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  1. This is so strange. I guess they are just using this as tease preorders.. like they are preorders, but like teases for the rest of the wave as preorders? IDK very bizarre and if I cared about this wave and the BAF, id be seriously annoyed at how its being handled. Altho, for whatever reason, in my mind I keep thinking buying a full set gives a discount on the overall package price, which it does not and in some instances raises the prices soo really it doesnt matter overall.
  2. Sleepwalker was one of the first marvel characters I read comics of. I forgot all about him after all these years. Theres a few pros and cons of this figure for me. He doesnt really exactly look like how i remember him. He looks like hes dying and is bored. Kind of wish hed have a grinning face. Like I wish I was excited for him and I am to a degree since we ll probably never get another of him but this figure is just boring for some reason. His actual design isnt but this figure is. It kills me to think that. Normally Id be all over getting this guy right away but I ll end up waiting and hoping that he ll go on sale and I can eventually grab him.
  3. I just ordered mine yesterday afternoon and it I already got it this morning.. WOW. If I have to pay $6 to get my stuff that fast, that would be worth it altho it is kind of fun to order something and forget about it for a nice surprise haha.
  4. Hes now up on their website to nab. I did not think Id ever get him and now i got em! Hopefully the current situations with walmart and walgreens continue however I have not seen if these things just sell out the day they go up since I just see them go up and then not follow afterwards. But good to see they are at least trying more.
  5. I mean he does some real bangers in legends. Newest Dr Strange Walmart exclusive, 20th Cap to name some. I dont think hes done alot of legends but hes done quite a few figures. They arent all going to be amazing and we dont know if it might have been lead by Hasbro to do the designs that are used. The artist never has full control when working with a client so who knows. If you check out his work on instagram hardingstudios, you can see hes capable of doing some really nice depictions of characters, specifically marvel characters. Also remember someone had to approve those sculpts before moving forward, be it marvel or hasbro or both.
  6. After seeing this, the lighting and paint is better than what we originally saw imo. HOWEVER, theres alot still very wrong imo. The color of the heads to the body tone does not match which makes the overall thing not look great. I agree they should not have added those highlights or that drastic of color difference since it doesnt match with the head at all. I think the somber dumb face looks alot better than the screaming curled lip look version. As a 3d digital sculptor myself, he did a wonderful job of what he created. Is it the ideal look of hulk to me? No. Does it resemble the toybiz legends figure that I assumed would be what they were aiming for? Nope. Can anyone really find any kind of image that Harding used to reference this look? I havent seen any so far so possibly nope. I feel he spun alittle too much of his own style onto this sculpt and not everyone wants that. Hes an amazing and very talented artist but I feel most here wanted a true representation of the character instead of a Harding original. I am very happy that I bought the 80th hulk as that is one of my most ideal looks for the character aside from those lovely baby feet on that mold. That is indeed another of Hardings work.
  7. This is looking pretty slick, I am definitely enthusiastic to see how it comes out.
  8. Whoa Storm looks amazing! Far better than hasbros but probably far more expensive too.
  9. Why would you be getting heat for saying whats happening. They are bad at reuse in general but their females are a travesty on reuse. Its just the same scrawny body over and over with the same splayed out hands and fists. Heads are the only thing they CANT reuse in these situations. Hell they barely even sculpt boots or gloves if ever, its just paint.
  10. The only thing I hated about that pizza spidey mold is how rail thin it looked in its side profile. It looked fine outside of that.. maybe a little too tall as well. They really love overusing their reuse of molds. I actually like the bucky cap for regular sized males. Sunfire mold is too bulky and not my favorite in proportions.. like those giant azz calves that one of their sculptors loves to do on their forms. And the feet on Sunfires mold are pretty massive, I like them but they are just too dang long. (bucky caps were too small so I guess we went the other way). But its hasbro, size or build accuracy isnt their priority clearly. Whatever they can reuse.
  11. Dang no Toad, wth. Why do they drag us along with that ride? They clearly know people have been wanting him for forever. Cool to get another Rhino as I never got that baf due to the heads and this one looks alot better in that dept.. still hate those knee joints tho. The rest that was shown I dont really care much about. My wallet is happy. for now.
  12. Im trying to hold in my hype because it just means more crap i want that i cant afford but I am always very intrigued and look forward to seeing what they reveal. Going to be very interesting. Ive been predicting and hoping they do that. I really hate that I missed that guy bc I didnt want the rest of the wave and he looks so good and perfect for an army builder. But if its exclusive to pulse, then there is like no chance im going to get it. Army Builder + pulse exclusive = sold out in seconds.
  13. This is how I feel whenever I go toy hunting anywhere anymore. I never find diddly anymore. Kind of why I just stick to online and even then its like if you arent fast enough you are screwed.
  14. Ive been following their select line since around the time they first released. They have always been hit or miss for me. Their old stuff was very much like statues with articulation for the sake of articulation. They have had some serious bangers over the years tho despite being limited in movement, Thanos, Sabertooth, Juggernaut to name a few. I hope they keep improving and give legends collectors great alternatives to what they provide. I just wish theyd have the small guys be 6 inches... great for big guys tho!
  15. Looks pretty good but man that leg break/bend is kind of hilarious. Also hes got some super wicked accessories.
  16. So its probably safe to say they ll finally show Toad during this. They hopefully, maybe but possibly wont help clear up all these rumor waves as well.
  17. Im not the biggest of mk fans but if always liked the character and found him intriguing. This looks like an amazing show to introduce such a neat character to others that are just as if not more unfamiliar to him. Consider me hyped.
  18. Guaranteed hes coming with this show coming out. I was always expecting it since they essentially have the mold and very very minor retweaking already established parts. He is probably an exclusive or in a multipack. But the real question is which will come first, D+ version or comic?
  19. This is such a random instance of characters for this 20th line. Like others have mentioned, I too thought this line was more toybiz focused than the line but totally understandable that its not since its not 20 years of toybiz afterall. I think just that first set confused alot of us since it was alllll toybiz focused with "bases" etc. This whole selection is weird tho. No females, a few characters that were either never made legends or ones that were made but price point suggesting they are larger or with more things or smaller like the sentinels case. Also I was assuming scorpion would be placed in a retro spidey line with the matte green and mouth/nose showing version (Which is the version ive been waiting for). War machine is a super weird choice like others said he was already done masterfully. Only thing I can think of is that rumor of an mvc war machine which could either be the modular iron man in black and blue or the deluxe. But thats still a weird thing to include in a 20th anniversary of ML. Then you get a SECOND captain america already after one has just barely out? Even if its a different version, super odd choice. Firelord is optimal since hes never been done but is peculiar to be included here as his first figure. Sentinel, as much as im excited, is also weird. Like I would love either an mvc sentinel or a stock army builder one but both again dont make sense in an anniversary line. Also for that price point, he would be too small to be an mvc one... but if it is, i would be far too excited. Blue beast I was assuming was going to be pushed to the VHS line same with apocalypse but a reissue/re-release/remix of both would be understandable as those are highly sought after. Despite my puzzled approach here, alot of these Id be very much interested in if true.
  20. Totally agree. Hes a nice figure but it almost feels like they used that packaging as the reason they wanted so much for it which is crazy. I am very glad I got it for the price I wanted it for. I worry for the future with this new pricing yet again. I will probably be getting alot less than I already was.
  21. Judging by just amazon and its pricing of modok, i dont think he sold well. I got him for $30 around december and hes still on sale at 39 as of this response. I was def not going to get him for $50+.
  22. I loved toybiz's mojo when it first came out and for years after but eventually its design kind of wore on me. I hated how he barely stood and how his arms just had to bend curved to stand on the clear pegs on his bottom. I sold him off in anticipation that Hasbro will eventually get to him and improve upon that design. Im very happy that he may potentially be sold by himself instead of a BAF as i was dreading that. Hopefully they do make him look better like they did with modok (which toybiz's effort is still pretty phenomenal but his proportions are far better on hasbros).
  23. I was always curious about this game and a buddy randomly got it on sale and loved it and persuaded me to try it out via game pass. I was very impressed with the visuals, sound design, environments, etc... and for a few hours I actually enjoyed myself. But just couldnt get passed all the grinding and samey everything to get anywhere. Also interesting note, I always thought that gamestop exclusive gamerverse hulk had a factory error with his oversized right bicep, but apparently that is how he looks in the game, however somehow his pectorals are just fine being symmetrical even tho they arent in the game. Just weird. I have only heard bad things about the game but it always intrigued me in some way being a marvel fan. I dont mind games as a service models but I feel like this game just didnt do it any justice. Their costume designs were just their own made up bs with very little inspiration from the comics. I was at least expecting some form of classic familiar costumes you could unlock for all that bs grinding to get them. Im all for beat em up games where you mindlessly beat up the same characters but this was just to the extreme even hours into it. I wanted to see the rest of the game but it just felt so dang bloated that i had to suffer the same thing over and over for hours before i saw something new. I ll take a marvel ultimate alliance or even xmen legends over this anyday. At least then Id see a new boss and can enjoy multiple characters at my leisure.
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