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    The running gag of the Superior Foes was that they were the Sinister Six despite being five people, so maybe this is Hasbro's own take on it. "They're the Sinister Six, but they are only five characters... aaand there are only four figures."
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    Great comment (the whole thing was a good read) and i'll admit i am probably biased due to being somewhat out of the loop on current comics. To my crusty old self, 2008 seems fairly new but that's just how the years fly by for me these days, so i probably shouldn't be the one deciding who counts as new or not (got into an argument on IG the other day about whether describing Singularity as "a fairly new character" was appropriate). I should also note that i am definitely down for Viv Vision, Ironheart, and Cho Hulk. Reyes seems like a tough sell because you need the car, but its not outside the realm of possibilities imo. Feels like if ML is gonna make a car for anybody it'll be Robbie. as far as looks/characters not being topical when the figures come out, i definitely agree but chalk it up to a combination of a lengthy process of manufacturing (i've heard it generally takes a year (or more) to go from design to product on shelves) and the short shelf-life that many modern costumes and new characters get. I can remember what a huge deal it was when Spidey changed costumes in ASM 252, but nowadays every new creative team tends to get their own shot at designing new looks for characters, which is fine, just makes it tricky when it comes to merchandising. Similiarly new characters are great but when they are legacies they mostly have a built in shelf-life until the "original" returns from death or whatever, and when new characters *are* originals they can be hot for a minute and be an important part of one creative team's stories but can also fade from prominence just as quickly, particularly when a new team comes aboard and isn't interested in putting as much emphasis on that character. Shiklah is a great example.
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    I would say that in a world where we have the likes of Rock Python, Titus, and Angela that any character who is more well known than those three is kind of shocking to have not gotten in figure form yet
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    I agree with ADour, most of the "newer" looks for figures have been late, and not in immediate relevance to when they were appearing in comics , we actually have been very lucky with getting quite a huge nod to the older looks especially in the X-Men department. I have no problem with it. anyways off the top of my head these are some glaring omissions, that for the most part I'm shocked we have yet to see Classic Dr. Strange Classic Falcon Classic Adam Warlock White Queen Angel Blob Baron Mordo Mandarin Crystal Comic Red Skull (Update) Arcade (this figure is so easy to do for Hasbro, I'm surprised it hasnt yet happened, they have the body, just need a head) Pyro Lockjaw Feral Lady Deathstrike Banshee Firestar Siryn Mojo Longshot Kang Rictor Classic Ultron Tigra Ketch Ghostrider
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    I think that Hasbro's preference for the old-school is much more palpable, especially nowadays. Take for example all the themed X-Men rosters that Hasbro has been building over the years. None of them is more modern than the 90s, with Giant-Size X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, the Arcade game line-up and Age of Apocalypse. Hasbro has been building all of these old-school X-Men rosters at the same time while completely neglectic the current X-Men status quo, Dawn of X, which happens to be the biggest shake-up since Grant Morrison that has catapulted the X-Men back to prominence. I hope the upcoming Powers of X-inspired Nimrod is indicative of something. The Fantastic Four wave got the modern costumes because they had just tackled the classic costumes in the Walgreens set, and the Grey She-Hulk figure is an example of Hasbro being slow with newer looks that I'll elaborate later on. Red Hulk is not a new characters since he's been around since 2008. I'd consider him more of a modern classic. Cosmic Ghost Rider is one of the few examples of Hasbro giving new characters the spotlight in due time. In the case of the Demogoblin wave, the Gamerverse costumes are a bit of an exception, since they're closer to MCU figures when it comes to topicality. And the wave still featured classic/old-school versions of the Vulture, Shang-Chi, and the BAF itself. As I mentioned, my main issue with Hasbro's treatment of newer character or looks, which you mentioned in your comment, is that many times they sit on making them for too long. So by the time they make a figure of it, the character or look is no longer topical. The Grey She-Hulk is a perfect example of this; aready outdated by the time she was announced. Shiklah was a relevant character in Deadpool's word... about four years ago. Superior Octopus had already gone through two identity changes (Superior Spider-Man and then classic Doc Ock) by the time his figure was out (plus Hasbro had already made classic Doc Ock). The Modern Hercules figure was hitting the shelves by the time a new book in which he changed his look was hitting the stands. The All-New Wolverine figure came out three years after Laura had become Wolverine, and a few months after she had already returned to being X-23. The Jane Foster Thor figure came out in 2017, three years after she'd first appeared, and a few months before she'd stop being Thor. I find this "latency effect" easy to notice by looking at Iron Man figures. The Extremis Armor debuted in 2004, Tony dropped it in 2009, it got a figure in 2012. The Bleeding Edge Armor debuted in 2010, Tony dropped it in 2012, it got a figure in 2013. The Marvel NOW! Armor debuted in 2012, Tony dropped it in 2014, it got a figure in 2015. The Model-Prime Armor debuted in 2015, it got a figure in 2017, Tony dropped it in 2018. I feel that if Hasbro really prioritized modern characters and looks, we'd already have gotten figures for Ironheart, Robbie Reyes, Nadia Van Dyne, Brawn, Viv Vision, in addition for figures of established modern looks for characters like Loki, Ultron, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Star-Lord and the Wasp, to give a few examples off the top of my head.
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    I would put comic Falcon and classic Doc Strange at the top of the list. I'm kinda surprised Strange didn't get a figure as part of the 80th anniv line. I'm guessing we will see a Falcon figure soon with a wings similar to the recent Vulture figure. I think Firestar would've been made already but it seems like there are unresolved issues about what sort of wave she would go in, doesn't make much sense to me but its the rumored excuse from hasbro. Thought there was also a rumor of a Spider-man and his amazing friends set coming but not sure whether there's any truth to that. Given the line's focus on 90s looks & moderns looks it doesn't surprise me that they haven't gotten around to the likes of Two-Gun Kid or Swordsman yet. But at this point its not safe to bet against hasbro making any character, so they could be just round the corner, who knows?
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    Marvelous News wishes you all a Happy and Safe 4th of July.
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    I've been waiting to long for this Moon Knight can we just get a release date and outlet confirmation here in Canada!?
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    You're preachin to the choir, brah. Ive been complaining for months now that they use the same generic build for the female figures....Black Widow's on the same mold as Kate Bishop?? Get outta here....
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    I see Leland being done on one of the larger bodies and then given a "gut" via a soft plastic vest piece. Sort of like what ToyBiz did to help turn the Professor X buck into Dracula way back in the Marvel Monsters set.
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    I totally forgot about Wyndgarde/ Mastermind!! He's a must!
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    Totally with you, prefer Harry Leland...Hope they make a better white queen and black queen.
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    I said the same thing...then comes my credit card bill...Nostalgia really makes us happy at a price.
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    Ultimate Rider Punisher with Battle Scooter
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    Somehow that won't surprise me. Also we need the Living Brain to complete the short lived Sinister Six
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    Yeah, its like they went freaking nuts. Neither their quality or their designs warrants that price. I still remember when I got my Final Fantasy 7 playarts figures. they were only like $25 back then.
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    ....that's actually really funny....
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    Lol, completely agree with you.
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    Just said "I'm gonna stop buying everything they throw at me. Time to be a responsible adult" this morning. Why can't I keep my word?
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    Thank you, I was worried I had written an unbearable wall of text. Fair enough. I don't expect Hasbro to treat figures for new costumes or characters the way they do MCU proprietes (i.e. well in advance), but I think at the very least when it comes to popular characters (Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, etc.), they should be able to close the gap between a costume debuting and the figure getting made. I might be talking out of my butt here since I don't actually keep up with DC collectibles, but I always had the impression Mattel managed to pump up new looks and characters faster than Hasbro did for Marvel. I remember there being figures for the Rebirth versions of characters only a few months after they'd debuted in the comics, and the same happened with The New 52. Other topical costumes like Jim Gordon Batman, Zero Year Batman, Death of the Family Joker or Burnside Batgirl got figures roughly two years after their debut, which is still faster than Hasbro's average. But, hey. Now that Hasbro's reached a consistently good production quality average and they're doing definitive versions of classic and retro looks, it's only a matter of time before they reach the bottom of the barrel and will have to turn to topical and modern looks no matter what 😛
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    I'm shocked we haven't gotten Overdrive yet, because we got the REST of the Superior 6 like, Five years ago, was it? I also think the rest of the Inhumans not being released was kind of a "chicken and the egg" type thing, I passed on Black Bolt and Medusa because in my head I thought "They're never gonna make the rest of the team" and since those figures sold so poorly, they haven't made the rest of the team....so to any Inhumans fans...My Bad.
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    I feel like I really have to stretch for some glaring omissions these days, but here goes: Banshee Thunderbird Warriors Three Morlun (especially with all the spider-verse stuff they've been doing, comic and otherwise) Ultron (any of the classic versions) The rest of the DnA Guardians: Phyla Vell, Moondragon, Mantis, Bug, Jack Flag Firestar Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) Crystal The Watcher Mephisto (Though, we all know why they haven't done this one) Surtur
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    Wonder Man had the worst costumes ever, until he got to his Red Jacket and Black Shirt. I wouldn’t want a Cho Hulk I’d rather get Cho as his Brawn look. Comic Black Order is a big one
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    It is interesting you mention the debut of the Black Costume as it does highlight another difficulty with new characters and costumes; there is no way of knowing if a look/character is even going to be a hit or not. It is hard to believe but when it first debuted, the Black Costume wasn't popular with fans or the bullpen and only started to get popular after the got rid of the symbiote (hence the cloth version). Similiarly when it debut Marvel thought Wonderman's green jetpack costume was going to be a hit, boy were they wrong.
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    Great looking BAF! mine is missing back and legs but i'm gonna try and hold out for a sale before i finish this guy off. While it is early yet in my experience Beast and Marvel Girl seem to be the hot sellers from this wave as i've only seen each once in the wild whereas the rest i've seen multiple times at both Target and WM. One WM i visited had like 8 Wolverines but normal numbers for the rest of the wave, go figure.
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    I don't know how much any of these count as "shocking" omissions or how you'd qualify that, but these are the characters that I think are among the most popular/prevalent or iconic that don't have modern Marvel Legends figures. Biggest hero omissions (all classic comic book versions) Doctor Strange The Falcon Captain Marvel II (Monica Rambeau) She-Hulk Luke Cage Iron Fist Adam Warlock Gamora Giant Man or Goliath or Yellowjacket Captain Britain Biggest villain omissions (classic comic versions again) Ultron Kang the Conquerer Red Skull Mephisto Galactus The Mandarin The Mole Man M.O.D.O.K. Ronan the Accuser Annihilus
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    The only major ommissions jumping out at me are: Banshee Deathbird Lady Deathstrike Longshot Mojo Rachel Grey Sebastian Shaw Selene Spiral White Queen brood drones and queen various core Brotherhood characters
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    Zero 6" figures from Toybiz or Hasbro: ALL of the Imperial Guard NOT named Gladiator; ALL of the Starjammers; Most of the Inner Circle: Mastermind, Sebastian Shaw, Selene, Tessa/Sage, Hellfire Club goons, Donald Pierce; Most of Generation X: M, Synch, Skin, Chamber, Husk, Penance, Mondo PLUS Emplate; ALL of the Morlocks NOT named Caliban; Other Villians: Proteus, Shadow King astral form, Deathbird, Destiny, Goblin Queen, Cassandra Nova, Legion Other Heroes: Thunderbird, Mimic, Changeling, Magma, Cypher, Rusty, Morph TAS, Feral, Rictor, Roma, Meggan, Revanche, Joseph, Marrow, Maggott, Dr Cecilia Reyes, Rictor, Vulcan, Hound Rachel Summers (I'm cheating with this one since we already have the Green dress/skirted Rachel "Grey" that came in the Brood Queen wave); Humans: Moira, Valerie Cooper, Trish Tilby, Senator Kelly, Reverend Stryker.
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    Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne/Pym) Giant Man (Raz Malhotra) Atlas (Erik Josten) [his best identity no debate] Sersi Rick Jones/A-Bomb he’s been around forever and not had a figure yet Amadeus Cho been around for ages hasn’t had a figure yet also Quasar hasn’t had a figure yet Phyla-Vell & Moondragon haven’t Gad figures yet Crystal Blue Marvel Jimmy Woo Warriors Three Quake got exposure from AoS still no comic figure Runaways Quentin Quire Pixie Human Torch (Jim Hammond) Justice & Speedball Firestar Spitfire Ironheart
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    I'd say Speed he's a glaring hole in the Young Avengers besides Jonas & Miss America Chavez
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    I think we might have gotten more Inhumans if A) the tv series wasn't awful and B) the two Inhumans we did get had sold better. My perception (perhaps wrong) is that the Okoye wave as a whole did not sell all that well, black bolt included. And of course Medusa hung around Walgreens forever. It probably doesn't help that iirc both of these were repaints of versions from an sdcc set, so there were probably a decent number of fans who had already obtained the two via that set. Still, for characters that seem like they could made mostly with re-used parts it is a bit surprising we haven't seen any more of them, even sprinkled in waves here and there. Regarding your 2nd paragraph, its funny my perception is the opposite, that hasbro allots too many ML slots to new characters who are often flash-in-the-pan or to older characters who sport a certain costume for a very brief period (which has often been abandoned by the time the figure comes out) Although i understand WHY hasbro does this,.. its just I have a personal preference for more classic takes on characters. The entire FF wave aside from Doom is based on modern looks, and the demogoblin wave had both superior ock as well as those alternate spidey looks (i guess those may go further back in history, in addition to being skins in the game). In addition, this year we've also gotten figures for the new-ish characters of Red Hulk, and Cosmic Ghost Rider although i'm not complaining about either of those two.
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    I feel for Robbie they'd have to find a specific time and have a budget to do him with his car cos you need him and his car
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    A comic Falcon Stingray Banshee XYAS Morph Crystal Hulking and Wiccan Blue marvel Nadia Van Dyne Ironheart Viv Vision Siryn. Spider Armour MK1 Modular Armour Iron Man
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    I agree with Falcon (be it classic or modern) and classic Doctor Strange being two of the biggest omissions. I'm also surprised we haven't gotten more of the classic Inhumans, like Karnak, Crystal or Gorgon, considering the Inhumans have a considerable following among die-hard fans, and they had a mandatory push from an executive level a few years ago. Another big omission in Hasbro's part is many of the newer characters, like Ironheart, Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes), Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne), Hulk/Brawn (Amadeus Cho, not a new character per se, but still fits the bill) or Viv Vision. However, Hasbro is normally slow on the uptake when it comes to new characters and new versions of characters, so it's not shocking.
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    Here is just a few
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    Those all need to be made / remade! I would say, in addition: 1. Battlestar 2. Stingray 3. Box 4. Moondragon 5. Jack of Hearts
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    Me too man. Would love to get a Corsair and a Ch'od and a Hepzibah and a Raza and a Sikorsky and a Cr'reee. Unfortunately I think they were added late in the poll.
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