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  1. Viper Hunter

    2008 Elections

    Like I said before... They ALL suck! @grumpy@ New election, same old sh@# as before, just different (or the same) idiots spoutin' off about how THEY"LL fix it or make it better, and four years from now they'll be doing it again. Same problems, same people from within our Government talkin' sh@# and doing nothing any better or worse than the other. Pick a face and a speaking manner and vote for that I guess. IMAGE!
  2. Viper Hunter

    2008 Elections

    So there's absolutely NO (zero) history or background of Islamic teachings in Obama's past? @hmmm@ Pretty broad stroke there, claiming "people" as in ALL "people". Who are you referring to in this statement.....maybe SOME people? Not everybody accepts McCains (or others) Christain beliefs, and find them to be threatening and something of an issue for them to form an opinion on that individual over, and President Bush has received and large amount of ridicule over HIS religious speech just the same as Romney and Huckabee received equally negative press on their religious ideals. Especially the ones we disagree with.....they're ALL "stupid" in that case! "ALLAH...DAMMIT!!" For the record... I'm not particularly worried about Obama's religious beliefs (Islamic or otherwise) and as far as any "BAM!!!" reference (for Nevermore)... I don't have anything specific in mind or anything of a particular action, or such, that I fear might transpire from Obama getting into office, based on my comment about his particular religious background or beliefs (Islamic or wacko Chrisitian extremist scary dude stuff) but the powers of persuasion and deceit or always the concern we have in our "leaders" and having the negative opinion I currently carry on most things ISLAMIC and their violent nature (in current times...so don't anyone site PAST evils of other religions to argue a stupid point...try to live for TODAY and what's happening NOW in these cultures...please?) that isn't "peace loving"....I only brought it up as being something (of the few things) I MIGHT be concerned about, BEFORE casting my vote towards Obama over McCain. Just throwing it out there as ONE of the concerns (if any) I'd even possibly have.
  3. Viper Hunter

    2008 Elections

    I'm becoming a little more concerned with Obama's Islamic following and beliefs. Seems practically ignored by the press, when OTHERS religious backgrounds seem to be the only thing that's EVER covered on them, andor discussed and debated in a negative sense. God = "bad" Allah = "hey...it's his personal choice, leave it alone and don't JUDGE!" His wife (Obama's) doesn't seem too particularly "submissive" or "obedient"...so I'm not making a judgement on it YET....as being of any great concern, although the "conquer & divide" strategy is one of their specialities in current times, and he's possibly wearing a VERY good "mask" right now, and then once in office....BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're done for! @hmmm@
  4. Viper Hunter

    2008 Elections

    I know exactly how you feel, V.H. The leading repubelican, Is merely a liberal trying to wear a conservative "tag". My hopes faded when Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo "bowed" out. V.H.........How could you vote for a paper politician?lol ^_^ Still a long ways to go before election day, but as it stands NOW, the choices are grim and out of the 3 still fighting away (McCain, Obama & Clinton) I'm still leaning towards Obama as my possible candidate I'll throw my vote away on, that or... Write in another name, or vote none of thee above!! :D McCains a liar and a pretender therefore he's established himself as being even MORE untrustworthy than all politicans are anyway, but he's too obvious in his deceit so he's OUT! Clinton? well....my disgust for her is too obvious and it has even more to do with things aside from the idiot she's married to. That jackass duo need to retire form politics already, along with the Bushs. I'm listening carefully to the only remaining candidate (Obama) who i don't have any preconcieved opinon on, based on anything I've been privy to over the last 4-8 years, so I'm investigating and catching up on him, and so far... nothing has jumped out at me, to make me think entirely ill of him. His rhetoric is no worse than the rest of the politicans, and he actually presents himself very well, which (apparently) is important to a lot of people, who can't look past the WAY something is being said and actually focus MORE on the WHAT...of it. #US1#
  5. Viper Hunter

    2008 Elections

    I'd vote for Obama over Clinton....this is a certainty! ^_^ McCain just might pick up Guilliani as his running mate....possibly? @hmmm@ Therefore.... I just might end up voting Democratic this year afterall???? @loll@ I'm so depressed right now, I can't think straight.
  6. Viper Hunter

    Heath Ledger found DEAD!!!

    It's those kinds of celebrities (Spears, Lohan etc..) that we totally expect to soon be reading of their demise like this, but they'll go on forever while the ones like Ledger transpire unexpectedly.
  7. Viper Hunter

    Heath Ledger found DEAD!!!

    :( yet.... Britney Spears manages to LIVE on!
  8. Viper Hunter

    2008 Elections

    ^_^ I'm gettin' there anyway. Slowly, surely and eventually....gettin' there.
  9. Viper Hunter

    It's cold in here and we need Tom-1

  10. Viper Hunter

    2008 Elections

    Seriously. :( Celebrities run around trying to act like politicians with all their unsolicited opinions on the affairs of the world, and politicians are running around trying to act like celebrities (much like Joes hypothetical scenario above). We're ass-backwards on all fronts.
  11. Viper Hunter

    2008 Elections

    Exactly! :( These are ALL suppose to be highly intelligent, ambitious, good and decent people, who have the best intentions for our country and have ideals on how to "BEST" go about implementing them. They're all so selfish about it, that they can't agree to follow the "leader" once WE ("the people") select one for us, so they act like little hurt babies, pouting and not wanting to play nice with the elected "leader", so they go on the offensive AGAINST them, so that the PEOPLES choice will be shown to be a "poor" one, and maybe next time, THEY'LL get the crown. <_< That's politics.....2007! @grumpy@ All this potential, in all these great minds, if they'd just put aside the petty conflicts over their various differing opinions, and just cooperate and make this country "GREAT".....again. FRICKEN "baby boomers"! @grumpy@
  12. Viper Hunter

    2008 Elections

    I've become pretty cynical about the whole ordeal of politics in America. @grumpy@ These are ALL American politicians, supposedly trying to do what's BEST for ALL Americans and yet they bicker and fight with each other over ridiculous BULLSH@# just to hurt or corrupt the reputation of the opposition (of which is a FELLOW American) in they're disgusting race for the throne. This bitter campaigning they do anymore is so damaging to the country and OUR reputation as a people, as a nation and it is an embarrassment to us, in that THESE are the childish, idiots we have to chose from, to RUN our country, and no matter WHO eventual wins the damn thing, the talking heads on the opposing side to the winner, will spend the next 4 years tearing down EVERY effort and dissecting every word and every move of the poor sucker, that nothing GOOD is ever allowed to be accomplished by ANY of them. Politics have taken the cue from "reality tv" programs that feature people "behaving badly" for RATINGS.....or votes in this case I guess. Yiippieee!! More drama!! Who's badmouthing who and who really put the ZINGER on the opposition during this debate? I'm sick of all of it.
  13. Viper Hunter

    2008 Elections

    Like MOST choices I've made over the last several years or so, I've started to have serious doubts about my own decision making on just about EVERYTHING, let alone who I'd want to be our next Pres, so with that being said, I haven't really made up my mind yet, as to who I'm leaning towards on this particular issue. When you feel like they ALL suck and no ONE is really any better or DIFFERENT than the other (when all is said and done) you start to realize you're being a bit too negative and cynical about it, to make a proper decision on it. I'll probably come around to making one anyway though, like two days before the election maybe? @loll@ #US1#
  14. Viper Hunter


    Thanks ol' buddy! :) It's been a rough road to travel this past year, but looking forward to making '08 the "comeback" year for me. I know what you mean. While the interest (or mood) to post has wained, the desire to check in and see what's up or is new, is still there in me, so that's a good sign....I guess? ;)
  15. Viper Hunter


    Hang in there Rika.... I'm on the mends right now, physically, mentally and financially, so not much interest in old hobbies and such (like Joes & TNI "discussion") but I suspect a full recovery soon enough and back to my "normal" self sometime soon. ;) I check in occasionally, but not contributing like I normally do. When I don't feel compelled to contribute to even the POLITICAL discussions, you just know SOMETHING'S wrong with me! ^_^

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