in the future. There's a lot of theory as to whether Hasbro pays attention to this site and others, but Dwight and Tony have both been known to say they watch the boards, and no one can dispute that a lot of what comes up on these boards ends up showing up in the lines. It's a source for venting and finding out what other fans are thinking. If something is an issue here then it's most likely an issue shared through most of the fandom. There are as many people happy with the products as there are unhappy with them, it's just that the complaints stick out more because the happy people are happy so there's really no reason to accentuate it. As for the issues you lined out, well they really are worthy of criticism. I think the whole Johnny Storm situation is mostly based on the body styles they chose for each figure. The first Walgreens figure was incorrectly done on the Bucky Cap mold which everyone pretty much felt was too "big" for the figure, then when they did the powered down version he was on the correct sized buck, which was available at the time they did the first one, and now they don't really match. Of course, this created the desire to have the powered on version to be redone on the correct sized buck. It only reinforces the fact that they used the wrong buck to begin with. For Cannonball, man I don't think anyone can really make an excuse for what was done there. That was just a major swing and a miss. There was almost to many things wrong with it to fully explain. I know the intent was to make it different from the first version but that was the completely wrong way to go about it. First off, there's really no excuse they couldn't have foregone the BAF piece and probably made the blast effect smaller to allow them to include legs. Secondly, the blast effect itself was just wrong. It wasn't a blast effect as much as it was a "blast off" effect. It literally portrays the split second it takes Sam to blast off from a standing position to whenever he takes flight creating the prominent blast radius on the ground. Otherwise, it's completely useless for flying poses or action poses. It's literally about as useful as a McFarlane Color Tops figure from a few years ago. Thirdly, that blast effect was entirely too large in the first place. They actually could have given him legs and just included two smaller effects, one "blasting off" and one "flying" that covered the feet and lower legs for the amount of plastic they used on that giant blast effect to replace his entire bottom half. He is rarely shown in modern times, and only by certain artists with his entire lower body engulfed in flames. They could have met a comfortable medium between the classic look they were trying to meet and the more modern portrayal.
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    I Want a Bring on the Bad Guys wave. 1. Kang 2. Ultron (comic classic) 3. Titania 4. Wizard 5. Baron Mordo 6. Blastaar BAF Xemnu the Titan
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    I broke my scissors one time.
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    which one do you mean, the Toybiz version or the Hasbro versions? While I do think the swapping is a problem, I think Hasbro should keep the one they have been using as it is more environmentally friendly. If they went with the retro version, the plastic and cardboard will be stuck together and not good for recycling. Plus the normal box is design to be alot smaller and easier to pack and send out to stores. and dear god no Clamshells. They were a nightmare to open.
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    Ah, embarrassment of riches! So I had finally made it to Walmart, picked up a few things for my sister, and made my way back toward the toy department hoping, but not really expecting, that one of those three Caps Walmart.com claimed to be there, was still waiting for me. I passed the Barbies, the Legos, the Hot Wheels, made a left turn . . . and stepped straight into Christmas. Multiple 80th Caps, several MCU 2 packs, including Luiz and Ghost, at least 2 full sets of the Wendigo wave, and the Grayson/Batman series of DC Multiverse. I turned around, and they even had the WWE Ruby Riott figure I wanted. As a 47 year-old man, I don't wanna admit how close I came to doing some kind of giggling Spongebob-esque "Happy Dance." I coulda done so much damage there. Finally I just had to grab the Cap I came for, and backed slowly away. Self control is its own reward . . . but it still sucks.
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    Kids, let's keep this on subject. Whatever your views are on racial casting, please, keep them to yourselves. There's no need to always have to create controversy on socio-political matters, we can talk about how awesome it is Ali is playing the Daywalker, or how it sucks that the Netflix shows have been all but wiped from canon, or that "he's too old" to start heading a franchise right now anyway and Snipes should come back... or how awesome it'll be to have Blade inspired figures with the movie coming out. Just, stop trying to make things controversial out of what reads like childish spite.
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    This is a load of horsesh1t. First of all, to not stock this 2 pack enough....then to realize the improvements they claimed they were gonna make for Storm, they didn't do. They expressly said in the video months ago that they were not going to release her as she was in the promo pic. She's too flat, and her poncho cape cuffs are gold, not black. What I'm really steamed about is this effing exclusive crap that guarantees a lot of us cant get it. Sold out in seconds.
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    Excellent points from both, and I can see both sides. I would say that any helmet on a suit of armor like Iron Man's would have to be bigger than the wearer's head; adding the armor itself, not to mention the necessary thickness of the boots, would have to make Stark taller when the suit's on. Most of the artists over the years however have forgotten/ignored this. I wouldn't see him coming in at Thor's height though. The original Marvel Handbook was an excellent source for this kind of info on the characters, and its a shame so many people put all that work in, just to have subsequent writers/artists ignore it. The Marvel Legends Thing was great, but it was indeed a bit too tall. The Beast was definitely too big. What I find odd about tomh was it said Hawkeye was 6'3" but never had I seen any picture with him and Cap where he was taller. And here's where we get a bit murky- if one is ok with him being depicted as shorter, others can see the Thing as taller. Its a slippery slope- as ev says, comic interpretation of a character varies dramatically from one artist to another...and this shouldn't be. Here's where some discipline and editor control need to step in. Yes these are fictional characters, but they have established parameters. They look a certain way, they act a certain way, etc. and in order to stay true to the character they need to conform to that. Yes you can make changes, but they need to make sense. Action figures should follow same. Beast shouldn't be Hulk sized when he's always been around 5'11" and 300+ pounds.
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    You know what REALLY means nothing? Your whining in this thread. Feel free to find a thread talking about something you like and care about, whether on this forum or another. I'm sorry that the stores in your area are apparently particularly sucky on keeping anything in stock (or is it that you're expecting to find everything you want hunting just once a week in the afternoon?). Either way, I can assure you nothing you say here is going to have any impact on how Hasbro or their retail partners do business, and nobody else here really cares that you can't get your toys. Especially when pretty much all of the regular-line product has been readily available online, for retail or barely-above-retail price, with only a mild to moderate bit of diligence. Most exclusives aren't much more difficult, with the exception of the occasional Wal-Mart or SDCC item. Basically, if you're bitching that you can't get figures, especially in the current environment, that's a you problem, not a Hasbro problem. You've obviously got internet access, presumably an address and a credit/debit card, too.
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    The running gag of the Superior Foes was that they were the Sinister Six despite being five people, so maybe this is Hasbro's own take on it. "They're the Sinister Six, but they are only five characters... aaand there are only four figures."
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    I dunno.Though this figure is clearly based on Lee's work, I'm actually fond of Larry Stroman's (one of the most underrated artists in Marvel history) version, when he was written by Peter David and done right. Many attempts have been made to bring him back, but part of his charm was the whole lovable loser who was in constant pain, but tried to cover it up with sarcasm and humor. No one has ever been able to do it right since 90's X-Factor. They've just always managed to make him some wise cracking A-Hole with only brief moments of redeeming likability, until they (kinda) killed him off. He isn't a traditional bruiser type. He absorbs kinetic energy which means he basically had to take some licks before he reached his maximum strength potential. At his peak he's stood toe to toe with the likes of Hulk and Thing (for a little while, anyway). Even then he had to utilize or expel the energy within a fairly short time, or risk permanent damage or further mutation. The reason that he's so top heavy is because as a child he was hit by a vehicle and his mutant power activated as a reflex to protect him. The energy of the impact overloaded his small body and deformed him. As he wasn't familiar with his powers at the time he didn't know he had to expend the energy and his body stayed permanently deformed. This causes him constant physical and mental pain and his upbeat attitude is mostly a cover to his true feelings. It's quite a well woven story David created to pluck him from even deeper obscurity and give him this whole backstory why he was who he was and why he looked like he did. His name was literally chosen by him on the fly, through his own trademark sarcasm, when during a press conference to introduce the team as the government sanctioned X-Team, a reporter verbalized that Guido was obviously the team "Strong Guy" and asked him his code name, to which he replied.....you guessed it. This was much to the chagrin of the straight laced (and cocky) Quicksilver, with whom he quickly developed a love/hate bromance with, while also developing a big brother relationship with Rahne. He really was a integral part of the team who became a fan favorite, so much that Jim Lee lobbied to have him put on his own X-Men Blue team as an analog to the Yellow team's Colossus (before he quickly cut bait and ran to Image, of course). Long story short, after David's run with X-Factor his character was put into the hands of several "less than stellar" writers and totally misused for a few more years, basically extinguishing his rising star. It would have been like handing a new popular character like Deadpool into the hands of some no-talent that didn't know how to develop a character instead of Fabian Nicieza. I know that was quite a long winded breakdown of Strong Guy that no one really asked for, but though I'm sure the majority of us on this site know about Strong Guy, I'm seeing a lot of "Who the hell is this guy?" and I thought I'd offer some insight. He was, at one time, a very good character that many of us 90's fans learned to like and he's one of my own personal faves who've I've been waiting to see in ML for a very long time, so I was getting this wave even if it had 7 goofy versions of DP or otherwise. And to Hasbro's credit, it took them waaaay too long, but when they finally did it, damn, did they do it right!
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    Considering the sloppy work done on his Batman and Superman DC figures, no, I 'm not interested in a McFarlane type Marvel figure. Now if its based on his art style, but neither he nor anyone affiliated with his company have a hand in the production, that's a different story. Besides I think he's too wound up with his kickstarter. That work looks great by the way. Figures inspired by Cockrum, Buscema, Perez, Bryne, Lee, Adams? Id sure be interested in those.
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    Yeah, calling Prague a hole in the wall and "hell and away from decent medical care" is particularly strange. I'm guessing a lot of outsiders would describe Arkansas that way.
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    classic green goblin with glider and effects >:D
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    I think more characters could benefit from the butterfly joint, and toe articulation, as long as it's the right characters. Their female articulation is lacking though, and they need more hands other than the splayed fingers and fists. I think overall Hasbro is really coming into it with the articulation. The bigger concern is the lack of accessories. Their should never be a figure that doesn't come with anything, but a BAF piece. Alt head, alt set of hands & 2 power effects should be the minimum. That's the real problem.
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    I'm gonna avoid both the "Agenda" angle, and my own personal beliefs on LGBQ and related subjects because neither is germane in this instance. MCU films are first and foremost family films. As such, they aren't a fit platform for such heady, to say nothing of important, subjects such as sexual identity or orientation. No movie or TV show is. These subjects require real, intelligent, sincere discussion in the REAL WORLD. Tossing in an LGBQ character for tokenism's sake, or worse, to indoctrinate impressionable minds to your "cause" is cheap, sleazy, unfair to all involved, and undermines the exploration of what has become one of the major issues of the modern world.
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    The problem I have with that effect is that its so awkward and really didn't have to be. You just don't throw anything like that. They should've gone with something like this (from either of these examples but the one where he flings it at the Hulk is probably the best).
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    Head from the new Walgreen's Emma Frost, lower arms and legs from Dagger, lower torso from Typhoid Mary, upper torso and upper arms from Enchantress:)
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    I have it on good authority (Uatu came to me in a dream) that by 2020 we will see the FF "negative" outfits, with Blastarr, Mole Man and an Annihilus BAF in the wave. That same year we will get an FF 3pack: Sub-Mariner in his 70s outfit, translucent Invisible Woman and an all red Torch (no stupid yellow head or flame pompadour), probably on the Sunfire buck, with additional flame effects. I Have Spoken.
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    Ok...what happened here? These look like 4" Star Wars type figures, at first glance, especially Yelena. There's just a generic "blah" feel to most of the wave, and I'm pissed AGAIN that no one can seem to get the Black Widow right. Did they just re-use the buck from the Endgame figure?? C'mon, show her some LOVE....this is the BLACK WIDOW. Marvel's premiere spy. I know they can do better than this. And why on earth Red Guardian doesn't have a helmet is beyond me. This BAF is not the version I was expecting- I thought for sure the classic Crimson Dynamo suit (Marvel Universe did it in the 4" size, and it was damn near straight out of the comic) was gonna be here. Sorry. I like Spy Master but otherwise....Passing on this wave.
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    There are so many unmade heroes and villains that narrowing it down to the ultimate eight (nine) would be agony. Instead, I did my ultimate niche wave: Marvel's LEGION OF MONSTERS. Blade (Tomb of Dracula) Dracula (Tomb of Dracula) Werewolf by Night - with two interchangeable heads, one classic Ploog version, one long-nosed Sienkiewicz version Daimon Hellstrom Brother Voodoo (classic) Satana - with two interchangeable heads, one with the rams horns N'Kantu, The Living Mummy - should be tall, at least Hercules' height if not Colossus' Simon Garth, the Zombie Build-a-Figure. Frankenstein's Monster
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    They totally should have "leaked" that XMen Legends were cancelled at SDCC, then announced these guys at the later conventions. Just like they did the comics back in the day.
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    In this segment called Marvelous Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today we are spotlighting Photographer Rakanishu and their photo of the Hasbro Marvel Legends Logan figure titled "A Night Out On The Town". You can purchase Marvel Legends from our sponsor Megalopolis.Toys. "A Night Out On The Town" By Rakanishu Be sure to give Rakanishu a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
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    Having an opinion is one thing, saying stuff like "Who the hell ever asked for Spymaster" is another thing. Can you see the difference between that comment and something like "I don't want a spymaster figure". Plus the poster making that comment wasn't arguing for more mcu guys, as far as i can tell you are the one turning this into comics vs mcu. He was arguing that the Warriors three should've been made first, which of course makes no sense in a black widow wave but whatever. Given that their screen name is Hogun, i'm guessing they are a little obsessed with that trio.
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    you know what I was thinking would be really cool, if the winners actually showed us or told us about what they got with there 100 dollar credit, I think that would be fun
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    I love a happy ending. I'm glad you hung in there for the second run!
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    Best Friends: Kitty Pryde / Magik Brotherhood: Avalanche / Pyro Hellfire Club: Black King (Sebastian Shaw) / White Queen (Emma Frost) Like Father, Like Daughter: Banshee / Siryn Mojoverse: Longshot / Spiral X-Force Love Triangle: Archangel / Fantomex / Psylocke I could go on and on, but the above each get at a need while having a theme.
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    Man! That would be awesome! I mean, my wallet would suffer, but that definitely is something I would love to see.
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    I'm a terrible photographer, but here's my collection. A few of them are pretty well-obscured, but this is every X-Men-related figure in the Infinite Series, including all exclusives and Deadpool waves, with the exception of one or two fan channel 80th figures that just haven't made it in to my shop yet (Cowboy Logan, etc.), and with the addition of one older figure. I need to get some flight stands and build some props to help thin out the crowds and make it more visually interesting. I want to try to make one shelf look like the danger room, and maybe the other look like the Savage Land or something.
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    It took some time to locate all my parts. As usual, I put them somewhere that I would remember then immediately forgot where I put them. As you said, the danger of adding too much woulda made him too leggy so I actually took it back down another 1/2 inch, but given how much I actually did add it actually turned out pretty good. As I was saying before, it is unpainted but a good paint job with a wash would really bring out the detail. @Benn, I didn't mean to take over the thread but you actually made me get off my ayass and finish this project. Maybe if we get enough interest we could partner up and see if we can make it happen.
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    Brotherhood of Mutants Avalanche Pyro Destiny Blob Toad Mastermind
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    This is a strange and unique time for me...I actually have all currently available Marvel Legends products, both comic and MCU. It's even weirder because it's at a time when there is SO much product being released; as a result, I'm sending all of my excess good vibes to you all - best of luck in the hunt, because there's a lot out there!
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    Thank you y'all :'D this really means a lot for me since aside from getting some figures this is the one time i actually won a contest since i never ever did won any at all, I'm really soo happy right now 😂
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    Just as glad I am sure as when people come on a message board with seemingly the main intent to try stir sh@t up by rehashing the same tired rhetoric even when it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand. It's almost like they want to keep trying to push the limits until they get themselves banned.
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    We are once again giving someone on our Message Boards a chance to win a $100 store credit to BigBadToyStore.com with the "Make Mine MarvelousNews" Forum Contest. Here is what you have to do in order to be entered for a chance to win this week. 1. You have to be a registered member of the MarvelousNews Forums. 2. Any contributing post made ANYWHERE on THE FORUMS between today (06/11) and June 30 will get you entered into our drawing for the store credit. Every contributing post you make will get you an entry in the drawing, so the more you post the better your chances of winning are. Posts must be contributing to the topic or discussion. ONE WORD posts or posts deemed as SPAM will not be counted towards the drawing. A good rule of thumb is to post how you would normally post if there was no contest. As an ADDED BONUS, if you help us spread the word about this contest on your favorite social media platform or group and you comment in this thread that you did so, you will automatically receive 3 additional entries into the drawing which will help your chances to win. Helping spread the word about the contest helps grow this community which is in large part something that we feel will benefit all. Now since we have no real way of knowing if you actually help spread the word for this, we are going to have to go on the honor system with this part and take your word for it if you indicate you've done so. However please feel free to tag @MarvelousNews when you spread the word on such platforms as Twitter or Instagram. The drawing will be held on Monday, July 1 and the winner will be contacted by JayC via PM on the message boards that day. Once the winner has claimed their price we will also announce the winner on the forums as well. Our goal is to create the ultimate online Marvel collecting community and this contest is our way of saying thank you for checking us out and being part of that community. Good luck to everyone.
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    Hey everyone my first post here so decided to share my custom rogue figure :) I really loved hasbros version however ive always wanted one that resembles her how she was in the animated series ,the hig hair and vibrant colors so I decided to create one , hope you all enjoy
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