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  1. I'm really going to lose my mind these next few months. I've nabbed 5 of the Homecoming wave so far (Vulture, Beetle, Tombstone, Cosmic Spidey, Homemade costume Movie Spidey). And GOTG2 movie Gamora. I'm planning to skip Death's Head II since he is SO random and doesn't include a BAF piece. But I still need: Moon Knight MCU Spider-Man (wingsuit) MCU Nebula MCU Star-Lord (long coat/scarf) MCU Rocket/Groot Ex-Nihilo Adam Warlock (BAF MCU Mantis from those) Entertainment Earth Star-Lord / Ego TRU Groot Evolution Walgreens Invisible Woman Wal-Mart Black Panther TRU Spider-Man / Mary Jane TRU Cyclops / Dark Phoenix TRU A-Force Boxed Set SDCC Thor Boxed Set WHERE am I getting the money for all this?!???!?!?! I really might die. I also want to buy a loose DC Multiverse King Shark BAF, the DCTV characters (Supergirl / Martian Manhunter / Vixen / Constantine) from DC Collectibles, have upcoming Batman Animated multi-packs (Alfred / Batcave, GCPD Rogues Gallery w/Montoya) to get from DCC also. Like.... I'm in PAIN. I need all these toys. I also need like an extra $1000 to try to pull all this together. Sweating. Stressed. Send help.
  2. Thanks for the links! Was able to secure Beetle, Tombstone and Movie Vulture. The rest were currently unavailable. These were my most wanted, though, so I'm thrilled! Should have 2 by tomorrow, the third by Wednesday! Thanks again!
  3. Does anyone have the links to these Spider-man figures on Amazon? I want them so much!!!!!
  4. ACK! So do you think the Man-Thing and Lizard BAFs are made-up as well?
  5. To be taken with the proverbial grain of salt, but anyone with a fair social media presence might have seen this also. It was a list of the Marvel Knight's/Netflix wave, Spider-Man wave, and... a Deadpool wave. It included apparent case breakdowns, and BAFs that (up until now) I hadn't heard anything definitive about... The list appears to be a screen grab off of a spreadsheet, and reads as: Marvel Legends Netflix series Netflix Daredevil x2 Netflix Punisher x2 Netflix Elektra Netflix Jessica Jones Blade Bullseye BAF Man Thing Marvel Legends Spiderman series Spider Punk Spiderman Noir Spiderwoman Gwenpool Prowler Demogoblin Mysterio BAF Lizard Marvel Legends Deadpool Series 90s Deadpool x2 Cable Domino X-Force Deadpool X23 Paladin Deathlok And the list is "cut off" before a BAF mention for the Deadpool wave. It may not be legitimate, one suspect thing is that the first and last waves mentioned have a case breakdown "x2" listed, making the waves even at 8 units per case, but the Spiderman wave lacks that, leaving the 8th slot undetermined in the case. It also might have been a tactic to make the Deadpool rumor gain steam by linking it in a list with other confirmed/semi-confirmed figures, but... I thought this was enough info to be worthy of discussion. Do you guys think it could be legit?
  6. With this new news I'd say the odds are better than ever! Just learned Dagger was once a member, so with both series destined for Freeform, I'm lumping Cloak & Dagger into this line. Wave 1 Squirrel Girl Justice Firestar (classic "Amazing Friends" costume) Cloak Dagger Sun Girl Scarlet Spider (Kaine) BAF - Rage Wave 2 Namorita Turbo (male) Turbo (female) Nova (classic costume, remake) Firestar (Avengers costume) Speedball Night Thrasher BAF - Silhouette
  7. I think I saw the wave once at TRU, but most sightings I've had of Abomination wave have been at Walgreens in NYC.
  8. I would guess that the April 17th "strict shelf date" for etailers and other store chains is not so much about not releasing the product to the customer, but probably to legally honor whatever exclusivity deals they agreed to for early release thru Target and Walgreens. I think it was actually pretty smart having a gradual widening of the release scope, with sightings first happening for about 3 or 4 weeks (mid-February to early/mid March) in Targets, then 3 or 4 more weeks in Walgreens, and then the scope widens to everyone else. It allows customers to access the product quicker, and with limited release, the fever and enthusiasm is maintained, and those who have tried and failed to score them early will buy as soon as they hit en masse. Not to mention what other perks Hasbro might have gotten back from Target and Walgreens in exchange for first crack at the release of the X-Men Warlock Wave. Maybe in exchange those chains agreed to fund the costs for more exclusive figures. It essentially forces the consumer to look at Target and Walgreens as the Go-To destinations for Marvel Legends. I wouldn't be surprised if they follow this formula with future waves and different retailers.
  9. LOL... not confused. In my prior post I stated that I found one. I bought it. It's on my shelf firing Shocker blasts in my direction. Google up the images, it's real. LOVE IT... I'm shocked that it was appearing so late after the wave landed also.
  10. Received my Polaris today after buying her a week ago on eBay. While she IS kinda basic, I am reveling in her basicness. She hits all the right notes for me. A classic/modern mashup of a look, nice cape, nice metallic gauntlets, nice metallic lip color, and a great hair sculpt. Having Polaris, and Havok, and Iceman makes me want to dig out the Iceman/X-Factor episode "Cold Comfort" of the 90s X-Men cartoon to see them all running around on my TV screen again. They're not in all their X-Factor costumes, but owning Havok, Polaris, Forge, and Quicksilver makes me feel good that the characters are shaping up from that team. Still need Colossus and Cyclops (desperately!) and Logan (less desperately).
  11. Based on how they've been releasing, if it's as simple as a head swap, I could see them doing THAT for a design option. But a whole different mold as a variant wouldn't be released alongside a standard figure in the current formula of how figures are released. And again, the motivation factor is the big thing. If Bi-Beast is a character they want to release, is there a TRUE motivating factor to release two versions, or two head swaps, to a mass retail customer? Doesn't seem like a priority to me, when headliners like a Captain America, Thor, or Iron Man have DECADES of designs to get through, and would be guaranteed to sell more to the general public, than to someone who saw Bi-Beast in a video game based on a flop movie from nine years ago. I don't see it as a priority for Hasbro. Write them a letter with your wishes, but they won't come to this decision on their own.
  12. At first glance Tarot, I kinda love the double mini-BAF idea. My list! Mantis Moondragon Quasar Starfox Martinex Yondu (comic) Kang The Collector (no BAF piece, with Howard & Cosmo & Infinity Gauntlet & other trinkets) BAF - Charlie-27
  13. LOL. I don't think Hasbro is consumed with "cutting a deal" to make these characters happen from a video game that came out 9 years ago. I don't know anyone at Hasbro but I think from a business standpoint that Hasbro would consider any fan of the game a fan of the comics that GENERATED the game, and so they would be worried about representing the comic characters first. And for the most part, the licensing isn't an issue for the comic versions.
  14. Have you heard? The Sandman wave Shocker is popping up in stores with a running change/variant (not clear yet which), where he features a "Thunderbolts" logo belt buckle in gold on his costume in the midsection. Anyone who has the Boomerang figure, the emblem is in the same place on Boomerang, but on him the emblem is gray. I heard about this recently, and started googling pics, but only came up with one image. I went hunting today in NY. I went to Forbidden Planet (comic book store near union square), Walgreens (union square), Toys R Us Express (34th street), and Midtown Comics (40th street). Across those four stores, I saw 11 Shocker figures, and only ONE of them had the Thunderbolts emblem on the costume (at Midtown Comics, one figure out of the five Shockers they had). Anyone else heard about this, or interested in picking up this version, even if you picked up the blank original?
  15. capamerica.... can you get me a pair??? I need Cyclops and Colossus!!!
  16. According to pics I have seen online, there is no physical belt, it is just a printed TBOLT emblem, where a belt buckle would be. Exactly like the Boomerang figure, but the color of the emblem is gold. I've seen this in illustrations, and it's frustrating, but I guess I need to start looking again. And Brickseek is awesome! As long as you know the DPCI code of your wave, you can type it in, with your zip code, and it'll tell you on-hand and sellable units according to distance from you. ONLY thing with the X-Men wave, is that it shares the DPCI with the Juggernaut wave, so it may be telling you quantities of THAT, instead of Warlock wave. You'd have to go to the store to see which X-Men wave they are. But for me, most of my local stores are at low or 0 inventory. But I check it every day, so if I see a sudden jump in inventory, I know they got a shipment. So I keep checking..........
  17. Cobra it IS crazy to think of costs back then... I almost don't believe it, but your costs nostalgically sound correct. I ultimately think I caved for Bobby Drake Iceman and spent something like $65 on eBay for him (HAD to have him!!!) but I imagine now he'd be going for $300+, I just really don't want to investigate that right now. But what a different world for what you got in a case, for the cost comparing then to now. Ant-Man Captain Britain Havok Kitty Pryde Ms. Marvel Sabretooth (AOA) Sentry (gold bearded) Sentry (gold shaven) Sentry (yellow bearded) Sentry (yellow shaven) Thor Wolverine (AOA normal head) Wolverine (AOA scarred head) Face-Off Captain America/Baron Strucker Face-Off Captain America/Red Skull Face-Off Daredevil/Kingpin (black) Face-Off Daredevil/Kingpin (white) Face-Off Hulk/Leader (bubbly head) Face-Off Hulk/Leader (tall head) SO MUCH STUFF!!!
  18. Kilo, can you just buy and send me a Cyclops? That would be great! Man, Cobra! I didn't hear about that, and now I'm mad I haven't been examining the Shockers I've come across since getting mine! Ugh... I want a Thunderbelt.
  19. It really does all come down to money. I like the idea of a Peter Parker with a civilian head, and it made me think of a ski mask head as well to make him a burglar. But those things are doable with current releases. I'm not a big accessory person, I don't need an arsenal of guns for a character that only has two hands. Just seems wasteful of plastic and cost when I can ONLY display my Deadpool holding two weapons, y'know? I LOVE power effects, so I would rather channel the costs into a more diverse range of power effects. I'd also challenge the costs to go towards extensions of the BAF concept like I noted prior with something like Build-A-Team, where you get multiple left legs with one figure, and each single figure gives you limbs to build like four other characters. Even THAT is a concern to me as costing out well, but I'd rather acquire four more characters in a wave through an expanded BAF concept than have three extra guns and grocery bags and wallets etc. Some of the favorite things I've gotten as bonuses have been a safe and a garbage can, and it helps add fun flourishes to my display. And some of the best display pieces I've gotten were from things like the Buffy figures, or Heroes, or Austin Powers. But that works when there is a limited cast to release in plastic form. When it's the Marvel Universe, there are SO MANY CHARACTERS... That's what I want. Would it be great to have extras? Sure. But not without going to $25 or without losing something else in order to gain what's being proposed. Every now and then I still take out my destroyed Sentinel bases that came with the old Toy Biz Legends. BUT... for me it's ultimately about the characters. I wouldn't tailor a wave around getting me set pieces, I'd funnel whatever costs available to make the best 7-8 characters and a BAF and if I get some extra heads to make them different characters and I get a new power effect that makes more visible sense with the character than seeing a couple like Havok and Polaris with the same power effects to illustrate different power sets. I'd go for vehicles too... but remember the last time they did that, we lost BAF pieces in that wave. One less character in order to get scooters and hoverboards and motorcycles.
  20. Cobra! Beta Ray Bill was the one without the variant. Destroyer was the variant of Thorbuster Iron Man. I think you know that but got mixed up in the telling. Speaking of, I was THRILLED with that MODOK wave, because I found ALL of the variants in an upstock of the Toys R Us shelf, above the pegs where the standard versions were hanging. I must have spent over $200 that day on all of them. I don't know how I had all that money just ready to spend back then, I certainly don't now! I think I skipped the Moon Knight variant because he wasn't different enough. But I definitely picked up Julia Carpenter, Genis-Vell, Destroyer and Red Wasp. Blue Wasp was one I was mad never got real release. Don't only like 5 exist out there or some craziness? And there are up arrows and down arrows on the boots on certain ones of the five? Some mess like that. I do NOT miss the idea of chase variants anymore, and agree, the scalper market was built on that foundation and it's hard enough to just collect a basic wave without ordering a case online these days. I prefer a good alternate head or multiple alternate parts to give my purchase more display variables, and let me tailor my collection to my own preferences or style rather than need to buy two versions of the same figure to get one that has a different head, or is unmasked. I feel like I get more value for my money if they release one figure that can be a different character with ONLY a head swap (like, say, Rachel Grey on a Phoenix body, or the upcoming Magus/Adam Warlock figure), and in today's economy, we should feel like we get value for our purchase! It will probably still make me buy two, to have both characters... but... I think I'm arguing against my own point. It's late. I'm tired.
  21. Thanks Cobra! You said it better, and probably longer, than I could have! And to reiterate, I would BUY every character listed, and agree they should be made, but it's a throwaway wish to think they'd all come out in the same wave. Of the Deadpoolverse, I would assume that Lady Deadpool and Gwenpool would be the top priorities for release, and if we get two women in one wave, I'd expect them. But you would have to wait for a second wave or a different line to get Mystique... Domino... Spiral... A-Force is a boxed set I'm THRILLED about and I'm always about more female legends. But it's also based on a comic book with an all-female cast, so it's a Store Exclusive boxed set built around an all-female concept, which lends itself to an all-female figure set that is produced in lower quantities because it's not a mass market release. That's how Hasbro would release something female-heavy. It's the only way they have so far.
  22. I see a lot of your plan as not happening. 1. I doubt we'll get movie versions of ANY X-characters while Fox is still in the mix with X-movies. Don't ask me why, but that's been the name of the game since X3. 2. You named a 7 figure wave with a BAF, and FOUR of those seven (not counting unidentified villain) are female. DOUBT THAT in the most fundamental way. 3. The BAF is ALSO female, making that FIVE out of EIGHT releases being female. Not in this 616 universe, if I've ever seen it. I'd buy every single character on your list. But they'd never be released that way.
  23. Revisiting this thread because a few of these waves have been available now. My findings: SANDMAN WAVE -Jackal, Black Spider-Man, and Green Goblin are the ones I have seen in ABUNDANCE across all my travels. Goblin surprises me a little, since he's such a classic villain, but there you go. -I've seen maybe one or two Shocker and Spider-UK, and he looks similar enough to Spider-Man I can see that him selling with parents who find him the closest looking thing to Spider-Man that will shut their kids up about having a new Spider-Man figure. -I have NEVER seen Kamala Khan or 2099 at retail. My comic book store in NYC, Forbidden Planet, sold out of her first, and when she recently came back in, she was merchandised behind the register in a shelved glass case with other specialty interest product, so you'd have to ask the cashier to let you look at her. I have already caved and bought her online, so I haven't bothered to ask if they're charging more for her. TITUS WAVE -It's still newer on shelves, but first impressions so far, the abundance have been Star-Lord, Yondu, and Vance Astro. Star-Lord being 2 per case is probably helping him linger on shelves, while Vance Astro is unrecognizable to the general population who has never read a comic book. Yondu is the one I've seen least out of these three, but he was at two visits to Target and at one Toys R Us, he was the sole survivor on the pegs to prove the wave EVER arrived at the store. -I've seen maybe one or two Drax. This might be because of sleeper popularity from the movie, OR lingering more because people picked up GOTG1 Drax and they don't even realize he has a new head sculpt, so they think they already own this figure. -I've NEVER seen Angela, Darkhawk, or Nova. None of these surprise me as they all have devoted cult followings (Darkhawk a fan vote character, Nova a popular new kid character, Angela a sought-after scantily-clad female who gained fame in the pages of Spawn and notably jumped to Marvel. The fanboys will scour the aisles for these characters. A minor motivator could be the Titus parts they come with (but really who cares about Titus?), since you need the head and torso from these purchases, so on the off chance the customer wants a big angry space tiger/man hybrid with an arm cannon, they will pick these up even if they don't want the main packaged character. These impressions are solely based on visits to multiple Targets and Toys R Us. My Walgreens in NYC are notorious for not getting anything new or on time. Things will pop up on shelves months or years after expected dates. WARLOCK WAVE -My local Targets via Brickseek have stalled out when it comes to new shipments of this wave. The only figures I have EVER seen on pegs are the three I bought, which were Shatterstar, Sunfire, and Dazzler (who made it off a peg and into a go-back cart, so someone reconsidered her purchase last minute?) -Haven't seen the rest, but with the fervor I've seen on the message boards and in "hunt" videos on YouTube, the craze seems to be for Cyclops and Colossus the most. They also seem to be costing the most by scalpers on outlets like eBay and Amazon in these initial weeks. -Old Man Logan has no Warlock part, and comes 2 per case, but with the new movie may see a higher sell rate. -Polaris I'd probably lump into the group I acquired in my one successful Target run, but was just unfortunate in that someone got to Polaris first. I don't see her being highly sought after. Have any of your hunt experiences been yielding different results in who is pegwarming?
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