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  1. Which Duane Reade in Manhattan?! I NEVER see these in NY. I just ordered Human Torch today on the website. But would have preferred paying the straight $19.99 instead of shipping and taxes adding $9.
  2. I still think it would be cruel, neglectful, and poor planning to release this version of Multiple Man since weve gotten Havok, Polaris, and Quicksilver in much more iconic and classic costumes, NONE (except Quicksilver, though he did have a Navy with a yellow X costume during that era for a time) of which would match that version of Jamie Madrox. Just dont think it will happen. I think factoring in part reuse, it will be the Netflix Punisher trench coat on a t-shirt and jeans body. I wouldnt put it past them to use movie Star-Lord for the t-shirt, despite the weird raised parts in the shirt on the upper torso. If the parts are compatible, possibly the Bruce Banner jeans lower body. But not sure if they'd all fit together. Might get new parts. But the look I'd bank on the X-Factor Investigations version. Of the 2 Magneto looks posted, I think they could achieve the NOW version with the Moon Knight cape, the Marvel NOW Cyclops belt, and the Bucky Cap body. With some paint detail and possibly shins or forearms overlays. Sabretooth I would see as a Jim Lee remake (its been since ToyBiz ML 5?!) and on the Odinson body makes sense. Excited to see it. And I heard theres a minor update to the Gladiator costume that is red and black, so theyll likely do that and reuse the head sculpt. Im pleased with the character selection and definitely excited for Multiple Man! Might need to buy 5 or 7 of them...
  3. Goals for this line for me include: Professor X with hoverchair Black Knight with Aragorn Valkyrie with her winged horse (unsure of the name) Crystal with Lockjaw? Each of the Fantastic Four in navy/white uniforms with their pieces of the Fantasticar which connect to form one larger vehicle. That I think is doable if the vehicle is modular and can fit the individual pieces in this line's packaging size.
  4. Mangar, pretty sure Star-Lord/Ego was a TIMED EE exclusive, like the X-Men Warlock wave first released at Target before other chains. I saw 3 units of the 2pack at a Toys R Us express in Manhattan this past Saturday. So I think they'll be everywhere. What that's doing is making me question whether Thor/Valkyrie will be available everywhere and at Target FIRST, or only at Target ever....
  5. Amazing display Rukkdeez! Finally got my A-Force set and I agree it is EPIC! Most mesmerized by Singularity (glitter mixed into her plastic!), Elsa Bloodstone (vivid colors and stunningly beautiful face sculpt), and Monica Rambeau (also gorgeous and enjoy this costume)! Wish She-Hulk's belt was painted a little thinner, Lady Loki is also a stunningly beautiful face, but I feel like she's too short and condensed in the body, and Sif is pretty too, but the costume looks too basic in red and white. Wish there was something different but I'm not sure what.
  6. Come on guys! Pics? Full reviews?!! Mine is still one or two days away.
  7. Lmao! Thanks Monron! And great info from your customer service rep! So maybe when I got my "this is NOT a cancellation email", I was part of the group on hold for the voucher product. So bizarre. Good that there's obvious demand for this set, hopefully to break the stigma that no one wants female figures.
  8. Oh! And how about for AIM, one soldier like previously released, and the other included figure is the yellow AIM mandroid we saw in the brawl display at SDCC?! Army build the AIM mandroids!
  9. Seeing the packaged version of this Hydra set just knocks the value out of the park. With the options for the vests and weapons and heads, I could easily be in for 4 or even 5 sets of these, just to swap as much of the parts as I can. I also display my Nuke figure without his brown vest, so I can toss a brown vest onto one of these for more options, and I'm not using my brown Captain America vest either. Probably have a gray shoulder harness lingering in a drawer somewhere also, from another random Cap, I'm sure. This set made me rearrange my displays to separate the Hydra key players out to their own space so I can build this army around them. SO excited, and it HAS to be coming soon, right? We saw the Hydra tag in the leaked pic when we found out about Mary Jane and Dark Phoenix, so I wouldn't be surprised if these surfaced by August or September. And seeing the gold mine they have in putting forth an army-builder pack that is pure reuse and redeco and getting the customer to spend $40 multiple times over, there MUST be strategies for the future. Some things might require new tooling (at least on one of the figures), but here's thoughts for the future of this concept: Hand Ninjas There could be some life in the movie Dr. Strange and Karl Mordo sculpts as updated Hand Ninjas. And we know there are enough swords and knives to go into this set. Perhaps some ninja stars/throwing effect hand could be tooled up using the Bullseye throwing effect hand? Alternate heads could repurpose the Fantomex head, Moon Knight head, and some grimacing unmasked head that could be repurposed for an unmasked Sunfire? Kree Vs. Skrull Soldiers Thinking back to the original army 2packs that were released with Kree & Skrull warriors, they could repeat this idea, borrowing from whatever is going into this new Super Skrull figure, and possibly add in Skrull version heads that could turn existing hero action figures we already own into Skrull versions of their characters. For Kree, they can do a blue-skin/pink-skin options, and even see what they can do to bring about the soldier version of Mar-Vell. SHIELD Females and/or SHIELD Males Between Misty Knight, Mockingbird/Domino, and Black Widow bodies (biker BW or even Vintage Line BW generic body), we have some female bodysuit tooling that could be repurposed into female SHIELD agents WITHOUT using that awful MCU Maria Hill body, which would allow the comic Sharon Carter to still stand out uniquely in her white outfit. Head options could give us Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (I think that's her name), another updated Carol Danvers unmasked head, some helmeted female head could be worked up cheaply, I'm sure, and a few reused female heads with varying hair colors, ethnicities, and hair lengths/styles. Adding some gear could also give us a Daisy Johnson/Quake figure. If they don't want to do two females in one pack, they could reissue the Nick Fury male SHIELD agent with some white vest/harness options, but I think a SHIELD male 2pack on two different bodies (standard Bucky Cap body, and the bigger Grim Reaper body?) would be a good separate investment also. Hellfire Club Goons & Inner Circle Colonial Attire servants Bear with me. The Hellfire Club goon in their mask and traditional Blue/Red outfit doesn't leave MUCH room for customizing, so an alternate head could be a battle-damaged masked version to add options. But the second figure could be a suited "colonial style" attire of the servants who are seen at parties, with the high socks and the dusty curled wigs. Head options could repurpose this figure into a Donald Pierce or Sebastian Shaw if the body type is right, with two generic servants as the other head options. Pretty sure Harry Leland would need to be his own sculpt. X-Men Training Uniform Males This is money. The recent trend of entirely swappable arms (Hi Nico Minoru! Hi Reed Richards!) allows options for multiple characters who have worn the gold and blue standard issue X-uniform from the 90s. Standard Bucky Cap Body could have head options for Forge, Banshee (smiling face and screaming face options), and an unmasked Cyclops head. Pizza Spidey body (but with a lean new torso that doesn't feature a butterfly joint since that could hinder arm swappability) could have head options for Morph (90s X-Men cartoon, both happy and evil Morph faces please), Gambit, and LEGION (timely, since the FX series will go into a second season). Both bodies are standard in package. The Forge body can have one mechanical swap arm, and one mechanical swap leg (with a fringe boot), and another swappable fringe boot for the other standard leg, and an attachable cape for Banshee, possibly some open collar overlay to add when swapping the Banshee head on. Unmasked Cyclops head would be a great add-on to any of the 73 Bucky Cap Cyclopses we've received already. The lean body would originate in package as Legion, but have a brown jacket sleeve option for both arms, and a short jacket overlay (with X logo) for Morph, and a long trench overlay for Gambit. Plus guns for Forge and Morph, bo staff and card-throwing effect for Gambit and you're good to go. With that many heads, I'm buying 3-4 sets. X-Men Training Uniform Females The fortunate thing is there aren't too many needs to distinguish the uniforms from each other, but a lean body and a curvy/muscular body could offer head options for Storm, Psylocke, Siryn, Polaris, Jean Grey, Rogue... you name it. Only one who couldn't work is Jubilee, but a teen girl body wouldn't call for other heads for this costume that make sense. Repeat the Banshee cape pack-in for Siryn, and you have new head updates for a short-haired Storm, a headgear-less Polaris, a sexier Psylocke... lots of potential. New Mutants Uniform Male & Female The Bucky Cap body could be a lock for Sunspot, unless you want to stay lean for Cannonball/Cypher. The female Silk body would be perfect for options for Danielle Moonstar, Karma, Wolfsbane (human and hybrid head options?), or Magik. I'm thinking the big yellow X over the black bodysuit. Swappable parts can create the sunspot power up effect, and if you're doing lean body for Cannonball/Cypher, you could do a detachable waist, which can plug into a blast effect for Cannonball or a techno-organic lower half option to turn Cypher into a Douglock option. Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man Had to think hard about this, but best option would be a standard Bucky Cap body, with a skullcap head, with three facial expression options in his original Green/Gold bodysuit OR the X-Factor blue/gold bodysuit option. Second body is a Madrox Investigations T-shirt/jeans body (Dr. Strange upper torso for shirt wrinkles or MCU Star-Lord torso?, lower torso is a jean option for a Bucky Cap size body to reuse on Peter Parker or Rick Jones or any future civilian they may want to produce), with a jacket sleeve swappable set of arms, a short-sleeved T-shirt set of arms, and a long trench coat overlay (reusing a Gambit tooling or even Netflix Punisher trench). The Madrox Investigations body has completely unmasked heads with hair, with three facial expression options. Multiple hands for fist and open hand options. And KEY is a conjoined arm for each body, to simulate him splitting into two. If you buy two sets, your Bucky Cap body can use the conjoined arm to plug into the left socket of one figure, the right socket of the other, and ball jointed at the elbow. No lower arm, so the ball joint just connects two upper arms. Buying multiple sets, each containing a left/right conjoined arm, you could technically conjoin as many Madroxes as you want to simulate his powers. Madroxes across America. That's all I can think of right now!
  10. Jonnyshowcase I want to say it was between 11 and 11:30, and I was surprised it was still order able, honestly. I was also still slightly drunk from the night before so I was anxious that I was filling out the order incorrectly, lol. So I was trying to sober myself up to be sure I get the set. Hope to get it tomorrow, but might be Friday. Currently in Edison NJ!
  11. There just better be a damn beautiful presentation of Thor product at Toys R Us on 8/1 with huge marketing images and multiple cases filling the pegs, because I imagine that launches are the only reason to hold product for street dates, to protect inventory for major presentation launches. Otherwise just let me buy my toys.
  12. That could either be a box insert backer for the 2pack packaging, or just an image they used for the purposes of this preview. Who knows. But I loved the insert backer on the Star-Lord/Ego 2pack, just dazzling!
  13. Damn street dates!!! So I go to one TRU in Queens NY today at the time they open and there's nothing new on the pegs. I then head to a second, further TRU, and find MCU Thor and Loki, nothing else. I go to customer service and ask if he has anymore in stock, he scans and notices the street date but I say I found it on the pegs, so he goes to get more. While I'm waiting, another guy in a Venom logo t-shirt (do you post here bro? Good score!) rolls up with the other 6 from the case and buys them all. The cashier gets an override from the manager to sell the wave to this guy. The guy also shows the cashier a picture of the pegs, which had $14.99 stickers on them for the Legends sale that ended on 7/22, so she overrode the prices to 14.99 on his whole wave. The guy looking in the back for me, walkies the cashier to tell her that he's coming back with my Legends. The manager replies on the walkie that they're done with Legends for today, and doesn't let the guy get me any more from the back. I tried to fight it, since I just watched this other guy buy the whole wave. But Manager said he's honoring what was mistakenly placed on the pegs for customers but what's in the back can't be sold until the release date. Damn! So I bought Thor and Loki at 14.99, at least I got them! And at a discount, which alleviates SOME of my frustration. And if you post here Mr. Venom T-Shirt Dude, good score, and I tip my hat to you!
  14. But I can never find anything but old Red Skull Onslaugh Cap figures at my Walgreens!!!
  15. Really hate TRU website and online ordering system. I ordered this on the site around maybe 11am the day it was live. Later got an email about how there was a delay with my order, but it's NOT a cancellation. Then at 2 in the morning I got an order confirmation email, 2 days after the order. In that email, there was a link to check the status of my order, but clicking the link took me to a page that said the order is not valid. But all the while my bank account was charged for this $130 order. Then Tuesday I got an email that it shipped, and was received at a FedEx smart post in Groveport OH. But the charge was no longer in my bank account and I had the money back. Then tracking my order thru FedEx today, it says it's somewhere in PA, due to arrive to me by Friday. But this morning the charge went through again in my bank account. All sorts of nonsense and tomfoolery. But sorry to hear about the canceled orders, I'd be tons frustrated by that cause I really am looking forward to this set.
  16. Thanks!!! ALL of those would hit some huge sweet spots for me, but I also tried to logically tie everything to movie properties and releases, where the year would make cohesive sense as a whole. And then slotted in exclusives where we saw them this year but project them for relevant properties next year... I was shocked at how much product COULD be pushed out. I was even struggling to fit second waves for Avengers and Spider-Man into the rollout, since the other properties would demand shelf space (Marvel Knights, X-Men, Ant-Man, Deadpool... IF that wave is actually happening) Even thinking about the amount of exclusives and multi-packs we are getting this year: Groot Evolution Black Panther Invisible Woman Human Torch Star-Lord/Ego Spider-Man/Iron Man Spider-Man/Mary Jane Dark Phoenix/Cyclops A-Force Thor/Valkyrie Thor SDCC That left a lot of wiggle room to get sets and characters out that didn't fill out waves. And of course I cheated on 2019 with Captain Marvel, since I love the idea of getting more cosmic characters in that wave and there's a lot connected to the Carol Danvers history. Didn't mind making half of that wave female, and figured there would require 8 figures in the wave to build the huge Supreme Intelligence head with all the tentacles! Glad you dug it!
  17. I haven't seen either wave at common retail (Toys R Us, Target... I have no Wal-Marts accessible to me in the NYC metro area), but I have seen these waves in good supply at GameStop. And they currently have the Marvel Knights wave in stock also.
  18. SO MANY WISHES. I'm basing this on what I think will release for 2018. I consider 2017 in the bag basically. Black Panther (December/January) Black Bolt Black Panther (MCU) Iron Man (voting for All-New, All-Different armor to complete this team) Leopard (?) - MCU codename character Namor (green speedo) Siberian Tiger (?) - MCU codename character BAF - M'Baku (Man-Ape) Entertainment Earth Boxed Set (March) - Inhumans - Season One has wrapped on ABC by then Crystal Gorgon Karnak Lockjaw Maximus the Mad Medusa (comic, classic costume/mask, new hair sculpt) Spider-Man wave 1 (February/March) Cardiac Iron Spider (update) Overdrive - completes Superior Foes Scorpion (update) Silver Sable (comic) - movie is in the works with Black Cat Spider-Man India Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter classic) - provided the one in the Mysterio wave is modern Jessica Drew BAF - Doctor Octopus (classic update) Avengers wave 1 (April/May) - Movie releases May 4 Black Knight (90s comic) Captain America - MCU Count Nefaria Iron Man - MCU King Cobra Sersi (90s comic) Vision - MCU BAF - Mister Hyde Exclusive 2pack - Doctor Strange / Thor? (MCU) Exclusive 2pack - Winter Soldier / Falcon (MCU) Exclusive 2pack - Black Widow / Hawkeye (MCU) Entertainment Earth Boxed Set (May) - New Mutants (comic versions; modern uniforms Yellow X on black bodysuits) - movie releases April 13 Cannonball Danielle Moonstar Magma (similarly produced like Singularity action figure) Sunspot Wolfsbane Walgreens Exclusive (May) Mister Fantastic (stretched alternate parts) Deadpool (May/June) - Movie releases June 1 Cable (X-Force) Deadpool (1st appearance) Deadpool (X-Force) Domino (Classic X-Force) Lady Deadpool (with Dogpool & Squirrelpool) Paladin Squirrel Girl (with Tippy Toe) BAF - Strong Guy Toys R Us Exclusive 2packs (June/July) Cloak & Dagger (comic) - season one of series on Freeform will have wrapped by then Spider-Man & Gwen Stacy (comic) - alternate female body in skirt and boots; includes alternate "classic/Romita" Mary Jane head Toys R Us Exclusive Multi-Pack (July) - Giant-Size X-Men Storm Colossus Banshee Thunderbird Wolverine (includes alternate 1st Appearance whiskered mask head) SDCC Exclusive Boxed Set (July) - Alpha Flight Aurora Guardian Northstar Sasquatch Shaman Snowbird Ant-Man & The Wasp (June/July) - Movie releases July 6 Ant-Man (MCU) Graviton (comic) Tigra (comic) Vision (classic comic) Wasp (MCU) Yellowjacket (MCU) BAF - Goliath (Clint Barton) Exclusive 2pack - Ant-Man / Hank Pym (in boiler suit) (classic comic) Marvel Knights (July/August) Colleen Wing (comic) Elektra (classic comic) Hand Ninja (comic/Netflix interchangeable) Iron Fist (Netflix) - by then he'll have been in Defenders so maybe he'll have a legit costume? Kingpin (Netflix) Luke Cage (Netflix) Typhoid Mary (comic) BAF - Kingpin (comic) Walgreens Exclusive (August) Silver Surfer Avengers wave 2 (September) - DVD release in October? Skurge the Executioner (comic) Falcon (classic comic update) Hercules (90s comic) Ironheart (comic) Quicksilver (classic comic update) Songbird (fan poll winner; comic) Thor (classic comic; Ragnarok alternate head) BAF - Thanos (MCU) X-Men (October) - Dark Phoenix movie releases November 2 Gambit (Jim Lee) Multiple Man (Madrox Investigations) Mystique (classic) Nightcrawler (classic) Psylocke (Jim Lee) Storm (Jim Lee) Wolverine (black/gold outfit from Weapon X program) BAF - Sauron Spider-Man wave 2 (November/December) - Venom movie releases October 5 The Amazing Bag Man (F4 costume matches Fantastic Four releases, Pizza Spidey body, bag head, bare feet) Peter Parker (new adult male jeans & t-shirt body) - includes alternate Rick Jones head Spider-Man (black/silver armored) Spot Venom (movie) Vulture (classic comic update) White Rabbit BAF - Man-Spider Captain Marvel (January/February 2019) - Movie releases March 8 Binary (Danvers; comic) Captain Marvel (Danvers; MCU) Genis-Vell (comic update) Mar-Vell (MCU) Monica Rambeau (classic 80s/90s comic) Ms. Marvel (comic; 1st appearance red/blue costume w/scarf) - alternate Dark Ms. Marvel Karla Sofen head Quasar (Wendell Vaughn; 90s comic) Starfox (comic) BAF - Kree Supreme Intelligence (comic) Walgreens Exclusive (February 2019) Thing That's all I got for now... I'm spent!
  19. Got the Dark Phoenix 2pack at Northern Blvd Toys R Us in Queens, NY, on Sunday, July 2nd. Was a full case of 4 units on the shelf at store opening. And as I just posted, picked up the whole Netflix wave of 6 at the Steinway Street GameStop in Queens less than 4 hours ago. They should still have another case of 8 plus the extra Daredevil and Punisher from the set I bought today, because the cashier said he's probably not gonna be able to fit them out on the pegs. So go ask Chris the cashier to bring them out of the basement for you at Steinway! Damn these legends are gorgeous and I'm going completely broke this year. Will have to file for bankruptcy or something.
  20. GO! Drop everything and go right now! I saw a tip on another message board and went to two Gamestops. Didn't see any on pegs. At the second store, Steinway Street in Queens, NY, the cashier looked up Marvel Knights in the computer and said they had 16 units in stock... he had no idea they had them. I got to pick from two cases of this wave and they are BEAUTIFUL. $22.99 each at Gamestop, so I spent $150 but the wave is MINE and I was home in less than 2 hours from when I left. AMAZING! GO NOW and get these figures!
  21. Thanks Mangar! Always appreciate these heads ups! The shipping and tax still made this $25 for me, but I was finally able to get a tech suit spidey which has eluded me so far. Going to have to keep checking for Moon Knight as that's all I need to complete this wave.
  22. So we've already seen the Thor Wave. And the Netflix wave. Aside from these being featured "live" at the con, I won't count those as reveals. Spider-Man Mysterio wave confirmation Black Panther wave comic book characters revealed (movie figures held back) Fantastic Four Exclusive Reed Richards X-Men wave previews (2 or 3 figures - Show me Gambit and Storm at least! Maybe a new classic Mystique!) Ghost Rider & Bike Production models for 2018 (Lockjaw, new comic Black Widow, Sauron)
  23. With regard to King Shark, I don't want ANY of the multiverse figures, I think they really look subpar, especially the DCTV universe figures. And I have no accessible WalMart here in NYC without a driver's license. As for my financial struggle, I came up about $30 short for my rent, so I decided to delay paying my landlord rent until my next paycheck on the 16th, and decided to knock some of the toy desires off my list. Plunked down some money between Amazon, eBay and the Walgreens website and bought: Invisible Woman Old Man Logan MCU Nebula MCU Rocket Raccoon & Groot (Vol. 2) DC Collectibles Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, and the Flash/Arrow 2pack. Amazon is a great source for getting the DCTV figures below the usual $28 price tag, so I got a bunch of those decently cheaper. Amazon purchases should arrive within 2 days thanks to my Prime Membership also. And Invisible Woman should "materialize" (ha!) in a few days. The rest within the next week! This collecting habit is SO HARD.
  24. Rukkdeez!!! That's awesome! Where are you located? I wonder if checking all the stores and not asking for it means that I have missed out on getting it multiple times! I just caved today and ordered it on the Walgreens website, rather than endless fruitless searching!
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