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  1. Wow, Disco Dazzler!!! I'm still going to hold out hope for an 80s "Pryde of the X-Men" blue leotard Dazzler just so she meshes better in the display, but super fun. I love all the details, from the rainbow light accessory to the disco ball necklace, to the roller skates, to the feathered hair, to the collar and flares on her jumpsuit... It's giving me pure Three's Company realness and I LOVE it. Also glad that we'll get more than one GOTG wave, since there are so many cosmic characters I want to see... Moondragon, Mantis, Starfox, Sersi, Nebula, Monica Rambeau...
  2. And I was definitely thrown by the burrito. We have pizza from Spidey, a taco from Deadpool (X-Men wave) and now this from Dr. Strange's wave? Full hot food collection, one per line? Captain America's line probably will feature a sensible salad, and if we get a Thor wave it'll need to feature a turkey for an Asgardian feast.
  3. I didn't remember Voodoo being announced in the Dr. Strange wave, but the redeco seems pretty downplayed. I'm glad we're getting the cape on the reissued comic strange. But as far as I can tell we're getting Movie Strange, Mordo, and The Ancient One... Weren't those all announced? On top of Iron Fist and Nico?
  4. JEALOUS!!! Really want that Wonder Man and Captain Britain! And movie Scarlet Witch!
  5. Just picked up the Civil War Spider-Man 3pack at NYC's Forbidden Planet comic book store. They're charging $70, which seems consistent for online prices, but man did I struggle finding good paint. I'm in it for the Spider-Man and the Tony Stark face, and finding one package with solid paint apps on both was a challenge. Spider-Man had red plastic chunks stuck on his torso, or blue paint chips stuck to him, or the wash used for the costume webbing globs up into gray dots in multiple spots on his torso. Then there were some Spider-Man painted eyes that didn't line up with the sculpted eye on the face. For Tony Stark's face, the hairline was sometimes spotty in paint or the goatee was off-center from the mouth. Cap is nothing new, so I wasn't concerned with him either way. There were two units on the sales floor, one displayed behind the cashwrap and the cashier was super nice and brought four more out from the stockroom so I could compare, contrast and pick my overall best for both Tony Stark and Spidey. Overall I at least felt my choice was the most solid out of 7 options.
  6. Lol, thanks Tarot. He's Sandman. He's a man made of Sand. Completely malleable and yeah he can change size at will. How would they release a new sand form version on an updated body and NOT do a "standard" version? I'd bet money he's released in the next Spidey wave. And since he appears to be on the Carl Creel body, he'd be that BAF. This is none of our first times at the rodeo, you know how this game is played!
  7. I can't keep track of individual wants outside of the context of waves, so I'm just going to list hopeful next waves for the established lines. I'm ignoring all characters rumored in the future Spider/X waves. Spider-Man Infinite 7 Spider-Man Noir (borrowing from Aim/Star-Lord body) Spider-Man Manga & Spider-Ham pack-in Peter Parker (adult; civilian clothes; borrowed jeans from Movie Bruce Banner) Mary Jane / Gwen Stacy (swaps; Loves of Peter Parker) Tombstone (Absorbing Man body) Mysterio BAF - Kingpin Captain America Infinite 5 Captain America (take your pick, I give up) USAgent (redo) Black Widow (redo) Vision (Civil War movie) Crossbones King Cobra Falcon (neo-classic 90s; redo) BAF - Mister Hyde X-Men Infinite 4 Nightcrawler (classic; redo) Wolverine (Weapon X escapee; latest Wolverine body) Storm (Jim Lee; redo) Gambit (redo) Madrox the Multiple Man X-23 (X-Force) Northstar BAF - Sauron Thor Infinite 1 Thor (classic; redo) Thunderstrike (90s ponytail) Hercules (Under Siege; harness costume) Thor (Jane Foster) Angela Skurge the Executioner Loki (classic; redo) BAF - Ulik Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite 2 Star-Lord Moondragon Mantis Quasar (Wendell Vaughn; includes Quantum Band Effects) Silver Surfer (redo; includes Howard the Duck redo) Adam Warlock (redo) The Collector BAF - The Watcher Fantastic Four Infinite 1 (blue & navy uniforms) Mr. Fantastic (interchangeable limbs) Invisible Woman (solid / phasing 50/50 variants both included in case) Thing (new sculpt) Johnny Storm (Bucky Cap body; flame effects) Wizard Kang (redo) Molecule Man BAF - Dragon Man Boxed Sets Alpha Flight Guardian (redo; Grim Reaper body) Snowbird Shaman Aurora Sasquatch (redo) West Coast Avengers Goliath (Clint Barton) - 12" Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter; redo) Moon Knight War Machine (classic; redo; Jim Rhodes alternate head) Wonder Man (fully ionic variant) X-Men Strike Force (all in blue/gold training uniforms) Wolverine (on newest Wolverine body) Storm (short haircut; previous Mohawk Storm body) Gambit (pizza spidey body) Jubilee (teen girl body; alternate Magik head) Banshee (Bucky Cap body) Professor X (suit body; hoverchair) Giant-Size X-Men #1 Cyclops (classic costume from this comic) Thunderbird Banshee (redo) Wolverine (Tiger Stripe; alternate 1st appearance head) Storm New Warriors Night Thrasher Speedball Firestar Justice Rage
  8. With this wave, which I think is entirely plausible and likely, I'm certain we'll probably get tons of interchangeable parts on Kamala (and probably the head of the BAF to leave room for all those limbs in the package). Also a Norman Osborn head that would be also compatible with the suit body, packaged with Green Goblin. Sandman BAF would seem like a lock, given the SDCC sand form version. Let's hope for some good hatchet and mallet sand hands for Sandy.
  9. I would say all are essential character choices and I would get all of them, for sure. If the versions are as laid out, I'm all over it. Hope X-23 would be an X-Force version. Only thing I'd see as unlikely is four females in a Wolverine wave... That seems a bit much. We only got 3 in the X-Men wave. I could personally survive without Silver Fox, but of course I don't see her being released in any other wave but Wolverine-centric. Classic Mystique is the most-wanted female for me. Then X-23, then Lady Deathstrike, and lastly Silver Fox.
  10. I have nothing against Thor, or the movies, I've enjoyed them immensely. But Hasbro has never invested in Thor. There was that 3-figure wave for the first movie, with one movie version, and two comic versions released, one was a re-release, and Loki was underwhelming. Since then, the second movie got ZERO ML love, and Thor for Age of Ultron was a great figure but was released in the Amazon boxed set, so he's seen very little love on retail shelves. He was one of the few established Avengers characters not present in Civil War, which was a smash hit, which isolates him a little from the franchise. Thor and Hulk are both now kind of the stepchildren of the MCU, since Hulk's not had solo movie presence at ALL since Ruffalo took over the role. RAGNAROK may change the game for Thor and Hulk, but there's just no attention paid to Thor from a Hasbro standpoint. I'd be surprised if he gets 3 waves, I truly would. I think 1 wave is a given, two is a blessing, and three would knock me out of my chair and would be a luxury. But honestly Thor's cast of characters would never need to be touched again in toy form if they did 3 waves appropriately.
  11. You know I love to play on a wish list post! I don't truly believe Thor would EVER get three waves built around him, but I know you're copying the Captain America model from 2016, so I'll play along! THOR WAVE 1 Thunderstrike Sif Angela Hercules (Under Siege "harness" costume) Classic Thor (w/Ragnarok head & Eric Masterson Thor "masked" head) Classic Loki (comic) BAF: Ulik THOR WAVE 2 Thor (movie) Loki (movie) Hulk (movie) Ares (remake) Enchantress Titania BAF: Skurge the Executioner THOR WAVE 3 Hela (movie; Cate Blanchett plays her!) Thor (Jane Foster) Beta Ray Bill (remake) Grey Gargoyle Mister Hyde High Evolutionary BAF: Destroyer (remake) SPIDER-MAN WAVE 1 Spider-Man Noir Peter Parker Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) (remake) Cloak Dagger Classic Doctor Octopus (remake) Classic Mysterio (remake) Classic Scorpion (remake) BAF: Kingpin SPIDER-MAN WAVE 2 Spider-Man Manga & Spider-Ham Spider-Man (symbiote black costume) (remake) Silver Sable Colleen Wing Classic Beetle Overdrive Tombstone Classic Green Goblin (with Norman Osborn head) BAF: Sandman (mostly on Absorbing Man body mold, with legs and alternate sand weapon arms and sand cloud base) X-MEN WAVE 1 Wolverine (training uniform; alternate Morph animated series head) Classic Nightcrawler (remake) Classic Gambit (remake) Storm (Jim Lee) (remake) Mystique (classic white dress) (remake) Thunderbird Toad (remake) BAF: Classic Jim Lee Beast X-MEN WAVE 2 Wolverine (Logan: jeans and tank top) Psylocke (X-Force repaint in classic blue colors; new head) Rachel Grey (Modern) Madrox the Multiple Man Bishop (remake) Avalanche Magneto (Black/Silver costume) BAF: Sauron GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Star-Lord (movie) Mantis (movie) Moondragon (comic) (with Cosmo the Space Dog) Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) (comic) Adam Warlock (comic) (remake) Nova (Sam Alexander) (with Howard the Duck) BAF: Ronan the Accuser (movie)
  12. Great News!! The old SHIELD bodies work with the new Nick Fury and Dirk Anger and helmeted heads! They're all compatible! I think I'll use the new Nick Fury and a couple more with the helmeted heads as First Response Troopers, and then the other old bodies as backup. The blues are only slightly different. I'm hesitant about Dirk Anger having SHIELD patches on his shoulder and don't know what to do with that particular head... hmmm.
  13. At my local comic book store in Manhattan NY, they received the new Civil War wave. The only figure I wasn't fortunate enough to catch was Black Panther. The first day I went, they had two of each of the other characters. I picked up Nick Fury first. Went back today and picked up the other four, and they were the last units on the shelf. I have to keep checking back for Black Panther. Surprise of the wave for me: Giant Man's head (packaged with Captain America). The eyes of the helmet are translucent and you can see his eyes/face through the lenses of the mask. That was a really cool detail and adds a LOT to the figure for me. Also love the texture in the Giant-Man sculpt. Without Black Panther, my Giant-Man doesn't have a leg to stand on (haha), so I am eager to not just nab that Panther, but also to complete awesome Giant-Man. Disappointment of the wave: Unmasked heads. I like the alternates we get with Nuke and Fury, but oddly missing the movie figures (like Cap/IM) not having unmasked alternates. Especially when we've gotten the Steve Rogers head twice before and it's not needed to update, but IM could do with a completely new unhelmeted Tony Stark head. I was getting used to this being the new normal, so having these figures without seems off to me. And kinda missing Cap's pointing and saluting hands also! At least Black Panther will have his unmasked head as the new character. Guess the budget was skimped a bit for this wave.
  14. Your version would definitely lend itself to more diverse bodies in those costumes Tarot! But it doesn't give me Madrox, The Stepford Cuckoos, or Hellfire club goons!!!
  15. Stay with me for a second... My concept is kind of a "build your own wave", since you would have base bodies in costumes that could be multiple characters after using swappable alternate parts that specify character. With all the extra parts, most would be stored on a card behind the bubble that contains the main base figure and the BAF part. With this being a wave the consumer is intended to buy multiples of, the BAF would need to be something that would also make sense to own multiples of. Another bonus... plenty of X-characters! 1. X-uniform Male (Bucky Cap mold) - Base body would be Wolverine in his X-uniform. Yes, technically out of scale as his height needs to be "average" to be swappable to other characters, but we'll have to get over that! Interchangeable parts would be: -Banshee screaming head and Banshee cape, which clips around wrists, knees and plugs into a hole on the back of the figure -Forge head, mechanical left hand, mechanical right leg (plugs at thigh cut) with "fringe boot", fringe left boot -Morph (X-Men 90s cartoon) "nice" head and "evil" head -Gambit head, Gambit gloved hands -interchangeable fists and open hands (since Wolverine base figure features Wolverine clawed hands) (15 additional parts to base figure total) 2. X-uniform Female (adult female mold - most recent Storm body?) - Base figure features Storm head with short haircut from when she wore this uniform. Interchangeable parts would be: -Siryn screaming head and same "Banshee" cape from the male figure -Polaris head -Psylocke head (different sculpt from X-Force SDCC pack; Jim Lee specific) and clip-on psychic knife -alternate fists, relaxed hands, and "spellcasting" hands (9 additional parts to base figure total) 3. New Mutants Female (teen girl body) - Base figure is a Kitty Pryde masked head. Interchangeable parts would be: -Mirage head, spear/gun weaponry, and interchangeable fringe boots -Karma head, power effects -Magik head, interchangeable metal arm, soulsword -Rahne human head & mid-transformation wolf head -alternate lower torso which Kitty Pryde can attach to, which simulates phasing up through the floor -alternate fists, relaxed hands, gripping hands (for Magik and Mirage weapons) (17 additional parts to base figure total) 4. New Mutants Male (teen boy body) - Base figure is Cannonball. Interchangeable parts would be: -"Roberto" AND Sunspot powered up heads, alternate powered up arms with "sunspots" effects -Cypher head, alternate techno-organic warlock/Douglock limbs -Cannonball blast effect, interchangeable at waist (takes up most space on the card behind the main figure bubble) -alternate fists and relaxed hands (10 additional parts to base figure total) 5. Hellfire Club Guard (Bucky Cap body) -alternate "battle-damaged" head -Two alternate guns -alternate fists, gripping hands, and trigger finger hands (7 additional parts to base figure total) 6. Madrox the Multiple Man (X-Factor Investigations) - base figure features brown trench coat -five total alternate expression heads -alternate arms for option to remove the trench coat and trench coat arms -"Siamese sleeved arm" and "Siamese trench coat arm" which can link two figures to simulate duplication power (8 additional parts to base figure total) 7. Black Queen (Moonstone body with new sculpted corset and costume detailed parts) - Base figure is Jean Grey as Black Queen -Selene head, alternate cape, whip -Tessa head (4 additional parts to base figure total) 8. Stepford Cuckoos (teen girl body) - Base body is in white costume. -five total alternate expression heads, varying hair "windblown" detail -five total alternate arms and legs with different painted highlight color to differentiate the sisters (20 additional parts to base figure total) BAF - Genoshan Magistrate Tech Armor (can borrow pieces from Iron Monger/SHIELD Mandroid sculpts) The best thing about the wave is it allows us the option to create up to 27 different unique characters through 8 packaged figure releases. 35 heads packaged for the figures total! In total there are 90 alternate parts (not counting the heads and limbs attached to the base figure in the package), which, if divided evenly between 8 figures would cost out to slightly more than 11 additional parts per figure (officially 11.25). You can army build the Cuckoos, Madrox, and the Hellfire Club guards. Since they are represented in team costumes, it still doesn't eliminate the need for some of these characters to be released in other costume versions, for example Polaris, Psylocke, Siryn, Cannonball, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Gambit... but it still equips people with unique parts that can aid in customizing their displays. Base figures in-package look like: Wolverine Storm Kitty Pryde Cannonball Hellfire Club Guard Madrox the Multiple Man Jean Grey (as Black Queen) Stepford Cuckoos (resembling Emma Frost to a degree) So the figures in-package in-store will still be a bunch of heavy hitters and recognizable faces. And by redoing the X-uniform body, it allows them to align with the blue/gold color scheme we've seen in releases of Wolverine's Astonishing costume and the "All New X-Men boxed set", whereas the original Hasbro Forge release is a starkly different yellow. And the refresh of the "straps" legs will pave the way for an eventual Jim Lee Cyclops figure also. Winning! Thoughts? Doable? Easily I can see people buying multiple cases, 3-5 cases per customer, and as many Hellfire Club goons as they want. Pricey, but basically getting roughly 30 figures out of 8 packages! A pipe dream, yes, but would you go broke buying cases?
  16. We know Hasbro is making BANK off of reusing body types and parts all over to get new characters made. So I thought about that concept and making a kit-bashing type thread where you look at what's available and compatible and decide what would work great to bring a version of a character you want to life! Examples: Crystal (of the Inhumans) -The Hellcat body is perfect, and has been used multiple times by customizers to make Crystal in her 90s Avengers yellow costume. The claw hands need to be replaced with something a little more "conjuring" like Scarlet Witch hands. -the head I thought could be taken from Black Cat (if the raised mask could be painted over), because Black Cat has bangs like Crystal's usual depictions, and the sides of her head have the hair fairly contained, where that unique black band could be painted around it. BUT now I'm looking at that Mockingbird head. If you remove the glasses, there are bangs kind of tucked under her hair and a flat part around the sides that could take the painted black band. And the face is clear of any raised mask details that Black Cat has, and probably could just put a red lip on Mockingbird's head, darker color for the hair, and it would probably differentiate that head sculpt enough to make her pop as Crystal. But can her head pop off and be transplanted to the Hellcat body? I'm a little nervous about that. Domino Misty Knight's body looks like a good bodysuit for a clean Domino custom, maybe with a Captain Marvel (Carol) unmasked head. Wonder Man (remake) I see an easy repaint on the Sentry body with a Hyperion repainted head. And two fists. Have you looked at figures and felt like their body or face could be used for someone else we haven't gotten yet? Then there are also great bodies like the new Mockingbird but are there any other characters that could be done on such a uniquely-detailed body sculpt?
  17. I'm not a die-hard Thor fan, but I definitely appreciate him and the supporting characters that interface with the Avengers. Since "Thor: The Dark World" saw NO support from 6" Legends figures, and the first movie saw a tiny 3-figure 6" release, I don't anticipate multiple waves of ML investing in the Thor franchise. So for a one-and-done wave, this is what I can see for 8 figures (+BAF) to cover everything I want from the ML Thor universe. THOR LEGENDS - EXECUTIONER SERIES Classic Thor (with alternate Ragnarok head) Thor (Jane Foster) (with Throg pack-in) "Enchanted Enemies" - Classic Loki (with Executioner leg) / Enchantress (with Executioner torso) "Worthy Wielders of Might" - Beta Ray Bill (with Executioner arm) / Thunderstrike (with Executioner arm; includes alternate bearded & masked Thor head, compatible with classic Thor figure) "Mythical Challengers" - Hercules (harness/briefs costume; with Executioner leg) / Ulik (with Executioner weapons & head) Considering all the capes, hammers, and alternate heads in these packages, I tried to be strategic and economic about package space when adding pack-ins and BAF pieces. How do you see Thor in the context of Marvel Legends?
  18. I'm always making wish lists and reassigning imaginary figures into marketable waves that would fulfill my dreams. But there are just some of those characters who I could only imagine seeing the light of day in ML form if they were released as an SDCC exclusive boxed set. The formula I'm thinking along the lines of: 1. Comic-Fan characters that people want to see, including one major anchor character at least 2. Characters that are unique enough to be desired but don't fit particularly in pre-existing movie-driven waves 3. Characters that wouldn't require a lot of new tooling and can be done mostly with existing bodies and parts 4. No less than a set of three but generally no more than 5 (since we've seen 5 at most thru Thunderbolts and Thanos Imperative) ALPHA FLIGHT Guardian (anchor character; remake; on the BuckyCap body, like the remake Black Bolt) Snowbird (includes pack-ins of snow owl and an arctic wolf... wolf can be reused in brown for a Wolfsbane release pack-in) Shaman Northstar Aurora Honorably Missing: Sasquatch I could see being remade as a new BAF in an existing wave. Puck already exists in decent form. BROTHERHOOD OF EVIL MUTANTS Mystique (anchor character; classic white dress remake) Destiny (new release) Pyro (remake; on Pizza Spider-Man body?) Avalanche (classic version) Toad (classic; remake) Phantazia (doesn't count as its own figure, just a floating head and cape! Remember her?) Honorably Missing: Blob, he's just fine as he is! MORLOCKS Callisto Sunder (borrowing head and human parts from Absorbing Man?!) Tar Baby Leech Annalee Tommy Ape (with interchangeable "shapeshifter" parts) Honorably Missing: I left out key characters like Masque, Feral, Marrow, and Caliban, but those are some characters that could see release through other waves due to popularity. Feral is on the short list of characters for the X-Force movie, and Marrow and Caliban have cult followings through the X-universe fan base. The set still breaks the "5" limit rule, but I excused myself since Leech won't take much room in the package and Tommy is two-dimensional, so she technically can sit behind the bubble tray and the cardboard box. If it's still too much I suppose we could lose Annalee because of all the new tooling required for an old lady in a dress that probably couldn't get much reuse as a sculpt... HELLFIRE CLUB / INNER CIRCLE Emma Frost as White Queen (traditional "corset" look with fur-shouldered cape) Donald Pierce (with alternate exposed / battle damaged cybernetic arm) Harry Leland (parts that could be repurposed into a new Kingpin figure?) Jason Wyngarde Mastermind (alternate handsome & ugly heads) Black Queen (sharing the expected parts with the White Queen, but in black, with alternate Selene & Jean Grey heads... forcing people to go nuts online trying to snag two) Honorably Missing: Sebastian Shaw can turn up in an X-wave. And the Hellfire Club soldier should be left to a wave as well to allow army building! SHI'AR IMPERIAL GUARD (12-figure rule-breaking supersize boxed set!) Oracle Tempest Smasher Hussar Manta (reuse parts for above-mentioned Destiny figure?) Warstar (B'nee & C'cil) Earthquake Astra Starbolt (parts could easily repurpose as a Firelord figure) Lilandra (removable armor?) Deathbird (wings could repurpose for Falcon) Emperor D'Ken (with M'Kraan Crystal!) Honorably Missing: Clearly Gladiator is missing, as he was already released in the Thanos Imperative set. But these are all distinctive-looking characters that wouldn't see the light of day likely anywhere else. One way to really kick this up a notch would be to offer a Dark Phoenix as an exclusive to the set, offering the evil variant to the possible green/gold classic Phoenix Jean we might be getting in the new X-Men wave. People would definitely scramble for the set if it was the only way to secure Dark Phoenix. I'd drop the Astra figure for Dark Phoenix in a heartbeat. You might also consider Warstar two figures, but I don't care! This set would BLOW MINDS. Do you agree that these could only likely come out as SDCC Exclusive sets? What other characters/sets could you only see making it to market through SDCC?
  19. I'm circling back to this post because there's just SO much need in my life for X-Men Marvel Legends that I'm going to list until I can't list anymore. Not even breaking it down by waves, but just going to ramble about all my hopes and dreams, as I wait for Toy Fair. HEROES Professor X (Hoverchair; can be suit body, but I'd prefer jumpsuit body) Cyclops (Jim Lee; remake) Phoenix (remake) Wolverine (Tiger Stripe; remake) Wolverine (Brown costume; remake) Gambit (remake; alternate heads, long hair/short hair options; removable red neckerchief) Beast (Jim Lee era; alternate heads: classic Avengers 70s/80s with sharp haircut, 90s X-Men/cartoon era, possibly cat face also) Storm (1st Appearance/Giant-Size X-Men #1) Storm (Mohawk & leather 80s look) Storm (Jim Lee; remake in black costume) Rogue (modern, unreleased costume) Psylocke (Jim Lee) Jubilee (Jim Lee classic pink shirt/blue shorts/yellow jacket) Nightcrawler (remake; Spider-Man body base?) Angel (blue halo costume; feather wings with one articulation; alternate retracted* metal wings; can interchange expanded wings from Archangel figure; alternate heads: flesh tone masked, blue-skinned unmasked long hair) Iceman (Bobby Drake remake in Jim Lee costume) Iceman (ice form; alternate heads with mouth and without AOA; Ice slide accessory, possibly with each figure in wave to connect for a display) Colossus (remake) Bishop (remake) Banshee (blue/yellow standard-issue uniform from 90s; removable cape; alternate heads: Morph [cartoon], evil Morph [cartoon], unmasked Logan, Joseph; body and neck connector compatible with other male figures like Gambit) Sunfire (Giant-Size X-Men #1; alternate heads: masked, unmasked) Thunderbird (Giant-Size X-Men #1) Danielle Moonstar (New Mutants costume on slender adult female body; alternate heads: Karma; compatible heads: Magik) Longshot (remake) Dazzler (blue leotard costume; reused jacket from new Jim Lee Rogue) Dazzler (disco jumpsuit) Kitty Pryde (modern/classic blue/yellow costume; Lockheed pack-in) Shadowcat (blue Excalibur billowing sleeves costume; detachable at waist to simulate phasing up through floor) Meggan Rachel Grey (red hound costume) Magik (blue/yellow standard-issue uniform on smaller female body; swappable standard/metal arm & leg; compatible with heads for Jubilee, Kitty Pryde) Guardian (remake) Northstar Aurora Snowbird (white wolf & owl pack-ins) Shaman Sasquatch (remake; BAF) Wolfsbane (X-Factor costume; swappable human/mid-transformation wolf limbs; alternate heads: human Rahne, mid-transformation, wolf Rahne; brown wolf pack-in [repaint of Snowbird's white wolf]) Polaris (all-green costume) Quicksilver (classic blue; remake) Madrox the Multiple Man (X-Factor Investigations) Strong Guy (black t-shirt/jeans; BAF borrowing from Ultimate Green Goblin mold) Havoc (classic remake; alternate heads: modernized masked, unmasked/hood around neck) Cable Cannonball (modern) Shatterstar Rictor Sunspot Feral (borrowing parts from upcoming new Tigra mold?) Domino (remake) Boom Boom (borrowing parts from Jubilee releases) Magma Warlock Mimic (classic orange/red costume) Blink Nate Grey X-23 (X-Force) Quentin Quire Firestar Monet Chamber Siryn Maverick (borrowing parts from recent Taskmaster and Scourge figures?) Lilandra Corsair Hepzibah (borrowing parts from upcoming Tigra figure) Ch'od (BAF; on Rhino body) Raza Pixie VILLAINS Magneto (black costume w/white details) Dark Phoenix (remake) Silver Samurai Cyber (borrowing parts from remake Colossus) Mystique (classic white costume; remake) Lady Deathstrike (remake) Arcade (suit body) Destiny Juggernaut (BAF) Black Tom Cassidy Sauron (BAF) Toad (remake) Pyro (remake) Avalanche (classic) Mastermind (alternate heads: handsome, ugly) Black Queen (alternate heads: Selene, Jean Grey) Madelyn Pryor, the Goblin Queen Apocalypse (roughly the size of Terrax) Sabretooth (Jim Lee; remake) Omega Red (remake) Spiral (remake) Sebastian Shaw Donald Pierce Harry Leland Hellfire Club Guard High Evolutionary (BAF?) Deathbird Legion Marrow MORLOCKS - Boxed Set Callisto Sunder Leech (parts can be used towards a Franklin Richards figure) Annalee Tommy (nearly flat, with bendy wires inside; takes minimal space in boxed set) Tar Baby Ape (alternate limbs) SHI'AR IMPERIAL GUARD - Boxed Set Oracle Hussar Manta Warstar (B'nee & C'cil) Smasher Starbolt (can reuse parts for a Firelord figure) Earthquake D'Ken (with M'Kraan Crystal)
  20. I figure since Rogue previewed at NYCC last year with a BAF piece that connects with the Cap wave that JUST hit stores, that X-Men wave couldn't be far behind. We heard about the lineup a WHILE ago, just haven't seen any pics. I wouldn't be surprised if they hit in March to follow up the current Cap wave in stores. Also if Deadpool is in it, they'd want to cash in on the movie due out next Friday, and also use it to build hype for the X-Men movie coming in May. And if there are packaged pics leaked already of the 2nd Cap wave, I'm assuming they're pretty far along in production so maybe those will hit in April if not March? But if the BAF is considered a spoiler, maybe they will hold until May. But I figured the rest of the releases seemed realistic. I threw in the GOTG wave as a filler wave to fill out my year, also based on the post by Tarot about planning waves for 2016/2017. I totally thought GOTG2 was coming out in the summer this year though, I guess I was wrong!
  21. I want to see everything. Where all the bodies are buried. LOL. There was one video where there's a preorder for Cap Wave 2 (Giant-Man BAF) which lists availability as March 2016. So what I'd really like is reveals that show ML releases for every month this year. Spider-Man (Absorbing Man wave) - January 2016 Captain America (Onslaught wave) - February 2016 Captain America (Giant-Man wave) - March 2016 (though I think it's WAY too soon) X-Men (Jim Lee Rogue wave) - April 2016 (between Deadpool and X-Men Apocalypse Feb/May movie release dates) Namor (Walgreens Exclusive) - May 2016 Spider-Man (Miles Morales wave) - June 2016 SDCC Exclusive Boxed Set - July 2016 Captain America (Captain Britain/Tigra/Scarlet Witch wave) - August 2016 Guardians of the Galaxy (second wave) - September 2016 Dr. Strange wave - October 2016 Target Exclusive 3pack - November 2016 And everyone catches up on purchases for Christmas and gets ready for 2017!!! Keep those Legends COMING! The year of being flat broke, LOL.
  22. Since ML has been great about swappable heads and alternate hands, I've been dreaming up all sorts of "recipes" to get back into customizing. Haven't done it since the old ToyBiz 5" toy lines WAY back!!! A lot are Avengers-Based, since I grew up reading those comics in the 90s, in the era of Operation Galactic Storm... Wonder Man (remake) Body: Sentry Head: Hyperion *Each of those figure's opposite hands are fists, so I'd use the one left fist and one right fist from each since Wonder Man is a scrapper. Sersi (green swimsuit costume) Body: Scarlet Witch (the costume sculpting on the torso is awesome for Sersi!) Head: Satana Power Effects: Dr. Strange's green magic Crystal (yellow 90s costume, as in Operation Galactic Storm) Body: Hellcat (cut the belt off and legit the costume is accurate, just needs a brown "panty" painted over the lower torso) Head: Black Cat (the hair is sculpted in such a way that the black band around her hair can be painted on) Hands: Scarlet Witch Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter, classic costume) Body & Head: Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) Hair: Jean Grey Also, looks like the newly glimpsed Red Guardian figure has the right head sculpt (complete with fin on his head) for a potential Swordsman custom! Those are some of my recent plans... need to invest in some paint and brushes and see if I still have the skill and steady hand!
  23. I want ALL the movie characters produced. Black, white, red, green, purple, blue (and those last few are referencing Guardians of the Galaxy movie characters!) I am all for fair representation, and I don't think it's a race issue that these figures haven't been made yet. Lots haven't been made. But I WAS screaming sexism when the entire Avengers movie wave first came out and the only character missing was Black Widow. I was for real sitting there at the computer shouting WTF. But on a happier note, we've got a lot of black folks in the new Civil War movie. The previously seen sidekicks War Machine and Falcon. And I'm assuming Nick Fury will be appearing again. PLUS Black Panther?! Four black superheroes in one movie that WASN'T produced by Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, or The Wayans Brothers?! Unprecedented. We've come a long way from the back of the bus. Anyway, I want movie Scarlet Witch (another notoriously neglected female character... remember her shutout of the 5" toy line based on the old 1994 Iron Man cartoon? We got EVERY other member of Force Works. And she was MIA from the toy line for the Avengers: United They Stand cartoon, but Tigra and Wasp were included, AND Wanda's love interests Wonder Man and Vision... then comic Scarlet Witch came out shortpacked in the poorly articulated 4-character Avengers wave with Thor, Loki, and I forget who the fourth was, maybe Heroes Reborn Iron Man, finally she was released in ML by Toy Biz and we all know what an epic fail that figure was. Talk about having a hex on you... Until Hasbro finally broke the curse!). I want a movie Vision. Movie Falcon. Movie Red Skull. Movie Mandarin/Trevor Slattery. Movie Yellowjacket. Movie Ronan. Movie Nebula. Movie Yondu. Movie Collector with Movie Cosmo the space dog and movie Howard the Duck. Movie Quicksilver, even though RIP. BRING. THEM. ON.
  24. You know I love a wish list post! Of course I threw in a little extra... Spider-Man Wave 6 Spider-Man Noir Cloak / Dagger - "Warriors of Darkness and Light" Mysterio (remake) / Scorpion (remake) - "Sinister Six" Mary Jane Watson / Gwen Stacy - "Loves of Peter Parker" (Ms. Lion pack-in) BAF - Kingpin Spider-Man Wave 7 Spider-Man (Mangaverse) (includes articulated Spider-Ham) Silver Sable / Colleen Wing - "Femme Fatales" Overdrive / Shocker (remake) - "Superior Foes of Spider-Man" Sandman (remake) / Hydro-Man - "Elements of Danger" BAF - Stegron the Dinosaur Man Thor Wave 1 Classic Thor (alternate Ragnarok head) Classic Loki (lean build, green costume w/Gold scales, large horned helmet) / Enchantress - "Asgard's Deadliest Foes" Grey Gargoyle / Mister Hyde - "Masters of Evil" Thor (Jane Foster) / Beta Ray Bill - "Wielders of Mjolnir" BAF - Skurge the Executioner Thor Wave 2 Thunderstrike Sif / Angela - "Valkyries of Asgard" Hercules (green harness costume) / Gilgamesh the Forgotten One - "Challengers of Thor" Ulik / Malekith the Accursed - "Disenchanted Villains" BAF - Surtur Guardians of The Galaxy Wave 1 Star-Lord (modern) Firelord / Silver Surfer (remake) - "Heralds of Galactus" Moondragon / Mantis - Celestial Madonnas Quasar / Yondu - Cosmic Heroes BAF - Uatu The Watcher Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 Drax the Destroyer (classic purple costume) Adam Warlock (remake) / Pip the Troll - "Guardians of Infinity" The Collector (includes articulated Cosmo the space dog and Howard the Duck) / Nebula - "Nemeses of the Galaxy" Sersi / Starfox - "Eternal Warriors" BAF - The Living Tribunal X-Men / Wolverine Wave 1 Wolverine (classic tiger stripe costume, on recent Wolverine body mold; includes alternate 1st appearance head, unmasked head and classic loose mask to hang around neck) Polaris (classic) / Magneto (Marvel Now!) - Masters of Magnetism Sunfire (classic; includes masked & unmasked heads) / Madrox the Multiple Man (includes three alternate heads with different expressions) - "All-New, All-Different Mutants" Blink / Morph - "Exiles" BAF - Sauron / Karl Lykos (alternate human and dinosaur limbs included with each figure in the wave; includes "Garokk amulet") Target Exclusive 3pack Avengers West Coast - Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter; classic remake) / Wonder Man (remake) / Living Lightning (human form; includes lightning form pack-in) SDCC Exclusive 5pack Giant-Size X-Men - Storm (1st appearance) / Colossus (remake) / Nightcrawler (remake; bendable tail) / Cyclops (blue costume circa this team) / Thunderbird (classic)
  25. Thanks for that info... NY is also weird because we have a few Walgreens, but Walgreens has also purchased Duane Reade drug stores, and the Black Ant figure I found and bought was actually at a Duane Reade. So if I look online and it says a figure is in stock and directs me to a location, I find a Duane Reade instead of a Walgreens at that address, and they are usually NOT in stock, despite the online report. And wouldn't let me buy it on Walgreens.com. Retailers are so weird.
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