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    Errr....what! Ummm.....longtime fans? Huh, I'm sure all three of them will be ecstatic. Let's not act like this book is something it isn't fellas. Nobody asked for this and the next person that says "Man, I wish they would reboot a marginally successful comic series based on those relatively lukewarm supporting characters The Eternals that never really met expectations.", will be the first. And I'm sure Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are just looking down with baited breath on the prospect of yet another one of their creations being turned into another politically driven train wreck at light speed. Let's all just call it for what it is and recognize that this book was just supposed to try and cash in on the boost of interest the movie was going to be bringing to the characters. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the plague is gonna spoil those plans.
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    Hasbro needs to do classic versions of Bearded Thor, classic H-Harness Herc, Wasp in this outfit, CM & classic Scott Lang Antman, along with re-dos of the Wrecking crew, Hyde, BAF 12' scaled Goliath, Fixer, Zemo, Blackout & Moonstone! Been dying to re-create Herc's epic beatdown at the hands of the powerfullest members of the Masters of Evil.
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    While I totally dig this design I'm completely exhausted over this freaking concept. While getting "New" characters like Phage and Movie Venom are worth my while, I'm just so tired of having to buy all these weirdo alt versions of characters, not just to enable you to build the BAF, but for the fact that they take up space that could have been used for other characters that haven't been done yet. I mean, how much better would it to have been characters like Cardiac (who could have easily just been a repaint) and Firestar? Can we be over all this Venomized garbage in both ML and the comics. It's played out, it's jumped the shark. Let it die already.
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    With this ridiculous collection of leather wraps, maybe we need a thread topic of Marvel Legends You WOULD NOT Buy...
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    this storm is way too beautiful looking, they really hit a homer with that, thunderbird..ehhh, hes alright, I really want this pack for Storm
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    An especially nice end to a long and troublesome day, lol. Found at TrU in Canada. Classic Storm was worth the wait man! Easily my favourite female ML figure of all time!
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    In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today we are spotlighting Photographer ToyTallica and his photo titled "Alternate Universes". Marvel figures are available for purchase from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. "Alternate Universes" By ToyTallica Be sure to give ToyTallica a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below.
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    Every statement above I am in complete agreement with. This book will just be the next in a long line of failed Eternals books that start (marginally) strong then are quietly canceled due to low sales and lower interest. RRRReally think Marvel/ Disney/ MCU are overestimating the <ahem> popularity of these characters. Or their hubris has gotten to the point where even they think they can do no wrong either way, assuming this isn’t a limited series this book will be gone in less than a year
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    I don't think the people that buy 1 or 2 would matter much, just as long as total sales are good, Hasbro will keep pumping army builders out
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    Well, at least you're not bitter. Unfortunately, you ain't wrong either. While we're at it, anybody else feel that tinge of anger when these cut-and-paste publicity releases name drop masters like Lee and Kirby only to make a ham-fisted segue to whatever low-rent wannabees are doing a given book?
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    Shhhhh, don't state facts. Some here don't like it.
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    Hmm. I don’t know,. A quick google search reveals ol’ Cutza has tangled with The Thing, Giant-Man and the Wasp, Morbius and She-Hulk..doesn’t sound like a loser.. im kidding.. he is..
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    The first trailer for WandaVision has been released by Disney+. While now specific premier date has been announced, it looks like it will air in either later November or December timeframe. Also there is a new Trailer for Disney+ that has been released that gives us our first glimpse of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Be careful cause if you blink you might miss it.
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    We knew it was coming, but Disney has announced that they are shifting the release dates for the next round of MCU movies to the following. Black Widow is moving to a May 7, 2021 release, Shang Chi is going to 7/9/21 and Eternals is now getting a November 5, 2021 release date.
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    The last time I shopped for Megalopolis was last year when I bought 3 Beasts, Jubilee, Forge, Blink and Gambit from the Caliban wave. First off, it took them 2 tries before I cancelled my order on the Dora Milaje figure, because it kept getting sent back. Then, when I bought those figures, I had placed enough buck for what I thought was enough to qualify for free shipping. Turns out, the required amount to qualify for free shipping was in USD, not CAD. I was genuinely pissed because the site never said anything about that anywhere. I had to add Jubilee figure, which I didn't want, just to try and qualify for free shipping. Luckily, I gave Jubilee and an extra Beast away to a former manager as thank you presents, so there some good in that. But now, their international shipping costs way more. I am never shopping there again.
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    Oh no, I don't like this much, I can see some people being into this, but why would I bother buying these figures when I already have Legends?, it's like solely buying a figure for it's card art, this is wall art, nobody needs to take these out of the package, it's bland and a nostalgic cash grab jab, I generally hate ReAction so I want to hate these, I won't bother with this line in less maybe perhaps they give us a Moon Knight and it goes on sale for 5 bucks. Hasbro don't go this road, just keep doing what you've been doing, also these are not actually old figures or old card backs.. it just wants you to get that feeling, these are not re-releases so it makes it worse.
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    Not a good move Hasbro. Now is not the time to explore new venues. Now is the time to buckle down and put all your efforts into making sure your meat and potatoes lines are running smoothly.
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    I would go for a Baron Blood and Whizzer wouldn't be a bad idea either
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    I guess I must be a modern action figure collector because I am not amused. But as they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.
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    This seems to be their attempt to get in on the Star Wars and Ghostbusters Kenner Retro craze. Kenner never did figures like these, Mattel did with their Secret Wars line, but obviously since Mattel is a direct competitor to Hasbro they could't re-create the Secret Wars line. IDK, I am not really sure of the point here. Since they aren't an exact duplicate of an old retro line which is what the point of the Star Wars and Ghostbuster and even GIJoe in a lazy kinda are supposed to do, Im not sure these are going to have the same effect. These are minimal articulated figures costing $20 a 2-pack, which I guess breaks down to $10 a figure which isn't that bad a price. But IDK. I am sure there will be people who buy these, but I feel like they kinda miss all mark here. They aren't really re-creating something that came before but with the minimal articulation they aren't going to appeal to a modern action figure collector.
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    They start off with HeroQuest. They are bringing back the classic dungeon crawler game that was released back in the 90's by Milton Bradley. This will be funded through Hasbro's Haslab crowdfunding platform. The campaign starts today and needs 1 millions dollars by November 6. They are offering 2 tiers for you to choose to back the project. The Hero Tier for $99.99 or the Mythic Tier at $149.99. And apparently that was it. So nothing new for Marvel was revealed.
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    Oh heck yea it was, that Hercules was in one of the final good waves of the MU line. I'm really glad we have his new upper torso, I'd be afraid they'd pick the Hyperion mold if they didn't.
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    As I said, the best way would be to do one in a wave with both Michael and Kevin O'Brien heads and then release it without the heads as an army builder
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    I bit the bullet and bought Piratepool (I just need Shiklah...'s BAF part and the cute shark). I think he's gonna be like Red Goblin. Sought after BAF leg (Kingpin/Strong Guy) but the actual figure itself will be sold off. There's a toy/collectable store here in Vancouver that has about 7 Red Goblins with no BAF.
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    Yeah funny how some people are saying there's nothing wrong with her chest. I will admit these photos look better than some others I've seen, but still its like someone took the flat end of a shovel to her. In the comics, this is what Storm looked like and what her figure should look like. I am happy that its not quite as bad as the first pics showed, and really glad they went with that glossy black instead of flat. The two poncho capes are very cool!
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    If we are getting Banshee, he must come with some sort of effect accessory that will reflect his powers, it won't be easy but it can be done, it shouldn't be giant just big enough to standout on the shelf and light enough so it won't make head articulation problematic. I guess ideally there should be separate head that's gonna have voice effect part be the part of the mold for better stability.
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    I've had better luck with Amazon exclusives than others. But I dont believe collecting should rely on "luck", these should be available to everyone who wants them. Wish the Storm /Thunderbird set was on Amazon and not Target. In 2 weeks we'll see if the forum is blown up with "target blows it again" or "happy day, they came through this time". I'm really glad the Amazon Nimrod pack arrived earlier than originally scheduled!
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    I'm thankful to Hasbro for making a distinction in scale size of Thunderbird&Warpath. They're paying attention👍
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    Thanks ! yeah I love how great that Storm looks, I feel like eventually if I don't find it in stores, it should pop up on the site, seems so far like it's not proving extremely hard to find for a lot of us Canadian collectors, and I am not going nuts to find it since I really only want the pack for Storm, I could give a hoot less about Thunderbird as far as my hunt went today, EB games has movie Mystique in, had not seen that in the wild yet (I passed since I got it pre-ordered) also they continue to discount all things 80th MCU 2packs and still no takers, did however get lucky on a non legend, finally got a Carbonized Boba fett , and the Alien Prototype Suit , very happy.. despite not being a legends haul.. shh pretend I didn't just not talk about legends on here
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    Good God, this is a show bout make believe creatures, superheroes/villians, wtf does "ethics" come into play?? Her origin comes from getting a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce or she dies, that's what needs to be shown in the show, period!
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    My haul of the day. Took 3 targets, two walmarts and two walgreens but I'm happy.
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    Nice! Hope the Flash gets a couple of licks in on big purple people eater before he hauls butt out of there.
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    No one asked for a convoluted, character diluting venomized series of comics or that contest of champions. At least the Eternals have the ability to start fresh. Revisit some character and give them some more interesting characteristics. Obviously using Thanos was a good way to go as Thanos always draws in readers. I am not extremely interest in this, but that's just cause i prefer pre Disney writers/writing.
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    Bruce fended off the attackers and then broke into a doctor's office to treat her. Realizing Jennifer was going to die, Bruce gave her an impromptu transfusion of his own blood as there were no other supplies in such an emergency. A blood transfusion actually would be the best route, it would be a quick, clear explanation of her origin.
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    Not saying Travolta's fat. I just pictured him dancing to "Staying Alive" after you called the Fisk suit his Saturday Night Fever Disco Suit lol.
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    Someone on reddit suggested I post some of my Legends photos here so here we go. If you like what you see, follow my Instagram @toyboxphotography for more of my toypics.
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    Probably the only way this Flash movie will succeed... so this is the Snyder cut?
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    I'd be into getting the following. It's a big wave since we so desperately need more villains: Callisto Cyber Frenzy Random Senyaka Tempo Toad Vanisher BAF: Blob (preferably two head options: shaved sides and classic, so he can go with Mystique's Brotherhood or Toad's) These are all either dirtbags, punching bags, or some comination, but Frenzy, Random, and Vanisher have all spent time on X-teams too, and for Frenzy and Vanisher my preferred looks just happen to be during those eras. Maybe that's cheating. I'd be happy to drop Telford for Bonebreaker (or some other Reaver), and drop Frenzy for Marrow or somebody. I kept trying to put Destiny, Lady Deathstrike, and Spiral in here, as usual, but they just didn't feel dirtbaggy enough. Senyaka's also a personal favourite, but there's no question that he's both a dirtbag and a punching bag.
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    I wholeheartedly agree, Gigantor. That's the version of Carol Danvers that I most strongly associate with as well.
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    great selection, love the oddball factor, only figure I could do without is Angar the Screamer, he never looked cool IMO
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    Ladies and Gentlemen.....here are your new Marvel Legends. Coming to stores everywhere, no waiting, no exclusives, no short-packing.
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    The only minion (barring soldiers) that comes to mind is the Scarlet Centurion (Marcus Kang) his son, not to be confused with the Scarlet Centurion who is an alternate incarnation of Kang
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    Agree....in fact they need to re-do the whole Captain Marvel wave and put Ronan in that one. Captain Mar-Vell, white/green first appearance uniform Captain Mar-Vell, red/blue nega bands uniform (get his hair right this time) Genis Vell, red/blue translucent star field Ms. Marvel, first appearance uniform (use recent Rogue and scarf) Ms. Marvel, re-release black highboot Cockrum outfit OR Binary (Cockrum design) Captain Marvel, All Father re-release wave (fix her eyes) Captain Marvel, Monica, first appearance outfit
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