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    In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer ToyTallica and his photo titled "Oh Charles". Marvel One:12 Collective figures are available for purchase from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. "Oh Charles" By ToyTallica Be sure to give ToyTallica a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
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    I’m looking forward to this. I seem to be one of the few people that actually likes the MCU Taskmaster design. Hopefully it comes with everything the ML version does.
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    It's the MarvelousFebruaryMarvelous Message Boards contest for a chance to win a $100 store credit to BigBadToyStore.com. The winner of the last contest was Forum member Bluecomet. Here is what you have to do in order to be entered for a chance to win this round. 1. You have to be a registered member of the MarvelousNews Forums. 2. Any contributing post made ANYWHERE on THE FORUMS between today (01/28) and March 1 will get you entered into our drawing for the store credit. Every contributing post you make will get you an entry in the drawing, so the more you post the better your chances of winning are. Posts must be contributing to the topic or discussion. ONE WORD posts or posts deemed as SPAM will not be counted towards the drawing. A good rule of thumb is to post how you would normally post if there was no contest. As an ADDED BONUS, if you help us spread the word about this contest on your favorite social media platform or group and you comment in this thread that you did so, you will automatically receive 3 additional entries into the drawing which will help your chances to win. Helping spread the word about the contest helps grow this community which is in large part something that we feel will benefit all. Now since we have no real way of knowing if you actually help spread the word for this, we are going to have to go on the honor system with this part and take your word for it if you indicate you've done so. However please feel free to tag @MarvelousNews when you spread the word on such platforms as Twitter or Instagram. The drawing will be held on Monday, March 2 and the winner will be contacted by JayC via PM on the message boards that day. Once the winner has claimed their price we will also announce the winner on the forums as well. Our goal is to create the ultimate online Marvel collecting community and this contest is our way of saying thank you for checking us out and being part of that community. Good luck to everyone.
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    Can't beat the classics. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
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    ShartimusPrime takes a look at the new Marvel Legends 6" Demogoblin Build-A-Figure. The figures in this wave you need to get in order to complete this one includes GamerVerse Spider-Armor Mark 3, GamerVerse Velocity Suit Spider-Man, Superior Octopus, Classic Vulture, White Rabbit and Shang-Chi. You can purchase this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
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    To many armors. My favorite comic armor is the one he unveiled in IM #231 (Neo Classic?). During that era was the only time I read IM regularly. Now, I realize it's NOT from the comics, but my all-time favorite is the Season 2 armor from the 90s cartoon.
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    Sometimes its better not to go ahead and rethink what youre doing, rather than end up with an unmanageable mess. Frankly I don't know wtf anyone was thinking, trying to make a Dazzler series of Anything. Some moron of an exec is looking at Marvel's stable and thinking about money some of these will earn, but almost nothing about the characters themselves. Maybe they want to take a "Space Ghost" approach- take a serious action hero and turn it into goofy campiness- or maybe they really don't know what theyre doing. But I'd rather see brakes applied rather than going forward. Besides their latest forays into animation have just resulted in bland, washed out and stiff productions that wasted time and money.
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    I would buy them in an instant as well, my friend, but I think you answered your own question. Writing? Marvel has been consistently getting "better" as of late in the comics, but seriously, is there anyone you think is capable of doing an animated series right now without screwing it up. Maybe it will just take time before they could comfortably transition to animation. Yes, the best bet is to start with established stories written by real writers (not columnists, musicians, wrestlers, artists, reverends, actors, activists, etc....) from the past and then pick up to some of the more recent somewhat successful story lines. Maybe they just need to get some of those writers like Claremont or Byrne to run their animation division. Feige can only do so much, and with them involving him in the Star Wars franchise (baaaaad news for Marvel fans) he's gonna be spread even thinner. I think it's just a matter of time before they set out to conquer the animation genre as they have the cinematic.
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    That Skrull/Paladin custom is a hell of an idea. I’m even tempted to use it, and I already have actual Skrull grunts.
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    Personally I would love a Iron Man 2020 and Machine Man 2020 two pack.
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    This is great news. Hulu laid a couple of huge deueces with Runaways and Cloak & Dagger and taking the matches away from them right now is the best way to keep them from starting a new dumpster fire. Dazzled is one of my all time favorite fringe X-Men and I personally think Tigra is one of the most under utilized Avengers in the Marvel Universe. I hope they both find a real place in the MCU proper. Howard....I have no idea why they continue to push this character. His comic sucked, his movie sucked, his entire existence is a gimmick. He's not even a has been, he's a never was. Let him go already. Sure, I wouldn't mind him as a side kick or a few cameos her and there, but a central figure he is never gonna be. That being said I have a sneaky feeling he's going to be the BAF (from Contest of Champions) for the rumored Gamerverse wave from Game stop.
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    After seeing the story lines for MODOK I agree 100%....Pure trash! these are NOT comedy characters (maybe Howard with some mature themed humor) but these characters should be taken seriously all the way. Not some silly crap aimed at kids but some good SUPERHERO shows that wow both adult and kid alike!! I want some good shows I can watch with my teenaged son as well as my grandkids!!
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    Marvel is in desperate need of course correction across the board. Cancelling these steaming piles of puerile garbage is a small step in the right direction. Just wonder how long till they sack the other two. We know its coming. This is Netflix/Marvel all over again . . . except with crap.
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    Was just talking to my local EB Games dudes, and they now have a pre-order for a Venom figure, not sure what that is, but the guy told me coming soon, also apparently The AOA wave is on its way very soon so he claimed as well as another X-Men wave (which may be the Stronguy wave, he didn't know), just thought I'd let everyone know,
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    Amazon has Paladin on sale for $11.66 so bought 4 of em plus got extra Super Skrull heads on ebay plus got an extra Thing for the heads & sold him off for $20. Now I have a decent Skrull soldier squad to attack the Avengers or FF with cuz I have zero faith Hasbro is gonna give us army building generic Skrull grunts, though I really hope I'm wrong & they shock me at NYTF with a Skrull Army builder set.
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    Not mach-1? I mean if youbjave moonstone, citizen v and songbird you need that for your display
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    You know what truly would be awesome for Marvel to do in the animated verse? An anthology series based on iconic/famous story arcs & basing the animation on the art of the artist on the books at the time. Marvel did this with the 2nd season of the 94' FF cartoon, they based all the episodes on classic 60s Kirby/lee & John Byrne 80s storylines & used Byrnes art for the animation. That was the best animated season of FF ever imo! Now imagine an animated 6 story arc based on the 80s "Siege" of Avengers mansion by the Zemo led Masters of evil & it's animated in Buscema's art style! Or "Armor wars" or " Demon in the bottle"? "Secret wars"? Avengers vs Count Nefaria story arc, " Thanos quest" " Infinity Guantlet"? "DOFP"? Planet Hulk animated followed by an 8 episode "WWHulk" arc! Ironfist & Powerman", "Kraven's last hunt", list is endless of the great Marvel comic based story arcs that Marvel animation can do a few seasons worth of " Tales of the Marvel universe" the animated series. "Operation :Galactic Storm" would be another I'd love to see animated! BRB's origin story in Thor! I'd rather see something like that than BS animated series bout Tigra, Dazzler & Howard the Duck!
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    More than likely due to the fact that these retailers were too cool for comics growing up & considered it a "nerd/geek" thing to do. They only know of the big name characters such as Spidey/Hulk/Ironman/Cap, everything else is no biggie to them. You ask a retailer, "whaddya think of a comic based "Tyrak the treacherous" being in a MCU Namor line? They'd look at you like you got a 3rd eye growing & respond with "huh, who"? As far as the Gameverse wave, I was not aware that a comic based Capt Mar'vell, as long as it's his classic & iconic look, that would be the only fig in that wave I will snag!
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    Seems like a strong lineup for a mish mash wave of comics and video game Avengers. I will say, I will never understand retailers' stupidity, ne ignorance?, regarding asking for more heroes than villains in assortments. I have observed as a fan and collector of multiple lines, that the retail folks are quite wrong about that stance: Starscream and Megatron shelf warm far less than Bumblebee and Hot Rod, Flint and Lady Jaye far more than Zartan and Baroness, Man at Arms and Stratos far more than Beastman and Triklops, and so too it is with Marvel...that Leader figure should have been packed by 2, and the obscure (to most lay fans) Gamerverse Cap limited to 1x per case.
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    There's supposed to be 7 total figures in this wave, I haven't been able to find out their identity's yet. They all have the "Gameverse" tag on them in other store's datatbases, So I'm not quite sure if that means they're all going to be based off the game or not. off-topic wise. Other legends listings are starting to pop up in various distributors data bases. I found 4 more product numbers for what looks like possible future fan channel exclusives. (No names given just product numbers). I also found listings for the upcoming The Eternals and Venom 2020 wave assortments. The distributor list them for estimated July Pre-order dates.
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    Loving Super skrull! Though I did switch out his lower calves/boots with Captain Universe lower legs as Kl'rt is a 6 footer, not a 6'6 footer, at least now he falls in the 6'2 range which for me is great as he is now the same hgt as 80th anniv Cap & Ironman. Also gave him alternate open hands from that crap Ex-Nihilo figure that I had in my fodder box. Here's a few pics I took of Kl'rt vs Spidey & my custom Human Torch.
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    Oh Jeez, Finn Jones must have some nasty pics of the director or Producers of Ironfist to have landed the role. Guy should have had the muscle tone/physique of Bruce Lee, not Bruce Flea! I'll go with what you're saying bout US Agent & wait till I see some actual footage of the guy in & outta costume. As far as the next Wolverine to come out in the MCU, I won't hold my breath that they will cast an actor under 5'10-5'9 for the role, though they should. Will be hard to ever have Sabretooth call a 6'3 Wolverine "shrimp".
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    ShartimusPrime takes a look at the new Marvel Legends 6" Classic Vulture figure which is part of the new Spider-Man themed Demogoblin Build-A-Figure wave. You can purchase this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
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    I can see Iceman as a better candidate for the Riders line. I'd imagine the slide would be bigger/better coming from that deal vs a deluxe. But definitely needs new head(s) hah.
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    I hear what youre saying. This is actually in line with the discussion on the topic of the Legends figure of Black Widow and how her proportions/build was smaller and less curvier than actress. Some felt we were objectifying, and I do see where that has happened in many other cases, but here I disagree. Bottom line, whatever youre portraying, should reflect the source matter when at all possible. Sadly that's not always done and more often than not, one doesn't even begin to resemble the other. The Dolph Lundgren Punisher movie was almost completely removed from the comic character. The CW Superman on Supergirl's show looks like cosplay. Then there's that joke over on Agents of Shield that was supposed to be Deathlok?? And please don't get me started on the idiotic choice of casting puny Finn Jones as the Living Weapon, Iron Fist. This guy never even heard of a gym. Nevertheless, we don't know yet what kind of USAgent this will be or what his power set is. So we could be pleasantly surprised with the final result....stay tuned.
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    In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today we are spotlighting photographer Darth Primus and his series of photos of the Marvel Legends Captain America figures titled "Fight For Freedom". You can purchase Marvel Legends figures from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. "Fight For Freedom" By Darth Primus Check out more images for this figure below. Be sure to give Darth Primus a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
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    In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today we are spotlighting photographer Darcreign and his series of photos of the Marvel Legends Shang-Chi figure titled "Master Of Kung Fu". You can purchase Marvel Legends figures from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. "Master Of Kung Fu" By Darcreign Check out more images below in our GALLERY. Be sure to give Darcreign a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
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    Bigpunstoybox Custom Vanisher
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    they nailed this , best Magneto figure IMO. the effects are great too
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    What in Hala possessed these people to make this trend of pouches/ammo packs and bomber jackets during the 90s plague? BWHAHAHAHA!
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    Gotten word from a source who tells us they've gotten word of an X-Men wave coming in May 2020. The figures listed are as follows: Clairvoyant, Diviner, Mystic, Necromancer, Seer, Witch, and Wizard. These are obviously not the real names and its unclear if this is for one of the two waves we know about (Strong Guy BAF wave or the Age of Apocalypse wave) or something new, like perhaps a second AOA wave. May seems like a far off release date for the two waves we already know about, which makes me think it might be something we have yet to officially hear about. What are your thoughts.
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    Updated my list to include two waves and two multi-packs Spider-Man wave 1 - Rhino build-a-figure Spider-Girl (May Parker) Spider-Man 2099 - classic Speedball - classic/New Warriors Electro - classic The Lizard - classic Ditko/first appearance version, more humanoid Rocket Racer Rhino - classic, more like The Thing in size than the ginormous BAF from before Spider-Man wave 2 - Stegron build-a-figure Spider-Man (Peter B. Parker from Into the Spider-Verse; sweat pants and potbelly) - credit to Mad Bubbler above for this idea! Spider-Man (Miles Morales from Into the Spider-Verse; costume with jacket and hoodie from the "Whats Up Danger" scene) Nova - classic New Warriors Tarantula Hypno-Hustler Cardiac Stegron Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Multipack Spider-Man Firestar Iceman The Enforcers Multipack Montana Fancy Dan Ox
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    Haha ya that news doesn't mean anything to me. I am right there with ya, pal. I'd like to see Mar-Vell made as well.
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    I don't know if its been shared here (sorry I don't keep up with the Community really). I have Product Numbers For all 7 of the Upcoming figures in the Avengers Gameverse wave. No names are given Specifically. It will be a retail wave though. It looks like Hasbro is letting distributors order solid cases of single figures. https://www.acdd.com/manufacturers/hasbro/avn-mgv-legends-1-8.html HSBE9181 https://www.acdd.com/manufacturers/hasbro/avn-mgv-legends-2-8.html HSBE9182 https://www.acdd.com/manufacturers/hasbro/avn-mgv-legends-3-8.html AVN: MGV: Legends 3 (8) HSBE9183 https://www.acdd.com/manufacturers/hasbro/avn-mgv-legends-4-8.html HSBE9184 https://www.acdd.com/manufacturers/hasbro/avn-mgv-legends-5-8.html HSBE9185 https://www.acdd.com/manufacturers/hasbro/avn-mgv-legends-6-8.html HSBE9186 https://www.acdd.com/manufacturers/hasbro/avn-mgv-legends-7-8.html HSBE9677 Edit- Assortment Product number. https://www.everesttoys.com/products/hbge7347 HBGE7347
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    Agree on this one....the white suit seems redundant because there is another one (scarlet's head sculpt) with a stand
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    Awesome action shots...are the props from the marvel select line? specially the hydra soldiers
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    Here’s Natasha from the issue I referenced above (March 1994, Captain America issue 425). The new figure is spot on with this look. Growing up with this comic in my collection set this appearance as my default mental image for Natasha. I always considered kit bashing to recreate it. I am SO stoked for this new figure.
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    My heart just skipped a beat when I saw they were making the grey Black Widow that I've been wanting for years, and then I noticed they threw that bomber jacket on her. So close Hasbro.
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    Neat. Hopefully the Walmart one isn't impossible to find online.
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    Grey Suit has my interest. White Suit has the accessories though.
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    I'm not sure whether or not i'll try and get these, but definitely appreciate hasbro giving us some comic versions of widow as part of the movie promotion. Wish they had done this with Captain Marvel, too, instead of 4 different movie versions and 0 comic versions. Is the body on the white costume widow the same as the deluxe exclusive? Not faulting hasbro for re-use, just wondering how much re-use is actually going on here.
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    Keyword - Replacing. Not having two. Having two It dilutes the importance of the character. Which marvel has been doing, sufficiently.
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    Same here bro. I just stick to rereading my 70s-80s-90s- early 2000s comics collection. This multiples of every big name character by Marvel is a complete joke! White Hulk, Asian Hulk, White Spidey, Hispanic Spidey, female Spidey, male Wolvy, female Wolvy, male Thor, female Thor, White Cap, Black Cap, etc! Freakin joke! When's female Galacticia coming out? In the MCU FF movie?
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    When it comes to comic based Ironman, Hasbro has a treasure trove of characters to still give us. I for one, still want a classic comic based Living Laser figure.
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