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  1. LOL I agree CobraSaboteur! Goldblum as Grandmaster looks AWESOME!!! Since MCU Thor has always been the ML redheaded stepchild, I'm wary of how much love he will get, but since there is so much newness in this Thor movie, and GOTG is even releasing a Kurt Russell figure, I could see all sorts of Legends coming out of this: MCU Thor MCU Hulk MCU Loki MCU Valkyrie MCU Hela MCU Grandmaster MCU Executioner? MCU Odin (finally?) Split across at least two waves (and maybe a 2pack, since those seem to be back this year) so we can get decent comic figures in would be ideal. If this is the last Thor movie (marking the trilogy), I'm super disappointed not to see Enchantress in this movie. I have thought for YEARS that Charlize Theron would have been PERFECT for that role.
  2. But let's make it the Jim Lee Jubilee. Case packout: Storm Magneto Emma Frost (plus cape; better body) Sabretooth Rogue (canceled/unreleased) Cyclops (Phoenix 5) Stryfe Wolverine (Astonishing costume on new Wolverine Base body; alternate unmasked head) Then everyone could get everything they missed out on by mashing up the Puck and Jubilee waves!
  3. Lol, I'm checking it often now, hoping my local Target will show an uptick in inventory, but it's stable at zero. But definitely an amazing tool to save me time and energy!
  4. Utilized Brickseek for the first time and tracked down a Target that had 3 remaining new X-Men figures. At first I only found Shatterstar and Sunfire, but soon found Dazzler in a go-back cart amongst the rubble. THRILLED! They all look fantastic. I want to play with them... but I also want to just stand them on my shelf and stare at them forever. I love all these characters. Can't wait to build Warlock, and to find the rest. Dazzler is just unbelievable. I think it's hilarious and epic that I own this version of the character. I go through a process with new figs. When I get them out of the package, they stay in my room so I can soak up their "newness", until I finally get used to them and then filter them into my main display in the other room. I am not ready to let go of these figures and get them into the display yet. Not for a long time to come.
  5. FYI, in a Q&A video, the execs discussed how they prefer keeping the X-wave to 1 per year to make the waves really strong (I don't agree that there can't be TWO strong waves a year, but they didn't ask me!). But they said they planned 2018's wave, which they consider their strongest yet, and are looking at assembling their 2019 wave now. So that implies to me that the Warlock wave is all we get for 2017. However, there have been multiple sources discussing a Deadpool Legends wave, which could get more X-characters to market. (I'd guess it would land near the end of the year, maybe between 2 Thor waves) Also there's always the question mark of an SDCC which could get us X-characters also. I'm holding out hope for a Giant-Size X-Men boxed set to check off must-haves like Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Thunderbird, and Banshee. We already will have Cyclops and Sunfire this year and Wolverine could either be in the boxed set also, or an obvious stand-alone release.
  6. As of the time of my vote, all votes are for Reed. LOL. Not only swappable stretched parts (I'd want two arms, a torso elongation, and a neck), but also want swappable bare feet, Amazing Bag Man head, and a Johnny Storm head. Others are requesting the Ultimate Nullifier, so I guess you can throw that in also. That would be my biggest hope.
  7. I feel like this borders on a political topic, but what I'll say is I count Lady Loki as a completely new character because it is a different gender. One can argue it is "the same person" but it's as opposite a representation of Loki as it can be, so I will personally count it as a new character. As for this Boxed Set I'm joining in on the love. The She-Hulk is a WELCOME remake. Great simple, classic, iconic costume choice. Monica looks AMAZING. Singularity is a design I've been eager to see as an ML. Sif isn't a character I've been eager for, but it's well-executed, and I'm glad to get her off the table through this set. I had to look up Elsa Bloodstone but another well-executed character. Like the big ponytail. My ONLY disappointment is that they are reusing the same MCU Scarlet Witch jacket (in black and gray) on both Monica and Elsa, and the same new fur cape (in gold and white) on Loki and Sif, BUT I'll split these characters up in my display so I'm not bothered at the repetition. But I'd love for ML to look at crafting two alternate versions of layering pieces like capes and jackets. Just for variety. Just like we have the "magic" effect (Scarlet Witch/Dr. Strange), the "power rings" effect (Polaris/Havok), the flame effect (Iron Fist/Sunfire)... they wouldn't use the same effect on everyone, so I think they need two alternate long jackets for females. Not that you need that many Fur-collared capes, though, so I'll let that pass. Also am encouraged by the Singularity design that they could similarly execute a Magma figure for New Mutants. That type of design is what I'd picture for her.
  8. UGH!!!!!! I spent all my money last week on the GOTG wave, and all these reports of X-Men hitting is killing me. Don't get paid till Friday, and every fiber of my being NEEDS this X-Men wave. I want to go hunting tomorrow on my day off, but if I find them and I'm broke, that will torture me. HATE MY LIFE!!! NEED THESE FIGURES!!!!! Officially in my "losing my mind" phase.
  9. Looks to me like the head sculpt is comic and they are using the long jacket from movie 1 in order to do a modern comic Star-Lord. So I'd argue this is a comic figure capitalizing on a significant amount of reused movie parts.
  10. There's a pic floating out there of the Star-Lord/Ego movie two-pack. Not packaged, but appears Star-Lord is same as single-packed movie release version from the wave currently hitting stores.
  11. I thought the purpose of sightings & hauls, as a thread and an institution, is to tell us WHERE YOU ARE LOCATED?! So we, in those same or neighboring areas, know where to start looking? COMICBOOKNERD... WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? WHERE DID YOU BUY?
  12. Thanks Monron!!! I'm glad my point came across. I'm all for as many characters as we can get released, but... I don't see a lot of Asgardians in a Thor line, and because of his being somewhat of an island, as you pointed out, hard to fill out 3 waves with marketable characters.
  13. Oh Heisenberg... So here's what happens to me when I hear clamoring for a ton of Thor love in ML: 1. Eyes glaze over 2. Eyes roll out of their sockets 3. Eyes roll down the natural slope of my apartment floor into a dusty corner 4. Takes me 15 minutes to locate and reclaim my eyeballs. And here's my reasons why: Of "the Big 3" that have been the centerpiece of Marvel movie trilogies, the Iron Man and Captain America franchises have FAR outperformed the Thor movie franchise at the box office. Thor's movies have been spaced much farther apart. Thor was MIA from the Civil War movie, meaning he's been much less focal than basically any other Avenger now, since his last significant appearance was Age of Ultron. Lack of box office momentum for Thor means he won't be getting a dedicated three waves. Design-wise, a lot of the characters you've listed, particularly the Asgardian warriors, are not central to anything in the Marvel Universe BUT Thor's world, and even in the movies, they were 3rd tier supporting characters who were less focal and developed than the human supporting characters. Doing waves with Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Heimdall, Balder, and Sif as centerpieces will look more like a Lord of the Rings toy line than Marvel Legends. They all will require a lot more dedicated sculpts, new tooling, and generally require more plastic for there larger size as Asgardians. They'll need new pouches, and belts, and swords, and sheaths, and chain mail, and helmets, and big boots, and loincloths, and axes, and I betcha that's a lot of plastic to sell at clearance prices when they all look interchangeable and start to rot on the pegs. There are too many movie characters that would eat up the budget needing dedicated sculpts, that will have less chance of a reuse, in order to get the wave to market in the first place. And I'll pay for the psychiatric care for anyone who thinks there's a snowball's chance in H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks that there would ever be both movie and comic versions released of all of the characters named in this paragraph. Take note, none of my reasoning states that I don't like Thor or Asgard. I think we can generously expect 2 waves. I think we'd see a lot of Thor variations, since he's the "money" character. Not considering movie figures, I'd say chances are strong for: Classic Thor (remake) Classic Loki Modern Thor (unworthy?) Jane Foster Thor Eric Masterson Thor / Thunderstrike Beta Ray Bill Ragnarok Hercules Ares Arkon (he looks Asgardian, that's about all I'd say for his chances, and I would have lumped Thundra into this category as well) Grey Gargoyle Skurge the Executioner Ulik (BAF?) Surtur (BAF?) Destroyer (BAF?) And Gilgamesh the Forgotten One (which I consider a stretch also) But all of these are godly, imposing characters, or characters that read like Thor in a plastic bubble package, and still look like they come from comic books. I don't even see Black Knight fitting into this group and I love Black Knight and think he needs a remake. He'll probably come back around for an Avengers: Infinity War wave. You MIGHT get Sif, and I only think she stands a stronger chance because she's a female. Girl power, and all that. No shade to Thor or Asgard, but I just don't see Hasbro investing all that much.
  14. Being that we saw her prototype at the same time as Mary Jane and Dark Phoenix, which were "announced"/leaked already for this year, I don't see them waiting until some unannounced wave for 2018 to get Monica Rambeau to market. That wouldn't make sense for me Tarot.
  15. I don't WANT it to be blue/white comic Star-Lord... but I think it's most realistic. Unless they repurpose movie parts to make a "modern" comic Star-Lord Don't see it being Kitty, since we're already supposed to get two females in the wave. Her version of Star-Lord would require a lot of new parts as well, so I don't see that investment on a line that has to produce a bunch of new movie sculpts. I'm assuming we'll get Monica Rambeau Spectrum in a 3rd wave? Where else is she supposed to go?!
  16. LOL, where did I read the rumor that we'd get two of the FF this year (Sue & Johnny?) and two next year (Reed & Ben, I think) as exclusives? I thought it was here. But... that would frustrate me immensely. Not only to wait SO long to complete a four-person team, but because, as we see in this thread, there are plenty of characters that need release from this corner of Marvel, obviously. Since I consider them tied so much to the cosmic sector, I could see most or all of the FF related characters folding into GOTG waves, but that just limits the outlet to receive all these characters, where both FF and GOTG lines would get more characters out in less time!
  17. Rather than endless hunting Walgreens in New York when I never find anything there... I just bought the whole GOTG Titus wave on eBay. Hopefully will deliver by the end of the week. Now I have to figure out how to use my next paycheck to cover rent, bills, credit cards, and the Warlock X-Men wave! Ugh.
  18. I'll play! Wave 1 Mr. Fantastic (swappable stretched arms and neck) Invisible Woman (invisible; includes one solid arm to swap on phasing Walgreens exclusive) Human Torch (flamed off) Thing (new sculpt; trunks) Wizard Silver Surfer Psycho Man Puppet Master BAF - Dragon Man Wave 2 Mr. Fantastic (Future Foundation) Johnny Storm (flamed on; Jim Hammond alt. head) Invisible Woman (Future Foundation) Thing (Future Foundation; pants/boots) Trapster Molecule Man Dr. Doom (Future Foundation) Spider-Man (Future Foundation; remake) BAF - Lockjaw Wave 3 Mr. Fantastic (blue/white 80s costume; swappable stretched arms and neck) Invisible Woman (solid; blue/white costume; phasing arm swaps; new head/hair sculpt) Human Torch (Avengers flamed-off) Thing (blue/white costume) Black Bolt Medusa (new costume) Gorgon Spider-Man (the Amazing Bag Man) BAF - Front half of Fantasticar Wave 4 Mr. Fantastic (blue/navy; lab coat; with Impossible Man) Invisible Woman (blue/navy with phasing legs; with Franklin Richards) Human Torch (blue/navy; semi-phasing; with Valeria Richards) Thing (blue/navy costume; pants/boots) Crystal Namor (green trunks remake) Triton Karnak BAF - Rear half of Fantasticar
  19. Agree! And you'll see I squeezed three forms of Wolfsbane into that New Mutants wave. LOL. I think Build-A-Team concept could be sold to the consumer based on the sheer value of how many characters you can build at the same price point, AND for the completists, knock a whole era of a team in one fell swoop. New Mutants particularly, could work, considering the movie that's in the works based on this team. Of course there's been such a mutant slow-down in ML that it's easier for me to think of this in terms of X-Men Blue/Gold teams, Liefield X-Force, the 90s X-Factor Havok/Polaris team, classic Excalibur, Generation X... but as a theme wave, it works for nearly anything, like Alpha Flight, Inhumans, or splinter concepts like Morlocks (in an X-Men wave), Hellfire Club Inner Circle (also in X-Men wave), Shi'ar Imperial Guard, Starjammers, Reavers, New Warriors.... It's also like splicing a boxed set concept into a Build-A-Figure idea, and it gets more figures/characters to market in one wave release than ever before. One could also use this for costume alternates for main characters in a wave, like the original 5 X-Men in their X-Factor uniforms, or Future Foundation versions of the Fantastic Four. Build-A-Team concept might have some legs! (and Arms!... couldn't resist)
  20. I was reading a convo in another thread (I think it was between Rukkdeez and Monron), talking about the virtues (or not) of the BAF Vulture Wings concept. It got me thinking... How would you take the BAF concept in a different direction, or further? I remembered an idea I had for a BAF concept where there was a BAF Stepford Cuckoos. Each figure in the wave included the same part (like a left arm), but had five left arms, all with a different "highlight color" on each to differentiate between all five of the sisters. The torso could be a standard paintjob (no highlight color), and packed with an individual character that is meant to army-build on its own (Multiple Man?) which would make sense to own five of, in order to acquire five torso pieces. The smallest figure in the wave would be packed with all the Cuckoos heads with different facial expressions. It would only take 6 figure purchases to acquire a total of 11 characters, unless they wanted to distribute all the BAF parts in a different way across 8 figure purchases. Or if they kept it to 6 characters in the wave (plus 5 Stepford Cuckoos), they could triple pack Multiple Man in the case assortment, allowing more ease to locate a natural army builder. And importantly, no spare parts leftover. --- Taking this idea one step further, what about BUILD-A-TEAM?! For example, New Mutants, who, at different times, have worn uniforms that are nearly identical, with minor differences. Each main character could include multiple limbs, but each would be a different body type (lean male, muscular male, lean female, curvy female), but all painted in same uniform type. This technically is 8 character purchases, which would gain us 12 full characters. Let's say that the Build-A-Team characters are Karma (lean), Cypher (lean), Sunspot (muscular), and Moonstar (curvy). Within the character purchases, we receive Cannonball (with blast effect lower body, and the lean lower body pieces included elsewhere in the wave, are interchangeable to make a non-blasting Cannonball), and Magma (who, powered-up, is not visibly in a uniform, and thus a unique addition to the team. If we want to consider Wolfsbane, we could included a transformed Wolfsbane as the main character purchase, with an alternate, standard Rahne Sinclair head to swap onto the Karma lean body, for a depowered option. Could also include a powered-down Magma head that works on the curvy body, if desired. Let's add Sunspot powered-down head to that list as well. Potential for a 7-member team, and powered-down versions of 3 single-packed characters as alternate swappable part options. The 7-member team still doesn't account for 5 other characters that would be single-packed to distribute all these limbs and torsos. Character 1 - 4 left arms, plus powered-down Magma head Character 2 - 4 right arms, plus powered-down Sunspot head Character 3 - 4 left legs, plus wolf pack-in Character 4 - 4 right legs, plus powered-down Rahne head Character 5 - includes lean male torso (Cypher), with head Wolfsbane - includes muscular male torso (Sunspot), with (powered-up) head Magma - includes lean female torso (Karma), with head Cannonball - includes curvy female torso (Moonstar), with head This wave, if you buy all 8, can give you 12 unique characters, as well as powered-up and powered-down versions of 4 of the characters (Cannonball, Magma, Wolfsbane, Sunspot), providing 16 display options from this wave. 17, if you count the full-wolf Wolfsbane pack-in. AND IT GIVES YOU A WHOLE TEAM AT ONCE!!!! --- What are your BAF concept extrapolations for something new?!
  21. Alright.... I'm going to try to do this without the "rumored" characters. But Ultimate Wolverine is a waste of a slot. LOL. Love the leverage we get on Alpha Flight, though. Wave 1 Logan (standard Logan; uses Old Man Logan parts, but young head, maybe a cowboy hat; Logan head swappable to any Wolverine) Wolverine (Tiger Stripe; on Updated body mold; Alternate 1st appearance head with different "whiskered" mask; includes relaxed hoods for maskless option) Guardian Northstar Aurora Morph (mainly on Jim Lee Cyclops body; interchangeable heads for Evil Morph, Forge & Banshee; includes swappable leg/arm for Forge and cape for Banshee) Cyber Jubilee (Jim Lee/classic/90s) BAF - Sasquatch (remake) I actually love the Wendigo they made, and I don't know why I don't have it displayed somewhere, it's an awesome looking figure. Wave 2 Wolverine (Astonishing; on updated body mold; includes relaxed hood) Wolverine (Feral; alternate unmasked berserker head) Storm (80s Mohawk & leather... Storm needs a few figures, might as well nail this one down now.) Sabretooth (1st appearance/classic costume) Shaman Snowbird (includes snow owl and white wolf alternate forms as pack-ins) Omega Red Wild Child BAF - Shiva (robot)
  22. RIGHT?! It's hard to describe and even to capture in photos. But it's got a great metallic silver paint job with awesome dark-to-light shading, AND a bit of a gloss over it to add to the shine... Articulation is as much as anyone REALLY should need for a figure of this girth and size. And tons more articulation than classic original MS releases. The articulated shoulder pads are faves of mine also. It really seems the perfect scale to both fit in and intimidate the Asgardian scale of ML figures. I've bought a few MS that were redone later in ML scale, and I still waffle back and forth on which I like better. Classic Venom, Rhino, Ultron, Juggernaut... I've picked up all of those in MS and while ML Venom and Rhino replaced the MS versions in my display, Juggernaut is still a toss-up for me, and ML has yet to make a decent classic Ultron in my opinion. Destroyer is a character that has evolved a bit and I really doubt something better looking could be produced for this character. Go to a comic book store. Look at it. Hold the package in your hand. You will NOT want to walk away from this figure. I SWEAR. Skidroh gets it!!!
  23. I picked it up once I saw it in person. It's a STUNNING figure. Top notch. You won't regret it!
  24. LOL, now we're comparing apples to oranges. First... Cyclops is a headlining character, original X-Man, and central to the X-universe, arguably one of the most identifiable characters in the lore, with the likes of Wolverine and Storm. He's been featured in nearly every movie and animated series ever produced about X-Men. Wolfsbane (and Havok and Polaris, for that matter) have not had anywhere near that amount of exposure. In Marvel Legends, which has been around since 2002, it was 4 years before we got our first (classic) Havok figure (in a store-exclusive wave, and we received 3 Cyclops releases before that, 2 costumes as variants in ML, one in X-Men Classics), and then the second (modern) Alex Summers came out 14 years after the line launched. Polaris is due out for the first time in the 15th year of Marvel Legends (alongside a remake of Cyclops in Jim Lee costume from X-Men Classics 2004). Being that it took that long, to get just the basic iconic looks of 2nd tier characters like Alex and Lorna I'm saying it could be just as long a wait all over again for another costume version of these characters. At best, Wolfsbane is 3rd tier. So how many versions should we really expect to receive of her from ML? In a line that just recently started producing mutant characters again after a drought that went on for years? And, including X-Men Classics, and upcoming Warlock wave, Cyclops has seen 8 action figures released, within that has had two of those costumes remade (Jim Lee & Astonishing), and is rumored to be paired with Dark Phoenix in a later release this year, which would be figure #9 (and possible costume remake #3. We can't expect the treatment to be the same for all mutant characters ever created. That's not realistic. 90s X-Factor is the only version of the comic I ever read regularly, in real time. Loved it. I went back after the fact to read the Madrox-centric "X-Factor Investigations" run of the title, which also featured Wolfsbane. As much as I identify with and appreciate those versions/costumes of the characters... Just logic and 14+ years of collecting this line is telling me that version is not in the cards. And it would frustrate me, as a collector, to get a random Wolfsbane in a 90s X-Factor costume, and then sit and wait another 14 years to get other characters in costumes to display with her... But perhaps you're more patient and hopelessly optimistic than I am, and my goal is not to rob you of that, so in MY long-winded way, I'll just wish you luck that you get your heart's desire.
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