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  1. Three Storms

    Anyone here collect not-so-popular 80's toys?

    I collect Tron, Battlestar Galactica (original Mattel stuff), Wheeled Warriors, some Starriors, and I'd like to collect Starcom but there's been a price spike for those things over the past couple of years.
  2. Three Storms

    The end of YOUTUBE...?

    Ironically, the RIAA has gone after Youtube for posting of videos that promote bands like Metallica.
  3. Three Storms


    Anyone else notice that those who party with Paris Hilton end up in rehab for drugs, alcohol, or both, and end up with criminal records?
  4. Three Storms


    s p o i l e r s . I just got to the part where Dobby dies. He annoyed the crap out of me in Chamber of Secrets, but his death was kinda sad. :(
  5. Three Storms

    Tell the NFL to Suspend Michael Vick!

    Innocent until proven guilty. He has a right to a fair trial and not a public conviction and punishment before his trial takes place. Let the justice system work first, then if he's convicted, start demanding suspensions.
  6. This go in the trading area. Your customs aren't bad though.
  7. Three Storms

    The new 7 wonders of the world

    1. It is my opinion that it is a crap list. It is your opinion that is not. Get over it instead of taking cheap shots because I am a mod, as if that has anything to do with my right to have an opinion (it doesn't). Welcome to free speech where everyone has a right to an opinion. 2. The Colossus of Rhodes was a bronze statue with a wood inner frame. The Leshan giant is a massive piece of rock. The Colossus is praised because of the engineering complexity of building a massive statue with two feet touching two cliffsides over a river, which even now is difficult. No one even knows what it looks like, even though there's good speculation. It's the engineering that put it on the list. 3. If the Mexican pyramid got more votes, it was because more people voted for it. Even though I see your point about the redudancy of having the last original of the 7 wonders on the list in the first place. 4. The Panama Canal is a massive piece of engineering greater than any of the original or new 7 wonders. Engineering is what made the originals so unique, and when you look at the original 7 wonders in terms of engineering and architectural achievements, the Panama Canal should definitely be on the list. Artistically, it's plain and boring though, so I have no love for it. It's just that it's scope, complexity, and in the time it was made in without modern equipment that we have now makes it a huge achievement.
  8. Three Storms

    The new 7 wonders of the world

    I wasn't being rude. You only took offense because one of the things I don't see as unnecessary for being on the list is oin your own back yard. It was a popularity contest, for which the public VOTED on it here: http://www.new7wonders.com/ The voting is over, but it does still say "See the results of the first ever global election." The Eiffel tower and Statue of Liberty were both choices that didn't get enough votes. The Buddhists haven't done any better than the Aztecs? Find me something similar to Leshan Giant or the great wall before you say that. Once again, your preference biases your subjectivity. http://www.new7wonders.com/index.php?id=633 Do you find it interesting that the Mexican pyramid got more votes than the Egyptian pyramid, knowing the Egyptian pyramids are the originals that came much sooner? It was a loaded poll in which people voted on favorites, not on subjectivity; people just like you who vote for what's in your back yard and what you identify with instead of looking at the big picture. There were only 21 choices to choose from, and many things that a normal person would assume to be on that list were never there, like the Nazca lines, Leshan giant, etc..
  9. Three Storms

    The new 7 wonders of the world

    It's a crap list. There I said it again. It's my opinion and you are free to like the list as it is for all I care; I don't. It was based on voting, so it was based on popularity, and misses the spirit of what makes something monumental in the original 7 wonders. Sorry for my bluntness, but you only like the Mexican entry as a Mexican. That biases your subjectivity. What the Aztecs did in 1400 AD is no more impressive than what the Egyptians did in 3500 BC. Everything on my list is something truely monumental, truely unique, and truely unmistakable.
  10. Three Storms

    The new 7 wonders of the world

    It's a crap list that has more to do with favorites than what makes a monument something truely epic. Here it is: Chichén Itzá, Mexico Christ Redeemer, Brazil The Great Wall, China Machu Picchu, Peru Petra, Jordan The Roman Colloseum, Italy The Taj Mahal, India I think it' lame and misses out on truely significant monuments that aren't far from what made the original 7 wonders so famous. Here's my list that I think more encompasses the spirit of the originals: 1. Angkor Wat/Angkor Thom, Cambodia 2. Petra, Jordan 3. The Great Wall, China/North Korea/Mongolia 4. The Pantheon, Rome 5. Leshan Giant, largest Buddha statue (232 feet), China 6. Stonehenge, the UK 7. Panama Canal, built by the US/owned by Panama. Anyone else have a list?
  11. Three Storms

    Ann Coulter

    If there's one thing I want you to know about me it's I'm my own human being. I think for myself. I never do or say what others are saying. Now with that aside I will admit Saddam was a bad man. I don't like him. He should have been taken down. But we first should have focused on Osama Bin Laden. He's the one who attacked us. He's the one who attacked the Twin Towers. Saddam didn't. And by us going into Iraq we messed up their economy. Let's see what did they have? Water? Check. Electricity? Check. An economy? Check. No rioting in the streets and destryoing priceless artifacts? Check. So we destroyed what Iraq once had. Now isn't that good recunstruction? And what about Katrina? Well we really "helped" them. Heckuva job Brownie. They're still in a bit of sticky wicket won't you say? They still have no food. No water. Great way to be isn't it. And as for Clinton well I won't say he was the best. But I wasn't really around for most of his presidency. I was born in '92. I didn't care much for politics back then. But I csan assure you he probably did better than Bush. But I wouldn't really say Bush is the president. He's more along the lines of Cheney's #$#@#. He's pretty much just there to look after Bush. The only thing this president has ever done was give me hope that I to, a "C" average person, can be president. And the reason we aren't going into Iran is because we don't have the troops to go into Iran. There's more to the news than what CBS and CNN tell you. Bin Laden didn't attack us. Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, aka the "blind sheik" who carried out the 1994 WTC attacks did, and we have him in jail already. He got the info and plans out through liberal American lawyer Lynne Stewart who hated this country so much she colluded with terrorists to do some carnage. She's in jail now too, and she was convicted in 2005 for providing materials to Al Qaeda from the blind sheik. Bin Laden, who got wealthy off of his family business in the US, financed 911. We did help the people in NO as best as we could. There was more incompetence from the city and state's leaders than the government, because contrary to the lies in the media, Bush had the coast guard and national guard rescuing people from rooftops the very next day. I know because I saw it live for myself. NO can't rebuild properly once again because of Nagin. He's more concerned with getting the tourists back, and has flooded his city not with NO'ers who want jobs to come back to, but illegal aliens, leaving the refugees poor even now. I personally don't see how the media in any good conscience could lie like they did. The day after the storm they had 24-hour live coverage of the coast guard pulling people off of rooftops and flying them to safety. A week later they're attacking Bush as taking days to get there to do anything. @hmmm@ They also neglect to mention how large the storm damage was. It wasn't isolated to just New Orleans, and the storm in fact devastated an area the size of Great Britain, which means that there's more than New Orleans to rebuild. Other cities need rebuilding too, and some towns were completely wiped out. New Orleans is like Cindy Sheehan: it became the poster child that the media loved to play on to get it's own agendas across. On the other hand, New Orleans knew for DECADES that the city's levees would not hold against a major hurricane, and the response of not only Nagin but his predecessors? Pass the buck. They decided it was the Federal government's job to take care of NO, and not NO's or Louisiana's job to take care of NO. Here in San Antonio, which has bad flooding problems to where many floods have created frickin lakes, the city took things into it's own hands and built a massive underground waterway to deal with it. No passing the buck and no crying about it. NO's leadership was just too incompetent to deal with the problem beforehand. It's easy to cast a favorable light on Clinton because he simply never had to deal with the things Bush has had to deal with.
  12. Three Storms

    Ann Coulter

    Uh.....What I remember is France and the UN going against war because of the oil. They cut deals with Saddam to take cash and oil in exchange for their opposition. The biggest international reason against the war was the destabilizing the world economy due to oil. Looks to me like it was those against the war who wanted the oil. Besides, Iraq got to keep it's own oil. That's why some democrats and republicans in the early days of the war wanted Iraqi oil to help pay for the cost of the war. Bush didn't want the oil. He wanted to put an end to a dictator that's been in power for too long and has put over 300,000 people in mass graves. He wanted to prevent Iraq from becoming a nuclear power because the last thing the world needs is another madman leader with nukes (Bush never said Iraq had nukes, and said he wqas trying to develop them, which is true). Too bad liberal oppoosition in congress is preventing us from dealing with Iran even as the leader boasts his desire to bring a nuclear holocaust against Israel and anyone who allies with her (including us). I smell another Pol Pot in the making in which the US turns a blind eye to another problem in the region because of the unpopularity of taking down dictators. Hate bush and conservatives all you want. It's your right and I really couldn't care less. At least do it for clear and valid reasons instead of the reasons the mobs chanted to you like "no war for oil." But it ultimately was none of our business what others do in their own countries, rights? They have their own sovereignty that we have no right to violate, right? We're not the world police and shouldn't act like it, right? Wrong. Everyone else comes to America and tells us what the hell to do. We have illegals tying to dictate our laws to us against the will of our own citizens, and were filled with people from all over the world who hate us yet feel compelled to come here and make our lives hell. They tell us what to do based on what offends them and what they want on our own soil, so screw them. It's only fair to tell them what to do on theirs. Our sovereignty gets violated every single day by both legal and illegal people from other countries.
  13. Three Storms

    Ann Coulter

    I like her. I don't agree with her for most of what she says, but I respect her right to say it. Still, there are some things I do agree with her on, like how some widows of 9/11 expploited their losses for political purposes with campaigning for democrats, which was wrong. I also agree with her about Cindy Sheehan exlpoiting her son's death for her own celebrity, which is true. Sheehan didn't raise her son. His father and stepmom did, and Sheehan disowned him after he refused to go AWOL. Sheehan also spent her son's insurance and death money on herself and her "tour" instead of his burial; she let the military bury him for free instead so she could pocket the cash. She also had already met President Bush. She just wanted to do it a second time so she could lynch him when she had the media attention on her. I am not one of those people who get all hostile over someone saying things I do't like. Let her, Rosie, Rush, and all the other extremists on both ends say as they will. That's just wrong. Once again specifics for why you hate her, please. Surely there has to be some justification of substance. Jeez man.
  14. Three Storms

    I HATE Moving! Hate! Hate!

    I LOVE the morning. It's my favorite time of day. The air is cleaner, the temps are cooler, and overall it's just nicer.
  15. Three Storms

    Ann Coulter

    So what are you trying to say? @loll@ @loll@ @loll@

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