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  1. It seems wasteful to produce any first-run character in Legends in an X-Factor costume, when the other characters from that team have been released in versions NOT pertaining to that team. Havok - Classic; then in Uncanny avengers costume Polaris - Classic Quicksilver - Classic (although he did wear this costume in X-Factor) Even the Multiple Man prototype featured his X-Factor Investigations costume, not the 90s team uniform. If Wolfsbane is released, it would make more sense for her to be in her X-Force costume (since we have more of that team in Archangel, Deadpool, Wolverine, Psylocke, Fantomex...) Or she could be in a New Mutants costume since that team has been untouched so far and could still be/needs to be built on. MONRON, I like your idea, I just can't picture Hasbro investing that much in the Wolfsbane character, as much as I'd love to see what you're describing. The most I'd hope for is a human Rahne with a full wolf pack-in, and possibly an interchangeable head and arms, and MAYBE lower legs (from the knee down), with some creative license on one of her costumes to justify less need to swappable parts. Bonus of the wolf pack-in is that it can be re-released in a white version for one of Alpha Flight's Snowbird transformations.
  2. Monron I could read your long-windedness for as long as you can... wind. ? I don't disagree with you about the character design choices you outlined... BUT I think/hope that Hasbro learned their lesson from the epic fail of the first Gamora movie figure. So I'm hoping for bigger and better things from the second attempt on Gamora and the début of Nebula. Color me a hopeless optimist. I also agree on the design choice for Dazzler, but I think they strategically did it in the thought that collectors will buy her fearing this will be the only Dazzler ever made and then a year from now we'll get our blue leotard Dazzler that was made famous by the "Pryde of the X-Men" cartoon and the old arcade game. And people will gobble that version up and toss Disco Dazzler into their drawer. Personally, though it's off the wall, I will enjoy Disco Dazzler with the same amusement I get from looking at Batroc with that crazy mustache, or Deadpool's taco, or Machine Man's extended limbs or the crazy flaming pumpkin head on Jack O'Lantern... the roller skates and the Pearlescent flared jumpsuit with a popped collar and the disco ball hanging around her neck is just a novelty you'll never find anywhere else. I suspect I won't be able to find one damn X-Men Legend. Except maybe Old Man Logan, which I suspect is labeled "Wolverine" on the box because he looks the least like the Wolverine most people know, and Hasbro is fearful people will pass him by because he's just an old man who forgot to clip his nails. From everywhere that I've seen the Sandman wave, the two figures I have NOT seen at retail have been ANAD 2099 and Ms. Marvel. While Kamala Khan can be accused of tokenism by Marvel, I do think the figure will still move (and has) because she's portrayed as a relatable teen girl heroine who is aspirational for girls and has fun visual powers that are replicated well in the figure. Jackal has been collecting dust in droves, and I think he just doesn't have the profile to move the figure, and no one knows who he is. I had to research him, and discovered his contributions, which are notable, but he's not been in a movie or on TV (was he ever on the OLD 90s Spider-Man cartoon?). I assume 2099 is moving because he's a fresh, vibrant looking figure with stark contrasts that still looks like a Spider-Man. I've never been the biggest Spider-Fan, but I'm starting to appreciate the novelty of the Spider-Verse and having all these versions of Spidey, and my new big want is Spider-Punk. If you don't know him, google image search him. I don't know how I converted so suddenly. I'm so curious to see how these predictions shake out! I'm sure there will be regional results also... but I'd love for us to compare our findings to this prediction thread as the waves are released.
  3. I wish we had some kind of civilian female body that we could use swappable heads on. We have that male suited body which I have seen used for: Tony Stark, Red Skull, and the given JJJ, Chameleon, Hammerhead, Coulson, etc. It'll probably come back around with Professor X, but I'm REALLY wanting to see him in a field jumpsuit / boiler suit which the sculpt could in turn be used for a Hank Pym figure, a Longshot update (though the Star-Lord/AIM body will do fine for Longshot) or a literal "army" builder. But for women, if we have a suited / jacket & skirt female in heels that could swap out for Moira MacTaggert, Valerie Cooper, Victoria Hand, Abigail Brand?... that could be lucrative for us wanting that civilian woman. The way they gave us a Dirk Anger head (which I think works better on the new Taskmaster body than the Nick Fury body), and a Silvermane head (which blends PERFECTLY on the 3pack Ultron body with the red bubbles because the gun metal colors match seamlessly), just including the heads of these civilian females and giving us ONE body would definitely get me buying multiples to beef up the collection. They can do a black outfit version and a royal blue version, but now I'm just drifting off into dreamland...
  4. I'm a HUGE X-Men fan, thanks to the 90s cartoon, and I'm thrilled with what they've done with the X-Men waves so far (since the Jubilee wave release, through Juggernaut and the upcoming Warlock wave). BUT, I see them continuing to spread their focus over ALL the decades of X-Men history. Pretty much all the characters I want to see came out of the 90s decade, but their designs will be all over the place. They won't touch characters like Colossus and Iceman for a while, since they are recently released. UNLESS there is some themed box set that could require a different design. I definitely think there will be updates for characters like Nightcrawler and Gambit in classic/iconic designs. I personally think a Jim Lee Beast is a viable remake, particularly as a BAF, but I also love the Toy Biz version and think its superior design still fits well with the strides Hasbro has made over the years. Because of Psylocke's limited release by Hasbro I could see an updated release for her in her iconic ninja blues. Storm is a character that has had MANY iconic looks, so she is one that can be put out in tons of ways. She needs a Jim Lee design update, as well as her Giant-Size X-Men/1st appearance look, and I am holding out for her leather & Mohawk look from the 80s. But beyond that, I don't see them focusing on a 90s-era team. Bishop's design can be based on anything and I see them going more modern with him if he sees another figure. Jubilee in her classic blue shorts has a best chance being released in an exclusive multi-pack than on a single card. Cable was just released. Emma Frost is a toss-up but I could see her Inner Circle Hellfire Club look being done because they can get a lot of use out of the mold with other Hellfire Club characters like Selene, Inner Circle Jean Grey (simple as an alternate head for Selene), Madelyne Pryor/Goblin Queen... If I were to bet on any "guarantees" this year it would be a classic Mystique, and for a wish list would be extensive, but still want a classic Avalanche and a Sauron. I'd love a Brotherhood boxed set with classic Mystique, Avalanche, a remake Pyro, Destiny, Toad, and Magneto with alternate heads (helmeted, non-helmeted with long hair). And then there's all the splinter teams like Excalibur (come on Meggan, and a spiky Rachel Grey!), New Mutants (with Warlock this seems like a stronger possibility), X-Force (getting there with Shatterstar, but we need more Domino, Cannonball, Rictor, Feral, Siryn....), X-Factor (don't see the 90s Havok/Polaris team happening given the costumes released so far, but still waiting for Jamie Madrox to come out, and a casually-dressed Strong Guy, but Wolfsbane could come out with New Mutants). Tons of options, but you know Marvel Legends is trying to remain current and relevant with those sprinklings of Disco Dazzler here and there for extra flavor.
  5. I was talking with Monron in another thread. And there's plenty of ways to speculate about what will pegwarm. So I figured we can make a game of it. Starting with 2017's releases, let's try to predict the sold-outs and the pegwarmers for each established wave! And is the BAF one that you think will drive sales of the wave? Or no? Let's imagine there will be 1-2 pegwarmers and the rest will be hard to find. Which is which for each wave? I'll include the Sandman wave, as it came out so close to 2017. SPIDERMAN 2017 WAVE 1 Green Goblin Jackal Ms. Marvel (Kamala Kahn) Shocker Spider-Man 2099 (All New All Different) Spider-Man (Symbiote) Spider-UK GOTG 2017 WAVE 1 Angela Darkhawk Drax (movie) Nova (Sam Alexander) Vance Astro Star-Lord (movie) Yondu (movie) X-MEN 2017 WAVE 1 Colossus Cyclops (Jim Lee) Dazzler (disco) Polaris Shatterstar Sunfire Wolverine (Old Man Logan) GOTG 2017 WAVE 2 (RUMORED) Adam Warlock Death's Head Gamora (movie) Nebula (movie) Rocket Raccoon (movie) Star-Lord (comic) SPIDER-MAN 2017 WAVE 2 (RUMORED) Beetle Dead Meat? Moon Knight Spider-Man (cosmic) Spider-Man (movie) Tombstone Vulture (movie) Who will warm the pegs?
  6. I respect yours too! One just never knows how it will go for sure, I'm just taking my best guess. There were tons of folks all hyped up over the Jackal figure but he's a comic figure warming the pegs all over NY. I personally don't care for the character but did pick him up and understand his contribution to the Spider-Man lore. This gives me an idea for a thread...
  7. I don't see myself getting into it. It's a high price point and I only see them releasing "headliners" and as a 6" scale collector, the only way I'd participate is if the character has "growing" capabilities that make it a scaled partner to 6" Legends. But that's a small selection of characters that will likely never see the light of day in the 12" line. Good options for the customizers out there, though, to make some big characters!
  8. Got back home to NY with only Jackal crossed off my list. And did my tour of my NY stores today to find Jackal warming the pegs. I did find a Spider-UK at my first TRU stop. At my second TRU they had no trace of the Sandman wave. And then I tried a hole-in-the-wall "TRU Express" and found a Symbiote Spider-Man, plus two more Spider-UKs, and about 8 Jackals. Nothing else. So when I got home I caved and bought Ms. Marvel and ANAD Spidey 2099 on Amazon. Should be complete with Sandman by Monday! And I am LOVING the Sandman parts I have so far. The plastic they are using for the sand is perfect, I like its slight rubbery feel. I also stopped into a Walgreens and two Duane Reades, and found altogether about 18-20 Yellow Daredevils warming the pegs. Some warehouse must have found a few cases of them or something cause I'd never seen so many. One store that had the most, maybe 12-14 units of it, was clearancing them at 25% off. But wow.
  9. LOVE the bearded head! And the buzzsaw attachment for Warlock. Biggest miss for me is an unmasked Sunfire head, I was really hoping for that one...
  10. I want to thank Rukkdeez for his tips on where to look for figures. But I scoured all the locations in CA and found no traces of the Sandman wave. Womp womp. BUT, I went to a TRU in San Diego at Grossmont Center, and found a guy holding a Jackal figure. We started talking about collecting and how I've been looking everywhere for this wave and this is the first trace of the wave I've seen so far. He ended up handing me the figure and allowing me to get it, since I had Green Goblin and Shocker and started building my Sandman figure already, and he hadn't started yet. Nicest experience I ever had. Shout out to Dave, a fellow collector, for being selfless and generous and giving me a great story to tell about acquiring the Jackal figure. Another guy saw me walking around the store with it and commented that I found a Jackal, so three of us in the store at that time looking for the new Sandman wave. Today's the last day before I fly back to NY, hope I can find at least one more character... fingers crossed for Ms. Marvel!
  11. I definitely agree with ALL your pairings, but I don't think we need another X-Force Deadpool, so I'd do a Domino/Cannonball remake. Cloak/Dagger would make sense for release with the series due to air on Freeform sometime this year. Others that I can think of: Rogue (maybe an 80s bodysuit look?) and Gambit (update) Psylocke and Archangel (blue/white halo costume, interchangeable blue & flesh tone heads) Professor X (hoverchair) and Lilandra OR Moira MacTaggart Black Widow and Hawkeye OR Captain America OR Iron Man (ideal for Black Widow update) Sersi and Black Knight Silver Sable and Spider-Man? Mystique and Sabretooth
  12. I think the Blue/Yellow "second generation" costume Cyclops wore during the Phoenix Saga makes the most sense with this figure. Would be great to get an unmasked alternate head with glasses and a relaxed hood to go around his neck. Wouldn't mind an alternate Rachel Grey head for the Phoenix also, since she wore this costume during Excalibur as well.
  13. Ugh... still haven't seen Sandman wave at retail. I saw it once at Forbidden Planet in NYC. But no chain retailers. And I'm on vacation right now in Oceanside CA, have been to 3 Targets, 2 WalMart, 1 comic book/toy store, and 1 TRU. Nothing. Not one trace of them. Any suggestions?! I'm in Oceanside but can get around to Carlsbad/Encinitas.... argh.... I only have Green Goblin and Shocker, I need the other 5 from the wave!
  14. I think it will follow the Captain America: Civil War formula where there's one wave before the movie, one wave that drops around the time of the movie, and then a third wave that drops after, leading up to the DVD release.
  15. We know about Adam Warlock and Death's Head. We know about Spectrum (Monica Rambeau). So beyond that, let's build those waves. And YES I bumped it up from 7 to 8 figure waves. Cause I'm greedy. GOTG wave2 Adam Warlock (comic) Gamora (movie) Martinex (comic) Photon (comic, Genis-Vell) Quasar (comic, Wendell Vaughn) Rocket (movie, with little Groot pack-in?) Spectrum (comic) Star-Lord (comic, blue/white uniform) BAF - Death's Head (comic) GOTG wave3 Captain Marvel (comic, Mar-Vell) Charlie-27 (comic) Firelord (comic) Mantis (movie) Moondragon (comic) Nebula (movie) Starhawk (comic) Yondu (comic) BAF - Groot (comic, blue/white uniform)
  16. Since preorders for GOTG happened this month for a February/early March release, I'm assuming preorders for X-Men to land in Feb for a March/April release. I THINK you're probably right about GOTG availability as a wave, considering it's a "less stable" movie property than Avengers, BUT since it's more established than Doctor Strange was, and there's a greater balance of comic vs movie characters in this wave (3 movie, 4 comic, 1 comic BAF) compared to the first movie wave (4 movie, 2 comic, 1 movie BAF) there's more likelihood we'll struggle at retail to find particular characters (I see Angela, Kid Nova, Darkhawk, Star-Lord and Drax selling most, with Yondu being the movie pegwarmer and Vance Astro pegwarming. ANGELA - will move from shelves because she's the lone female, she has a decades-long following from Spawn to Marvel fans, is a cosmic character and an Asgardian (so she has the Thor fan base behind her), and she's scantily clad. With bladed weapons. KID NOVA - Will ride the coattails of the Nova popularity, (and the Nova Corps is present in the GOTG movie universe) and he's a relatively popular current comic character, current comic book Avenger, and a "kid" that children will probably identify with, also with presence in the recent Spider-Man cartoon, this character's visibility is high in the last two years. DARKHAWK - A slick-looking figure with a fan base dating back to the 90s, with 2 decades of outcry for a toy to be made of this guy, who wouldn't stalk the stock boys down every toy aisle to get this figure? STAR-LORD - Movie headliner. Better Chris Pratt likeness than first release, short jacket, graphic tee... People will be all over this figure. I think we'll still stand a chance of seeing him at retail since he's two-per-case, but I doubt we'll be drowning in Star-Lord figures. DRAX - Anyone that fell in love with this character in Movie 1 will pick him up as an essential team member. Body is the same, but paint deco and new "angry warrior" head sculpt will get people to spend the money. YONDU - While colorful, was a minor supporting character in movie 1, and in movie 2 is apparently where he enters the spotlight, so I don't see shoppers running down the aisle to snag this character just yet. VANCE ASTRO / MAJOR VICTORY - Unfamiliar to movie-goers, out of the spotlight for a LONG time for comic fans (unless I missed something?) I doubt a Captain America shield will be enough to trick the consumer into snatching this figure up. There's no urgency behind this guy moving. I will pick him up, but he is the first of a new team to build, so how long will it take for him not to be lonely on my shelf? TITUS - The BAF is what I'd consider a more obscure/unknown, so this won't be a major motivator to move any particular characters off shelves to build this guy.
  17. I think all of us fans would love a bunch of "civilian" characters. J. Jonah Jameson (I have the Chameleon but it's not the same as JJJ in a button-down with rolled up sleeves and a vest) Aunt May Parker Peter Parker Rick Jones Jarvis the butler Pepper Potts Jane Foster (pre-becoming Thor) Peggy Carter Tony Stark The list goes on. But I get the business side of it. The ONLY reason we're getting a Mary Jane is because they will borrow from Jessica Jones tooling, and that is tied to a live-action property. And the only WAY Mary Jane will see release is a multi-pack/boxed set with a "surefire" character like a global brand character like Spider-Man. I think we will get a Parker head (the teen head considered different, and the half-unmasked head a nice hint, but we'll get the full Parker head now), and maybe a "deflated" mask would be cool, and a tattered costume seems to make the most sense to still be basic Spidey but different from what's come before (we got quite a few Spider-Men in 2016). Think of the suit body. It débuted with Phil Coulson in a 3pack with an anchor of Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury. It was single packed with Chameleon, which was a clever character release to allow for Hammerhead and JJJ all at the same time, and guaranteed multiple purchases for those who wanted all three characters on their shelf simultaneously. And how have we seen it released since? Bruce Banner (with some modifications to the shirt and from pants to jeans) in an exclusive 4pack, and Purple Man in an exclusive SDCC pack. These figures are all considered "plainclothes" so they would be expected to peg warm even though WE the fans consider these characters essential in our own ways. If the suit body is used again, for say, Professor X, would it be in a boxed set, or would the hoverchair justify a single card release since the chair stands out as unique and marketable enough? But would a plainclothes suited Tony Stark make it to store shelves on a single card? I would bet my collection on NO. Totally agree with Monron about tooling and new sculpts. Look at the Monica Rambeau prototype. Looks like the figure borrows CIVIL WAR Scarlet Witch's jacket. Comic Sharon Carter was released on the Avengers movie/SHIELD Maria Hill body. As soon as they previewed the jeans and t-shirt and jacket Jessica Jones figure, you HAD to know Mary Jane Watson was in the pipeline. But the movies and TV pave the way for us to get the bits and pieces we need to make the comic characters more authentic. So I think they are doing the smartest and best work they can to "beat the system" and please most of the people most of the time within their creative and budgetary constraints. So I'm THRILLED with the state of ML these recent years!
  18. Interesting release... wonder what exclusive it will be? Pure kit-bash. ML Black Panther base Clawing hands - Movie Black Panther Relaxed hands - ? Cape - HML Adam Warlock Spear & necklace - Kraven Would have liked an unmasked T'Challa head also, but oh well. Does this mean other stand-alone releases for the future? We've seen: Daredevil Punisher Ant-Man Namor Black Panther Who else warrants a solo exclusive drop?
  19. How did I miss this? SHIELD wave: all MCU Phil Coulson (casual field outfit, not previously-released suit, w/removable robotic hand) Daisy Johnson (with Quake gear) Melinda May Leo Fitz Gemma Simmons Deathlok Bobbi Morse Grant Ward BAF - Lash Ghost Rider wave: Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes MCU) Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes comic, w/bike) Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch comic, w/bike) Lilith Vengeance Blackout Typhoid Mary Blackheart BAV: MCU Ghost Rider's car Inhumans Wave: Black Bolt (MCU) Medusa (MCU) Maximus the Mad (MCU) Crystal (comic) Karnak (comic) Triton (comic) Gorgon (comic) BAF: Lockjaw (comic)
  20. Technically we did get a movie Yellowjacket, but he's tiny... I hear Nebula might join the GOTG team in the sequel, so she could get a figure for the next round of movie toys. Of all, I'm disappointed we never got: Red Skull Crossbones Iron Monger Whiplash Trevor Slattery Mandarin Yellowjacket (full scale, cool armor) Destroyer (Thor 1) Ronan the Accuser We'll probably get a movie Thanos BAF for the Infinity War Avengers movie accompanying toy line.
  21. They may also want to time a wave to hit around the time of the Logan movie on DVD, which would place somewhere in the third quarter, wouldn't it? I remember there was a rumored wave of: Lady Deathstrike Mystique Maverick Sabretooth X-23 Wolverine (indeterminable) Silver Fox Weapon X And Silver Samurai That could work for a LOGAN DVD release, or there's always others that are overdue for figures/remakes: Gambit Nightcrawler Longshot Strong Guy Wolfsbane Madrox Jim Lee Storm the list goes ON
  22. Masters of the Mind.... My hope is Adam Warlock (announced) and MOONDRAGON!
  23. Was looking at some new releases for new ideas... Black Knight (90s) -Dreadknight torso (repainted) - including belt/loincloth -Dreadknight scaly arms/legs - they're already bright blue -Boots and gloves straight off the Secret War cap (navy with red trim was it for Dane Whitman, wasn't it?) ...Would need a new head and removable helmet. Sersi (90s green swimsuit) -Enchantress body (Dr. Strange wave deco) --torso is proper green, just needs light trim around edges --Legs need flesh tone and boots painted at mid-calf, maintaining the heels --Arms need gloves fully painted --power effects from Enchantress or Hulkbuster wave Dr. Strange would work just fine Hercules (90s Under Siege harness version) --Absorbing Man torso and standard (non-absorbing) arms --Non-jean legs (are there any in this scale for this body?) that can be flesh tone Luke Cage (modern; tank & jeans) -Sandman SDCC boxed set body, neck to foot -Luke Cage SDCC Thunderbolts head I'd accept any of your above kit-bashes for Moon Knight. It's so easy! Sidenote: Wouldn't the AI Vision's (Hulkbuster wave) cape be better if it was just the long portion of the Hyperion cape without the detachable shoulder piece? I hate that claw that wraps around the Vision's neck on the cape he came with. It doesn't sit right, it just kind of hovers around his neck, and the chest piece is painted, so I feel like the cape just hanging off the back would look cleaner. Anyone want to sell me their Hyperion cape? I don't want to dismantle the Hyperion I own...
  24. I also see a two wave mix of comic and Netflix versions... Wave 1: Jessica Jones (Netflix) Punisher (Netflix) Daredevil (Netflix season 2 red costume; alternate unmasked head; alternate bloody head) Killgrave (Netflix) Luke Cage (comic, tank top/jeans... Sandman/Absorbing Man body?) Elektra (Comic updated figure) Hand Ninja (comic updated figure.... borrows parts from movie Doctor Strange/Mordo figures... Hand were hinted at during SDCC weren't they?) Bullseye (comic updated figure) BAF: Kingpin (comic updated figure) Wave 2: Jewel (comic) Jigsaw (comic updated figure) Cloak (comic) Dagger (comic) Iron Fist (Netflix) Luke Cage (Netflix) Elektra (Netflix); alternate masked/unmasked heads) Kingpin (Netflix) BAF:
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