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  1. I wonder if/when we get Banshee, if he ll get the same treatment... XD 😞
  2. I find it sad and completely predictable that it looks like Siryn doesnt have a screaming head. Cant wait to see her again down the road "fixed".
  3. This isnt from JayC, its from Dan Veesenmeyer who is not a poster here. His instagram doesnt have any images of the figure in packaging. Gonna have to wait for others to get it to show that.. or you could msg Dan and see if he will post up a pic.
  4. Sorry I meant just the avengers. I honestly didnt think of the 2 pack jugg/col and the first app wolv. I was just comparing them since these mostly focus on those same avengers. I also didnt know that the 3 packs were considered 80th. Also since we only have 3 of the 4 so far of this anniversary, I didnt really focus on the full on sets. If this is all considered 80th, i guess this 20th is just a super sub line then.
  5. That headsculpt is just superb along with the rest of the details they put into this. Just a definitive zemo to me. However I dont count on being ever able to obtain him. Hes not one of those villains I have to have so Im ok with that thought. But he does look reallly good.
  6. What I dont understand is how well they treated the 80th marvel anniversary figures compared to this Toybiz 20th anniversary. All of them had new sculpts some of which were definitive molds of those characters and some of the best Hasbro has ever done. Now we get the toybiz 20th and they are just essentially re-releases with extra heads and some really really weak accessories that we ve either seen 1000x before or are unnecessary. It honestly feels like they just phoned in on most of these. They arent exciting and they arent worth the extra price jump they are asking for. It just boggles me how much more amazing the 80th stuff was in comparison. So much newness, it was refreshing. The Cap is the only one of this line so far that even remotely seems good and even then obv hes reusing the 80th XD and that shield bs. I love iron man and this couldve been another for me to grab, theres just not enough new here for me to spend that inflated price.
  7. I feel like they do that on purpose. Theyve done so many random missteps with some characters to later bring out a better product a second or third time around for us to buy yet again. And now with these price hikes, for more money. There are just so many glaring omissions to characters they make that its like how tf did they miss that and not be on purpose when they later do it again but correctly. I get when they do an MCU character, they dont always have the final design so they later make another one thats correct but that happens so often that Id hate being an MCU collector to get so many mistakes to later buy what I wanted in the first place. Thankfully Im just a comic collector but weve had just as many.
  8. I really hope I can get this guy. I love his proportions over the sandman wave one. Symbiote suit is also my favorite of his suits so gotta have it!
  9. As much as I enjoyed the series of movies, they tend to run their course and this seems like a respectable way to go out on top.
  10. Definitely lighting. They would have for sure advertised that as a feature if it was.
  11. This is such a bummer. In an already rough time for money for most people, they had already made a price increase... they are now doing it again less than a year later. They arent even improving upon what theyve already been doing for many years. We are still getting and going to get many many reused parts we got for cheaper before. The worst part is this is the new set price, it wont ever get lower again. I loved this line so much due to the easy to digest $19.99 price tag with tax of course. But for this price, they arent worth it. This may be the last I collect Legends anymore. Its at a point where 3 of these are equivalent to my beloved Storm collectibles! And with that I will just give Storm my money.
  12. The NECA toon/game TMNT lines seemed to sell really well with that style and its fairly comparable to this. It just varies. I personally dont want it but I can see the appeal of having it since its based on that design of the shows/games etc. But the difference is NECA used the same molds and didnt really change anything outside of paint and the pertinent accessories, Hasbro loves to add stuff or improve upon what they already made before to give collectors incentive to buy this too. I prefer the NECA way.
  13. I have had to double dip so many times with Hasbro, they know what they are doing. Always bringing out the version we dont want but its the first of that character and you think they wont do the other version. A few waves or years later and boom they finally do it and that previous version is now so much lesser in your eyes.
  14. I feel Hasbro is always 2 steps forward, 1 step back. They ll make a good product but then make a really really weird and sometimes gamebreaking decision that messes what they had up in some way. They do have some pretty big winners sometimes but with those winners comes complete flops too.
  15. Well Im in a pickle. This is essentially the version I wanted, but good ole hasbro gave us an inferior version already and thats the version I have but it wasnt the Shocker I wanted, however he does fit the slot and this being more expensive and with less stuff (no baf part), I debate on if hes worthy to obtain for me. Also they seriously need to make different effect parts. I thought them reusing body parts was bad, but I literally have a collection of the rainbow of this same stupid effect and its getting really annoying. They pack that ish with every dang figure!
  16. Have this bad boy on preorder, He will be my official Ben Reilly..... er second one due to the fact that i have the hoodie suit too.. and the previous will stay spider carnage... Altho Ive seen the head and hands swap with this one and it doesnt look bad, not bad at all.. hmmmm.
  17. They will most certainly give us another one down the road. Thats Hasbros MO, give us a neat but still inferior product, re do product with what customers preferred they do at a deluxe/premium cost. They cant not do that and its annoying as all hell. I never realized how short they made this figure compared to even regular spidey. I wonder how it stands next to ultimate kid version of parker. I definitely dont like that as I want versions of the SAME character in different suits, not different bodies of the same character. Oh well, will probably still keep my preorder even tho I know the version I actually want will be coming. 😕
  18. I really dont feel like recollecting xmen just for a cel shaded look and some fun accessories. I wouldnt keep them in the box so having that, it would be thrown away. I kind of wish they wouldve done this sooner before i had so many xmen or else id be much more tempted. But I have a feeling they will re-release these again but without the cel shading down the line, probably in a "retro" packaging.
  19. I completely agree. I think they give artists alittle too much freedom instead of making a 1 to 1 look. Theres a few too many creative liberties that go on with some of the figures sculpts. Hulk is particularly one of them.
  20. Not only are these fan mock ups but they are just what that fan had to work with and what they preferred to utilize. Bucks are not exclusive to just hasbro and marvel legends brand. Its the best way to reuse expensive assets to make multiple characters and has been a part of the toy industry for multiple decades. Its nothing new.
  21. Theyve had their stinkers throughout having the marvel license. They are mostly great to acceptable levels even tho it seems like one of their sculptors loves to have more than an eye length apart between their eyes on their headsculpts and it is very consistent with multiple headsculpts. Its far from bad but its a bit awkward and offputting to see. I was looking forward to this hulk and am a fan of Hardings work but he put too much of his own take on the sculpt that it looks nothing like any version of hulk. It looks like its own thing which is bad when its supposed to represent a 20th anniversary of an established line. That Sabertooth is also another of Hardings work which I feel he put too much of his own spin on it instead of just doing a proper version. Its good if you like his work and is far from bad looking but bad if you just want a more accurate interpretation of the character.
  22. Hoping to be able to get this guy but really worried about price and if hes an exclusive of any kind or not.. Weird how they are treating him since it sounds like he wont be in a wave.
  23. Of all of the legends 20th anniversary figures shown, this is the only one I want and think looks cool. Disappointed in the pricepoint and the holey shield is a big oof. We ll see if I end up picking him up or not tho.
  24. I am very interested in the Knull 2 pack. Kind of glad hes not a BAF. I wonder what Venom they will give us. Hopefully one thats not just a rehash. If they gave us the animated series version with a new head and paint, Id be very happy. Im also interested in retro lizard, hopefully he wont be hard af to grab. Also hoping that animated spiderman is using that new retro buck as I missed out on him. Iron Spider is definitely on the list to grab, he looks awesome! Im very interested to see if comic black panther is using a new body mold or just another rehash from the last versions theyve made. If I d to guess, it will be using the retro spidey buck. Very fun new additions coming and im pretty excited to see how they come out.
  25. These aren't customs, they are photo manipulated mock ups. I think most here are just mentioning which characters they would want and not want of whats shown. As well as what this posters body mold choices, etc. Personally Id love a Marrow and yeah id love a chameleon in that costume.
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